V-Nasty Explains Her Use Of The N-Word

The White Girl Mob Member says people have never walked in her shoes and should be more worried about the album she's about to drop.

Much has been made of rapper V-Nasty’s use of the N-word—whether it’s interpreted as a racial slur or a colloquial term of endearment. Recently, fellow Bay Area rapper Mistah F.A.B. stood up for the white, female emcee’s freedom to use the word as she chose. But late last week, V-Nasty herself weighed in on the matter, while still using the term.

“On some real nigga shit…how I really feel about these motherfuckers talking about, ‘Why is V-Nasty saying the N-Word?’ you motherfuckers have never walked in my shoes, bruh,” V-Nasty responded, during a viral video.

“Is it a fucking race?” she added. “Am I offending people or using it in a disrespectful type of way? Y’all mad at that? Y’all need to be mad at this album I’m about to drop on y’all ass. You fuckin’ haters…don’t be mad at me just because I’m doing me.”

In a similar viral video, also posted last week, former MTV personality and occasional parody rapper Andy Milonakis gave his take on the matter.

“I think the only thing valid that anyone can say is that, ‘I don’t like use of the N-Word from a white girl or from anyone,’” Milonakis noted. “That’s fair…that’s valid. My problem is people spinning their own fucking idea of another human being that they don’t fucking know.”

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  • haha

    hahaha everything about her real? then why does she have fake ass glasses on?

  • Moe

    I feel her. I think niggiz should come the way they are.

  • lashya

    wow i reallly like this raping v-nasty is doing

  • Papa Bugg

    As a white boy from the south, a DJ for over 10 yrs, yeah I feel its time to get over the N Bomb, but at the same time we still need respect for what the word is about. Little girls like this have no understanding of what our elders went threw when people used this word. The reflections of the 60s and the past still hangs over our heads and to allow young pistol whipped wanna-bes to throw words like the N word around like candy means they dont understand and its no big deal to them. they have no respect for those who have climbed the hill of our past. They have no respect for the struggle that black folks have gone threw in this country. for them its a joke. Maybe she needs to have a fire hose turned on her. Police dogs let loose on her. She says we dont know what she has gone threw, what the f*ck has she really gone threw?

  • steve

    what pisses me off about people like this is when they truly feel intimidated, they completely switch how they speak into proper english in order to apologize for their actions. so fake, put on, and sad.

  • Anonymous

    haha funny shit i love this bitch and i came from the bottom now i'm rising to tha top shit thats wats up they hatin cause they cant get they minds over the past and see the future. i'm ready for that dumb ass generation to pass away its 2012 words are words u can say bitch on tv now matter of fact my bitch calls me bitch but that word ok if i wanna say nigga i can and i will freely not realizing im using it just like all other words I use em all freely

  • Leno

    listen the bitch is sexy i love hood bitch ya'll need to stop haten cus ya'll know her.. but does she know ya'll? you undrstand me.... and plus shes ballin? i'ld fuck her from the back while she calls me nigga and slap her as with the MEXICAN flag you understand me nigga and then when i bust a nutt and tell her im mexican so she could stop callin me nigga

  • Ms.Chickee

    I double dare that little white girl come to Detroit, and stay that nigger shit. I dare her to try. I tell you her little white trash ass will get lynched new school style, like a nigger or W.O.P (with out papers) or Native American Indian, back in those old school days Down South America. Lets teach our children it's cool to be intelligent and not ignorant. This girl represents ignorant low culture, she is a Farce to Hip hop.

  • Ms.Chickee

    I double dare that little white girl come to Detroit, and stay that nigger shit. I dare her to try. I tell you her little white trash ass will get lynched new school style, like a nigger or W.O.P (with out Papers) back in those old school days down south. Lets teach our children it's cool to be intelligent and not ignorant. This girl represents ignorant low culture, she is a Farce to Hip hop.

  • Ms.Chickee

    I double dare that little white girl come to Detroit, and stay that nigger shit. I dare her to try. I tell you her little white trash ass will get lynched new school style, like a nigger or woo back in those old school days down south. Lets teach our children it's cool to be intelligent and not ignorant. This girl represents ignorant low culture, she is a Farce to Hip hop.

  • William

    "it has nothing to do with race" ...... regardless she is participating in a group called the White Girl Mob ..... so.... what the fuck are you talking about - what a moron

  • LifeIsABeach90

    She is possibly one of the most ignorant human beings that has ever roamed this earth. The word "nigga" should NEVER be used by blacks, whites, or anyone. It was a disgustingly cruel word given to slaves. This girl shouldn't think its okay to just throw it around like it's nothing. V-Nasty, whoever the fuck you are, stop acting fake to impress the industry. Be yourself and maybe you'll go somewhere.

  • Daron

    V-nasty, you a dumb white bitch and you proly gonna get dropped....or worse raped and murdered. Stop talking about black people. We don't even like you.

  • SinTax

    I grew up listenin to hip hop in the 90's. First cassette tape I bought (rap) was N.W.A. - Niggaz 4 Life. I loved it. I'm a white dude, who listened to hip hop in the 90's. Anyone who is 32 and above would be influenced by a lot of the same artists as I was. I would NEVER - EVER, say "n*gga" - even when I was rappin along with Dre, or Snoop, or Cube, or Schooly D, Spice 1, I would leave it blank, or simply say "wigga" like what I was called at school because I didn't listen to Pearl Jam and NirvanaAnyways - not only would I never of said it, neither would the Latinos, or the Native Americans, etconly African American's said that shit. NOW, you got Mexicans, Cubans, Indians, Persian/Arabs, Samoans, Kiwi's, anyone pretty much who's skin is darker than a typical caucasianbut is anyone sayin shit about it? NOPE - it slowly crept in and you'd all of a sudden hear some latino say "nigga" on a track - but you would over look it cuz he wasn't white, but his ethnicity is not the same as the slaves who were brought here and sold by their own people! All I'm sayin is - African Americans flipped Nigga as a term of endearment instead of slander, and should be the only people to say it. Personally I think this bitch is stupid - but everyone else is sayin it and don't have the right to so why can't she, right? Reminds me of Cage - when he was blamin Eminem for stealin his style and shit, dude said "nigga" on an interview like he was blackjust plain stupid, and somewhat ignorant but mainly arrogant.#MyOpinion

    • gordy

      first she's WACK...the real issue is African Americans identify the white community as the original catalyst of that word with the cruelness, brutality, and oppressive laws set in place that still affect the black community till today. Mexicans, Cubans, Indians, Persian/Arabs, Samoans, Kiwi's, and other darker people at some point have felt that same foot on their necks. That's why most times they get a pass. But for many blacks that foot is still there, and the disparaging laws and standards lead by local/fed gov'ts and corporations ran overwhelmingly predominantly by whites keeps that tension still there. There are many blacks still alive that where call that word in a derogatory way, and a lot of black people have a problem with our own people using the word(I don't like it either). I'm sure the few whites that can genuinely say the word are sincere....it's the rest of the population that could not come close to understanding what that genuine sincerity means is why there is the backlash.



  • Simon John Rope

    She just wants to be noticed. Dumb ass white trash

  • Not V-Nasty thank goodness

    I think I wanna make a rap AGAINST V-Nasty using the word cracker profusely. Unless she stops rapping then I'm gonna throw a party. She is one of the worst rappers ever

  • Taniesha

    All i see in this video is Milli Vanilli and Vanilla Ice!!! V-Nasty who?? What?

  • victoria

    I could care less what you say for your lyrics as long you can back it up and have good music behind it, which she does not!!!

  • megan

    She can act how she wants, but in my opinion the only thing she represents is the epitome of white trash.

  • mirandascott

    Yea there's ghetto white people,but I don't know what the hell she saying,seem's like she using the N-word for controversy.

  • Anonymous

    that girl is a "C U Next Tuesday"

  • ebonystar

    she sounds extremely ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    OMFG I hate the internet now, bitch just shut the fuck up, like game said she call me a nigga, imma put tha k to her face. P.s. stop callin this bullshit hiphop or rap, cause it aint that. i hope u get enough cheese to fix ya gril tho

  • Anonymous

    como de se "gimmick" en espaniol

  • simone

    Nigga means ignorant. Everyone needs to stay in school if they don't know that or maby they're just too Ignorant to understand -.- this is said



  • Aldstar

    Take of the glasses, talk normal, and maybe then will I listen to your words...... People trippin over her saying the N word, its just so baseless, either everyone can say it or nobody, and ofcoure it has to be nobody. Don't these rappers and people know fcking history?? Just plain and simple bullshit if you are using that word, just making a fool out of yourself......

  • Ajith Kumar

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  • Sean Park

    Any black woman with knowledge of this video's existence, who doesn't beat the shit outta this V-Nasty (How smart is a female MC who gives herself a name that can be flipped to "Vagina Nasty?) chick the next time she sees her, is letting her ancestors down.

    • Anonymous

      Letting down ancestors? Please black men flocking to white women in the first place and not bring up their children is a let down to our ancestors.

  • Skulli

    This is bad can't believe this is the result of what early west coast rappers started. Ice T, NWA etc... She thinks this is OK in her mind and the people from and around her do too. She obviously is not a student of the art and how it works. I expected her to be ghetto but this is really bad. I grew up with hiphop and as Nas said, "it is dead."

  • Mike

    does anyone else notice that she is wearing 3-D glasses from the movies "on some real nigga shit"? just for that she shouldnt be talkin..

  • John

    Her parents deserve to be locked up for not setting her straight when she was young.

  • yodaddy

    yall all stupid this bitch from east oakland and there are white people in the hood, im black and im and idgaf if she say nigga its just a fucking word, grow the fuck up its 2011, if you dont you will die in 2012 guaranteed

  • don sombrigo

    I am a white dude who listens to a lot of hip hop, all types, from all eras...I watched some of videos with V Nasty in them and it seemed to just be totally unnecessary and just made me uncomfortable and kind of sad feeling...I don't need to walk a mile in her shoes, I have my own shoes...I also understand history and society and how they coexist, I don't need someone who can barely speak coherent sentences with racial slurs juiced in them representing America. If she doesn't put herself down verbally, surely whatever piece of shit album she puts out will. She has no place in music, won't be here for that long, needs to actually learn respect for the music and the culture.

  • On That Rah Rah

    Fuck all dat nigga shit, everybody say nigga Black White Asian African Indian Samoan Arabian Moroccan(i.e. French Montana)....Everybody, so yall need to get the fuck over that shit.....Now as far as Hip Hop......thats the only thing she need to be judged on....and from what I've heard from her....shits not tight.

    • bightcch

      you sound stupid as hell mentioning africans, the first slaves were brought from africa thus the first niggas were african. fuck outta here with your dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      u brainless nigger only thinkin about the music. u brainwashed from the media nigger. and yes i just called u a nigger not a nigga because ur a stupid nigga (ie nigger)

  • Rion Amilcar Scott

    Ya Girl Kool Emcee White Chicky-V Discusses Her use of the N-Word: http://bit.ly/nKcqhp

  • Anonymous

    On some real nigga shit, someone needs to beat the fuck out of dis bitch till she gives a public apology, then shoot her in the head from point blank range. Like this the bitch that da Bay gonna let represent for them? Is you serious? Forreal if Bay niggas don't do anything about dis shit then y'all will forever be remembered as bitch niggas...

    • interesting

      what??? O_o ... was that english

    • Anonymous

      wtf u mad for??? out here n oakland NIGGA its mainy out here nigga vnasty is a black bitch traped n a white bitch body like damn NIGGA let her breath like bitch its a word wtf u mad about get the fuck over it nigga she SWOBBIN way harder den any white bitch so get the fuck her shit n b mad for wat?? all she need is a nigga or a bitch like u too keep hatin , & if u dont like it then stop watchin BITCH! straight up n a bitch named tye from NORTH OAKLAND said dis shit!!!!!! #SWOBBINN! n im puertorican n black sooo wtf is up#MOOOOBBBB

  • WhiteBoyMike

    Whatz? Yo Nigz, V Nizzy, iz da illest emcee out rite now. And dat pussy iz spectacula. Real recognize real. Stop hatin on the white bitch. She fly and she my nigga. Belee Dat.

  • Anonymous

    y she dress like that tho?

    • jay p

      the majority of you commenting on here especially blacks are the biggest racists of all..and this is how dumb black people are, whites used to use that on blacks to degrade them now the word has been spun around and you have whites calling whites niggas, YOU WON!!!...whites used it to humiliate blacks now whites use it on each other...shit if i was black i would sit bak n laugh at whites like we got these white folks calling eachother niggaz... blacks complain more than anybody in this world thinking they always owed something in life, u were slaved before any of our parents were even thought of, get over it stop complaining and keep it moving..u got a black president and they still complain and if the word is that bad, stop using it on eachother!! im telling u this is why blacks r so dumb, u complain about the word but than use it on eachother haha

  • sincerejk

    i would say that this girl needs to listen to "and this is for..." from murs 3:16, but there's no way she's smart enough to get what he's sayin on that track. and was that really riff raff from g's to gents?

  • Alex Mendoza

    haha i think its cute

  • Anonymous

    yo i will bust a nut on kreayshawn and lil debbie all day. if you feel that click this video of chicks wit nice asses and a couple fat chicks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e42iKGVcPQ

  • PoWitt

    discuss something important. give water to those in need http://mycharitywater.org/rachels9thbirthday

  • Dennis Avery

    Idea has struck me... let her come on Rob's Fantasy Factory and battle Chanel in front of Big Black... see what happens SALTS

  • Dennis Avery

    The funniest part of reading this post is that I'm listening to MusiqSoulchild what a contradiction. Like those starburst commercials.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know where she got that hat from?

  • shame

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry.... how sad this country has become, my oh my... we have these kids acting like complete clowns! she is ridiculous! but then you have all the kids who follow here and pay this naive, ignorant girl attention. Everybody wants to rap (when they shouldn't), everybody wants to sing, act, entertain,be a pro athlete, etc. because the idiot box (t.v.) gives everyone this illusion that you can make it, too... people, get an education, learn a skill, do something productive with your lives. If you have kids, teach them.. don't let them waste time trying to become a lil wayne or this moron 'v-nasty'... the state that our country is in these days is troubling to say the least. If you don't follow world news: news flash, the U.S. is becoming a joke... sad, but true..

  • LOL

    Hey guys we should just all get together, no matter what race you are, and go over too V-Nasty's house, burn it down, kill the bitch and take a shit on her decomposing corpes, Because in reality, she isn't setting by blacks, or whites, or Latinos; She is setting back the whole human race therefore she should be disposed of. You feel me?

  • sonnyloco

    "Everybody want to be BLACK but nobody's WANTS to be BLACK, I think we should start hanging motherf*ckas again then we would find out whose really BLACK" -Paul Mooney

  • Anonymous

    this bitch is wack

  • Franklin Benjaman

    I will discuss the word Nigger/Nigga later however I'm glad this story made it to a website for people to see because this is happening day in and day out. More White people who call they selves being "down" or "Hood" get with some of they Black friends who don't care and start getting loose with the word. Sure there are some of these cats who are hardcore, they'll fuck you up no doubt, but my question is what's the need to use the word from anyone White? To fit in? Nigga's call one another nigga's as sort of a reminder, hey you're Black you're still oppressed and the country doesn't give a shit about you. Now why as a White person do you need to remind people hey despite it all I want to be like you, but I'm not and can still get a job over you no matter how hood I act and how proper any Black person acts? Come on now, let's start getting real.

    • sincerejk

      hahahahahahaha Toledo!!! hahahaha

    • George Mathers

      you a stupid nigga nigga it dont got shit to do wit acting black nigga and i cant get a job over any of my black friends and im white i use the world nigga cuase im a broke nigga form the hood and im going to stay saying nigga i say it around real hood niggas ALL the time and they dont say shit you just a racist bitch nigga come to toledo and get beat down bitch on crip all day cuz

    • cole world

      your a massive faggot... nigga is a word white people used to call black people time ago, so we thought we would flip the meaning and use it as a good thing 'yo my nigga'......MY nigga

  • emjay

    hahahahahahahahahahahha what a fuckin joke..

  • Jeffrey Diaz

    this bitch is ugly, lmao she talking mad G H E T T O!

  • Anonymous

    all its gonna take is some crazy ass fool to knock her block off screaming she from LA...what i look like a sucka to you LA, stop it b...move mack to Fresno or wherever the fuck u from cause u aint fooling nobody

  • Anonymous

    lol shemale.. she's from the hood just like papa loc from 8 mile haha..plus look at that loser on the right

  • Garrett Perkins

    Sad world were living in. White people like to copy everything. Nigga this and nigga that. IDK about this one person. I will never buy her album. So just ignore her music and she will fade away. Trust me.

  • Anonymous

    HER MUSIC IS REALLY BAD .....I DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT THE ALBUM CAUSE SHE SUCKS.. soo she can say the word all she wont her career is going nowhere

  • PLPZ

    These wiggers are the biggest embarrassment of Hiphop. I feel sorry for real White hiphop fans that get mixed up with these clowns. Not only their an embarrassment to hiphop, their a embarrassment to their own race. If these wiggers realy went to the hood, they would get fucked up... they have no idea. These wiggers need a reality check, I hope they get their shit bust.

  • Anonymous

    yo just gonna say that wigger is a fucking retarded and racist term. if you're saying acting like this is "acting black" then you are a racist. this is called acting like a dipshit and that is in no way a "black" thing, it is a thing for fucking retards

  • David

    If i ever see this worthless bag of flesh in person I am going to break her fucking jaw.

  • Spibbs

    She has to be one of the most ignorant children I've ever seen. That being said, how come no one seems to have a problem with hispanic rappers or, even worse, DJ Khaled's fat, untalented, Palestinian ass sayin it left and right. Why do they get a pass?

  • Evan Nielson

    This ignorant bitch. She should look at getting her buck tooth fixed before she starts talking shit. Can't take a word of her's seriously with that hideous shit. That, along with her pathetic justification of using the n word. Stupid bitch. Give her 6 months, a year tops. She'll be broke smoking crack in no time.

  • Anonymous

    is that all you gotta do to get heard say a nigga word or two shit i will call a nigga a cracker if you just listen to my fuckin music, god damn (im white) http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch jbird gettin all up in that ass

  • who cares

    who cares if she says it she wont for long shell get stomped the fuck out in about a month and youll never hear about her again

  • the real hip hop, from your own mind ya know

    do your self a favor.... http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/singles/id.16015/title.nas-f-keyshia-cole-more-than-i-can-say copy past the real into your browser, remind your self what good music can do for you.

  • dan

    she talks mad different in this vid then she do here http://youtu.be/WogmheLyJog

    • Anonymous

      That is an interview with Kreayshwn. Not V-Nasty. A SPED couldn't talk that intelligent bruh... It's funny. i think Kreayshawn wants to see this bitch get snuffed just to bring more attention to her and her crew.

  • theonefoo

    The only reason this ignorant ass bitch is saying the word is so she can get attention. She is now. I looked her videos up on youtube, she has the lyrical ability of a 4 year old. This is the worst gimmick, ever.

  • dedede

    So many racist retards on this on shit. So if your skin color is not black you can't say nigga. NIGGA is not NIGGER there two different words. One is talking about ignorant people, one is a racist term. If you can't understand that kill yourself. What about asians? I see asians say nigga all the time, same with mexicans and arabians. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNSwuSQS8a8

  • komm

    If you a true hiphop head you cant bitch heres why back when biggie and pac was saying black leaders said they shouldnt because white people will say it....back then we all was like nah wont happen but guess what its here...i dont think its cool but we did it.

    • Anonymous

      Speak for yourself. I never say that shit in front of White people cause that gives them the right to use it and you cant say shit. So if a white persons like "how come you can say the N word and I cant" I'm like have you ever heard me say the N word BITCH!!!! I Didn't think so

  • HipHop_Is_In_REsession

    How is she rapping and using the word nigga in a sport predominately filled with black folks. It's like this bitch touring to Detroit saying nigga this and nigga that. That's spitting in the face of the rappers and black fans of hip hop. That's disrespectful. I wonder if she would say "nigga" to a 70 year old black male or female who's been through the racism and segregation in the 60s, "walk in [your] shoes" please..your family has been enslaved? Constantly looked down as a group? You're a minority? LOL sit down. You think since you've gone to jail , you're a nigga? You have the right to disrespect whether you don't mean to or not because you've committed crimes and engage in illegal activities? Then yeah you are a nigga-IGNORANT. Fucking insensitive degenerate .if she is "dropping" an album , I'm hoping she does tour because I know Detroit and NYC won't let this bitch live. Insensitive degenerate. Ugh I'm disappointed in Oakland for codoning with such fuckery...all in all I blame Lil Wayne LOL

    • Knolan Ryan

      Actually, "this bitch" is doing a show with Kreayshawn in NYC at Highline on August 18th -- and its already sold out. Granted, it'll be filled with white people from Brooklyn but still...there goes your theory.

  • Stop it

    this ol' Buckwild from flavor of love ass bitch they lil lame ass crew remind of dem mafuckas off that movie K.I.D.S

  • Anonymous

    She is somehow a worse rapper than Lil B or Gucci, so this album is probably going to sell pretty well

  • really

    what a bunch of clowns. the whole dam thing is a joke.. her name... her outfit her raps her gear his hat his/her demeanor every aspect of this is a JOKE!

  • White Bitch Beata

    an shes a fuckin dweeb clearly a lil bitch dat was picked on in grade school look at her fuckin face lmao

  • White Bitch Beata

    yo real spill fuck dis white hoe i don't respect no white muthafucka who think they can say nigga,nigger,etc. i dnt give a fuck how u say it bitch come through my hood wit dat u won't make it out but in a trash bag for the garbage man nuff said much luv HipHopDx

  • Sasha

    You are trying to act blk, your white so appreciate your race and get off the blk ppl sh!t. Your music is wack and why would you allow a crackhe@d to put on your makeup. You are still a nobody, you ain't sold not records like Pac or luryn hill little chick. This kind of mess just proves that the hip hop game is a joke. She ain't hip hop, she post near the car wit her hand in a certain area like a dude, etc. What does President Obama have to do with anything. He's acting like a President to answer your question. How about you #usethewordcracka.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck care where this cracker comes from didnt use that word fuckin dawf


    Eminem the King of Shock Rap is Responsible for Lil B, Odd Future, The Cracka Bitch I am not saying that Eminem was the 1st rapper on the mainstream level to have some shock lyrics, but no mainstream rapper ever did it so much and made it such a part of there act. From killing your babymama on multiple raps, to dressing up in drag, 2 being a cracka boy and using the word nigga. Eminem totally fathered the new wave of little corny shock rappers. The stupid horrorcore shit and all types of alternative music that tries to hide itself under the umbrella of hip hop has traditionally stayed on the underground, indie level were it belongs until Eminem came along. Now you get Lil B talking bout hoes on my dick cause I look like Jesus, you are a fool if you think that was done for any reasons other than shock and attention and it worked. Now you get some little cracka bitch using the word nigga for shock,attention, and a gimmick. Eminem is simply the King of Shock Rap, he made it widely acceptable for this mess to appear on the mainstream level. So, when 2 fags make a video or rap song under the pretense of being hip hop, don't blame it all on the media but blame it on Eminem for not having the intelligence, or simply not caring enough to see what he was doing. Finally, it does not matter that he may have not started shock rap but he is the King of it because he is the one who made it widely acceptable. Eminem is not even top 25 when it comes to positive effect on hip hop or rap.

    • ec

      Thats bull shit man. every time a rapper is white, it somehow has to connect to eminem. eminem has nothing to do with this bitch. and listen to eminem lyrically. how the fuck can you say he inspired lil b? lil b a retarded piece of shit that got big because of the internet generation, not because of shock value

    • SutterKane

      Shut the fuck up , I figured some loser would get around to blaming Eminem eventually

    • QB

      This is the realest thing I've read all week.. everybody just says "shocking" shit to get attention, more Twitter followers & all that BS. Honestly, this chick shouldn't even be getting this much publicity. Let her come to any hood outside of the Bay with all this "nigga talk" and she'll learn a hard lesson..

  • Haha

    I remember when my 11 year old sister wore 3d glasses...

  • Nick Crookshank

    I posted on her Facebook last night, and she put me on blast. I responded and was blocked about five minutes later from her FB. Bitch can't even hack it on the internet. And wasn't Dirt Nasty that loser in Scary Movie 3?

  • BGG

    aint that ol boy from white rapper show or that mtv gangstas to gents show that was corny as fuck?

  • LYL

    You can tell that these wiggers ain't never seen the hood. Ppl in hood today don't even say the N-word as much like years past. Today its alot of "cuz", "fam", "famo", "Mo", "blood", "folks" etc. "Nigga" is becoming to be played-out. These wiggers are phony. Be proud to be White and stop acting like a wannbe nigger, you look like a fucking retard. This wigger shit is more lamer and more gayer than the tight jeans movement. Take off the nigger dress-up kit, you look like a fucking clown.

    • Fish

      NOTHING is gayer than the tight jeans movement! also rofl at the guy above me - 'niggas is usin "nigga" less'

    • brrraaaackaa

      Word cuh we dont even use the nigga shit no more....i noticed that too mayne, niggas is usin "nigga" less which is cool man because these non-black niggas shake their heads at us because of this whole "nigga this niogga that" biness ya feel me

  • Pop

    I wish these wiggers would come to the Chi. They would get fucked up.

  • Dont Hate Articulate

    I'm Mexican but this shit's kinda annoying. You're right I don't know how you were brought up but it doesn't change the fact that she's annoying. Now back to the real topic, the word Nigga is used so freely by the African-American community and even outside of it that it shouldn't bother people anymore. Spic/Coon/Chink that shit can hit the nerves but once you embrace a word like people have embraced nigga recognize that you've made it big enough to where it's not just staying between you and your folk. If you don't want it said by a certain person, then it shouldn't be said at all. Skin color doesn't mean a damn thing in any regard. If ya'll think that you need to check yourself before you're beyond fixing.

    • Sasha

      That's just your way of wanting blks to agree with you using the word. Just like you said @Spic/Coon/Chink that shit can hit the nerves, the N words does also. All blks don't use that word and therefore all blks don't find it cute or acceptable. @ If you don't want it said by a certain person, then it shouldn't be said at all -Well, if that's the case, whites shouldn't talk in spanish or gossip in spanish if they don't want blks talking about them in codes or slang.

  • jpr13

    What an uneducated fuck.

  • Jethro Jetson

    This video is embarrassing. *erases her from my memory forever*

  • joe

    V-nasty sound like a std

  • Captain Pants

    This video is embarrassing. *erases her from my memory forever*

  • Ultron-5

    To be honest, I doubt she'll still even be in the game a year or two from now.

  • blindfurry

    Not smart enough to stay away from a subject you're not educated on!

  • Josue Silva

    who whispers in the ear?....fag

  • Big Log

    For all of those who backing this chick thinking its, cool, aight, sick, def, hot, fire, the shhh, fresh, dope, right on ITS NOT. and i am not feeling it, she shouldnt be using that word period, rap all you want it's cool with me but once you are white saying that word it aint cool knowing how it use back then and is till use today, it aint cool. where are all the real rapper at to say something about it, see that what made 2pac better and different all these rapper today, he had the gut,balls and heart to say things he feel and check rapper when they didnt come correct, bet you wouldnt see a black artist using a word that will offen white people in their culture, see how far they will lost.

    • Sasha

      I agree with you on that. That's why ppl like Pac and Big sold more and DMX because they keep it real and don't fear speaking up against the white ppl etc. That's true, rappers now are afraid to say things against whtie ppl and stand by it. Look at K-west who expressed himself about taylor swift winning that award and then he went ta pleading for forgiveness like she was some kind of important person. Blks now, are not what most of them used to be. Then again you got paul mooney. He don't care lol.

    • Anonymous

      hell yes you would, black rappers are racist as shit. and that's fine, noone minds that. that gets a pass.

  • gutter man

    shed be great in a bi-racial hate fuck gang bang porn.

  • illfetus89

    Dam Sandra Bullock chill the fuck out

  • Shin

    Using word "fuck" too much is what hip hop responsibles for downgrading people's mind.

  • Solo

    Use of N word or not... She is garage... The fact that her bullshit music is covered on so called "respectable" hip hop blogs and websites is proof that the Hype over Skills formula isn't only for cross over markets. This is why we cant have nice things...

  • gutter man

    no detox today. of course not- no detox ever. DRE should be boycotted for fuckin his fans around so much. no excuse dre- your a weirdo.

  • yeah..

    Yeah... This will come out in a few months as a parody from a new fake documentary, like when Jaoquin Phoenix started rapping. Someone is trying to make a point about how much of a cunt someone can be and still sell records.

  • Dan Webster

    she sound like a nigga 2 me

  • Dick B.

    "Is it a f*ckin' race? Am I offending people? Am I saying it in a disrespectful type of way?" Answer to all three: Yes

  • Rohan

    This bitch is just mad ignorant. In my opinion there really is nothing wrong with saying it unless they add a "-er" at the end. But if non-black person keeps saying the "N" word, then other non-black people think that its okay to say it. I'm just tired of this bitch.

    • wat?

      dumbest shit i've ever read...a nigga is a nigger is a niggah same fuckin thing, if ur black n u gon call urself a nigga then ur a nigger its the same fuckin thing...dumb niggaz make it seem that nigga has sum kinda higher meanin than nigger..gtfoh

  • John-Boy

    Oh yeah. Kreayshawn is way better.

  • John-Boy

    I don't know about yall but I would nut all over her chipped teeth.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • GTFO

    controversy does not sell nowadays...this bitch is an idiot


    this chick is bananas ,. B-A-N-A-N-A-S

  • Frankie

    This whore sounds very ignorant, I promise she will never make it big time. Maybe small time chump change. Somebody will fuck her up eventually for her artistry.

  • 4real

    @ Anon - Exactly! Yep, there are always some exceptions 2 the rule but a lot of youngsters in the generation coming up are people pleasers... they always try 2 fit in and ride the next wave or new fad, i.e. - plankin, skinny jeans, mohawks, etc...The problem is people like this set no standards or loyalty to anything so they fall for everything. @ all that said - to you bitch, you are exactly the type of scum I am referring to up top... I don't care 2 be famous - I'm not an attention whore. I don't use Facebook nor Twitter & I enjoy my low key lifestyle. Secondly, this bitch V-Nasty is not even well liked - meaning she's not even popular so how can she be famous? Don't you have to go through being popular first? LOL... INFAMOUS is a better word. She has notoriety for using the n word, just like she will be known for getting her ass kicked soon enough... She keep on "doin her" - she will be the white girl version of Young Berg - mark my words. Yep!

  • Jesse

    V-nasty sounds like the name of a new STD. The American public has been continually becoming more ignorant, and that's why bull shit music is taking over. When it comes to ignorance some ignore it, some take action, while some accept it. When it comes to ignorance what do you do?

  • Michael Zayas

    i want to support her nd say what she is doing is no big deal,it is a completely different word today then it was 50 years ago or even 10 hiphop it self as evolved the word.but listening to this bitch talk makes me mad shes as ignorant as shit and the only thing we need to worry about her album is how shitty it will be,im sorry for kryshawna cause she does have talent and now has people dissing her cause this dumb twat.

  • callme

    ok first time i read the artikle and watched the vid, i was like, nah cant be serieus, read some comments and the further i got the badder the comments was, so i decided to get on youtube and found out myself! Don't waste any more time to this shit, this video is probably the best you'll ever see from her.

  • dowop

    v nasty is a raggedy mouth untalented whore who used the n-word and now realizes her fifteen is almost up ive got something to put in her mouth and you wont here nothing but gagging stank tramp im sure she will be use to it

  • JD

    She's way too full of herself. Just wait n watch, she'll be a nobody as we all become somebody's in this world. She needs to get a reality check. People have been through worse than u n they arent talking shit like that. I'm even more real than her... lmao

  • Anonymous

    has anyone heard her songs? they are fucking retarded, she i fucking retarded how the fuck did she get a record deal, it just doesnt make any sense

  • is

    v nasty ? skank is a waste of space let her come to the hood with that garbage. Im sure she has a career in porn she needs to bend over then the people she is trying to impress will recognize that trick

  • Erik Quinty

    i want this dumb bitch dead. i know drunken sluts that can freestyle better than this kid....FTI

  • 4real

    @ Anon - Exactly! Yep, there are always some exceptions 2 the rule but a lot of youngsters in the generation coming up are people pleasers... they always try 2 fit in and ride the next wave or new fad, i.e. - plankin, skinny jeans, mohawks, etc...The problem is people like this set no standards or loyalty to anything so they fall for everything. @ all that said - to you bitch, you are exactly the type of scum I am referring to up top... I don't care 2 be famous - I'm not an attention whore. I don't use Facebook nor Twitter & I enjoy my low key lifestyle. Secondly, this bitch V-Nasty is not even well liked - meaning she's not even popular so how can she be famous? Don't you have to go through being popular first? LOL... INFAMOUS is a better word. She has notoriety for using the n word, just like she will be known for getting her ass kicked soon enough... She keep on "doin her" - she will be the white girl version of Young Berg - mark my words.

    • Sasha

      I agree. Younger ppl are just followers. Well, most of them. @haha: Who hates white people. Your so off topic. @uhh- Now is that your real name. Lol. You really should watch your language white boy/girl.

    • uhh

      u obviously have a lot of free time, damn how many comments did u post, how many times did u copy n paste it NIGGA

    • 4real

      What are you blabbing about? Shut the fuck up? Does 1 person represent the whole white race? My comment has nothin' 2 do with hating white people BUT everything to do with a retarded bitch representing her "White Girl Mob" and screaming about "niggas" in the same breath... Now tell me who's the racist? You prick. Besides, real Black men & women don't have no time to be hating on anybody so squash that bullshit you're speaking on.

    • haha

      i cant get enough of this video i jus keep playin it over and over, this is the funniest shit ever, whats even funnier is how can yall even take this shit serious, what r u so mad at, its ok 4 u 2 hate white people but thats not racist?

  • thomas zubah

    v-nasty u r stupid kreashawn is awesome though

  • Sandwich

    He's wearing a banana hat and playing words with friends. Dat's gangsta.

  • Matter of time before she get knocked out

    She's gonna get his...

    • bay area

      much ado about nada. she's mixed. look at her other videos and you'll see! she can't admit it b/c she's in the "white girl mob"

  • cj

    nah on some really nigga shit she need to be worried bout dem TEETH...fuck da album

  • Cali

    STFU Yall people are stupid who cares if she says nigga its what white people do in the bay and houston too iam white i say Nigga all the time people dont care cuz they know iam not saying it in a hateful way it doesnt have the same impact like in the 60's i say nigga all day everyday yall are soft...

    • Sasha

      It depends what area your saying it. It does have the same impact. White ppl are the most ignorant demons ever. Just say the N word around some blk panthers or real blk people and see who's really soft lol.

    • Fuck You

      you hang out with a bunch of soft ass lames. around here you would get fucked up

  • nuc

    front page news on HHDX obviously.

  • Menace

    I will Bust any None Black Person dead in their Shit for Saying Nigger or Nigga! That goes for you too, Latinos! Try me! We don't play that shit!

  • Samuel Adams

    this bitch and mtv riff raff deserve to be shot. they sound like uneducated ignorant moron's wearing there pants half past there ass wearing stupid sun glasses with fitted hat that shit was cool when your 14 but then you grow up

  • 4real

    @ Anon - Exactly! Yep, there are always some exceptions 2 the rule but a lot of youngsters in the generation coming up are people pleasers... they always try 2 fit in and ride the next wave or new fad, i.e. - plankin, skinny jeans, mohawks, etc...The problem is people like this set no standards or loyalty to anything so they fall for everything. @ all that said - to you bitch, you are exactly the type of scum I am referring to up top... I don't care 2 be famous - I'm not an attention whore. I don't use Facebook nor Twitter & I enjoy my low key lifestyle. Secondly, this bitch V-Nasty is not even well liked - meaning she's not even popular so how can she be famous? Don't you have to go through being popular first? LOL... INFAMOUS is a better word. She has notoriety for using the n word, just like she will be known for getting her ass kicked soon enough... She keep on "doin her" - she will be the white girl version of Young Berg - mark my words.

  • saint

    OK HHDX, I got a few questions for ya'll: 1. The fuck is this "article" about? 2. Who the fuck is this bitch? 3. Is she a troll? 4. Is this a joke? 5...or fuck it I don't even wanna know


    I say nigga all the time and I dont even fuck with these nasty ass negros. Latin Pride Bitch!!!

  • Nana

    Wasn't the guy in the background on that Fonzworth Bentley hosted reality TV show called 'Gs to Gents' lol? WTF is this shit and these people.

  • classikál

    she got some ugly ass teeth

    • classikÁl

      thats your comment? lmao. man i aint finna comment on this wit anythin else. this shit aint never gon be fixed like morgan freeman done said, until we stop seeing each other as a color and start seeing ourselves as human, this race shit aint never gon be resolved. and once race is out of the way then come gender or sumn else. oh you gon get mad cause i called you a ho or sumn. then they go right round n call they female friends ho, bitch, slut, cunt. we people, we just wanna fight about sumn

    • really tho

      thats your comment

  • King Oduduwa

    Everybody thinks they are a nigga these days. These so called niggas, call themselves nigga but yet, never struggled like black folks did, who are mis represented as niggas by racist white folks. With that said, this girl is using the word figuratively, but is a lily white girl, who get achieve a lot more, due to some privleges, that cater to the usual suspects, who used their skin color to power and supremacy. Those privleges still somewhat are at work. I know she thinks she is cool but this is the A & R's fault, putting weak artists out like this, knowing it exploits black culture. What else is new?

  • Its Um

    bitch funny but I still wouldn't her to be say nigga at me or anyone who stomp her ass to the ground.

  • P

    Damn, Hiphop is really dead...LOL!

  • Anonymous

    This type of shit comes from years and years of blacks being out in public callin each other niggas. Blacks do it so much that stupid honkeys like this hoe think its cool to use the word. If blacks were to get back to that old school mentality of some old fashion Nat Turner ass kickin this type of shit wouldnt happen!! But no this generation of blacks are so weak minded and stupid and caught up with bullshit that this type of shit is ok!!! Well news flash this shit is not ok and all them black artists who are ok with this SHIT are flat the fuck out UNCLE TOMS!!!!

    • King Oduduwa

      You are right, as much as I dont want to admit. Nat Turner fought for what we have today, and now that we have it, we are turning on each other. Why?? Because, socially, politically, and somewhat economically, we are what they fought for. That status of white Americans. Now we are acting like them, who are in essence European descendents. With that said, look at how dysfunctional Europe was before the exodus to the so called New World. Black people need to stop this, so that chics like this chic, wont think they are black, while thinking they are not offending black culture. I say drop the word, black, and FREE AFRICA, from within. They can have that black/white ideology back. They started it.

  • Mos Def


    • Anonymous

      If you call this havin swag that says alot about the type of person that you are!!! When you done come back and tell me how the white mans ass taste!!!

  • GAgogetta

    @9111isajoke Just because I butt fucked your mom doesnt make me a faggot. Actually I didnt want to but her being the slore that she is,no apparently wasnt an option. Check if I left one of my polo socks over

  • 4real

    First & foremost fuck these sellout entertainers that's cosigning her using the word nigga - Mistah Fab included who's probably so insecure looking for acceptance from any & everybody. Never trust some1 whose out to please everybody! Secondly, this bitch looks like a plant! She comes off as a real phony & very ignorant. If Sarah Palin wanted to rap, she'd be this chick. Thirdly, what the fuck is a V-Nasty? Somebody tell me what that stands for... Her persona is like CB4 meets Malibu's Most Wanted, lol. It don't help that she ain't got a ounce of talent plus - if this baboon is cosigning her you know its something wrong. Black people quit letting these types of negative personas & outsiders disrespect the culture - got dammit stand for something! 4real

    • all that said

      exactly, look how mad u got over nothin, how does this really effect u in ur everyday low key life that invovles having nothin better to do but came on here and act like u dropn knowledge but really u jus want attention, so yes u ur an attention whore

    • 4real

      @ Anon - Exactly! Yep, there are always some exceptions 2 the rule but a lot of youngsters in the generation coming up are people pleasers... they always try 2 fit in and ride the next wave or new fad, i.e. - plankin, skinny jeans, mohawks, etc...The problem is people like this set no standards or loyalty to anything so they fall for everything. @ all that said - to you bitch, you are exactly the type of scum I am referring to up top... I don't care 2 be famous - I'm not an attention whore. I don't use Facebook nor Twitter & I enjoy my low key lifestyle. Secondly, this bitch V-Nasty is not even well liked - meaning she's not even popular so how can she be famous? Don't you have to go through being popular first? LOL... INFAMOUS is a better word. She has notoriety for using the n word, just like she will be known for getting her ass kicked soon enough...

    • Anonymous

      @4real: You have the best comments yet. Sadly your comments are true because black people dont stand for anything anymore and its fuckin sad. It has never been okay for any person to use that word. I never thought that I would see a day where black people are so fuckin soft batch!! @all that said...g@ymail.com:WITH THIS STUPID WHITE BITCH BEING FAMOUS WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING. EVERY TIME YOUR MOTHER LOOKS AT YOU IT MUST DRIVE HER CRAZY TO SEE WHAT A STUPID FUCK YOU ARE!!!!!

    • all that said...g@ymail.com

      shes already more famous than youll ever be and that must drive you crazy

  • Eyes

    What a joke! LOL, I got a good laugh out of it..

  • Unfuckingreal!!!

    shit like this doesnt need any attention. This is a novelty act. I dont know how anyone could take her and this white girl rap movement serious. Im pretty sure there are white girls who can rhyme, but this shit is hilarious. She got riff raff in the video like he's really somebody. The killa shit is that she has convinced herself that her shit is on point. Anybody running with riff raff is just that...a riff raff, a fuckin loser. This is geek rap for people scared to go to a real hip hop show. Birds of a feather flock together, thats why all these cornball muthafuckas roll tight. They validate each others feelings and thoughts. Another lame subculture has been created. They dont even look genuine, they look costumed up. and did you see dude putting on her makeup at the end? As for the N word...she is using that shit out of stupididty, not ignorance. She has made the choice to portray herself as a clown. Let her use the N word because she has a nigger mentality. The white minstel show is here!! applaud these assholes.

  • ReaL isH

    ...on some real nigga shit why the fuck dis bullshit you call news off the site yet?? you niggas at hiphopdx is trippin foreal and actually got me mad hot right now son. i be all day in da streets hearin dumbass white girls usin the word "nigga", so all i gotta do is record these bitches usin the word and they finna make hotline news? foreal im not gonna ask you dumbass niggas again, delete this shit it should of never even been meantioned in the first place. damn you niggas is dumb...

  • The Love Movement

    This fad won't last...enjoy you appearance on MTV Cribs...

  • Seo

    She looks like Sandra Bullock...

  • SWK

    Who cares? Her Music is shit....

  • ReaL isH

    how is this news? who the fuck cares about some re re ass white girl saying "nigga"? this is the type of shit that encourages these dumbass so called "rappers" into puttin out weak ass shit and getting noticed for it. is this a joke hip hop dx? seriously.......

  • rodfin

    Rap music deserves these broads. I support. They're weak and can't rap but I'd love to see this minstrel show thrown back in the face of its creators. Maybe then NIGGAS will have to talk about something relevant and universal truths.

  • seriously WTF


  • Evan

    i have the overwhelming urge to punch this bitch in the face.

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    lmao!!! Shawty is a fucking a CHARACTER dude next to her, CHARACTER !!! They got on costumes on and shit. Do you know how many white people are embarrassed right now??? CTFU!!!

  • Anonymous

    She said We shuld be worried about her album.Why is cause that bullshit Il start tellin people I like Death Metal cause her b.s on the radio and thats all people think of Hip Hop.and i cant b arsed tellin people who i lyk and dont like cause really do you think a lotta people give a fuck about any other hip hop than the bullshit on the radio.

  • Megas87

    How the fuck did hiphop dx even give this bitch any promo, this bitch sucks, she said nigga who cares, let her get fucked up in the hood, dont give her more hype, she sucks balls shes so garbage

  • cole world

    hahahaha the track at the end sounded soooo weak, silly white girl, id fuck her tho mee

  • Anonymous

    wherever this bitch from, you niggas need to b locked up, caught ,shot, etc.. for lettin this bitch enter the game, she was a mule in the streets for some niggas, who are in turn mules for mexicans now. mexico is the new columbia

  • Jah

    She paid a Snoop Dogg impersonator to stand in the back texting to look triple og

    • uhh


  • Anonymous

    fuck it u dont like me, i aint like u either! i aint even want to come here, thats y we were jumpin ship on our way here, we knew it was gonna get ugly, and it did, just imagine 500 yrs of free labour, i'd have old money too, but i aint cryin!

  • Anonymous

    yeah when they say n####*, i say cold clamy fucks

  • Anonymous

    u guys still get mad when we say honkey?? is that where the word hockey comes from?? we aint got nuttin to call u but white......boring, i call em cold clamy fucks, cuz they came from those cold caucus mountains

  • Anonymous

    these labels lookin for the next white hope, soon rap gonna b all white, i quit when that happens, took me 5-7 yrs to warm up to eminem. is that riff raff?? i rest mt case!

  • KillaRas

    Fuckin' hipster Rebecca Black

  • Anonymous

    and dont compare this bitch 2 eminem please, and mistah f.a.b. u fuckin sellout, defending this bitch, thats y u said you'd prefer white girls, u think this bitch gonna come get u when she on?? she'll find another black dick

  • Anonymous

    white people getting too comfortable, soon they'll be wearing nooses instead of chains smh.



  • Anonymous

    fuck this bitch, this kreyshawn phase with white female mc's gotta stop, you'll realize when kreyshawn dont drop, sony just wasted they money, someone gotta fuck this bitch up 4 real



  • anoonymus

    Bitch i dont know you, your a nobody! Why she wearing 3d glasses that you get for free at the cinema? oh yeah i forgot her shit dont sell so she cant afford no real glasses.

  • LordLamickTheEmperor

    On some real shit, Nobody should be using the word, nobody. MLK, Malcom, Rosa, your parents/grands 'n them didn't go through what they went through so the terms or acts associated with yesterday remain with us today, and they especially didn't do it so their descendants would infact be the ones perpetuating the associations of racial intolerance towards black people. If you didn't get that last bit, you probably one of them ignorant sons'a bitches I'm talking about. It's been about a minute coming, but it was always gonna come. White people getting real comfortable, real at ease, enough to say nigger publicly and not in a hateful way. Because I do believe snaggle tooth shorty actually loves black culture. And I find it flattering when white people fall in love with black culture, I don't see it as something to make fun of, because it just shows how far we've come. But they only got comfortable enough to say nigger because ignorant niggers kept saying it. What do you expect? For white/brown people to live in fear of a word that black people use EXCESSIVELY? Come on now... That shit don't work on drugs, it aint gonna work on a mother fucking word. Preach mode aside. This bitch v-nasty is terrible, her only claim to any spotlight is that she's not just a female, but a white female. She basically stands out for just being that. Her music is the product of the candy store known as the industry. I'd have crazy amounts of respect for her if she actually had skills on the mic and wasn't just a retarded dropout who doesn't fully understand and respect the art that is hip-hop.

  • beezlebud

    this is the first ive heard of this chick but to be fair despite me havin no confidence in her intelligence or ability to rhyme she made some very valid points and for the most part articulated her reasons behind using the word fairly well. within American culture it was used to describe black people in ONE cultural environment decades upon decades ago and arguably within certain cultural environments within the US it still is used in that context, thats it though one or two cultural environments what she was trying to state was within the cultural environment that she grew up in and has been raised and influenced by which was/is a multi-ethnicity environment that same word had/has a completely different definition and simply means PEOPLE, not black people ALL PEOPLE, and people of all races within that cultural environment call each other nigga regardless of race blacks call whites nigga, white call asians nigga, asians call blacks nigga and so on now this is why people need to before taking offence to this girl really need to learn and understand what context is for people of one cultural background to state she cannot use vernacular which is common to anothers cultural background is beyond ignorant, you cant impose your ignorances upon her cultural environment just because your culture doesnt understand hers or is too primitive to understand cultural environments exist by where everyone is just viewed as people and not by the colour of their skin simply because you havent experienced a culture or environment like that before especially given her cultural environment is more evolved than the ones those taking offence live in @beezlebud on twitter for exclusive freestyles

    • beezlebud

      yes child, viewing EVERYONE as the same is MORE evolved than percieving people as different based purely upon their skin colour how that confused your tiny mind is beyond me

    • You're Retarded

      "especially given her cultural environment is more evolved than the ones those taking offence live in" so people of all races throwing around the n word is "evolved"

  • Jarred Martin nikka

    Bitch I am mad about this album you're droppin' I just got my first taste of your shit on youtube and I hate ya guts. You have no talent go back on the block sellin' rocks for ya nigga.


    U know what suprising? the white people dont even like this girl.Shout out to my white niggaz who know this is bullshit

  • M.I.C


    • Jeremy Thequietguy Orr

      Well actually...Eminem did use the word in a rhyme and had a whole song that people havent heard called "Foolish Pride" that ruffled some feathers but thats neither here or there. Since then Eminem himself has came out and claimed it wasn't disrespect to anybody and I think that was the right thing to do even tho you shouldnt have to apologize for freedom of speech. Ill Bill has a song called "White Nigger" thats dope you should check out. My view is as long as the word isn't used in a disrespectful way based on views of the past im cool with it. I think its more than a handful of Black rappers who use racial slurs and they do it in a disrespectful way so they shouldn't get a pass either then I guess

    • Anonymous

      your case is beyoooonnnd retarded, so what if Dre would or would not of signed Em thats is beyond irrellevent, FACT is its just a word, FACT is it isnt used in a derogatory context, FACT is if your havin emotional reactions to words your a retard, FACT is if one race can use it ALL races can otherwise your a RACIST


    This girl is goin to catch her death just because she is ignorant.Does he realise she is attempting to bully a black nation and she is a little puny white girl?

  • Not Ya Standed Hip Hop Fan

    Watch the her interview more retarded than i thought.I think she means wigga guessin by the dude at back and just stuggles with her ws?and it turns out nigga.

  • Not Ya Standed Hip Hop Fan

    I wonder what jeru b thinking.Listain to Ya Play Self One Day.This song is even more relevant today than it was in 96..Man Hip Hop Eat my Nuts Eat my Dust!!.V-Nasty.I dont care with the n word it just your s8 wack p diddy wack no she worse than that.Get someone to ghostwrite 4 you den b pdiddy wack cause at the mo she the worst I heard fuuckin wack wack.Your no good and your just one of the many who has little idea on anything bout music as a whole.Her Flow is something I expect from a reatard ten yeaar old or is that the marketing ploy to makeing people feel sorry.

  • mrfoulstyles


  • slurmaster

    lol just don't say it. we all know you tryna be cool.

  • showbiz

    Well, she might have an album dropping out soon but I don't think she'll be able to promote it in clubs...lot of stuff will be thrown in there. Good luck white girl!

  • BEEZ

    We all know the difference between ni**er and ni**a. We know black, white and spanish people use the word. Bottom line is, if she's so "down", than she should show respect to her black friends and not use the word. While the word technically is not defined as a black person, it has been USED that way, and therefore that is the way it is percieved. Gay means happy, but when you say it, it's taken to mean homosexual. I only read what this blurb said, and she sounds very ignorant. I don't think anyone is worried about your wack-ass album lol "...mad cuz I'm doing me". That sh*t don't even make sense! The whole point is that it about her!!

    • beezlebud

      it was used to describe black people in ONE cultural environment decades upon decades ago, thats it ONE cultural environment as she stated within the cultural environment she grew up in which was multi-ethnicity that same word had a different definition and simply means PEOPLE, not black people ALL PEOPLE, and people of all races within that cultural environment call each other nigga regardless of race so for people of one cultural background to state she cannot use vernacular which is common to anothers cultural background is beyond ignorant its the equivellant of one religion saying to another religion you cannot worship your god in that way because our way of worshipping finds your way disrespectful and offence, why is one right and the other wrong and in this case her way is more evolved than those opposing it @beezlebud on twitter for exclusive freestyles

    • BEEZ

      I meant that it's not about her

  • Tyrannical T

    Grabbing her balls talking to the guy in the front seat of the car...

  • Bomb Da Set

    Since Riff Raff co-signed, I know she official! Now if only she could get that snaggle tooth fixed.

  • HipHopGodd

    It's funny how so many are calling this girl "ignorant" as if she's only ignorant because she's a white person who acts the way she does. Fact is, blacks who act the way she does come off as ignorant as well. So don't say how she's setting whites back by acting the way she does as if blacks with her same mentality are a credit to black people. Ignorance is ignorance no matter what the person looks like. So many blatant signs of ignorance from people who are calling this girl the same emotion they themselves are displaying with each keystroke.

  • Cake

    This girl is TERRIBLE....Is this a Saturday Night Live Skit?

  • Dan Ruben Nilsen Lindseth

    this dumb bitch is a fucking retared, i now that dumb bitch has no good reason to use that word, hur mom is white hur dad is white so she is white like every other white girl........dumb bitch got no fucking talent

  • sam

    also the dude next to this cretin, seems to be rocking one of those caps that come with a free braid and chin strap.. novel

  • sam

    hahahah is this girl like the Uffy of hip-hop?? absolute garbage... and the NHS glasses ala Morrissey, haha, yeh been done love. fuckin beats are truly awful, get some fuckin instruments in there, jesus!!!

  • Sikander Kahlon

    I Want Somebody Like Game To Diss This Bitch!

  • BrownJack

    The fucked up part is, I don't think she's faking.

  • Anonymous

    hiphopdx, please don't give this child publicity.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it depended on whether she was saying nigger or nigga.

  • LegendaryU2K

    SPEAK ENGLISH PLEASE. All i can do is laugh. As for the N word, nobody should use it.

  • doesntmatter

    truth is ill never lose sleep over anything anyone says, but to demoralize a poser is ridiculous because of a simple ass word, if everyone in the world wasnt so worried about whos using the word nigg(a)(er) we could get bet shit accomplished its 2011 this shit gets old with a bunch of rants about "racist" statements, everyone making a big deal out of fucking words is why we have racism.. its a word, now if she killed someone i'd be a little more impressed but people worry about the stupid things in this day and age its ridiculous

    • beezlebud

      exactly, instead of gettin all upset n havin emotional reactions how bout when you hear someone use the word in a derogatory manner you jus laugh at how ignorant they are and how tiny their mind is and keep it moving @beezlebud on twitter for exclusive freestyles

  • arch stanton

    Whack bitch needs a swift backhand... get her back in line

  • The MH

    Dude in the back started coughing hard as hell towards the end. They had to cut the clip short.

  • Sharktopus Zulu IV

    Does it really matter? like think about it did she call you nigga(r) personally i mean a real "nigga" isnt losing any sleep over vnasty saying that,dont worry next year youl all be talking about another fad rapper doing something incredibly dumb

  • doesntmatter

    and mistah fab sucks, so why does even have input

  • doesntmatter

    problem is people to the word nigga and nigger to something way farther than it should be now if you check a dictionary it says offensive for african americans.. when in reality if you know anything about words or your etymology you would know the word nigger has 5 definitions, first its a noun, it derived from the word negro which was a neutral term that described any darker skinned race "including but not limited to" african americans, its also a dark type of insect-larvae, also a steam-operated capstan for warping river steamboats over snags and shallows, better yet a long-toothed power-propelled lever arm used to position logs on a carriage AKA a fucking saw mill... im sorry but personally you should be able to use whatever fucking words you like, regardless of how stupid you may present yourself, nigga and/or nigger are only as racist as you make them these days...

  • DRE


  • ste

    If she goes major, then hip hop has a serious problem just when we thought we got over shawty lo an soulja boy

  • Anonymous

    is that t money bags?

  • Anonymous

    i just dont care enough.

  • yo momma

    That voice and that bullshit music irritates my bowels

  • Дмитрий Кривенко


  • Bless Her Little Heart

    She looks so fuckin stupid. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but this chick takes the cake. I thought this was a Saturday Night Live skit at first. She has to be acting... Either way, real or fake, she is a joke. The ignorance just oozes out of this chick onto that whispering, banana hat wearing waste of flesh. The teath were an added bonus. Niggas must be calling every thing nigga out in Oakland for this retard to think it's cool. I'm fucking discusted.

  • LOL

    LOL @ on some real nigga shit

  • DL Dub

    Hah what's really funny is, no one is really seeing that this bitch wants it both ways. And I use the word bitch, strongly and appropriately, because she amounts to nothing more than a regular ass hood-rat bitch. But I digress, she wants it both ways, to be known as the white girl leader, of the white girl mob, and still retain the right to say nigga. Nigga, is you crazy?! My guess is that in oakland, she may have hung around real niggas. I mean shit no one can deny that real niggas do love white women it's a proven fact. But at the end of the day, she can take this fake hood rat costume off and go back to be Valerie, or Amanda, or Krista, or whatever the fuck her name is, and she'd be perfectly fine and accepted in her white neighborhood as long as she spoke the language. She cant have it both ways, run the white bitch mob, and say nigga. The shit dont work. And a nobody like Mistah FAB cosigning for her dont mean shit to me. The bitch already got enough credit bruh, no need for your signature. But it doesnt matter anyway, I had never heard of "V-Nasty" (the girl version of "B-Rad"?) before reading this, and once i press that home button, I probably wont even think about her again, because she's truly forgettable anyway

  • Gee

    this hoe cant say nigga.. she can fuck black guys but that still dont give her any type of pass

  • Professionality

    Fuck Vag-Nasty.

  • Erwin Ntakirutinka

    bitch, I guarantee your wack ass hip hop career will be over in less than a month. How stupid can you be? ask Eminem what would happen if he said that shit

  • Professionality

    I'm white and this pisses me off so bad. This is somebody who is so fake and see-through it's unbelievable. I rap and produce beats but I'm myself. I rap about my life and my experiences, I'm not a pretender. This shit is just ridiculous.

  • Thomas

    This bitch probably thinks dropping the N-word is going to fix her teeth

  • D-Lloyd


  • Maccaveli

    Anyone else notice that this waste of space was wearing 3D glasses she nicked from the cinema? lmao

  • JB

    Trick come to Africa and say that...

  • atlproud

    this chick should be ashamed of herself but she has no self esteem or self respect obviously. and that douschebag next to her, i straight up would choke that piece of shit out if i saw him in public. & let me add im not some 16 year old kid in my momas basement talking tough.

  • jack johnson

    did she really say "on some real nigga shit"??? how can she speak for another people like that, she isn't black and doesn't know what its like to be black so how can she say that

  • Anonymous

    bitch dis da okc n i aint never heard of u.. stop using da n-word nigga

  • K-Spur

    DAMMMMM... I cudnt focus on wut she was sayin.. i was to busy lookin at dem fuckin teeth... "On sum real shit" take dat money from da "album bout to drop on are asses" and get sum BRACES!!!

  • bug

    look at the joke next to her then look at her even if she says nigga should we care she wont say it aroundd black people she dont know hip hop is dead anyways

  • Bmoreborn84

    Yo is it just me or does just looking at this dumb bitch make you mad as hell. Hey whore, nobody likes your wack ass. Bitches in bmore would of taken that razor blade to your face already. I don't condone hitting women.......that said, I most def would make an exception for this skeez. What's the V stand for, venarial. Smh

  • Kaz Money

    Someone needs to beat the shit out of this hoe.

  • Ivan Geigerman

    wait....is this for real???? What music and why is this girl, whoever she is, talking about dumb shit on here??? B/c the Gucci Gucci song is a joke and so is all of the artists coming out of the bay.

  • Damn

    When it all comes down to it, V-nasty shouldn't be using the term. Were it up to me personally, I would erase the word from the minds of the people. But also just reading all these comments, most of you are no better using terms like faggot and so on. You're only a hypocrite in justifying why she shouldn't use the word nigga, when you go around saying faggot this, or bitch. Bigotry...Look it up people. Change begins in oneself...Let's rid ourselves from ignorance and hate...And V-nasty, I'm sure you have dreams with this music business, but educate yourself...Those Youtube vids of yours running rampant on the streets bothering the public only make you pitiful...

  • Jason Pennells

    using nigga all depends on what block yu grew up on. where im from we have black people callin white people niggas. indians callin latinos niggas. its safe to say that the word has been diluted to the point where it dont mean anything. (at least on my block) Nigga only is a racial slur if you give it that power. Peoples actions and attitudes should offend yu, not a fuckin word. But V-Nasty is still an idiot, she aint gonna change nobody's mind on the issue

  • Anonymous

    is it a fuckin race? am i offending people?...... dumbest whore on earth

  • Anonymous

    I bet 100 dollars that fag in the background isnt texting anyone.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like another new hip hop poser, probably mad cause they couldnt make friends with the white people so they hang out with the other posers and get lucky that people found their horrible ass shit. I can tell just based on the way she talks that shes just trying to sound black, but she just sounds like an ignorant poser, this shit is worse than lil b.

  • Anonymous

    Damn this girl sounds fuckin stupid as hell, sounds like a fucking parody or something. Damn this shit reminds me of the article on this site about the industry and how they pick rappers, i guess were seeing why they do that shit because im pretty sure they didnt pick these little girls but because of youtube and what not their still popular with all the other stupid tasteless kids. These bitches are on the level of gucci mane in terms of ignorance, but are probably on oj da juiceman's (my go to worst rapper alive)level in terms of rap ability. If these girls could rap and didnt sound like a pack of trailer trash bitches on their period, maybe i wouldnt care if they said the n-word. But i dont care if ive been in your shoes the N word is not something that should be slung around like your standard swear word ESPECIALLY when used to magnify the ignorance of someone who isnt black. They obviously only use the N word because their black friends allow them to and they believe that any random black person can grant you universal freedom of N word usage. Every time a real nigga comes up to help save rap, another stupid ignorant group of talentless bitches appears.

  • really

    they should do a joint together http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecgtb2UA4Lo bahaha

  • Anonymous

    Shut the fuck up nigga

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop is such a joke now

  • Illmatic White Boy

    I'm white and I say nigga all the time. My nigga Nas taught me to say nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Tell em girl!! Everybody says "nigga" everyday so who gives a fuck?? Haters get a life and worry about your own damn selves.

    • Anonymous

      Go to the south and do what shes doing. Youll see how much people give a fuck in less than 5 seconds dipshit.

  • the fuck

    Is this a fucking joke, dude in the video.... really. Girl you you have glasses on with no lenses. Is this the new "fade"? I guess i'm just old school.

  • Anonymous

    smh, do she even have music? she got more interviews than music smh @ this gimmick smh@ hip hop these days


    That why I only listen to Nas protegee http://soundcloud.com/you/tracks FUCKIN RAD

  • rideonemjixxer

    ok,wth. im all for hiphop having no race boundaries cause to me its just the human race.Hiphop is for everyone, but that doesnt mean you have to act like an idiot to fit in. This girl just sounds dumb as hell,makes no sense,and is making white people look bad. I hate the word nigga. i dont think anyone should use it. too many double standards and bad history with it. ...and to all you rappers who use the word to rhyme everything with, stop.go read a thesaurus and learn some new words. time to move froward from all this BS

  • dpjr

    Other than that, she got the publicity she wanted for her album...another way white people making money off black struggles.

  • dpjr

    Like for real, white people trip me out! I'm half Black half white, raise primarily around black people other than my mother. My mother, being around primary black people, being through some nigga(ignorant/non-people like) shit has never once used that word or thought of it as cool. Why does this generation think its alright. Just cuz your friends are black n throw around the word like they playin catch. you just want to catch it and try n fit in. DOESNT WORK LIKE THAT! and to say its not a race? Your actually right. Because for decades black people were not even thought of as a PERSON! In 1700's, they're vote was counted as a third of a white man...really? To be truely honest if im using the word its not for good, because there isnt good behend, so CRACKERS(equivelent to asshole or other stupid name calling word) dont be some niggas...or take the consequences as one and dont be respected at all!

  • Bk all day

    Vagina-nasty I bet for sure

  • Bk all day

    Where all those so called gangstas for Oakland , they need to put vagina-nasty in her place . She got ya city looking suspect.

  • Anonymous

    Look at all these rappers jumping in to defend her like "yes massa I totally don't care what you say massa as long as I get paid".

  • Anonymous

    You can't blame rap music, it's not our fault hip hop caught on quicker than river dance.

  • AP

    Dag, this was deep. LOL

  • blaw023

    who that faggot ass white dude standing next to her? haha that prolly not even they car just a rent a car, dude prolly got it from enterprise or something. you know they ain't makin no money even when her whack album come out so she and her crew might as well call it a day and find something else to do

  • Anonymous

    Seems like some of you ain't know game called out these honkeys. This cracker needs to get fucked with, riff raff too fuck them white trash wiggers.

  • Anonymous

    I'll leave this bitch to her own demise...you want to be a nigga, then watch it catch up to her ass..Keep this bitch on suicide watch!


    We made it cool to say

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait to see her album flop. Dumb bitch.

  • Jeff Lowy

    Maybe we should get some one to whip the shit out of her and make her work in a field for 22 hours a day, or let some dogs loose on her, or hang her, or let loose with a fire hose, or take away all of her rights... Then let's see how much she likes to use this language... about a minute ago · Like

  • Anonymous

    pussies is scared to speak cuz they have no pride and they'll do ne thing for a check, CALL IT SELLOUT

  • Anonymous

    black ppl gonna be the minority in hip hop once they get done burning the machine out

  • Sincere

    If this white trash goes any where, some sista needs to knock those crooked azz teeth down her throat. See what happens when you let trash come thru on passes(Ice,Snow,EM,etc). I would have never givin the a pass and i still dont. Someone jaw this caveish, pink monkey.

  • Otega Ovadje

    TF????? This Bitch V Nasty bouta get jumped for real. Y aint no one spoke up bout this hoe yet??? Tf???

  • Anonymous

    All I know is that white girl better keep that shit among her friends. Call a random nigga that shit and watch you get swabd up. You say you from the hood, prove that shit.

  • trutothe

    NO WAY!! This girl is on some Harry Potter gone hood shit. Sell that caddy and get that tooth fixed.

  • suggamatic

    Whatever. nigga is just a word, let her use it if she wants, she's probably more "Niggerish" than 75% of the people posting in the comments anyways.

  • Josue Silva

    i'm young but i got an old soul...unlike these

  • Gucci Mane

    Even I look talented next to V-Nasty

  • CPO

    if i see this bitch in the jerz i'm knocking her the fuck out

  • JemDawg151

    wooah woah there "v-nasty" shut the fuck up.. ignorant white trash, you give the white race a bad name.. god damn i've never seen such a huge embarrassment, i was ashamed to watch that video as a white person... someone please off her good god almighty.. and you can't rap you fucking ! hahahaaaaaa fucking imbecile.. you know what that means "v-nasty" ? lol these losers get to me

  • Sha

    Wow, and don't no emcee speak up... straight up, one of these females emcees needs to knock this bitch the fuck out. god damn, fuck rap and these fuckin devils takin over this shit... i'm gone

  • Anonymous

    I must just be gettin old or summin, is this what people actually act like & listen to now??

  • Anonymous

    'If you think its all about pimpin hoes and slammin Cadillac do's then you probably a cracker.' Tru dat.

  • gutter man

    i bet she'd be a great hate fuck though......

  • Vanno Davis

    i have a question do u really ge offened when a white person says nigga or u just feel like jumping in cuz u hopeing u might get some kind of check or u do it becuase its funny to watch how they reacte

  • LMAO

    This HOE is halarious thinking she has travelled some hard road in life which gives her the right to drop N bombs.... lil' girl you know nothing of hard work or a hard life and nobody cares bout yo wack ass album either. Good luck. I'll see your CD in the discount bin at the local petrol station shortly. G

  • TonyK

    Eminem being one of the greats has never needed to use the N word (other than that old clip), who the fuck are you?

  • graM

    lol do this lil bitch think we care about an album? lol lil girl just stop saying the word, and go do your cd keep pushing the envelope and get yourself a pandoras box lol #cutitout

  • Fem Sweatpants

    Someone please kill this bitch, I'm sorry I gotta put it like that.

  • Anonymous

    and who cares about what andy milonakis says.

  • F. Rap

    Blame the blackman.

  • gutter man

    except she said nigga not nigge#(n-word) = hip hop cats have explained for over 20 years now what the difference between nigga ans nigge% is and how nigga is a term that takes the symbol/old meaning of nigge# and chaneges the meaning , so also changing the charge that word has semantically and neuro-linguistically. basically nigga in a huge way is a genius attempt by hip hop to change what the word means to an extent and- un charge its old racist symbolism/meANING. no matter the case Vigina is Nasty(v-nasty) watch your mouth in the D and dont get tossed in a ditch.

    • Anonymous

      it doesnt matter wtf we change it to, the word still has roots in negativity. And to white ppl in power they could give a shit what we call ourselves. Nigga/negro/nigger as long as we keep on degrading ourselves like we have been and allowing like V-nastty.

    • gutter man

      thats not what i said v-nasty. i'm not from the D and I didnt threaten anybody- i said that a naive, overly aggressive and obviously shelterd, delusional girl should be careful where she says certain things. o.k. V?

    • Anonymous

      big bad man threatening a girl aint you...straight bitch

  • Anonymous

    except she said nigga not nigge#(n-word). why dont you non hip hop cats know???-damn a lot of commercial zombies blog this site.hip hop cats have explained for over 20 years now what the difference between nigga ans nigge% is and how nigga is a term that takes the symbol/old meaning of nigge# and chaneges the meaning , so also changing the charge that word has semantically and neuro-linguistically. basically nigga in a huge way is a genius attempt by hip hop to change what the word means to an extent and- un charge its old racist symbolism/meANING. no matter the case Vigina is Nasty(v-nasty) watch your mouth in the D and dont get tossed in a ditch.