Game Says He Will Sign With Cash Money Records After Interscope

Chuck Taylor shares that he's been thinking about making moves to a different label.

Game has revealed that he is considering signing with Cash Money Records after his Interscope Records contract is fulfilled. With only one more album left on the plate following the August 23rd release of R.E.D. Album, the Compton, California native explains that he plans on abandoning Interscope and signing with the house that Birdman and Slim built.

"We been playing with the idea of going over to Cash Money or trying to marry that and Black Wall Street,” he told “So, we’ll figure it out before the end of the day. I definitely think that’s where I’ll probably end up. Cause they winning, they want to win and I been winning and want to continue to win.”

Game, who explained that his relationship with Birdman dates back to before he dropped his debut The Documentary, has collaborated with Cash Money's Lil Wayne several times throughout his career. On an unreleased track from R.E.D. Album titled "All I Know," Chuck Taylor speaks on the label proposal.

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  • B

    i respect game's decision. he's a great rapper and a legend in the making. his relationship with interscope didnt go as he had planned when he had just started up, and he's talented enough to sign with whoever the fuck he wants. im no fan of this, but it is what it is... if he does leave aftermath, i know he has his reasons. let em do the damn thing. hes better than anybody on cash money anyway....

    • Alicia

      Okay let him do what he wants to do or what he's gotta do to "keep winning" Lil Wayne nd Birdman and the other original artist that have been with cash money all along, they made Cash Money Records and they been holding it down. With out Lil Wayne and Birdman there would be no Cash Money Records. Game is looking for the opportunity to sign with Cash Money and let the label make him. If there is no Cash Money Records, Game might not make it... Game will never be on Weezy's level thats for damn sure! So thats one that is better than Game! With that I dont need to say anymore.

  • MoonMan Chris

    Game a fucking lame

  • Tommy

    At the end of the day all you people hating on game have never sold a record or had any success in ya lives! Jealousy is a bad thing so grow up and respect music whether u like it or not!!



  • james

    yo i think gme should maybe sign back w/ g unit i can picture game back w/50 and them making more classic

  • Anonymous

    fuck game the biggest dick ryder inn the rap game, wack ass rapper

  • Anonymous

    game is wack he is a attention hoe the dumb bipolar clown has something to say just to gain attention, get some real talent cuz this is getting old just like his bullshit lyrics, wanna be 2pac :P

  • kingChronic

    yall say game is a nobody yet da nigga sells platinum every album he take out. respect... hate it or love it the game is da best cash money record maybe good for him

  • BWS


  • Beano

    HAHAHAHA.... THE GAME CONTINUES TO WIN?!?! WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT?! THE GAME HASN'T BEEN RELEVANT SINCE 2004! and CASH MONEY?!!! first jimmy from degrassi then bow wow and the game (dont get me started on niki minaj)? if that is your definition of winning; i want to be a loser. and if cash money and lil wayne are winning... explain THIS article :

  • miguel

    The Red album gonna be dope, i hope after his contract with interscope is over that jimmy maybe resign him but you never know.

  • rushhour3

    i hope the red album is good because once this happens he will stop trying; hopefully the mixtape is good

  • B@nksy

    dear hiphop fans saying or thinking something negative about a rapper doesn't make someone a hater. plain and simple. Your only a hater if you ridicule an artist out of envy or jealousy. And another thing don't assume that the people commenting have a worse life then any given rapper on this website, you never know who is commenting and you never know what a rappers life is really like, only an American mind state would instantly equate Fame= Happiness, I promise their are thousands of people with way less money then The Game that are happier then him. With all that being said the Game is a grown ass man im not gonna critique any business move he makes cus at the end of the day the game knows whats best for himself.

  • Jeff Mason


  • Kendall Walters

    Good luck! If he tried launching BWS under cash money, when he did the first time and failed, he would have been dropped.


    Game is a Talented artist no doubt about that, He plays by his own rules an holds no punches an is the reason why i respect his passion an heart into Hip Hop. Regardless where he goes Game is still going to be Game.

  • Anonymous

    fuck game with his dick riding hoe azz


    he trying to get a deal for BWS but all yall seen was cashmoney records

  • g

    i support Game were ever he goes but this is just stupid signing 2 cash money that's a bitch move. cant wait though august 23rd red album

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Game is a fucking JOKE if he signs with Cash Money. He already is a joke, but I'd have literally ZERO respect for him.

  • yal make him famous

    Yal got this article juiced up on hate! Lmao! Game s winning! And wil continue to win..he the most hated! Hsters learn to keep shut!

    • BeanoFatardo

      if you define winning as being a nobody for the past six - seven years, you are right : the game is winning.

  • Some Guy

    This is clearly just another stunt to increase the buzz around him, 178 comments? Looks like it worked. He just wanted to get a big headline across the web so he mentioned Cash Money. The proof is in the pudding though so let's wait and hear RED before we criticize eh?

  • Luper Lex


  • Fell Off, Like 50

    177 comments for Game? WOW.

  • Anony

    Let the guy do what he wants, if he wants to be an idiot and sign to Cash Money then let him. But on the topic of Interscope, even 50 Cent is having problems with them. Check his latest tweets.

  • mitchell

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  • thinkRED

    Jay z want no parts of theGame

  • king kong

    all u haters out there shut the fuck up his just saying that to mess with us. y would he leave dre dumb kunts he; the hardest rapper out there now so ya;ll better shut the fuck up or get fucked the fuck up

  • jack johnson

    lol this guy just can't stop with the name dropping lies can he, remember when he said he was signed to Aftermath and even took a picture of himself with his Aftermath chain? now its cash money huh

  • john

    its a good fit, fake gangsters should always be together.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like someone needs to change their tampon, sheesh!

  • Anonymous

    bye bye to old bumpin game and hello to gay ass club game fuckin sellout

  • Crip—Nigga

    ima crip walk on this nigga fake, fucC that blood shit SUWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne is fizzin out so he's tryin to piggy back off of anyone he can hope you like not gettin paid i will dismantle cash money when i get my label up (if) best white mc jbird all up in that ass, one poop vagina at a time

    • Anonymous

      jbird please dont ever, ever, ever, ever make another song again. you're fucking terrible. lil b is better than you by a long shot, thats sad.just stop.

  • Brian White

    Bandwagon jumper, Lil Wayne's playin the game.

  • Da1

    I said it before and I'll say it again. This dude is a lame. He stay losing. Just because young money is popping off he and alot of other clowns are flocking to Wayne and Birdman. Tell me who beside Lil wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj is selling over there? This fool got alot of people backing him but he like other bozoos want to jump on each and every bandwagon there is.

    • Anonymous

      yeah tell em other anonymous. thanks

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Cory Gunz hasn't dropped, but other than that, those names are useless.

    • Anonymous

      DJ Khaled, Bow Wow, Jay Sean, Cory Gunz, even Kevin Rudolf...just to name a few

    • Anonymous

      how is he lame. tbh his always kept himself active. nas said his in my top ten. common homie u telling me nas aint got good taste.

  • A4$

    okay dens.....check out some new trigga trey

  • Anonymous


  • young chizzle

    fuck it ill join GAYCMB but damn i gotta suck dicks of all dese gay nikkaz on they roster to get put on a song 1.drake 2.birdman 3.lil waynes 4.lil chuckie 5.nicki tranney 6.lil twists khaleds 8.tygas 9.mack maines 10.jay sean

  • Muney

    Sucka MC!!! 4Real!!!

  • TREV

    This is probably one of the Biggest Sucka Moves ive seen in a while So he Said F*** 50 and Turned his back on him because he thought he was a Boss in his own right So you're going to go completely against what you went aginst 50 for to sign under 2 Bosses????? Wayne and Baby are Running S*** over there at YMCMB so u will be under them aswell This is how you know GAME knows ITS ALL OVER Hes willing to betray his morals to join the team he thinks will continue to win Everytime i see a thread with GAme's name involved in it The Word DESPERATION always finds its waY in it This is probably the most Convienent Time to use it

  • Kill Bee

    The game is below average lyricist.

  • Anonymous

    Just drop the album, dumbass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    game didnt grind his way in the rap game his first album was handed to him dre/50/em can make any of us sound good.after that his head got to big and he thought he was the man

  • Anonymous

    blackwall street is just like fat joes terror squad they dont exist

  • Gop=E MAX

    why does it matter ...aftermath and cash money are both owned by the same company - so who cares ?

  • marcus vick

    game was real but now everything he's doing goes against what he says you can't diss a legend (jay-z) and leave 2 more in the dust (dr. dre and eminem) in the same week and not expect to be ripped apart. he is probs just trying to put his name out there so people know about the album. it better be a classic.

  • Anonymous

    He should sign to GOOD

  • Anonymous

    Somebody has got to tell him to shut up,how many times is he going to diss jay-z then turn around the next day and say he didn't. Now he's saying hes signing with cash money,he'll be dissing them tomorrow

  • Anonymous

    Game has yet to release an album in this economy. yall talking about his old numbers is so irrelevant. even yayo sold 217,000 first week.

  • staqz2high

    mightest well now they got the biggest faggot rapper collection in hiphop... nikkis da hardest bitch in that click

  • Anonymous

    cant take this guy seriously. next week he'll be saying fuck cash money.

  • Anonymous

    that seems stupid to say you're going to switch. if i was a company and you were going to switch sides on me, i sure as shit wouldn't bother with advertising and marketing for your albums

  • BMORE2011

    I still want to know how Game is relevant. Dont get me wrong he can rap but he is a straight Bitch. If I was a blood i would be ashamed cause if this nigga is representing bloods everybody should be a crip. Just to get it straight Im no Game hater I love his first album but everything after that was trash and anything else in the future will most likely be trash

  • Timer

    I think he will be suited with Maybach, Him and Ross are good friends, and Maybach should be for him, although Cash money is highly respected.

  • T

    i cant wait to hear what 50 has to say about this move lol!! i like game as an artist like guy below said hes not bad but not great either, i thought he had the whole black wallstreet thing? jus cus he signs with baby/wayne dont mean he gon sell i jus cant see this workin out but u never know

    • Nick Crookshank

      BWS was like six years ago. He never intended to put any of those fags on. He just needed help with 50 and G-unit.

  • WestCoastRyda

    Game wont flop and never has.. the lowest 1st week sales he had thus far is 238,000 with LAX and it went plat... you eastcoast gunit/gayz stans can kill the bullshit thinkRED worldwide

    • fcvs

      sorry to dissapoint but none of his 2 albums went platinum doctor's advocate - 900k lax - 700k

    • Anonymous

      That's the reason he's begging for all those feature parts.

    • ROSS!!!

      His last 2 albums he was riding the wave from that g-unit beef. Like other have said he hasn't dropped in this economy and i say he will sruggle to push 100K

    • Willis Waverly

      to anonymous 2008 wasnt that long ago dumbASS so by your logic if it was a good econmy he would sell a lot??? put his #'s against anyone not named wayne kanye or eminem and he's legit

    • Anonymous

      that. was. a .different.economy. he hasnt released shit in this economy brah. sorry.

  • Anonymous

    ohh yeh yong money = gayest hip hop group/label in history

  • The90s

    i wanna see yall after red dropped and thats not even a typical stan-comment its the same shit everytime he is about to drop an album, yall hatin but after his record has dropped, yall the first ones on his dick like i said, im seein yall after red has dropped im respecting your opinions but not those hatin as bitches tryna make themselfs look important, yall the ones with the gimmicks and if you dont like it,you dont have to comment on dudes moves. if you dont like Game just dont click on his artice shiiit, its dat simple. i guess at the end of the day yall just fans too so peace

  • Raquel

    Nobody cares of this guy. Because he made his fans disappointed TOO MUCH.

  • Anonymous

    no one will want game after he bricks.. red aint droppin in august let alone this year.. he is a fraud n its been exposed and he wonr drop or sign to shit

  • Mr Flamboyant

    I do think the Interscope situation has something to do with the latest Game failings to a point. He's not bad..he's not great either. I think his reaching for a radio single is more of the Interscope doing. Iovine wants spins. Game is at his best when he's making straight grimey uncut music. It's a bad match.

  • Anonymous

    RIP game. it's still aftermath, it ain't nothin after that...

  • abs

    RED is going to flop hard his 1st album was nice his next 2 albums he rode the wave of that g-unit beef. Now theres no buzz towards his album this time round I think he may be shocked with his 1st week sales

  • DMAX

    Game.............your a dope rapper but you should stop the gimmicks seriously you've been doing this since 05.

  • J

    I mean he's collaborated with the 2 'go to guys' in chris brown and lil wayne on his singles and the buzz STILL aint there, (not to keep bringing him in but) if fifty did singles with those 2 his name would be on the tip of everybodys tongue. Hell, people are still doubting RED next month lol


    This nigga a loser his doing anything to get a bit of buzz because of the fact that red nation and that other song with chris brown didn't generate shit. IF his album comes out he wont do anymore than 120k at a push

  • The real

    i wouldnt even listen to this dude anymore if he signs to cash money, game is a front runner, he runs with the in crowd. hes been nothing but dissapointing for the talent he got.

  • YB

    look at all yall niggas talkin shit! yall niggas pure pussy pull a pearl out ya hahahahahahaha aye tell me when has cash $$$ records ever slowed down? and re-read the article before you talk shit. game is considering cash money, not young money bitch! go get some secondary education.

    • Anonymous

      wtf pull a pearl out ur pussy? ur a complete jackass and ur gunna talk about education, look game is an emotional bitch who cant stick to anything he says, cashmoney has always been for horrible dirty south rappers wit no lyrics(until gillie started ghostwritng for wayne) and there all (baby game wayne) fake ass gangstas that strangly are all rumored to be homos.... hmm

    • Anonymous

      When has cash money ever stood out? When have you heard an artist from cash money and been remotely impressed? Never, theres nothing even special about Cash Money..Game when hes on has some nice lyrics.. Cash money is say one word...pause..say two words...repeat the first word. C'mon Game

  • K

    Is he even out of his contract with g-unit

  • BOSS!!!!

    This was probably the most idiotic thing he could have said with an album coming and 1 album left on his contract This gives Jimmy NO INCENTIVE to promote his last 2 albums knowing he will jump s*** to Universal So much for that! You can expect both his albums on interscope to FLOP!!!

  • TREV

    This is probably one of the Biggest Sucka Moves ive seen in a while So he Said F*** 50 and Turned his back on him because he thought he was a Boss in his own right So you're going to go completely against what you went aginst 50 for to sign under 2 Bosses????? Wayne and Baby are Running S*** over there at YMCMB so u will be under them aswell This is how you know GAME knows ITS ALL OVER Hes willing to betray his morals to join the team he thinks will continue to win Everytime i see a thread with GAme's name involved in it The Word DESPERATION always finds its waY in it This is probably the most Convienent Time to use it

    • Anonymous

      He was NEVER a boss. Fact, he never made a boss move in his whole career. All he did was leech off people to make him special.

  • Anonymous

    If anything, that's where he's gonna go. He doesn't have a chance getting signed to RocNation, G.O.O.D., or Aftermath. Cash Money is the only place he CAN run to

  • Anonymous

    Worst Decision since Mobb Deep went to G Unit

  • Anonymous

    i get wat he doin its like khaled an we da best an wayne an young money

  • hellrazor

    i'm starting to lose respect for this dude

  • Kray Z

    YMCM not the path he should be going on he should start his on Label or go to Aftermath or even Shady but not YM thats abunch of fake niqqas and of course we all know wayne can't rap so whyy game why?.

  • TellinItStraight

    Game is a decent rapper, he is not consistent but does have the ability to release great songs... if he made more tracks like "Monsters in My Head" and "Rough ft. YelaWolf" he would be one of the best. Too bad those tracks didn't make the cut for "R.E.D". Label record managment always fuck up, denying the best tracks. & i do agree; cash money/young money will be washed up by the time game is resigned from his contract

  • fcvs

    seriously who the fuck is game without 50? just think about it.. he can't even write lyrics without name drop.. 50 hooks saved him in his 1st album.. then his 2nd and 3rd albums didn't reach half of the 1st sales.. just compare game with j. cole, game doesn't even reach half of j. cole level YMCMB will just sign another fag just like dj khaled, only ross is missing now

    • Game a sucka

      it aint about 50's hooks like thats some sucka shit, i dont want to hear 50 signing the whole time, what 50 did was more than hooks it was direction and Game has no direction he runs with whatever is the sound right now nigga has no creativity on his own.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. You can say what you want about 50, but his hooks make songs.

  • blaw023

    man i used to like the game but lately i haven't been feelin him that much. Then when he decided to come out with Uncle Otis that was the last straw. But Young Money is not even that hot, if you want to make music that is legendary than he should try to join GOOD music but i know kanye don't want his whack ass anymore

  • looks...

    like Cash Money/Young Money are going to gain another shitbag rapper...and this is coming from someone that liked Game.

  • gbladdr

    My respect for Game is declining rapidly. Wack singles for the R.E.D. Album like the awkward, hop-on-the-Lex-Luger-bandwagon track "Bottles & Rockin J's". Then the epic fuckery that was "Uncle Otis" (I don't give a fuck if it was for fun, it was a messy, desperate attention-whoring piece of shit). After 6 years, we've all gotten tired of your bi-polar disses. Now he wants to sign with one of the wackest, most bloated labels there is, where only a fraction of their artists get proper attention, and they don't pay their producers. Expect to be butt-fucked like Bow Wow and Mack 10, and fade into obscurity. Come on Game, step your game up!

  • Ray

    Cash Money represents everything that is cheesy and lame about hip hop... Well I guess that should be a good fit then

    • Anonymous

      Right Games gonna be wearing some Red skinny jeans in a few years hahah and I don't care that its not young money because really whats the difference....i mean really

  • 50 cent

    C'mon aint going nowhere!! You still owe me 2 albums!!! HA HA HA! GGGGGGGGG-UNIT!

  • Anonymous

    What a fake ass nigga.

  • spadeofspade

    lol this dude...winnin? This red album still aint u make a video that gets banned everywhere for your lead single, we u know u a blood but come on man....but honestly thas a good situation for dude...he can get weezy, drake, tpain, ross, tyga, or nicki to do his hooks 4 him


    mack10 got hoo-bangin records/CMR he was never a artist sign to the label since 03 same thing game trying to do yall didnt read the thread just saw CMR CMR is a indie label with P&D deal with universal no 360

  • Anonymous

    Game's credibility before today:Moderately high Game's credibility currently:Very Low

  • emo

    Can you really trust a guy who had to cover up his BUTTERFLY tat and with the LA symbol to come across as a legit gang member ? what an idiot he will be fake when the F.E.D album comes out next month and fake where ever he signs next till then 50 still owns this chump.Band wagon jayz jock riding wanksta!

  • Get It In

    Nobody cares about the little comments on HHDX. YMCMB stay getting paid by the millions upon millions of fans that support them. Same goes for Rick Ross and MMG, PAID BITCH! Game will do a HELL of a lot better with them than waiting for SNAIL ASS Dr. Dre and Jimmy to make a move.

  • Anonymous

    Smart move. Get off the Interscope sinking ship.

  • bug

    yeah right in 2 weeks this dude will probably say sorry to interscope for wanting to leave

  • Shone Jones

    Bow Wow, Teena Marie, Mack 10, and Rodney Jerkins are just a few of the cats that got jerked around on Cash Money Baby just wants their "catalogs" which is why he sits them on the shelf..he doesn't care to promote them

  • jesterdxxl

    Game should switch over to his own lane do him not others!

  • Anonymous

    you guys are so delusional lol ... nobody is gonna get raped for no royalties or publishing checks. Its all a big conspiracy with you guys, you think that because they don't pay their producers that the artists are getting screwed as well. They don't even get payed by Birdman its Universal who pays them (Nicki, Wayne, Drake etc.) Game will be fine over there.

    • Anonymous

      lmao!! why does birdman owe mannie fresh over 30 million dollars?? why did bg n juvenille sue cash money over millions in unpaid royalties??? nicki n drake are good cuz they can get 200k a show they arent eating off of album royalties well see what the deal is in two years when all of their new members start dissing them over not being paid properly

  • Anonymous

    who cares his career is over. he is just a fake thug and after 3 albums his lyrics are getting boring. Also he is the most dumbest rapper there is. Which dude has a star tattoo is his face

  • Anonymous

    very bad move. i thought this fool would retire.

  • Anonymous

    Game and Lupe are the best rappers alive.. jayz was always overrated to me and kanye is just a producer

    • tupacforever

      All you niggas is dumb. Game is wack. Eminem and Nas is wacker than game. I fucks wit Lupe and Hov but fuck that other bullshit

    • Anonymous

      Eminem, NaS, Crooked I, Pharoahe Monch, AZ, Tech N9ne, Joe Budden, etc are better then Lupe and Game. And joining cash money is probably not a good idea, I think people will get bored of their music soon (it all sounds the same.)

    • Anonymous

      Game and Lupe in the same sentence is an insult to the latter.

    • Anonymous

      you're a fucking retard, what about Nas, Eminem etc.

  • Its Um

    Seem like charlie sheen "winning" is going around still.

  • Anonymous

    lmao go to cash money n get raped....this nigga must not care about publishing or royalties... games still got one more album left for 50 n interscope which he wont drop for another 2-3 years n by then cash money will be like g unit now....

  • Anonymous

    You are all douche bags on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talking about dick riding Dre, What about that overrated EMinem???!!! What do you think he has done the last 10 years!? But you crwon his corny pop ass as a king of hip hop... Bunch of fools Do you morons even think a record has anything to do with music anymore? Its not like it use to be where all the production came form the label but you fagots would know that if you young baucks know about rap history Fagots get lost

    • Cosign anonymous

      Eminem is the most overated rapper ever. that niggas liricks is corny and his voice is worse. Fuck eminem's wack ass and his stans.

    • Anonymous

      In 10 years.... lets see... gave us the near Classic Eminem Show (if you want to go back 11 years the classic MMLP,) the lyrically insane Relapse, the very meainingful Recovery, and the near classic Hell the Sequel. Oh and signed Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem would destroy a prime Game in his 60's. He managed to keep up with Royce Da 5'9'' on Hell: The Sequel and released a firestorm of lyrics and vicious flows Game couldn't come up with in 1000 years. No matter how many pop albums he does (funny saying that considering Game is an all pop gimmick by himself), his rapping ability is undeniable.

  • Anonymous

    Lebron of hip-hop, just less talented

  • Sikander Kahlon

    NOOOOOOOOO! Dont Do It Game... They Are To Fake For You! Don't Lose The West Coast In You!

  • Anonymous

    i thought he was gonna retire??????

  • 09o

    he knows if he goes to ymcmb he can be on khaleds,ace hoods,weezys,drakes,nickis,birdmans,twists,chuckies,tygas shit and wont have to release shit just make money off them features he do lol

  • birdman

    this nikka gay that's why he going to gaycmb nikkaz get together and jerk each other off for good record sales at gaycmb

  • Anonymous


  • Mandy Sandy

    i knew it! i knew gayme wuz gon sign 2 fag money soon. afta hiz G.A.Y. album flopz, he can join da world'z biggest gayfest. he knowz jay! won't pick him up afta all those lame dissez towardz him. go have fun at CMFMB (cum money/fag money ballickaz). RNGMB BITCH!

  • Mu

    Damn, you know its desperation time for Game when he signs with a label that already has stars like Wayne, Drake, Nicki, T-Pain, etc... I ain't knocking his hustle if there's money to be made over there, but will CM be able to manage the labels resources (and egos) to keep everyone happy with their careers??

  • DatsAFatBaby

    BAD career move

  • Holland

    ''In other words, The Game is toning down his lyrical ability and is in the rap game for money only now.'' Sounds like the truth I hate to read this bullshit ideas from Game He needs to stop working with those ''no talent ass'' people It's all hype, no talent over there Yeah, maybe Mack 10 and G Malone (and then some) No rapper is better of at Cash Money, if it's about Hip Hop If it's about money, yeah...good luck to them And eeh, wasn't that Lil Wayne guy about to quit his rap carrier? No Lil Wayne = no hype No hype = no money Game better team up with some other talented West Coast artist

  • Akshay AKk

    In other words, The Game is toning down his lyrical ability and is in the rap game for money only now.

  • anon

    and this motherfucker still has a tatoo that says star trak records lmao what a bipolar bitch.


    Why not put all his efforts and money into to getting Black Wall Street established and a reputable label? He has not realease one aritst that has even generated underground buzz or interest. That would be a bad Money is to crowded...Game has been in the game long enougah all this time...and this is the best he can come up with? be another artist on a crowed label? FAIL!

    • JohnyQ

      This is bullish Juice is da best on BWS and I still wonder why he just making his mixtapes, this nikka got skills, he can put out a real album, and make some real money, BWS manager should kill himself !

    • Anonymous

      games been trying to find a distribution deal for 5 years n he keeps lying about having something on the table but it never works out... he never learned from any of his bosses his roster is and was full of nobodies who arent marketable enough to make a label money

    • TRUTH

      Yeah...I just would think..with all the people he has rubbed shoulders with...Dr.Dre, Em, 50, Jimmy Iovine. You would think he would of learned how to run your buisness and or label. To be around as long as he just sign with Cash Money after all this a failure. What has he been doing all this time? Except freeystyling and dissing people? If anything he should be trying to get his Black Wall Steet imprint a major distrubution deal. Why have a indepedent label..just to go to another independent label? Oh well...what do I know?

    • Anonymous

      game cant even put himself on what makes u think he can put someone else on?? menace got his lil buzz from being around lil wayne n dissing 40 glocc not from being games artist....that niggaz been on bws since 04-05 it took him six years....

    • Gooch burr burr

      what black wall street that's only a name dawg couple of nikkaz rocking black wall street chains that game bought them,they never released anything ,game thought he could form his shit and blow up sign nikkaz like 50 did with the unit,it takes a smart nikka and lots of patience to do what 50 did.blackwallstreet is just a bunch of compton nikkaz running around in games clothes,cars,and shoes.

  • Anonymous

    If Im an artist Im either joining YMCMB or im going indie. why ? because these other record labels are too controlling, over at YMCM they give you free reign to do shit when you want and you don't answer to no one.

    • Anonymous

      I highly doubt YM gives you creative freedom considering they all sound the same and release the same repackaged song over and over...

    • Anonymous

      and you know this how??? a rapper goes to ymcmb n gets raped out the ass for their publishing and royalties then they see birdman spending their publishing money on his daily trip to the louis store or another private flight or another million dollar car...

    • Mu

      Silly rabbit... EVERYBODY answers to someone

  • Anonymous

    niggas are just trying to eat, they eat over there at Cash Money, EVEN THE BENCH WARMERS ON THAT LABEL GET MONEY ! what kinda so called real niggas hate on a dude trying to feed his family ???

    • Anonymous

      how do you know they get money??? cuz they throw money at strippers n buy gucci belts? or is it cuz they ride around in rentals they can barely afford? shit is one big facade check these rappers bank accounts and you will laugh your ass off

  • Scott Yu

    what bout AFTERMATH

  • Wtf?

    The Game is an idiot bandwagon fuckface. He should just go kill himself.

  • kd

    this nigga should make acting his new permanent career...

  • Anonymous

    The last try to save his career.

  • Anonymous

    You niggas mad haha v-nasty

  • james

    he should just retired from the game...

  • Anonymous

    Well considering it took years to get the RED get another one out of him before he moved would mean he would sign in 2020

  • pap3rchazer

    "I definitely think that’s where I’ll probably end up. Cause they winning..." Hmm, you wanna join them becuz they're winning right, kinda like how you join Gunit when they were winning in 2005 right??? Good luck

    • pap3rchazer

      i know Jimmy put him in the unit but it happened not AGAINST GAMES OWN WILL because Game was on the shelve n already on his way out the door. but if he was so talented or knew what he wanted outta his career why didnt Game couldnt just take the L n get dropped from interscope so he can start his own situation n do him since he always brags about standing talk on his own two feet???

    • Anonymous

      no interscope wanted game to go with g unit to get the group buzzing

    • nuc

      haha yeah cause in 2005 a then unknown Game demanded 50 cent sign him to Gunit cause they were winning.. ahhahaha

    • GetAtMeDogz

      SMH that wasn't his decision idiot that was Jimmy Iovine's decision and it made sense cuz both Game and G-Unit were under Interscope/Aftermath. Fucking idiot, get your facts right.


    dmx should sign with them also if not CMR not YM CM then who else out here doing something def jam yeah right CMR or indie point blank

  • Anonymous

    chuck taylor? must be a horowitz article

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