Goodie Mob To Release Reunion Album "We Sell Drugs Too" This Fall

The gang is back after years of focusing on solo projects.

After Cee Lo Green revealed that Goodie Mob was back in the lab working on a new album, the Lady Killer has announced the title of the group's reunion LP. Goodie Mob is set to release We Sell Drugs Too this fall, according to the man himself.

Its official NEW GOODIE MOB ALBUM"WE SELL DRUGS TOO!" this fall!!!! Expect nothing more then the same thang!I know u gone love it:)less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

The quartet, formed in 1991, consists of Green, Big Gipp, Khujo and T-Mo. The Atlanta, Georgia natives released their debut album Soul Food in 1995, following with 1998’s Still Standing, 1999’s World Party and 2004’s One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show. The latter release did not include Green, as he temporarily broke from the group to pursue a solo career.

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  • Yeeeeep!

    These dumb fucks don't know about music and obviously never heard a Goodie Mob song. trying to hate because you don't understand a title makes you look like your mother should have had an abortion. If Eminot made a album called i am the KKK these clowns would find every way they could to defend him.

  • Anonymous

    With the South looking like the greatest place to find idiot rappers, Goodie Mob and OutKast can finally show them the real Southern flavor that has been missing.

  • kennyken

    yes i'm looking for that good dope they are about to distribute!

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  • micah dancy

    Goodie Mob are definitely needed in this hip hop game they will bring some socially awarness back to the game like soul food and still standing era And also Outkast will make an deep impact to when they come back

  • Ivan Geigerman

    it obviously will get attention, and then all of the young people who think that REAL ATL HIP started with Gucci and Soulja Boy will actually check it and piece it all together....I've always been and we'll always be a DF fan!!!

  • Matt Tompkins

    If you can't tell that it's a commentary on the prevalence of Trap Rap since their last probably went to high school in Clayton or APS

  • Jason

    i hope that album title has metaphoric meaning behind it otherwise it sounds retarded. better album titles: SWATTS Soul Food 2 Goodie Bag Goodie Goodie Drum Drops Atlantas

  • Brazszo

    I dont care if it is a metaphor its way to many crack heads were im from to b taking lightly getting paid off of someone else misery

  • Kastro187

    You dummies music is they drug its addicting you goof troops thats what they mean by saying they sell drugs too...

  • DV

    looking forward to it. people forget or never knew that Ceelo has been one of the souths best lyricist since "Get Up, Get Out". Wayyyyy back in the day when the Source mattered. He used to get hella "Hip Hop Quotables"

    • 7Cities

      * Co-Sign! * Cee-Lo is in the class of most talented Hip-Hop performers with MosDef & Pharoah Monch- ALL 3 can sing, flow & drop spoken word...with content AND creativity * see: Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections

  • Tyler

    it has to have a double meaning. do you guys even listen to goodie mob?

  • Brazszo

    WE sELL DRUGS too REALLY!WOW!C low green is a fat black transvestite and he sells drugs thats good to no amazon the album should b called were sellouts too as many black n prison for selling dope and ur promoting it selling drugs is nothing to brag about if u do sell its a way to get out the hood IDOits


    so we sale drugs too buy our album i get the title

  • talktalkreal

    We sell Drugs Too. Another postive moment for my beloved Hip Hop movement and Black Culture. : (

    • Rocc

      dumb ignant nicca.

    • LumpBeats

      If you know anything about your beloved Hip Hop movement then you would know that Goodie Mob is going to speak against the new school drug-sellin rappers of this new era. They're mostly a positive group, guess you missed that though wonk wonk :( CELL THERAPY is classic!! they put folks up on the NWO in 95!

  • floppydisk559

    THANK GOD!!!! cuz people dont dance no more, all they do is this, all they do is this, all they do is this..

  • 7Cities

    * i CANNOT wait!!! * Soul Food & Still Standing were classicks! * the greatest thing out of the South = Dungeon Family (Organized Noize, Outkast, Goodie M.O.B., WitchDoctor, Cool Breeze, BackBone, Big Rube, Slimm Calhoun...Killa Mike) PERIOD... * respect to the next generation of creative/lyrical/original Southerners (Little Brother, J. Cole, Jay Electronica B.O.B., CunningLinguist, Currensy, Yelawolf, David Banner)

  • What!

    I am a fan to the core but I will believe it when I see it......and lol at the tittle Im not sure what that is supposed to mean.

  • Anonymous

    Finally! Woot woot!

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