Amy Winehouse's Best Hip Hop Moments

Not only did she rock the pop world, but the fallen soulstress left a big mark on the Hip Hop community.

In the wake of her untimely death yesterday, Amy Winehouse left behind her a mark on Hip Hop that not only contributed to the culture, but made her part of it. The beehive-sporting soulstress not only got props from Jay-Z and Ghostface Killah on remixes to her vintage-sounding tracks, but she had a deep love for Hip Hop that shone through in work with producers Salaaam Remi and Mark Ronson. Not only that, but her schoolgirl crush on Nas proved that she was a B-girl at heart.

With only two albums to her name (2003’s Frank and 2006’s Back to Black), Winehouse made a lot of noise for a pint-sized girl from London, England. Here, HipHopDX takes a look at some of her best Hip Hop moments.

Amy Winehouse Performs “Love Is A Losing Game” With Mos Def

Getting a co-sign from Mos Def doesn’t happen too often, which is why his stamp of approval helped put Amy in Hip Hop’s graces. In June 2007, the Black Star MC joined Ms. Winehouse during a taping of MTV’s 45th at Night, adding a verse to a grooved out section of the somber jam. No studio recording came to light in the wake of the performance, but at least the cameras were rolling.

Amy Winehouse Pays Respect To Nas On “In My Bed” & “Me & Mr. Jones”

Winehouse didn’t hold back when it came to pledging allegiance to Nasir Jones. On her debut album Frank, she teamed with producer Salaam Remi for the cut “In My Bed,” which touted a soft-edged interpolation of the beat for Nas’ “Made You Look.” Her Escobar stannery didn’t stop there, with Winehouse taking an opportunity to pay respects to the Queensbridge MC on “Me & Mr. Jones.” With its emblematic opening line “What kind of fuckery is this?” Amy let loose an excoriation of some chump who broke a promise to take her to a Slick Rick gig. Now, her plus one to a Nas show was in danger, too, and she wasn't having it. She eventually got her wish to meet Nasty Nas in real life - only this time, no guest list required. 

Amy Winehouse Taps Ghostface Killah For “You Know I’m No Good” Remix

Ghostface Killah can make anything Hip Hop, but the hard-edged flair of “You Know I’m No Good” didn’t need a rap verse to take it there. But with its chunky drums, rusty horns and a pool hall vibe, the remixed cut helped give Winehouse the credibility that she needed to carve a space in Hip Hop. Her smoky vocals counter Ghost’s smirk-worthy verses, which include a shout-out to Kelly Clarkson and Cheech and Chong.

Amy Winehouse Works With Producers Salaam Remi & Mark Ronson

One of her earliest co-signs from the Hip Hop community came from producers Salaam Remi and Mark Ronson. Remi, who’s worked with everyone from The Fugees and Nas to Jazmine Sullivan and Nelly Furtado, helped to create a jazzy aesthetic for many of Frank’s stand-out tracks, veering her into Hip Hop territory by supplying her with boom bap drums and sampled loops. Ronson, who has produced for Saigon, Wale, Ghostface Killah and plenty more, split production duties with Remi on Back to Black, a dip into Motown soul with some tough girl attitude. 

Amy Winehouse Enlists Jay-Z & Pharoahe Monch For “Rehab” Remixes

When Jay-Z hops on your track, ears perk up. That’s the case for one of two officially sanctioned remixes to “Rehab,” the other of which features Pharoahe Monch. Released in April 2007, Hov’s rendition of "Rehab" gave Winehouse a lifelong membership to Hip Hop, while Monch’s remix of "Rehab" showed just how much space there was in her tracks to insert dizzying verses. "I wouldn't know what it is, apart from being different," Amy told MTV News of rappers’ taking a shine to her music. "Obviously I didn't set out to do that, but I have pride in being different. And the Jay-Z remix is wicked. I'm flattered that he liked [the song] enough to do something with it."



  • thugee

    for me that ghostface cut was the dopest.

  • Anonymous

    damn that sucks. waste of talent. i know someone else talented that might die cuz theyre on too manny drugs watch this nigga here

  • Ness

    I think she had talent, that's such a waste. By the way, that track with Ghostface is WICKED!!! Worth listening if you down with the Wu.

  • Mattaveli

    Have a peaceful journey girl,you will be missed.

  • Anonymous

    Stop disrespecting the dead, you could die tomorrow

  • Anonymous

    you know u got talent when you a coke head and still get shine

  • Tibedo

    R.I.P baby momma. I love you.

  • 7Cities

    * First & Foresmost, Rest In Peace to Amy (i did not know her, but i enjoyed her art) * SECOND, i wish Peace & serenity to the victims of Norway AND every other tragedy...but...BUT, this is a Hip-Hop website and an ARTICLE on a muscian who is affiliated with Hip-Hop that passed it is APPROPRIATE for people to pay respect on THIS article on this SITE...if you want to talk about Norway & other worldly issues, CREATE your own article or go to CNN...why hate on those paying respect? THIRD, those of you who disrespect the dead-there is nothing more harmful to you, THAN you!...your ignorance will take care of you in the end Amy, rest in Peace


      WOW!! look it jesus over here sitting in his cloud of judgement throwing his judgement lighting rods down at us and judging peoples comment in a comment bored.. well i'm sorry your majasty, we all did'nt mean to hurt thy feelings with are negitive comments on a stupid comment bored thats going to be bumped off in about 24 hours.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Ghost & Amy = Perfect Match R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

  • Tim Baland

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  • Alicia

    RIP Amy.. Your music was just amazing and your voice.. extraordinary.

  • damn thats some shit

    ever notice how the people eminem disses a lot in video and song keep dying (amy winehouse, michael jackson) thats gota be some bad karma shit

  • jj

    some people on here are ass holes for making bad comments about Amy Winehouse let the woman rest in peace.

  • BGG

    how can you people talk about a dead person like this??? your the type of people that are gonna have nobody at your funeral cuz all youll be remebered for is being a prick your whole lives

  • Anonymous

    Stupid druggie bitch

  • Anonymous

    thats what you get for doing drugs...she could have had it all but she chose the wrong path...such a waste..smh!!

  • thebest

    Her music was the bomb , when it comes to female soul singers no doubt . some people are just clueless and havent been up on her music , so they dont know .

  • hiphopman

    she could of had it all , she chose drugs over it . sad shit . she was one of my favorite female singers . take her over britney spears , lady gaga , katy perry , rihanna , anyday . RIP

  • xripperx

    Thousands of people die every day and Amy Winehouse isn't any more special than anybody else. and her music wasn't that great so stop acting like we lost some musical goddess who brought hope and joy to millions of people or something.

    • jdssd

      ehh everybody that has song in the radio gets a grammy now a days, i think afroman has 3 them, i guess that makes him a musical genius too. r.i.p to amy winehouse

    • BrownJack

      You're crazy. Have you ever listened to "Frank"? She was pretty unique. Also 5 grammys at age 23 is kind of special.

    • Anonymous

      um noone said she was more special... but she was a popular singer with millions of fans.... therefore media are going to cover her because of her high profile. that's their job kid... people grieve everyday but not everyone is a celebrity... therefore it wouldnt make sense to cover deaths of random people nobody knows. funny you'll be the first person to say rest in peace when its a celebrity you support... but now you're complaining. hypocrite.

    • Sugeknight

      You mean "raped" not "rapped" right? lol!

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you and get rapped by a cow.

  • Truth

    RIP TO EVERYONE WHO HAS PASSED AWAY. These celebs get too much credit (I've got nothing against Amy, just being on the real). What about those Bosnians who got mass murdered? What about those 91 people killed in Norway yesterday. Everyday we should be saying RIP to the people who are constantly passing away from this world.

  • Anonymous

    RIP Amy. She was very talented . Much respect.

  • HaveNiceDay

    I love how people talk mad shit about everything around them, when something fucked up happens to you or your fam or your close friends then yall are gonna be the same ones crying like little bitches

  • Anonymous

    fuck this stupid ass drug abusing bitch. good riddance. she brought that shit on her self and paid for it. now she burns.

  • Eli Abdallah

    why is this on HHDX??


    ok. hip-hop? j-bugga? lil asswhoop? amy was a great artist and it´s tragic motherfuckers made money of her so easy. her ex. her father. she had the cameras on her ass. drunk on stage, nobody givin a fuck. she is the product of our entertainment machine, and we love to eat some popcorn watching her die. now everbody´s like "what? amy winehouse died!?" - hiphopdx should have just said some neutral shit about the artist. only she knew her demons.

  • Josue Silva

    there will always be a stupid FUCKing ignorant piece of shit person who just talks shit....i suggest to those who love music and respect real musicians ignore these childish comments...once again rest in piece AMY WINEHOUSE

    • trooper I think you are seriously crazy if you think Amy Winehouse was a fluke artist. Now for her drug habits, if you want to be critical of that then fine. But her talent was pure. Her album was dope as hell and you should go listen to it. Because fact of the matter is her album had a lot of soul, old school 70's and 60's R&B appeal with some vintage British sound in it. D'Angelo said it was the only album he was feelin in years. Now if you listen to the album and honestly didn't like it then ok (even though I would disagree with you) but if you didn't then go listen to the album and I'll bet you wouldn't dare front on it.

    • chickenrahmin

      childish? 92 innocent people got killed in an attack on norway and you ignorant motherfuckers want to talk about some no talent coked out chickenhead. smh. faggot.

  • Josue Silva

    sooo talented....r.i.p. amy

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  • Jamal Al-Salaam Bey

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  • TokenReefer

    Who the fuck actually likes her garbage b.s music. r.i.p and all but she wasn't shit as a musician.

    • big sean+wiz khalifa=2fruity for me

      If you can appreciate music at all you have to respect AW music even if you dont like it. Back to back was the first album by a female I actually bumped since Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and Frank is pretty dope too. I dont sympathize for her but this truly was a tragedy.

    • Anonymous

      The only thing i hate more than a troll are the people that respond to them

    • Izindunduma

      Let's hear some music from you then dickhead.

    • Jose Vasquez

      Why give a fuck about commenting on someone you consider garbage?

    • Anonymous

      I liked Back In Black and I hardly ever listen to female R&B singers, but she had some funny lyrics *Bumps Rehab*

  • slyb

    some people have no respect for the dead how the fuck can u have the nerve to bad mouth a person dat passed away dats jus the lowest fucking thing you can do man .rip

  • well_ii_think

    so fuckin happy that her problems didn't COMPLETELY overshadow her amazing talent amy's my fav artists under lauryn hill THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING

  • Errol AstonmartinMusic Hurtt

    Its sad that most of you clowns feel concerned and depressed cuz someone famous from drugs, but you could care less if they aren't in the news or on tv....shows how fickle dis world is forreal

  • Anonymous

    Yes Winehouse was talented but... It's official Nas attracts girls that aint shit

  • Bogus

    She was a hot mess, but also a genius.

    • TaZzZz

      Kurt Cobain? Jimi Hendrix? Eminem? Janice Joplin? Jim Morrison? Just because your a creative genius doesn't make you infallible to the world's vices, especially when you have more money than you know what to do with. And who doesnt do drugs nowadays? Your grandma probably has more pill bottles than she can count. Just sayin... RIP

    • sh

      for a genius I guess she could'nt realize the simple math that too many drugs can kill u.

  • Fuck This Bitch

    Amy Winehouse; She took more shots in her arm than a Norwegian youth camp.

  • LOL

    Wow, Amy Winehouse is dead. Unfortunately, her parents can't keep her ashes as it would be possession of a Class A drug.

  • cjrocker

    So those who are complaining about news of her death on a hip-hop website can shush now.

  • WTF

    Are you serious??? Why are you idolizing and glorifying a crackhead/dopefiend???

    • Anonymous

      was with you until the last 2 sentences. i only hope that someone says that same shit about your mother when she dies.

    • Anonymous

      idk, why do people idolize a sexual offender by the name of Kobe Bryant???

    • Anonymous

      ^^^suck a big fat dick you dumb cunt.

    • ehhhhh

      i don't know, I say the same thing but u know some jabroni who just red this whole article is going to be all on her dick right now and did'nt really care who she was untill now. then people are going to start saying that guys who don't like her are fans of soulja boy or waka flocka something or some other rejected jabroni. so fuck her cuz she knew what she was doing when she was taking that crack. and fuck all those bozos who think the world just lost an angel.

    • Anonymous

      ^^y are you being a small dicked daddyfucker?

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