Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg In Studio Together, Praise Jay Rock

The Doggfather and The Good Doctor give their stamp of approval and praise Jay Rock's new album, "Follow Me Home."

It seems Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are supporters of Jay Rock's new album, Follow Me Home. The two Hip Hop legends recently were filmed together in a studio with Jay Rock's album playing. Dre and Snoop were then filmed nodding to the tracks and later praising DXNext alum Jay Rock for his work.  

"This shit's hard. Jay Rock, Watts up! That's what's up. This what we're doing, representing everything L.A., nigga. Jay Rock's coming. Look out for him," Dre says in the video, before letting fans know they won't be let down. "Go buy that nigga's shit. It's coming out. It's hot. You won't be disappointed."

Snoop, in agreement, also told Jay Rock that he had the stamp of approval from the veteran California legends. 

"You have been stamped. Now, you've been approved. Now go do what you do, nigga," Snoop added. 

Dr. Dre also approved Jay Rock's involvement with Detox, as was reported by HipHopDX in February. 

The video can be seen below. 

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  • gabriel19925

    nuthin that music equals nuthin but a g thang !

  • Anonymous

    thats dope man im glad they co signin the yung niggas finally. we need more legends and veterans helpin out the yung and teachin instead of hating and holding them down if you dig that then check out a fat chick getting into a fight with a guy over fried chicken look at it here bitch is crazy fat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e42iKGVcPQ

  • c'mon son

    I know u got one of ya flunkies monitoring the comments.The album sounds dated and is ass compared to kendrick lamar's album.These beats sound super old with a poor mans nate dogg on the hooks.A couple of these tracks are good but u gotta start rappin about shit other than blunts,hoes,and bullshit.smh.I believe that Jay Rock is a more talented artist than most,but this album is only 60% effort.Sounds more like a mixtape.#zero substance

  • Chris Whelan

    Just so fuckin good to see Dre and Snoop in the studio together... to the sucka that said when's the last time Snoop had a dope rhyme, you clearly ain't been listening to his albums. They ain't packed start to finish with gold like they used to be, but there are some real fuckin gems in there too. Plus We Da West was tight.

  • Anonymous

    im workin all by myself i dont need features and hype to make good music just give me a listen, i know the quality isnt the best but just chill with your blunt and let the good vibes roll try lyndale, sour diesel, or dis dat dutta do http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch jbird bitch

  • Killa Bee

    .......where is detox?

  • gutter man

    dre should be banned from working on anything new until detox surfaces out of the deep murky waters of the obsessive compulsive disorder/industry b.s. ocean.

  • RR

    I'm not sure what Jay Rock does better than The Game...

  • fitzy

    so you people are criticizing Dre for his songs kush, i need a doctor, and die hard because it doesnt sound like that classic west coast 2001 shit. now im reading jay-rock's album is boring and the beats are leftover from 2001 which is what people are dissing dre for not doing. will you people make up your mind and just appreciate music? i havent listend to it yet but i bet its better than half the bullshit on the radio.

    • Rowan Vermeulen

      Kush and Die Hard were some good songs. INAD was just not a dre record. And since the dude never released Die Hard, he gave us one good song, wich was not at all that special. Big dre fan but he gotta stop fucking around and drop some shit.

  • Its Um

    Shit doesn't sound that hard, but I'll take a listen.

  • africanking

    dr dre and snoop are kings

  • lol

    they got paid to do it. the rap game has gotten so lame.

  • Anonymous

    who was that rappin? i know that wasnt dre, he aint talked that greasy since nwa lol

  • beu

    jay rock album is boring, dude sounds like the game and beats sound like some leftovers from dr dre

  • Anonymous

    classic? beats on this album sound like the beats from the chronic 2001

  • asdf

    some good tracks off this album... also has that classic westcoast feel that's hard to come by these days. but it's definitely not a classic.

  • Anonymous

    who cares if dre and snoop are in the studio. when was the last time that snoop had a dope rhyme? 10 years ago? dude is now a clown who looks like a girl.

  • Anonymous

    xzibit should rap this : /

  • jack

    I take it back , i listen to the album and its not very good . the album sounds boring and the beats are not that good . His rhymes are boring too and subject matter is plain .

  • Some dude

    Jay ain't that great, there have been points where he has really impressed me but he's really generic, the album is boring (which is a damn shame). Dre needs to get Kendrick all over Detox, it should be to him what Chronic was to Snoop or what 2001 was to Em.

  • Faraz Ch

    i love snoop dogg i love dr dre

  • Faraz Ch

    :)))))))) i love snoop dogg i love dr dre

  • anon

    Jay Rock is pretty dope... isn't he, Dr. Dre? Now if you could just stop repping some bullshit artist and drop Detox already, maybe you would earn back some street cred....

    • Anonymous

      who is still trying to get 'street cred'??? how old are you boy? you can't be a real man, worrying about 'street cred'...ain't no artists worried about that shit!!! go back to suckin yo mama's tits boy!

  • Anonymous

    isn't dre meant to be finishing detox?

  • jack johnson

    looks like dr. dre wants to sign jay rock

  • Epigg

    Strange Music All Day All Night, baby!

  • Anonymous

    No wonder Detox ain't gonna drop. These niggas are just making stupid videos.

  • toppdogg

    this album is gonna be DOPE cant wait to pick up my copy tomorrow My Favorite track is Elbows

  • jack

    Follow Me is a fucking CLASSIC! Best album out the west since Chronic2001!

  • ff


  • itsacomptonthang

    i listen to the album , ill give my review the majority of his lyrics and subject are average , he says nigga every other word , and the beats are not that good either . i thought this album would be dope , but i was dissapointed , Hood gone love it had me thinking it was gonna be tight , he has a song with autotune and rapping about girls tits and ass , then the same ol niggas is on the corner hustling , selling dope , getting killed , we heard a million times . its not anything fresh or impressive at all . Maybe on his 2nd album he will learn from his mistakes and come better . i give it a 2.5 Outta 5

  • Markus

    Jay-Rock is a beast and his album is gonna be a classic. Everyone go buy that tommorrow!


    the songs they were listening to wasnt all that though . Sounds like some old MC Eiht


    yeah thats westcoast shit homie , barettes in the hair , pony tails , curls , braids , afros


    i like that new song he got out Hood gone love it " gotta listen to his album before i make a official statement on it . maybe this will make Dr Dre make some dope fucking music again . DETOX ON THE WAY LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • Anonymous

    fredwreck in the studio with them damn WEST UP

  • ferndogg

    d.o.c. is in the studio... hell yeah detox is back in effect... west up

  • Anonymous

    That's a good look for Jay Rock. Everyone Talking about Dre hairline. Would love to see what you fools head looks like when you in your mid to late 40's. SMH

  • Anonymous

    real shit.fuck slaughterhouse fake thugs has beens

  • Rogaine

    Forgot Detox, hello Rogaine!

  • Grit

    ain't dat the D.O.C.??? rockin' wit dem brothers. sho hope so, that DX interview from not too far back had me worried a tad.

  • Anonymous

    When is that detox dropping? I doubt that it drops this year. This fool had ample enough time to complete his shit, whats the hold up?

  • Anonymous

    Snoop is a character man, what other niggas you know could wear barrettes and still be considered a G?

  • Keezie

    In regards to JD I meant to say braids. Not sure if they could have been classified as such in those last days but that is what we'll call them until we receive further notice.

  • Keezie

    I would first like to welcome Dr. Dre to the Balding Men Of America. I see big bruh is getting a lil thin on top. Don't fight it Dre. Embrace it. Shave it down & move on. I did it. Yes. We all miss that fresh line up but don't fight it. JD did for years & we saw what those waves were looking like in their final days. We once again welcome you to the club good doc.

    • Rogaine

      Outstanding post. My hair line isn't what it used to be :\ it's still fresh, don't get me wrong, but I miss those High School days when my sh*t was on point. So long...

  • Brazszo

    Kendrick Lamar is nice but he doesent promote gangbang agenda thats what they wont music to killl the black youth thats what its all about negativity..........

  • Anonymous

    Jay Rock must have some serious muscle cuz Dre and Snoop were straight ACTING. Jay Rock sounds like he swallowed a cinder block, and he breathes like a dfish outta water. SHIT IS NOT HOT. Dre holding the banner like "can you leave now". Dre hears better shit in his trash can.

  • hahah

    wow u fags gotta hate on them just cuz they like his album? get a life there allowed to enjoy music.... this is also good news that snoop and dre are in the studio together... detox better be fuckin comin soon

    • Anonymous

      nah man they aint enjoying it they just brainwashing people tryin to make this sound cool while it isnt

  • Brazszo

    no Dre dident do nothing on the beat he act like he does come on Makaveli been pulled dre hoecard on the song called watch ya mouth lol........

  • Brazszo

    This dude jay rock sounds wack hes no better that Game and Game is garbage like u said they get that stamp from Dre and Snooop.. and we supposed to b like hes the next thing come on dre shit is wack now hes like 55 hes sound for good music is gone thats y detox hasent came out im not saying DRe lost it alll but yeah scared man don't win im not tryna hear no more west coast gangbang shit if thats what j rock is on then he is really garbage what i heard in the back ground sound hella wack

    • Mark

      Jay-Rock is way better then Games wack ass and his albums gonna be a classic.

    • Anonymous

      @LoadedMouth From where you stand, talkin all this shit does not make any sense ! Do I need to tell you you're behind your screen talkin all this reckless shit ??! You sounds like nothing but an e-thug right now ! So stop embarassing yourself like that and walk away !

    • FoulMouth

      nigga fuck you! fuck you nigga, yeah fuck YOU. That's for putting Game in the same category as Jay Rock nigga. That legend nigga Dre ain't fall off son. You disrespecting Dr. Dre on this forum, I can bet every penny I have plus my ass that if you come across Dr. Dre face to face, you be all on his dick, you won't have the balls to say that shit to his face, you star struck ass ignorant nigga acting like you never bumped Dre music, never heard a Dre beat and thought to your self "Oh, my God this is crazy". Shut the fuck up, I'd knock your ugly mouth out on behalf of the good ole Doctor nigga. fuck you son.

  • Vic

    they should be praising Kendrick Lamar and promoting section.80 not Jay Rock

  • Anonymous

    "You have been stamped. Now, you've been approved. Now go do what you do, nigga," LMAO HAHAHA niggas need that stamp...

  • Anonymous

    this shit is wack !! just because snoop (who has not drop a hot album since 1996) and dr. dre (which album is been waited for more than 10 years and has not drop a hot production since a while) are praising the dude, it definitely does not mean this shit is hot !! from what i've heard in this video, it sucks big time !!

  • Anonymous

    Detox? Hello? Detox? Fuck it. Watch The Throne!

  • Whateva Dre

    Did you do anything on the niggas album Dre? California all day my ass. Probably working on ANOTHER Em album just to get paid.

    • Anonymous

      He ain't doing shit on the Red Album. If he was that shit would be on deck pronto not being pushed back every other month. Shit sucks anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, Dre has been working on Games Red Album.....

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