Jay-Z & Kanye West Release Album Trailer For "Watch The Throne"

UPDATE: Hov and 'Ye release a black-and-white trailer for the digital version of the album.

With so much star power driving Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne, it's a wonder the project has seen so many delays and so few hard release dates.

It appears, however, that iTunes has finally provided the latter. Maybe.

The digital retailer has revealed that Monday, August 8, is the "expected release" date of the album. With that caveat of "expected" in mind, standard and deluxe editions of the album are available for pre-order.

HipHopDX previously reported that the official release dates were August 1 and August 5 for digital and physical releases, respectively. It is unclear whether the physical release date has been affected.

[July 24]

UPDATE: A trailer has been released for the album, dropping this Monday on iTunes.



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  • uNiggazwantThereal

    Remember when 50 was trying to go head to head with Yeezy a few years back??? why hasn't that been brought up? I know why. Bc real prevails. And y'all hating cats can say whatever you want to...If you can't keep a dude's name out your mouth, then they got one up on you. Jay and Kanye got this shit on lock, and aint nothing you brotke muthafucking hating non rappers and non producers got on them. So what if u can decipher the Otis beat. So what if you can freestyle on the beat. The truth of the matter is, they gave you a reason to live, a reason to do something with your lives. Hip Hip prevails, and aint' nothing y'all haterz can do about it. Let's embrace this, the RED album, The Carter IV, and everything else. Fuck R&B, Rock and Roll, Alternative and all that shit that lives forever. Let's make Hip Hop live forever you fucking hating ass turds.

  • Hip Hop Surge

    Download Full Album (Watch The Throne): HipHopSurge.Com

  • Poohcaneasy

    @cash, I think its funny that you think that one line was weak because it's actually TRUTH!!! Whats even funnier is that the one verse he did on Nas (which is all factual I might add) still holds true to this day. You can't even tell me the last Nas hit (go ahead, I'm waiting). And oh yeah, please don't mention that crappy @ss album he made in the carribean with Bob Marley's son. And furthermore, don't bring Producers that don't write their rhymes into this conversation. If your knowledge wasn't so "limited", you would know that everyone including these two mentioned has ghost written for Dre (do your homework and check the credits). In parting, Hip Hop isn't dead!!! Nas is!!! Lol!!!!

  • thugee

    I just copped the leak on piratebay.org. THIS ALBUM IS WACK POP ALBUM.

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    this fuckin album is anotha Banga for these dudes..i feel sorry for u constant losers

  • Fado

    I am highly anticipating this album...This trailer was wack though.

  • ScrewALeak

    I am copping this album...Period! Every now and then, there's those couple of albums that you just need an original copy period. Like straight up, the last albums I copped were RJD2's Colosses, Saigon's The greatest story...and off course Yeezy's MBDTF. Hmmm..I'm definitely thinking of copping Legendary Weapons too though...

  • cash

    the reason people keep bringing up nas as he pertains to jay-z is because their beef was one of the greatest hip-hop has seen. as far as being "relevant" - that word doesn't pertain to a conversation on who is better. no one is gonna say kanye is a more skilled rapper than, say, kool g rap, for example. @poohcaneasy - i agree that we should talk about jay in his own right, even though nas has been so important to his career (no nas no "takeover"). at the same time, i've always thought "that ten year average" line was weak - what would you say about dr. dre? and "barely rhyming"? you might have a hack team and listen to all kinds of "hot" music, but apparently your knowledge of rhyme structure/pattern and mcing is limited - Jay is the one, in my opinion, whose sword has dulled as of late.

  • jay z and kanye west


  • Mandy Sandy

    m the real mandy let me knw huz dik wants to get sucked

  • Poohcaneasy

    U prolly wit their anti-piracy team, I aint telling you.

  • Poohcaneasy

    I will say this though, these guys have gone to great lengths (anti-piracy that is!!) to make sure the album isn't leaked. I mean I've had my Hack team (which is pretty good I might add) on this for two weeks and they just got a physical copy this morning (the day before!!). And Lastly, can you people please stop bringing Nas up in comments that pertain to Jay-Z. Nas hasn't been relevant since Stillmatic (u know, "that ten year avg"). I mean he was barely rhyming on his last couple of albums.

  • Poohcaneasy

    I heard the album, and its pretty good. "Who Gon Stop Me Now" and "Nigg@s in Paris" go H.A.M. The only thing I didn't like was how Ye bit 3 Stacks on Welcome to the Jungle: I asked her where she want to be when she 25/ I looked her in the eye and she said alive/ Its alright to borrow a fellow rap vets line every now and then, but I really feel as though these new cats will think that Ye came up with that. Just my thoughts.


    i would suck them off.....mmmmmm penis:)

  • Chris

    The official leak is finally here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR4EccmB8ZM

  • Anonymous

    Jay = GOAT. Most skills and greatest concerts. Tell me what you want, dumb fucks. Impact on the scence IS a factor.

  • Mandy Sandy


  • Freeman Erma

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  • T-Dogg

    R.E.D album is going to kill these niggas

  • Professor Leaky

    This album leaked a few hours ago...Heres a link to it http://bit.ly/qe9VXK

  • Anonymous

    Probably two of the most overated artists rapping at the moment. Don't get me wrong they're alright, but they rap about the same shit 'got my swag, chicks, cars, fame'. That's why i got bored of these two. The difference between artists like Eminem and Jay Z is that he doesn't care about no one, says what he really wants to say, nothing about girls money and cars and still sells. Oh and the fact that Em is a lyrical God.

    • lol

      @the_truth you're stupid, it's not Eminem's fault that all this shit happened in his life, yeah he will talk about. And that made him the best ever. HATE ME NOW

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it ain't like he just released an EP with on of the best rappers out there and still came through after all these years.

    • Donny Dickshinski

      eminem's the most fucking overrated rapper out right now.. no one realizes how bad he is now and how much he fell off

    • the_truth

      Eminem is one of the most monotonous rappers when it comes to subject matter... apart from his drug consumption and his estranged wife and little about his daughter and dr dre, you would be hard pressed to say what else Eminem talks about... Pick any Jay or Kanye album, then go song for song and you will see how diverse their subject matter is.... but i bet you only listen to the singles....

    • Anonymous

      Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?

    • Sole

      Man, you literally make those Eminems melt in your mouth. Use that energy you waste hating and get a job. My niggaz stay winning while you stay broke...

  • Anonymous


  • Mandy Sandy

    hhdx r sum suckaz sayin there'z linkz and self promo when there'z NONE.

  • Mandy Sandy

    no more commentz if u niggaz stop fakin around, but u faggotz gon continue anyway.

  • Mandy Sandy

    alrite, ill stop commentin if u niggaz stop fakin around, but u gon continue anyway.

  • Mandy Sandy

    alrite, if u want me 2 stop commentin then stop postin az me! but i know u niggaz gon continue anyway.

  • Mandy Sandy

    da next nigga dat posts unda my name iz da biggest faggot in history!

  • Mandy Sandy

    da next nigga dat darez post unda my name iz da biggest certified faggot in da universe!

  • Mandy Sandy

    lookz like i got sum faggot azz haterz postin unda my name. evry1 knowz i'm da real mandy sandy and evry1 else r fakez. keep da hate up bitchez! RNGMB BITCH!

    • Mandy Sandy

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    • Mandy Sandy

      da next nigga dat posts az mandy sandy iz da biggest faggot in da world. how'z dat?

    • Mandy Sandy

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    • Mandy Sandy

      da next nigga dat posts unda my name iz da biggest faggot in da world. how'z dat?

    • Mandy Sandy

      da next nigga dat posts unda my name iz da biggest faggot in da world. HOW'Z DAT?!

    • Mandy Sandy

      da next nigga dat posts unda my name iz da biggest faggot in da world!

    • Mandy Sandy

      GRRRRR! I'm having another episode guys! I turned on "My Dark Twisted Fantasy" and my cock started spewing everywhere! I don't know what to do other than put it thru the hole I made where Kanye's mouth is in the poster on my wall....It FEELS SO GOOD! Ill brb guys.

    • Mandy Sandy

      i'm not bipolar like dat faggot gayme. and diz fake nigga postin unda my name hatez it when i comment. fuck da fakez!

    • Mandy Sandy

      Sorry guys, I'm bipolar and not to mention...GAY AS FUCK! Hit me up thru my facebook profile if you want me to trim your pubes....wink wink, you know what I mean. Tee Hee. Mandy



  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joHCfll2AGI Best rapper ever.


    watch the throne faggot music for life hovvvv


    fuck drake fuck eminem fuck nas fuck rakim fuck tupac fuck biggie fuck puffy fuck wu tang fuck ugk fuck pimp c fuck slim thug fuck big sean fuck kid cudi fuck mike jones fuck chris brown fuck twista fuck rick ross JAY Z KANYE WEST BEST EVER TO LIVE WATCH THE THRONE BITCHES THE CLASSIC DROPING ON 8.8.11


    kanye west makes me cum in my skinny jeans when he raps


    im a faggot guys i post here all day i have no life watch the throne bitches



  • I hit that work with the arm n hammer call me da handyman

    cant wait to dl this shit from piratebay that is gonn bump it on my iphone asap

  • garj889

    Is that it, seriously? was this really the best they could come up with??

  • JAZ-O



    I love both Kanye and Jay-Z's music. I really do. But I feel like what they're putting out just isn't their music anymore. It's not real hip-hop anymore. In Otis Kanye's rapping about his "other other Benz"? Like really bro? Why can't we get back to what hip hop was made for? Stop rapping bout money Ye!

  • Mandy Sandy

    two more dayz yall. niggaz betta lock they doorz and windowz and hide in there basement bcuz watch da throne iz comin on monday. jay-z! and kanye bout 2 smack da shit outta these wack rappaz facez wit da most epic album we will witness. go jay! and ye. show these bitchez how it'z done! RNGMB BITCH! WATCH DA THRONE NIGGAZ!

    • Mandy Sandy

      my mom don't want ur tiny dick. nice try.

    • gooch

      faggot fuck jayz and fuck u faggot watch my dick while it penetrates your mom in her anus yes keep watching ill let u know when i jizz in her left eye call her lisa lopez

  • sharer

    They got leeked ! Download link below - http://sxy.lc/vVu

    • yaboi_d

      fag! stop lying its not leaked....its not even on the newsgroup, torrents or anywhere else on the web. so shut your hole!

  • mbongeni

    sorry i meant there will be!! almost sounded like most fools here!

  • mbongeni

    sorry i meant there will be! damn almost sounded like most fools here

  • mbongeni

    In every kingdom there would be a few disgruntled peasants!!! do not hate on the throne...watch it!!!

  • Mr Flamboyant

    With all of this commercialization and all regarding the project... damn I'm having flashbacks to "Kingdom Come". (shaking my head) And we all know how that ended. (shaking my head) Not saying that this LP will be similar and as shitty... but the signs are pointing towards that something fierce. Just give us a product worthy of attention. MBDTF was cool and horribly overrated at the same time. It sure was better than Jay-Z's last 3 weed plates and coasters nonetheless. Who said Lil Wayne was comparable to Nasir? See this is the type of foolery I'm talking about these days. Wayne hasn't been worth a damn since Carter II truthfully. Just give us a product that's good by unbiased, uncommerical, and this day and age of where wackness is accepted standards. I still recall when Kingdom Come released and you had people actually defending it saying it was nice. After the first listen, I had to listen to it again just to make sure I wasn't trippin on it being wack as f. American Gangster was ok but really it wasn't and BP3 was sensationalized trash. The documentary is cool and might be worthy of attention. But damn this... give us an album that worthy of attention and is solid. Otherwise...we've seen this ish before.

    • Anonymous

      Nas is a fucking joke with his 8th grade poetry and NOWHERE near close to Jay when it comes down to skill.

    • Anonymous

      @LMAO I hope he meant Weezy isn't in NAS's league. Cuz if he meant the opposite, he's a clown. Only reason Weezy gets so many props is because there are less real people in the world and more clowns tools and high school dropouts than ever

    • jason

      dont u be talkin shit bout mah baby boo weezy. he go hard n i gotta pleasure myself to carter 3 evrynight bitch.

    • LMAO

      LMAO... First of all HAM go hard as hell... so the Album also gonna go HAM... they spent a whole 8 months workin on it. you know its gonna be good. Anyway Kanye helpin produce the album. Second... you cant compare NAS to lil' wayne at all because lil' wayne is way out of his league. He's got more Tracks... Prolly x20 more than nas.... and how can you say lil wayne didnt come out with anything good after carter 2. im pretty sure drought 3 is prolly the hardest Mixtape there is out there. Im not riding Lil wayne.. just speakin the truth

  • 30's the new 20...still

    I have never posted on here until I read someone comparing Lil Wayne to NaS...I love and respect all music as art(even though some is ignorant at best)...but thats like comparing Grant Hill to Jordan...he had his run...but he sure as hell isn't the greatest. Peace

  • SoSo

    Gotta admit im not looking forward to this album.. i didnt even know it was coming out. My money is on the GAME's RED ALBUM

  • Anonymous

    This Summer is huge! Carter IV RED Watch the throne All dropping around the same time!

  • TRUEschool

    This CD, with all its hype, promotion, delays and Otis remixes, still won't be as great as The Roots' last 3!!!

  • Outsider

    Every comment on here either has a misspelled word, a grammatical error, or a homophobic slur. Yeah, your opinion is valid. Welcome to hip hop.

    • G'

      The internet breeding a whole generation of idiots...and that's funny given all the knowledge it gives us access to. Welcome to the end of days, kid.

  • Pamela Smith

    Psalm 133 How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony! For harmony is as precious as the anointing oil that was poured over Aaron's head, that ran down his beard and onto the border of his robe. Harmony is as refreshing as the dew from Mount Hermon that falls on the mountains of Zion. And there the LORD has pronounced his blessing, even life everlasting.~~It is nice to see true BROTHERLY LOVE in the music industry! Where true friendships are really hard to keep. I Love you Kanye and Jay! :)) God is smiling.

  • Alexander Foes

    I wouldn't buy this album if my life depended on it. Fuck I wouldnt even illegally download it. Jay-Z is old as fuck, and he's a biter of the "new school" style. Kanye butchered an Otis Reddng Classic. Fuck, I'd rather buy 10 R.E.D albums than this shit.

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    The folks who run this are acting as though this is the best collabo in history(it's very from it) with all the articles and ish.... It's like every move they make it's written about.... So if they take a shit standing up while creating this album are we gonna hear about it too... I aint hating either, cuz I'm not sure I'll buy the album, though I will give it a listen to see if it's worth spending my loot on, but damn do we need to have so many articles dedicated to this ish when there are other good albums coming out too...

  • Anonymous

    this trailer is unnecessary...to build more hype should have played a piece of another song besides that otis bullshit

  • Sim Summy Nigga U Never Know

    I see the fire which u kids burn in. u can never take away Kanye & Jay-Z from Hip-Hop. they changed the game. u hipsters and Tyler the Creator and Lamar cock riders should listen to The Throne. cuz u hipsters basically fucked up and fail. FUCK da OF

    • Dylan

      Hey I'm really looking forward to this album too, but come on don't talk shit about Tyler the creator and OF They're doing new and creative things for hip-hop as well, and also remember that OF Member Frank Ocean is featured on 2 songs on WTT.



  • Anonymous

    Follow @SugaRHill_BaBY ON twitter

  • Anonymous

    This shit is gayer than that faggot Dj Mister Cee

  • whaaaat

    Its not fair dude its jus not fuckn fair, i'm sick of this back n forth stuff i mean damn yeah whoa yeah liars sheesh, HAAAAAAA!!!

  • Anonymous

    dx previously reported that the official release date was July 4th. If you want accuracy regarding release dates instead of grabbiness... go to a different site.

    • Plimp

      Those were only rumours man, HHDX clearly stated that. It's not their fault your dumb ass fell for that one.

  • Mandy Sandy

    u haterz gon listen 2 da album n-e-wayz. when da album review for watch da throne comez out, u lame fuckz all gon b there hatin on it n-e-way. just admit it, u waitin 4 diz album az much az evry1 else iz. yall so laaaaaaaaaaaaaaame! RNGMB BITCH! WATCH DA THRONE NIGGAZ!

    • Anonymous

      And let me reiterate that THAT WAS JUST 10 MONTHS AGO.

    • Anonymous

      Listen to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. If you do and you can't get anything out of it, you're a fucking retard who doesn't deserve a privilege like music.


      fuck jay z im gonna burn 100 copies and seed to 100 gigs fuck them niggaz but yeah im still gonna bump they shit for free all day and review it hoe so fuck u faggot ass bitch stan

    • Anonymous

      Agreed with the post above. They rap about stuff I could care less that they have and they arent lyrical (atleast Jay isnt anymore.)

    • Frank

      Watch the Throne will suck just like BP3. Do these guys have anything else to rap about other than surface level sh*t? I dont care about cars, jewelry, houses, etc. Give me quality content!

    • Dame Dash

      Dog, i understand your frustration and everything..but do you really have to respond to every "hater" on this post? Is Jay paying you for this my dude? If not, I would put my efforts into something a bigt more productive. Just sayin

  • Anthony

    Some of these hip-hop fans seem to be confused to me. Blinded by their own insecurities are something I swear. Now a days it's just a bunch of haters, no one seems to be satisfied with anything. If you don't like something, then why worry about it? Why don't you grow up & move along? Instead they act as if everything is intentionally aimed towards them or something. You realize the world doesn't revolve around you right?? Then their is the people who call you a dick rider if you like something. Seriously?? You can't like anything anymore or you're a dick rider? It's funny though, everyone thinks their opinion matters when it only really matters to them. Same goes with this little rant I'm posting. My suggestion is make your own decisions. Stop being a follower & lead your own path. If you like something then like it, if you don't like something then don't worry about it & move along. It's funny how people are going to hate on something that hasn't even came out yet. I have no opinion on this project so far to be honest. I like some of Ye's & Jay's work but we'll see. I personally thought MBDTF was a decent project. It didn't have much replay value to me (my personal opinion). Recently, Jay hasn't impressed me either. I still want to hear it though & have hope it'll be a great project. Hopefully it'll be good music to get me through the days, if not, I'll find something else that is relatable.

    • real nigga shit

      blah blah blah shut up cunt i can say what i want bitch if i dont like i dont like it,im not a pussy bitch like you to break down after reading somebodies comment if it affects you that much what people say then you have no life and are soft the in the middle pop tart



    • Webster's Dictionary


    • yesssss

      Yeah dude fukn totally understand where ya comin from, long as comment n all, its crazy ya know its crazy they jus dont get it, a guy like you a guy like me, yeah we get it they dont but we do so yeah Unrelatable they dont understand but we know its jus that sometimes ya need to let it loose under the covers then hold there head under it ya smell me?

    • Orvilllant

      @ ??? , I dunno man I think a lot of people can relate to Kanye's lyrics, especially when he's talking about how many mistakes he has made with women etc.

    • ???

      You'll find something else relatable?! What?! I don't know you, but more than likely your life is nowhere near being remotely close to the life that Kanye and Jay-Z represent. Just sayin'.

    • Anonymous

      cooooool story bro

    • JayElectronica


  • Jamal Al-Salaam Bey

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  • trooth

    lol u niggas hatin know its gonna be a nice album. thats whats really funny to me. i mean cmon...u listen to this album and dont' like atleast 2 or 3 joints then you should never listen to hiphop again or speak on it....cuz ur a laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. fuck boyz

  • Anonymous

    who cares for this gay hiphop. jay and kanye used to be cool back in the days now they are just some faggots with skinny jeans who make poprap

  • Mitch88

    Jay and Kanye are the two niggas everyone wanna fuck wit. That WaTch The Throne gonna be straight fire

  • jason

    Both of these guys are trash now. Jay is too old for this shit. Good thing he already knows Weezy holds the throne. Drake and Wayne are gonna shit on this AND Bad Meets Evil. Haters better recognize.

    • outsider

      Just let people make art for art's sake. Jesus. There is no game. It's just art. Live with it. Kanye and Jay put everything into their albums, yet some people can't seem to respect that? If you don't like the music, fine. But don't call it a waste.

    • Anonymous

      Let's play a game. It's called "Name one track since.." and use it when talking about Wayne's track record. Best part is you lose regardless, every time.

    • njn

      im sorry did you just say lil wayne is better than nas?

    • Anonymous

      @jason, Im a wayne fan also, but lets be honest here, when him & drake do their collaboration album , who do you think there going to get their creative blueprint from?? yeah kanye & jay....

    • Anonymous

      Nas can't battle either. Ether is the most overrated piece of garbage I've ever heard. It sounds like insults were recorded on a schoolyard. I hate Wayne personally, but I can admit the truth. His wordplay and punchlines are far better, at least he's able, compared to Nas, to drop some double entendres.

    • Tyler

      Bad meets evil sucks... carter 3 was awesome. watch the throne looks good.Kanye is in his prime right now..

    • Mandy Sandy

      shut da fuck up, gayson. kanye and jay-z! still hold da throne. if lil gayne iz holdin any throne, it'z da faggot throne. he lovez birdman'z lipz. and jay! 1 3 grammyz earlier diz year, beating feminem and evry1 else fuck boi! go suck lil gayne'z and flake'z dickz. FUCK CUM MONEY!

    • Christopher Faison

      wayne is a bum who never mad a classic album. he will never measure to big, pac, jay, nas, krs, rakim, cube, dre, kanye, etc. nobody remembers block is hot, lights out, -500 degrees NOBODY.

    • HAHA

      Lil Wayne make an ether would NEVER, let me repeat NEVER would happen. Lil Wayne can't battle, fuck it, he can't even freestyle & Drake can't either. Their joint album is gunna sound like the rest of their shit. They don't move forward creatively at all.

    • Anony

      Jay's won a grammy more recently than wayne fuckwad.

    • Anonymous

      grammys just mean you are a sellout popstar

    • vic

      Ok I didnt even like BME that much it will still be a thousand times better than that piece of shit that drake and wayne are gonna make. Drake cant rap for shit and wayne hasnt been good since tha carter 2. so what that it won a grammy? justin bieber almost won a grammy lol

    • jason

      Here come the haters. LOL. Since when was Tha Carter 3 a shit show? If I recall it won a grammy. When was the Last time Jay won one of those? HAHAHA! Lil Wayne would rip his ass apart. Ether part 2!

    • TaZzZz

      Name one good song he released since that shit show the Carter 3...

    • Anonymous

      lol @ wayne having "the throne" name one good song he released since prison

  • Anonymous

    *Yawn* Wake me up when somebody who doesnt sit around rappin bout their money and Swag drops a record

  • Anonymous

    both of them are fags

  • MFIC Productions

    I knew I shouldn't got my hopes up for August 1st

  • Anonymous

    that album cover is pretty gay people are going to dickride this album soooooo hard, regardless of the quality

    • Mandy Sandy

      we "dickridin" it bcuz we no it'z gon b a classic album. jay! and kanye make real muzik while ur favrite rappaz bore me 2 death.

    • otis

      donny, you homosexual justin bieber fan. p.s. kanye and mister cee been havin relations lately.


      you would be excited, you love drake

    • Donny Dickshinski

      i just honestly think that kanye is going to go the closest he's been to graduation and college dropout in a long time and i'm excited

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