R. Kelly Owes $837,000 In Delinquent Federal Taxes

Kellz faces another financial woe in the wake of his home going into foreclosure.

In addition to his Chicago, Illinois mansion going into foreclosure, R. Kelly is facing other financial woes. According to DETNEWS, the Pied Piper owes more than $837,000 in delinquent federal taxes. The lien was filed against Kellz on January 6, 2010, with the Cook County Recorder of Deeds.

Fortunately for Kelly, previous financial problems were resolved in June. According to reports, the IRS lifted a $1,036,858 tax against him, lightening his debt.

Kelly was recently rushed to the hospital for an emergency surgery to drain an abscess on his tonsil. He was released shortly after, though he will take an indefinite hiatus from performing.

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