Wiz Khalifa Earns Gold Certification For "Rolling Papers"

The Taylor Gang leader gets another plaque, this time for shipping 500,000 copies of his debut.

Wiz Khalifa has earned gold certification for his debut album Rolling Papers, released March 29, 2011. The Taylor Gang leader celebrated crossing the 500,000 units mark with a celebration at Rostrum Records and Atlantic Records.

So far, Wiz has several platinum plaques thanks to the success of the album. His smash “Black and Yellow” has been certified triple platinum for sales of over three-million units, while his follow-up “Roll Up” earned platinum status in June.

Rolling Papers bowed at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 with 197,000 copies sold in its first week.

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  • Anonymous

    Well.... That's All whats Atlantic is about. Signing talent and doing whatever to do get those sales.

  • TaylorD

    Congrats to Wiz for reaching that Gold Status!! Let's smoke a doobie of dat OG Kush!!! TAYLOR GANG or DIE!!

  • da1

    Yeah that Black and yellow and on my level joint was heat. He needs to step his lyrical game up and maybe I might buy his records. He got potential though. Gold is a hell of a feat in this era.

  • Big Ghost

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    • Anonymous

      two people that replied clearly have zero sense of humor and very little intelligence when it comes to the internets.

    • real shit

      that was the lamest corniest shit i ever heard like how long did it take u 2 think that up b4 u wrote that. u must got that hater disease u better get that checked out u know that shit will kill u inside right

    • Kenneth Thomas

      Cleveland Browns is an idiot that can't tell satire when he reads it.

    • Cleveland Browns

      Fuck Amber Rose and Rolling Papers but that has got to be the most retarded "blog" I ever read. This is why African-Americans have a bad image. Instead of being influenced by the likes of Nas, Rakim and Black Thought we joke around the new rappers of Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean and Drake by claiming them as soft rappers and claiming that they are homosexuals when they clearly like women (at least publicly). Not only that, but the grammar is so horrible, it's not only funny. I'm African origin but I hate it when my people overuse the word "nigga" and claim it as it is some special word they are allowed to use. I don't see latinos calling themselves spics or asians chinks, etc. Wake up and educate yourself instead of listening to this Big Ghostface trash who obviously shouldn't be writing let alone a blog.

  • Anonymous

    didn't really love the album but what a great accomplishment, from mixtapes to gold albums

  • Anonymous

    Figured he'd be platinum by now.

  • Devin Williams

    Gold? Withall that publicity after Black & Yellow? Thats a flop in my book. Shit shoulda been called wack and yellow lol

  • Anonymous

    That's great in these times.

  • Anonymous

    wiz khalifa-rose

  • Anonymous

    how h jump from 200,000 to 500,000 thats insane.. thats continued hustle after his release. and that means he's no one record rapper either.

  • Just Bizarre

    Congrats to Wiz man. He deserves it! #TGOD boooy!!

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