50 Cent "The 50th Law" Comic Book Trailer

UPDATE #2: The G-Unit general has licensed his collaboration with Robert Greene for a new comic book.

50 Cent is expanding his business portfolio with the announcement that he will release a comic book adaptation of the book The 50th Law, which he co-authored with Robert Greene.

To release the comic book, Fif is teaming with SmartComics, a company that specializes in producing “comic-textbook hybrid[s] in hopes to inspire and reveal keys to success to business leaders and innovators without boring amounts of text.”

The 50th Law, published in 2009, debuted on the New York Times Bestseller list. The comic book version will be available in print and eBook in 2012.

[July 25]

UPDATE: Amazon has revealed the cover art for 50 Cent and Robert Greene's upcoming comic book adaptation of The 50th Law, releasing on October 10th. For a preview of the comic, head to SmarterComics.com and pre-order the book at Amazon.com.


[May 29]

UPDATE #2: 50 Cent has revealed the trailer for his and Robert Greene's upcoming comic book The 50th Law.

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  • new trak

    dam dope beat.... thats an album trak, i think thats the psycho

  • Smoke

    50 Mah nigga an i might hafta fuck wit this comic book

  • Anonymous

    What's next, 50 Cent toilet mints?

  • bras4real

    he does have business creativity but he just can t get enough money. movies, books, comic books, energy drinks it is all frivolous, there is no art in it. all these movies he produced they are all crap he uses big star names like val kilmer and robert de niro to market them still i like 50 he is not scared and has drive

    • real

      50 is a hustler..hes not necessary getting endorsed by any company n shit..He wants to own everything..thats why hes a badass..Of course he wont make as much money as those who are infact endorsed..but he can safely say 'i made this and u know abt it that means im doing something right'.. and he has to spend money on these business ventures.which im sure he'll get back and more..So haters keep talkin..hes relevant caus everyone makes him relevant

    • Anonymous

      Now thats what i call GRAND HUSTLE man

  • Ramone

    Nice cover, my dog has left better looking pieces of crap on my front lawn than that illustration.


    G G G G G G - UNOT !!!

  • Not Rich And Still Trying

    This faggot still alive?! This cunt still fucking talking??!! This queer still breathing???!!!

  • Anonymous

    People are clueless 50 probably licensed the book out for re-distribution as a comic, meaning he probably got his pay check up front. I love how clown on this site always wanna bash this man and talk about his buisness decisions, dude probably makes more money in a day then 99% of the people on this page

  • True2HipHop

    I enjoyed this book it was very good & interesting to me. I did like learning about how 50 applied things in his life, which in-turn helped me to understand things. This is a great read if you're true hip hop fan.

  • Anonymous

    YMCMB = You Must Crave Man Booty

  • hu$la

    50 a Hustler,close your eyes see his vision

  • nibs

    aaahahahhahahhahahahaha what a fuckin clown 48 laws of power is a book for fucking morons

    • nibs

      hahaha I'm glad someone agrees. it's for idiots that like to imagine themselves as big business power move makers. when it's really just a book on how to be an egomaniacal knob cheese. people that take books like this serious are the ones that succeed at first but eventually lose everything because after a while nobody will do business with them/take them seriously

    • Real Hip Hop fan

      I agree! The 48 Laws of Power is a book for people that don't want friends and people to hate them. It worked for 50c..... He also fell off like cracked paint on the ceiling as far as him making his commercial music is concerned.

  • So Icy Boi!

    real niggas dont read book! fact of da day! Lil Wayne wud do a better comics. just sayin. lmao swag

  • Bigg Homie Locc Dogg

    He finally realized that YOU FOOLS DONT KNOW HOW TO READ a real book, and that YOU NEED SOME PICTURES TO LOOK AT... Also, hes gunna buy up 1000 of them, sign them, issue letters of authenticity for them, and put them in a frame, so you fools can hang it on the wall, and not read it it all... If you fools ever read "THE PRINCE" by Machiavelli, you would understand THE GAME

  • Anonymous

    This nigga's ambition is unreal.

  • gettin richer

    thats whats up. he got the hard cover 50th law for the mature hip hop fans....n the comic themed one for 90% of the teenie boppers on this site. yall can discredit him but at least he aint pushin cheap liquor like some heavy weight hip hop stars

  • Anonymous

    i thought this nigga could not write and read

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up, 50 accomplished more in 2003 then you will in your life, so who's the real idiot??

  • Nico 3

    Someone tell him the comic book industry is dead. He knows how to make money, but that's like Donald Trump cashing in a stock. It's utterly pointless to the rest of the world.

    • nibs

      hahahah this clown is on a MUSIC site talking about how the COMIC industry is dead #irony

    • 2Da9thPwr

      If you read the article, you'll realize that its not a comic book in the traditional sense-"comic-textbook hybrid[s] in hopes to inspire and reveal keys to success to business leaders and innovators without boring amounts of text.” For all the dumbasses out there, the 50th Law was a book on business so don't expect some super hero type shit.

  • MegaMan

    As a HipHop fan, I dont care...now, as a Comic Book fan...I care LESS.

  • Brandon Pitts

    Yeah he is doing everything but sign potentially good artists

  • Anonymous

    yall are slow on the news horowitz, wheres your article about 50 trolling bill o'reilly and declining his invitation to go on the o'reilly factor

  • Anonymous

    50 laws is a comic book,fuck you dick riders

  • HipHop

    That's cool. Can't hate on this nigga's business skills, he made it.

  • Maxwell Harkness

    50 doing everything, damn

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