Duck Down Records Offers Whole 2011 Catalog "Season Pass" For $55

CD releases from Pharoahe Monch, Black Rob, Smif-n-Wessun & Pete Rock, Random Axe and more come with a zip-drive and autographed poster on the cheap.

New York City-based Duck Down Records will celebrate their busy 2011 by releasing the "Duck Down Season Pass." The label, owned and operated by Dru Ha and Black Moon's emcee Buckshot, will offer fans CD releases of albums including Pharoahe Monche's W.A.R. (We Are Renegades), Smif-N-Wessun & Pete Rock's Monumental, Sean Price, Guilty Simpson and Black Milk's Random Axe project, as well as Black Rob's new album Game Tested, Streets Approved release and the forthcoming Buckshot & 9th Wonder The Solution album, all for the price of $55 USD.

The package comes with a specially-made Duck Down Records 2GB zip drive keychain and an autographed Duck Down poster. Fans can purchase the package here.


  • Anonymous

    yo i fucks wit wat real hip hop says. i been in the office these niggas is cool and wen u walk in treat you like a person. you walk into another label with out knowing anyone they treat u like dog shit on the bottom of your shoe. Duck Down sign dope artist that most major label exec retards over look. so if you feelin that air out on my video in the comments i dont give a fuck if you hate my music video or love it jus say some real shit ill leave it up for the world to see

  • real hip hop

    dumb asses disrespecting duck down...its because of labels like these that we keep gettin real material...whether albums flopped or not they'v been around for years and ofcoz the music isnt for skinny ass jeans wearing little kids...if they been around for that long means dough is coming in..basic principles of business...if u dont hav any money u close....15years in the game and no thats sumthin to big up....go suck fifty's dick

  • Vocab

    Lmao. a few months ago I mentioned that Duck Down should have a season pass to get all there albums from this year, how ya'll gonna play be and not even give me a shoutout Buckshot? screw it, copped it. Honestly couldnt think of a better way to spend the money. great way to look out for the fans. 2011 is the year of Duck Down

  • werz

    duck down was dope back in the days but now???? they only repeat them selfs. This stunt is desperate cry for attention. please retire duck down you all had a good and long run but now its time to retire. Nowadays people like skinny jeans and faggot hiphop

    • Anonymous

      damn thats cold bro i gotta disagree though, it may seem like a desperate cry for attention to you, but i see this as a brilliant marketing plan, i gotta give it to them, in this economic climate the industry is experiencing, something like this is needed. props to Duck Down for this

  • Champ Fulse

    thats hiphop! DuckDown has the best releases for the past year!

  • Eklipz'77

    That's a great deal for great albums ! Duckdown keeps innovating the game

  • junMaf*ckn

    Duck Down Is The Premier Independent East Coast Hardcode HipHop Label. Successful... 15 years strong... continuing their pursuit of innovative business ventures and risk taking marketing ploys... I Salute Yawl Buck and Dru. Thanx For Tha Inspiration...

  • Jay

    Yeah, Pete Rock & S&W got screwed on sales too

  • Blaisman

    It's a great deal. Duck Down is one of the best indies out but Random Axe not even hitting the charts was terrible news

  • Real Hip Hop

    add Torae double barrel

  • Anonymous

    If they should throw in torae and Marco polo's "Double Barrel" album for the niggaz who sleep on hip hop

  • Anonymous

    I got W.A.R. and Random Axe already. I would jump on this if only had one.

    • shnae

      i got everyone but black robs shit and its pissing me off cuz thats a sick deal and i want the poster lol.

  • yo

    Yall want to continue to hear that "real hip hop" right? Then start buying the fuckin music. And all these stupid ass blogs, that supposedly LOVE hip hop, but post up new albums to be downloaded for free need to cut that shit out. It would be sad to see Duck Down go under...

  • SutterKane

    Buisness must be bad for them if there resorting to this Sad, I love Duck down but a deal like this is what people do when there REALLY, REALLY DESPERATE to get buisness Like a resteraunt that hangs up an "All you can eat fopr $5" sign in the window, it means they about to go outta buisness and need any money they can get

  • Jamal Al-Salaam Bey

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  • Anonymous

    If I didnt have W.A.R. already I'd probably have gotten this.

  • beeazy

    this is a good look with all classics slum as niggas don't know shit about hiphop

  • Osiel Salas

    Nigga please!!! That's a hell of a deal.

  • hudes

    i WISH i knew about this before most them cd's came out. what you want me to RE-BUY monumental? and WAR? i got a box set from the Boot Camp Clik already called Triple Treat. Those were 3 serious LP's. damn though, i want that autograph

  • Anonymous

    they must be really desperate at duck down totally no sales: pete rock and smif n wessun did flopped and black rob will also flop hard

    • Anonymous

      Because they couldn't even if they tried.

    • Anonymous

      yeah but they never sold their souls to sell records to skinny jeans faggot hipster swag kids

    • Anonymous

      dumbasses dont talk about respect and shit duck down isnt what they used to be. they had there best time in the 90's

    • IDK

      what is it with yall goldigging bitches and pointing out "flopped" albums??? so what??? Black Moon's "Enta da Stage" sold only around 350,000 as of today, yet that album is still considered as one of the greatest albums of all time! and we're talking about at a level where Illmatic, Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers, and Ready to Die are at, despite not being above Gold status compared to those Platinum-selling classics! so who the fuck cares about earning big-ass sales???

    • Curt McGirt

      That Pete Rock/Smif n Wessun album was no flop. Are u fucking SERIOUS??!! This is the main problem these days when you got folks that place no value to the music and really dont know what the fuck they talking about.

    • Anonymous

      at least they still have their dignity and respect

  • Anonymous

    i aint never heard a sound that was worth $55 #JustBeingHonest

  • Anonymous

    I might buy this. That's a great deal and I support artists like them who really deserve it.

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