Young Jeezy's "TM103" Standard & Deluxe Tracklists Revealed

UPDATE #4: Snowman has a plethora of Rap vets on his fourth LP, with production from Warren G, Shawty Redd and Drumma Boy.

After several delays, Jeezy has announced the release date for his third solo LP Thug Motivation 103. During last night’s anniversary concert for Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 in New York City, New York, Jizzle closed the show by revealing that the long-awaited album will land in stores on September 20th.

“My nigga Kinky B. just told me that TM103 will be in stores September 20th,” he said before exiting the stage.

The Snowman has already released a few tracks from the album, including the street single “Ballin’” featuring Lil Wayne and “Shake Life,” which he debuted last week on Hot 97.

[July 26]

UPDATE: Jeezy has announced that the official title of his upcoming album will be Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition (DGB via HHNM). His first two albums in the Thug Motivation series branded the subtitles Let's Get It and The Inspiration.

[August 4]

UPDATE #2: Jeezy's upcoming album, originally supposed to be in stores on September 20th, has reportedly been delayed once again. The LP is currently without a release date. HipHopDX will keep you updated.

[September 10]

UPDATE #3: Following a weekend of rumors floating around that his upcoming album had been indefinitely postponed, Jeezy released a hand-written tracklist for the LP without naming any of the features. Check the tracklist below.

1. Talk 2 Me
2. Real Is How Ya Feel
3. Supa Freak
4. Trump
5. L.M.M.
6. Nothin
7. Never Be The Same
8. 38
9. Higher Learning
10. Change Ya Life
11. I Do
12. Trapped
13. Lil Homies
14. Errythang
15. This Ones For You


(September 12)

UPDATE #4: has confirmed Young Jeezy's TM3: Hustlerz Ambition tracklisting, with guests and producers. Def Jam has confirmed the deluxe edition.


1. Waiting [Prod. By Lil Lody]
2. What I Do (Just Like That) [Prod. By Drumma Boy]
3. O.J. (Ft. Jadakiss & Fabolous) [Prod. By Lil Lody]
4. Nothing [Prod. By Lil Lody]
5. Way Too Gone (Ft. Future) [Prod. By Mike Will]
6. SupaFreak (Ft. 2Chainz) [Prod. By D. Rich]
7. All We Do [Prod. By Midnight Black]
8. Leave You Alone (Ft. Ne-Yo) [Prod. By Warren G]
9. Everythang [Prod. By Lil Lody]
10. Trapped (Ft. Jill Scott) [Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
11. F.A.M.E. (Ft. T.I.) [Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
12. I Do (Ft. Jay-Z & Andre 3000) [Prod. By M16]
13. Higher Learning (Ft. Snoop Dogg, Devin The Dude & Mitchelle’l) [Prod. By Lil C]
14. This One’s For You (Ft. Trick Daddy) [Prod. By Lil Lody]


15. .38 featuring Freddie Gibbs
16. Ballin' featuring Lil Wayne
17. Lose My Mind featuring Plies
18. Never Be the Same

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  • Jacob

    TM:103 isnt bad but its no "Trap or Die 2". after waiting this long, i just thought the album would have went harder....waiting on another album to drop and go hard. in the mean time, mix tapes it is.

  • bombsq

    i got this cd and its off the chain a classic Jeezy nail this one banging from track 1 to track 18 so you HATERS need to shut the fuck up 4 real OG shit here MOTIVATION KING OF ATL JEEZY!

  • Empiretucci

    R.i.p. Slim dunkin Deadpoolmak90s album now available google deadpolmak90s youngjeezy rap about money and women da blood can fuck wit it but gucci dats my mothafuckin killa oj da juice man I love dat shit eygptiansuperlife available online yaaaaaaaaa!!!

  • Anonymous

    To all u Rick Ross fans just one More Thing to u's Young Jeezy 5 million copies worldwide and in the US. Rick Ross 1.8 million copies Worldwide and in the US. So WHO'S BETTER COZ NUMBERS dont lie.

  • jaron_x

    If you not going to buy TM103 just because eminem is not on there, then you weren't a jeezy fan to begin with. If you are a "real" jeezy fan then you will go out and cop this.

  • BIG Wayne

    I like to see Eminem, Rick Ross, Jeezy, Yella Wolf, T.I.,Jay Z, Weezy if it gone be like 6 foot 7 foot track but if it karaoke singin then no... lol if them aint the features then it might not be as good But Im gone get a copy cause Jeezy always deliver. Just hope it is better than Yella Wolf and Eminem album cause Eminem and Shady Records and MMG Killin the Air Waves , I see ya Meek Mills ... Word up..

  • jaron

    for the people who are saying that they are not going to buy tm103 b/c eminem aint on it. kill yourself slowly. you dumbasses was saying that about c4, mbdtf, red album & wtt. em doesnt have to be on everyones album. i hate stans.

  • realtalk

    rozay>>>jeezy all day. jeezy has no lyrics no swag no good features hasnt progressed. u guys cant be serious. ross will eat him aliive. def jam payed ross to chill so jeezy can finally drop lol

  • word?

    With this one I feel that jeezy tried to appeal to his hardcore audience, nothing on here is radio friendly except for F.A.M.E. to an extent, thus limiting his commercial exposure, if he don't sell more than 250k than its just because he kept it real instead of selling out like many would have in his position

  • Bom919

    Ok so anything having to do with Eminem will not be on the album? Man thats dissapointing bc Talk 2 Me was sick and also i thought that Never Be the Same song had a feature from Em on it? Either im def coppin the album but thats kind of a buzz kill

    • Ricky Jay

      Not really a buzz kill for jeezy fans. It's more of a buzz kill for Eminem fans but jeezy did not use it because people were saying he feature Eminem cuz he could not sell on his own.. He gotta shut up the haterz.

  • Young'ViewtifulJaybo ProduceroftheYear'Teamcocky SuperflyGuy'IndustryThreat

    so jeezy a crip? "tracclisting"

  • blacklaw

    Im ready fa dat jeezy to drop i think its gon be dope.yo check us out on youtube just search in BLACKLAWREBELMUSIC show us luv give us sum feedback!!!

  • Gu$to

    only jawn i care to hear is the one wit Jada & Fabo...other than that, not too interested in it...i think TM103 gonna be a decent drop considering the features, but compared to 101/102, it's gonna be a disappointment...Jeezy need to switch up his flow/rhyme schemes, shit all sound the same for the last 2 years...only so much u can say bout coke, haters & bitches till u start sounding repetitive...

  • JW

    Nice Tracklist

  • Kieran Waller

    i jus think it has too many features, he should had trey songz, wayne for u wayne heads, jayz,eminem, gibbs,3 stacks, snoop & devin,fab & jada. he koulda did without @chainez and future, and trick daddy. the lose my mind shoulda been the 1 with drake. imma still cop it tho. imma true fan

  • Anonymous

    dis album played out already can we all say flop!!!!!!!!

  • Young King

    word is eminem is featured on "Never Be The Same" and has a verse.. we'll see, hopefully. the original collab was ok, but i heard the supposed beat to never be the same an this new collab should be dope

  • Ozzy Salas

    if the track with eminem isnt on the final realese i aint gonna bother buying it. that simple.

  • Real TALK'SON

    dis Nigga putn out all dese diff tracklist tryna avoid da leak smartmove jeezy da snowman

  • shadyguy


    • Real Kill

      well dont cop it. Jeezy fans will still buy..The only reason Em fans plan to buy it is so they can say Eminem made it sell.

  • snowman

    this aint the real tracklist

  • lol

    whys jeezy always making a duckface

  • bobby

    where is the confirmed eminem feature we got the info for awhile ago??? seriously jeezy i dont get it why the bullshit feed to us? i heard talk to me that shit was garbage the hook was terrible singin on a hook from em sucked...where was his verse..dont tell me we not gonna get a feature from shady as we was promised to get ill be pissed off real talk i was lookin forward to that feature for awhile whne i heard it i was like classic wow...anyways foreal tho why is there no rap feature from shady and jeezy i dont give it....this album has been delayed 3 years im actually doubtin it now if this shit flops its over for jeezy i hate to say it this will be the first time jeezy will disapoint me album wise i never been disaapointed with a jeezy album keep in mind

    • Clockwork

      It amazings me how many Eminem fans dont understand the business aspect of hip hop. Cheesy does not pick the final songs the label does and if u wanna hear talk to me all u have to do is buy the Delux version of the ALBUM... While everyone is crying for the eminem feature.I love my nigga Em but i think jeezy has too many songs already with features all the album. Right now he needs to push a song with just him on it

  • mike

    where is shawty reddz production on thiz! thats lame!

  • Ganjarelli

    Ignore the faggot below and ask yourself this much more relevant question. Why has Freddie Gibbs been relegated to a bonus track feature? This is blasphemy! I'll get the whole she-bang anyway for all the songs, but it just irks me a bit. Been waitin on some new Gangsta Gibbs.....



  • Man

    September 20ths ? its December 20th you shit heads

    • Ganjarelli

      Not Sept. 2012, the article reads funny, so the further you read down the page, you get the more recent updates, until the most recent at the bottom. (which one states clearly he missed his release date) I would guess within the next several weeks we'll finally be gettin it.

  • BOM919

    Where is Talk 2 Me? How are you gonna leave out the Eminem feature. im kinda dissapointed at the list but ill still cop it

  • Anonymous

    These cant be real hip hop heads on all these fucking hip hop dx comments, all these hating ass 14-16 year olds goin back and forth goin at each others necks, and saying some of the dumbest shit ever, "who has more money" "whose album is gonna be whack and its not even out yet" "who real" "who fake"... This the only site i see so much hating. THESE LIL KIDS ARE EVERYWHERE THEY HAVE TAKEN OVER WHY DO YOU THINK HIP HOP IS SO BAD CAUSE OF THESE PUNKS

  • Anonymous

    Where's Shake Life?

  • slow burn realest rapper on the net bich

  • slow burn best rapper that fuckn hates u

  • Lemar Green

    wait so now tha eminem track is gone?? >_>

    • Lemar Green

      I want "lose my mind" gone instead. I never really liked that song, Plies' screamin ass killed it for me. At least .38 is back though

    • GlassCity

      My first thought too :/ Atleast we get the original version of Lose My Mind. I wasn't a fan of the Drake version

  • Anonymous

    These cant be real hip hop heads on all these fucking hip hop dx comments, all these hating ass 14-16 year olds goin back and forth goin at each others necks, and saying some of the dumbest shit ever, "who has more money" "whose album is gonna be whack and its not even out yet" "who real" "who fake"... This the only site i see so much hating.

  • Snowman

    Jeezy > Ross Ross sucks, plain and simple. And lol at anyone saying this will flop.#youniggasdumb

  • So Icy Boi!

    cosing. wack rappa. Rozay >>>> swag

  • Heberpayy Sccori

    Higher Learning (Ft. Snoop Dogg, Devin The Dude & Mitchellel) The best.

  • 954broward

    dis nigga aint touchin ross #GodForgivesIDnt

    • Ricky Rozay

      aBout got damn time I know people that done did four years in jail , got a high school diploma and four year degree during all these got damn push backs , album is gonna flop I promise and Im a former Jeezy fan #Done

    • anon

      yup this album touched dat muthafucka right into 2012 godforgivesIdnt..but i do push back...lame

  • Anonymous

    for all dumb ass niggas drich is shawty redd cause he make most of the beats shawty redd get credit for. and second of all the credits say this bitch slap. and lil lody come wit some hard different beats when the time is right he made shakelife which one cold ass beat to me and rollin

  • BoldSpice

    WTF is Eminem on here for anyway? Guess that shine starting to fade, time to spread that ass white boy.

  • Mark TheDon Kariuki

    Jeezy..Hard rapper..cant wait for this one to drop..

  • fuck ne-yo

    Wtf the only track wit gibbs is a bonus track that eminem ruined but your gonna throw neyo and fabulous on the album even though the best tracks on your last 2 mixtapes were the ones wit gibbs? And no slick pulla? I preordered the album still but this isn't gonna touch his old shit, I'm hopin for the best but fuck it even if the album is complete shit it'll still be better then anything officer ricky puts out

  • Lou Phillips

    eminem is a wack sellout anyway now sluaghterhouse killed him on the cypher

    • Anonymous

      I understand u don't like eminem but that's no reason to make such a stupid statement,, the guy was on point as usual. Not the best but on the cypher and not the worst either

    • emcypherversesucked

      real talk slaughterhouse did kill that cypher

    • Anonymous

      "LOL at Slaughterhouse sonning Em in the cypher when all of Slaughterhouse was beyond amazed and disbelief at what he said..." wow that sounded so gay, i like em and sh. but mr flanboyant just sounds like a dickrider.

    • BoldSpice

      Lol @ somebody amazed at what Eminem said. Nigga please get that white dick out yo mouth. The cracker say the same shit on every song.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Ok. You don't like Em. I got you. That's the conclusion everyone can get from that stupid stuff you said. LOL at Slaughterhouse sonning Em in the cypher when all of Slaughterhouse was beyond amazed and disbelief at what he said... Stop eatin' all that pork, nigga!!!

  • Lou Phillips

    smh lil lody wtf wheres shawty redd!

  • jr88

    for me music and movies are differnt things...movies are i know its fake but i still enjoy then for what they are at there for me is more personal, i like to think i can relate to the artist either through their struggle or success...with ross its like a b list hollywood movie...

  • jr88

    just because jay z said its only entertainment doesnt mean it gives ross a pass to be the biggest fraud in hiphop history!!! let me ask you this if justin beiber started rapping about coke and owning cartels would you buy his music...even if he had the dopest producers on it?

  • thetruth

    @Baz..youngin I never said hiphop is not entertainment. But when u rapping about a certain lifestyle & then carry yourself as such, I expect you to be about it or at least lived it. Reverse the scenario, what it conscience rappers like Common, Mos Def, KRS-1 actually sold dope and killed niggas in the street??? Hiphop is suppose 2 be somewhat authentic, an expression of ones life and feelings. What if I claimed 2 be a Muslim all my life but you find out I eat pork chop sandwiches, drink liquor, and am really an atheist??? I would rather have Officer Ricky rap positive and do dirt, than rap fairytales he never lived. As far as it being entertainment, I never heard DeNiro or Pacino claimed 2 have really lived that mafia life they portray in movies. But I've heard Officer Ricky claim a street life when he didn't live it, went 2 college, played football, was a roofer, and a c.o.....smh

  • Anonymous

    nigga, had to wait for his homey/brother to beat that murder charge, to get them real beats.

  • curt

    ive been waiting for dis for awhile dis shit better be fire im mad it only has 15 tracks on it tho

  • Victor Johnson


  • James Anthony Gardiner

    i was exited when herd em on this, but that song is shit he only says 2 words lol pointless and no DON CANNON???? u serious

  • jg

    this Jeexy album is being hyped like its the second coming of Makaveli, wtf

    • ETK

      it's not that it's gonna be amazing, but with eerrrbody bitchin about rappers goin pop, it's refreshing to have somebody keepin it "trap"

  • yawooh

    there's no way this is gonna be a classic albulm but it can still have a few good songs..That Em song should've been better but we'll have to c wat's good about this one

  • mickbmf

    @itsthetruth nigga u stupid u need niggas like plies birdman an esp gotti to help dis album!! an im a die hard jeezy fame but if ya think dis album gonna be hard i doubt it!, cause these mf features on dis cd dont even match wat jeezy is about or raps about dis album aint gonna be no street luved album bein a fan we will support doe.... 103

  • Anonymous

    fuck the police im fuckin with jeezy until the death of me he has proved that he the realest nigga in it and ross is the police

  • thetruth

    Hiphop is Dead...anytime ppl defend fake, gimmick, lying ass former c.o. who turned "gangsta, trapper" rapper Rick Ross...smh. If this was back in the 90s, early 2000s this fake nigga would have been banned from the industry. Dead prez told yall niggas its bigger than hiphop but I guess yall too busy selling dope on the iPhone. But I guess fake is the new real, lies are the new truth, c.o.'s are the new gangstas...In my Jayz voice "I'm afraid for the future, yall respect the 1 who got shop, I respect the shooter". Atleast Jeezy has ppl who can verify his hustling days ie Big Meech...who have you heard ever verified Officer Ricky as a hustler??? Even the Real Freeway Ricky Ross won't cosign this clown. Every dog has its day, a year from now no1 will checking for this fake except wannabe gangstas and cops. I do give him credit though, MMG looks like a label on the rise, while CTE has never been a factor. Ross maybe a better record exec but Jeezy is a real rapper. Jeezy > Officer Ricky.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Can't argue with that, BAZ. Good stuff. Me personally, never been a Jeezy fan. But I will say his first album and mixtape was the illest. All this other stuff now is watered down whatever. From the buzz I get from Atlanta cats, they don't even mess with Jeezy really cause he's gotten "Hollywood" and his music has suffered. When it's all said and done, make good albums and they will come.

    • Anonymous

      Cosign With Baz. Do You Expect To See Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci F*ckin' Dudes Up In Bar??? Also Hip Hop Only Dies In Your Own Mind...Hip Hop Will Forever

    • BAZ

      Jay-Z: "It's only Entertainment!" - Ignorant Shit. Even Jay is on that fake shit. Rap is rap, and while Rozay makes good music he doesn't rap enough about broader topics. He is a very one dimensional rapper. All this fake vs. real shit is just another reason for you jealous bastards to hate on Ross. Yes, I agree that he shouldn't be claiming the streets if has never sold an ounce, yet I still firmly believe that most rappers (in the past, present and future) will lie about what they claim to do in their lyrics. It's just a part of the game.

  • Akshay Sudh

    Wait wait wait, young jeezy was hyping that Eminem track and it turns out to be a bonus? wtf duude? still I will buy the album.

  • ItsTheTruth

    I'm glad there is no plies, yo gotti, or birdman on this album like there was supposed to be. Tracklist and features is dope. Definitely looking forward to this

  • Anonymous

    Fuck haters tm 103 hustlerz ambition album of the year hotttt!!!!! Young Jeezy better than rick rozay yeahhh!!!

  • Ricky Rozay

    This album gonna be shit. Ross already ethered this niggas career. God Forgives gon smoke the shit out of this album. Ross already got 3 classics. Jeezy got 3 albums of yeahhhhh fuck this nigga. BTW for all u niggas who gon post bout Jeezy bein real, I know some niggas in the ATL that said Jeezy never pushed no weight, he just roll wit niggas who did and claim they lives like his own. He a fake ass nigga too. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So Icy Boi!

    Rozay ended dis fakes niggas career. TM103 is gonna flop hard. Feminem as abonus cut. gtfo. Gay-z & Andree 3000. naw, dese niggas are old as fuck. swag 2Chainz gonna kill ya on yo own album nigga. swag

    • Brandon Taylor

      hey jeezy sucks, but how can you disrespect vets in Hip Hop. andre 3000 jay-z and eminem are 3 of the greatest emcees ever. u prolly think wiz khalifa and birdman are some of the best rappers ever. fts

  • jr88

    its funny hearing ross stans excuses .. first it was "he is not a cop" then it was "he was still a ganster but he was moving wait as a cop", now its "every rapper is fake"...smh now you guys are trying to generalize to make ross look good...of course every rapper doesnt do what they rap about but they did or they come from that life style.....ross is straight up fraud with no concept of how the drug game works just his imagination and shit he sees on

  • jr88

    ross is a manufactured gangster...nobody in the hood listens to him...go to any barber shop and mention rick will get clowned for even mentioning

  • war22

    another thing all u muthafuckas talk about Rick Ross being popular in the from the streets and niggas be playing KRIT,TI,Royce,Fab,Jada,Busta ...if u ask someone in the streets about Ross he's gonna spit in ur face...he doesnt get respect at all

  • war22

    if this nigga Jeezy's gonna bring down Ross...hell yeah imm buy his shit..not a fan but imma buy it


    Why wont Jeezy ever put his CTE artist on an album Im just sayin Slick P and Boo are loyal and you never put them on a major solo project better yet you never put there album out do they have a budget or they just mixtape artist...My bad you cant put yourself out..This a fucking compilation album.

    • thisniggadumbasfuck

      umm slick pulla was on his first two albums, jeezy hasn't dropped an album since singing boo damn bruh have you heard any of his albums smh


    Copy and paste this on every rick ross video on the web,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JEEZY RUN IT. FUCK RICK ROSS



  • Mayday

    I slapped a 10 year old boy for saying he singing a rick ross medley a few days ago

  • MCheayt03

    This all look so familiar when The Inspiration was about to drop.. Everyone was saying jeezy fell off and would flopped,it is just impossible for jeezy to flop. His fans don't turn on him. All the haters and rick ross fans who don't even buy ross album.

  • Anonymous

    Rappers remember are artist they have there own individual skills i bump Jeezy and Ross. Ya boy Jeezy has i voice of his own that i would not want to see go away and that swagg he kills it and yo did he not tell you all that it was a recession. and the Boss have his voice and a few inspirational voices that he got thru his years in life just like myself thru music so many that inspired me i love music and these two before the trick daddy leak that bitch were he at Rozay and Jeezy was gettin it in on featured Records.

    • Anonymous

      thats what im saying bro jeezy my dude but i listen to ross still rap shouldnt be about haiting on niggas it should be just enjoying the music

  • Nico 3

    I think they need to hold a Jerry Lewis telethon for all of these once platinum rappers. Maybe Jeezy should re-name his album, "Money Ruined My Motivation"


      Once platinum? wow you are an asshole. Jeezy went Platinum with 3 albums and Gold with a fucking Mixtape. You are a dip shit



  • My Name

    Every rapper is fake. Stop talking about "real niggas". They'd be in jail if they are as "real" as they act.

    • Anonymous

      go on youtube and look hard for some street videos of him. youll be shakin in you're boots

    • Anonymous

      no they rich niggas lol. money = power

    • LOL @ these comments

      Can you even prove what you typed? You don't even know personally every rapper! Every rapper is not a crime boss either! Are they fake too? LOL!

    • NONO

      You would be surprised with how many of our artists "down south" really get down. Most of our rappers still come to the hood. Don't know about other places, but a good bit of em are what they talk about. I could name names, but dry snitchin' ain't my thang.

  • ony

    suckers hating on jeezy but damn lames will be the first to suck dick when his shit drops, get a life niggas.. jeezy is realer than officer ricky and all em so called trappers.. TM103 ALL DAY

    • DA KING

      Dont worry with Niggaz like rick ross.. Cuz They liars, The Phonies, They Fakes, These niggaz ain't never sold the weight... Cuz jeezy the muhfking realist.

  • Anonymous

    Completely off subject hhdx has some of the most ignorant commenters I have ever seen. Seriously I dont know if its because some of you feel its the internet and can say whatever you want because no one can do anything about it, because youre 14 year old and dont know how to get your point across without calling someone a faggot or because you have an inferiority complex in real life and feel like typing in all caps makes you important or what. But 75% of the people that comment fit those descriptions. How ignorant do you have to be to say "anyone that listens to *insert artist name* is fuck gay/a faggot/retarded/a bitch/etc" But for those people that can handle a hip hop conversation without doin shit like that, Salute to you Im out. And i guarantee you the first one to insult this comment most likely has done everything ive said within the past week lol

    • LOL @ these comments

      Yes! Thank you! People don't like when I laugh at the comments and point out the ignorance! I bet they think I'm ignorant! LOL! Far from it! I actually comment with things to make you think! HHDX knows how to clean this up! Make everyone use a real email and get moderators! The stupid comments would die! Why would you people let some kids play with the comment section like it's a toy while they snicker with their friends popping zits, but won't let the people who do know about music and could give a true opinion about these artists a voice! You know these artists' companies send checks and they read these comments! Give a real, true forum so they can gauge the music likes and dislikes!

    • Wattz

      cosign that... i guess most people wouldn't know how to properly analyze and critique something so they feel the need to disrespect anyone who doesn't share their sentiments or care about what they like.. its just the way it is i guess

  • Big Chris

    About time. I been waiting on the TM 103 for a while now. Yall boys quit hating and salute the real. Jeezy always bring great music to the people. Thats the reason why all his previous albums are platinum. Yall need to support the people that are in hip hop right now before theres no one left. Its only a hand full of artist that even goes gold or platinum. So go support and quit comparing Ross and Gucci to Jeezy. TM103 on the way. Lets get it!



  • kingrichard1

    dnt matter wat da tracklist is cuz he ain't droppin w/o a big record,jeezy has fallen 2 da "nelly" curse,which is u hv a sound & up & comers use it & wen u come bk out again later "u" sound like da clone...

  • Ricky Rozay

    Give it up Jeezy, Rozay already ended ur career nigga. Aint no one lookin for this shit. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It's like calling an album ''mixtape'' to lower people's expectations, that they be suprised about the quality and overrate it when it gets released.

  • Antonio Prohias

    f*ck a CO. pig rawwwst

  • FartZeezy

    Pooted Motivation: 2.0 Wait til you niggas smell this 10/11/11

  • Anonymous


  • Beatch

    Not a fan of Jeezy nor Ross but reality is it's all about popularity. Once you lose your popularity people will nitpick and make excuses as to why they're no longer a fan to justify them being bandwagon niggas/bitches. Jeezy's raps been the same for all these years but yet now once his popularity is down people wanna say he can't rap and he trash? Like i said the only thing changed about him is his popularity has gone down and it happens to all artists.

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross makes dope music, but that's it. Joey is a lyrical monster, he is leagues ahead of Ross.


      Rick Ross can Rhyme better than Jeezy. Jeezy doesn't have any skills on the Microphone. Rick Ross could be in Slaughterhouse if they get ride of budden

    • Beatch

      @SutterKane That's my point though. I'm saying now because Jeezy isn't as popular as say 3 years ago they'll nitpick on lil shit (ie Jeezy "lied" about his album coming out now so he's a fake..smh) just to justify their bandwagon shit. But when he was popular he couldn't do no wrong to them even though his rap style hasn't changed at all. This is the weirdest hip-hop era i've ever experienced i swear. Full of weirdo ass dickriders. Don't get me wrong i've never been a Jeezy fan or a Ross fan but truth is truth.

    • SutterKane

      Popularity comes and goes tho, all it takes is the right beat and they'll jump right back on his dick Plus he's got an ace in the hole with Gibbs because I think when his time comes he's gonna be the next Jeezy/Ross and take over the street rap crown, Gibbs is just as rugged as either of them were when they dropped and 2wice as talented, Jeezy can just bank off him for the next few years

  • ben anderson

    if gibbs aint on at least 5 of these songs the album will be a disappointment.

    • Upholding

      you should just wait for the gibbs album to drop and pass on this if u want to hear him so badly. this is a young jeezy album, he should drop this with no features, and only one lex luger beat...i dunno how everyone likes the same damn song/instrumental

  • Sourheadband420

    Real Recognize real Jeezy dat dude and get love in my city. Ross on the other hand is for kids in high school that believe his lies

  • hip hop!

    Forgot to add one more thing. It's only been like 2 years since his last album. Like I said, quality ass mixtapes in between that time. He hasn't been slacking in the slightest. He's not pulling a Detox.

  • hip hop!

    Holy Fuck. I think my IQ dropped 20 points reading the comments. I'm pretty sure it's up to the label to decide when to release it. Looking at it from a business standpoint, it's a smart move. Carter IV and RED Album just dropped recently, so although I was anticipating it for the 20th It was probably for the best. You guys want some quality shit, or half assed shit? Jeezy is decent at what he does, Lupe is a lyrical guy, Jeezy is a flow/trap beats guy. He has amazing beats, he'll have the likes of Drumma Boy, Shawty Redd, Lil Lody, Midnight Black etc producing this album. Jeezy put out more quality mixtapes in 6 months, than most artists can put out albums. Relax, I'm willing to even wait a year for this album. Jeezy's only problem is his repetition, but I'm psyched after hearing Shake Life which was a breath of fresh air. Jeezy isn't as real as he claims, if you want "Real" go look at E-40. On his own independent label till this day and still going at it. Ross is irrelevant. It's all about the fake image. Being a fanboy or hardcore hater isn't going to do shit. Just have patience like Lupe's fans did.

  • Lil Wayne

    It's all good jeezy, but on the real the secret to my success is rockin them womans leggins. Try some my nigga, they only $45 no homo though. Ps I'm the only one allowed to kiss my nigga birdman.

  • Ignant Stuff

    Jeezy keep putting out free mixtapes and people are complaining that his album ain't coming out. His mixtapes are album quality. Why complain when he keeps giving us free music? At least he's not like Dre keeping us waiting not giving any music. Damn hip hop fans are all about debut albums and sales rather than the music itself. Fucking pop fans

    • Anonymous

      It's the same with Crooked, everbody wants his album, people are tired of that mixtape shit.

    • MCheat03

      Yes but we want his album because of his promises to deliver. No matter how great jeezy mixtape is, His albums are always better.So we want that album and it's only a rumour that the shit has been delayed.

  • hhjjh

    No wonder DEF JAM is 80 mill in the red....putting Platinum selling artist on the shelves while releasing albums by dudes like ACE HOOD and RICK ROSS who cant go platinum if their life depended on it IS NOT GOOD FOR BUSINESS

  • kennyken

    is it because lil wayne is overshadowing everything right now?

  • Anonymous

    Not surprised, why do you think "The Real Is Back 2" dropped recently??

  • SutterKane

    Who would be surprised, the album has 0 Buzz, I knew that shit was gettin pushed back Back in the day I use to hate on jeezy for not being lyrical but compared to this G Rated Disney worl, Candy Land shit thats out now I think a good dose of Ignorant Gangsta Rap is much needed Bring On JeeZY & Gibbs!!!

  • jon

    I knew it was a setup when Jeezy dropped the real is back three weeks brfore the album release date, where they do that at? I was a fan but lying to your fans will end your career and Jeezy is #done, CTE is #done. Jeezy is not a business man he didnt evolve with time and the new generation caught up with him. I hope he just announce his retirement and walk away from the game. #YMCMBMMG is all we got now PEOPLE LIKE WILLIAM AND LIL WAYNE LIE TO THEIR FANS ALL THE TIME AND THEIR FANS ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO SAY IT DOESNT MATTER THEY MAKE GREAT MUSIC. JEEZY FROM THE STREETS HE AINT DOWN WITH THE NEW GENERATION AND MAKING IT BIG ON THE INTERNET AND SHIT LIKE THAT. AND IT AINT JEEZY PUSHING THE ALBUM BACK, ITS THE LABEL AND THE INDUSTRY.

    • Ricky Rozay

      Shut the fuck up, reason shit aint comin out is cuz for one niggas aint lookin for it, two aint no single that has caught on, and three Jeezy straight trash. His career is over. Niggas been garbage for a minute. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RahRahDuh

    Young Jeezy is Dr.Dre'ing Us

  • joe5286

    911 was an inside job! Google Building 7!

  • Al Sharpton

    His singles arent charting (even with waynes help) and no one wants to flop. Especially after the big homie jus did a million in a week. YMCMB

  • Anonymous

    LAME, do a collabo album with Gayme.

  • bawse

    jeezy is a bum rozay finished him & 50 career's LOL

    • @bawse and Ricky Rozay

      you guys are fucking idiots, what diss did Ross put out that targeted Jeezy? They're taking swipes at each other, Ross didn't body Jeezy's career considering there's been no diss songs released towards Jeezy. And yeah Ross is good but still no platinum yet, and Rozay is a faggot for saying Wayne is the only one hotter than Ross, i'm pretty sure Ross only debuted a year mainstream-wise a year after Jeezy, so he's as much of the "past" as Jeezy is you dipshit. Use logic you queer.

    • Ricky Rozay

      @hggghg Who gives a fuck, we aint talkin bout the past no more. Jeezy sucks and 50 garbage. Noticed too, they careers were over once they started beefin with Ross. Dont get it twisted, Rozay ethered both these niggas career and the nigga Rozay at the moment hotter than both them niggas. Only Wayne hotter right now. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hgghgf

      both Jeezy and 50 cent are platinum selling artist Rawse on the other hand HAS NOT ONE PLATINUM PLAQUE 4 ALBUMS NO PLATINUM PLAQUES THATS SAD DUDE NEEDS A NEW DAY JOB

  • Anonymous

    whats more troubling is that its been postponed with no alternative scheduled release date.

  • bawse

    @escoveli i concur #YMCMBMMG is da bisness, but if u want something else 2listen2 try TDE

  • escoveli

    I knew it was a setup when Jeezy dropped the real is back three weeks brfore the album release date, where they do that at? I was a fan but lying to your fans will end your career and Jeezy is #done, CTE is #done. Jeezy is not a business man he didnt evolve with time and the new generation caught up with him. I hope he just announce his retirement and walk away from the game. #YMCMBMMG is all we got now

    • jkjjb

      Real Talk putting Platinum selling artist on the shelves while releasing albums by dudes like ACE HOOD and RICK ROSS who cant go platinum if their life depended on it...80 mill in the red

  • Anonymous

    this is good news for hiphop. people like jeezy should not rap but work in a factory or something. Dude has no talent. Finally people are seeing that jeezy has no potential

    • dumb dumb dumb dumb

      nothing wrong with working in a factory u lazy fucks just have no work ethic (u better go google that word to find the meaning) go do your ''trapping'' which is no doubt selling 20 bags down the local park when ur gettin the shit beat out of ya by the arryan gangs up in the mountains for not suckin dick properly the dude in the factory will be laughing away

    • Anonymous

      if jeezy wasnt rapping he would be trapping bruh, you aint gonna find my man jeezy working in a factory like your parents

  • Anonymous

    he wasn't going do no numbers any way unless he put a skateboard under his arms. and rock skinny jeans.

  • Anonymous

    jeezy is the worst rapper ever. im glad his album will not drop. we getting sick of his stories about selling coke and being real

  • Anonymous

    good news this guy is a disgrace for hiphop i should be abandoned from a recording studio

  • MCheat03

    All know i have been supporting jeezy for years but this is bullshit...i am no longer interested

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a fuck?? Dude is the most monotonous rapper on the planet.

  • GEEZ


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • J

    All his shit sounds the same these days...sorry The Inspiration was nice but I'm over his new stuff

  • w

    damn im not listening any more mixtapes from this nigga until he drop the 103 , i got like 150 songs off his from the last 2 years,getting sick of his shit

  • Gucci Gucci

    Jeezy gone sale 70,000 first week Jeezy sucks now, face the facts people

  • for real?

    fuck, come on Jeezy, so is some bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    TM103 Would Be His 4th Album You Big Dummy! TM, The Inspiration, and The Recession.

  • Anonymous

    How did i know this was gonna happen lol

  • Muhotshit

    U ASkin if tha Realest nigga in rap really ment wat he said. Kinky B been his nigga, U must not be a Jeeezy fan.

  • therealaintback

    dis nigga den fell off

  • thought dog

    He really has a friend named kinky b?

  • Anonymous

    this shit is bout to b fire yall heard that shake life he jus dropped that shit is hard i dnt care wat yall say i need a new pair of dice imma bout to shake life

  • Hot Squeeze

    Jeezy is a beast... come to because it will change your life!!

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy has released how many mixtapes since last year? Did you really need new music from him? As far as having a mainstream appeal, Jeezy needs to release that album sooner than later but its not like we haven't heard anything from him recently.

  • tm2046

    fuq it if it aint coming out on the 20th!!!!

  • Twilight Sparkle

    Dont nopony bump this lames bullshit in Equestria anymore. Noponys feelin that real is back trash either. We jus hopin his career goes the way of this album. gone. times up snowman. winter wrap up on this nigga.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Ain't no one lookin for this shit. This nigga time is up. Aint no one down to listen to the tracks, he aint have a hit single in forever and his music was garbage to begin with. Rozay already ethered his career anyway.

    • JG

      shutup whiteboy. Rozay makes hot tracks, while none of the niggaz u mentioned except J.Cole are even relevant

    • ItsTheTruth

      Too bad for Rick Ross...Sorry, let me rephrase. Too bad for William Roberts, being a former CO ethered his own career. Dude coulda came into the game honest and str8 up, but instead denied his past, took the image and persona of another actual person, the REAL rick ross (who has sued william multiple times). Rick ross is not an mc. He's a rapper. An entertainer. An image. A hoax. A fraud. And he appeals to people that buy into it, which unfortunately is a big percentage of dumbed-down, brainwashed american society. Mostly white suburbia. But hey, I'm white. And I fuck with oldschool DMX, Mood Muzik Joe Budden, Big Krit, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole. That real life shit, not that "We da business, 100 million dollars" shit. But at the end of the day, yall listenin to that trash and bobbin ur head to the beats while they talk about shit u aint ever gonna do lol. Not me

  • Anonymous

    nobody checking for him no more thats why

  • yayaman

    He has the same problem The Game and Lupe Fiasco had..He lost his groove (and now his buzz) and can't get a single popping. There have been like 5 or 6 videos for this album already, if he can't produce a hit Def Jam will just give up and it will end up on the shelf. lol Lupe and Game worked very hard to get their shit out and eventually they did... and did pretty well. I don't think Jeezy can do the same but I'm interested to see what happens.

    • Anonymous

      Get Lupe outta that shit.

    • Anonymous

      Lupe still had a mainstream single that was popular, hence he sold like decent. The game with 3 years off and no mainstream single he sold like 100K..seriously hes lucky he has a pretty hardcore fanbase, cause a video/song called pot of gold aint really appealing. Jeezy had sooooo many mvs, I mean he aint gonna get any more fans with his shit, hes a trapper turned rapper, and his music is all trap music which is the reason it appealed to me, just release the shit, hell probably get 100K, but thast what your gonna get unless you wanna attempt at a mainstream single..that aint promising you nothing either.

    • Anonymous

      now that i think about it its funny that lupe sold more than game

  • Anonymous

    The real is back 2 is all about selling coke. i had to turn that shit off... Freddie Gibbs is the man though.

  • James Anthony Gardiner

    THIS ALBUM is gna end up like detox (non-existent)

  • Anonymous

    Remember when Jeezy said "my release date is this summer" and Def Jam came out and "said no it isn't"??? Dude aint no fucking boss!!! Dude be lying like Soulja Bitch. Gucci gone take that chain too bitch, to match his snowman chain he already took from yo lame ass!!!!! These suckas talking nonsense. I killed your homeboy cause I don't have a conscience. "GUCCI"!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Remember when Jeezy said "my release date is this summer" and Def Jam came out and "said no it isn't"??? Dude aint no fucking boss!!! Dude be lying like Soulja Bitch. Gucci gone take that chain too bitch, to match his snowman chain he already took from yo lame ass!!!!! These suckas taking nonsense. I killed your homeboy cause I don't have a conscience. "GUCCI"!!!!

  • Anonymous

    corrections officers are not cops you dumb fucks

  • Anonymous

    wow creative title!!! hahahGd niggers are dumb

  • Mr Flamboyant

    LOL at the tracklisting below... I think not a person cares about this album dropping.

  • timmm

    Kinky B knows whatsup

  • Anonymous

    lol i was like, how is he gonna reveal a title for an album we already know the title of????



  • Ahmed BooGatti Mcclennon

    Been waiting on this shit forever till then

  • Brandon Pitts

    Yall h8n but dont sleep on Jeezy because you might fuck with his album.

  • T

    jeezy hasnt even put a video out has he? just like with game and wayne no one will believe it til in leaked all over or in stores to buy or DL

  • mcheat03

    U know what this mean. everyone throw out your police music and pop in that gangsta shit.

  • Anonymous

    tracklist was leaked this morning: 01. i sell coke 02. i have more money then you 03. selling coke till i die 04. cokemusic 05. the realest gangster ever 06. more guns and money 07. i'm the pimp of the year 08. cokemusic remix ft. jayz and lil wanye 09. gotta have that white 10. im not a rapper but a trapper 11. my hood is the realist 12. my guns kill 13. life of a drugdealer 14. i sell coke in jail

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Who gives a fuck bout this nigga. Aint no one looking out for this shit. This niggas career was ended by Rozay. Nigga shoulda never opened up his mouth. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pintglass01

    Fourth solo album, not third !

  • tp

    typo yet again You have September 30th and then 20th since albums come out on Tuesdays I'll assume its 20th

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