Buckshot & 9th Wonder "The Solution" Album Stream

UPDATE #3: The Brooklyn-to-Raleigh connect sees a third album in their series.

Brooklyn-to-North Carolina duo Buckshot & 9th Wonder will release The Solution on October 25. Today, Duck Down Records, who released Chemistry and The Formula in 2005 and 2008 respectively, made a formal announcement. The Black Moon-meets-Little Brother collaborations have become more than a side-project for the pair, who cracked the Top 200 of the charts with the last release.

Details of The Solution are still unknown. While Buckshot released an audio-book The Common Knowledgy of The Entertainment Industry this year, 9th Wonder has produced for Chris Brown and Lil B this year, and is planning to release his solo album, The Wonder Years this fall as well.

(July 22, 2011)

UPDATE: UndergroundHipHop.com reports that Duck Down Music will release Buckshot & 9th Wonder's The Solution on November 13. This is over a year since its first release date was announced and subsequently delayed.

[September 23]

UPDATE #2: 9th Wonder and Buckshot have revealed the tracklist and cover art for their upcoming collaborative album The Solution, releasing November 13th.


1) The Big Bang
2) What I Gotta Say
3) Stop Rapping
4) Crazy
5) The Feeling
6) SAM
7) Pat Em Down
8) Keep It Going
9) The Change Up
10) Shorty Left (Feat. Rapsody)
11) You (feat. DyMe-A-DuZin)
12) The Solution

[October 17]

UPDATE #3: 9th Wonder and Buckshot have released the full stream of their latest album The Solution, the third in their collaborative series. Listen to the project below.

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  • killer

    every buck album is a hard hitter

  • steeler1

    Album is fire hot so whatever

  • Eklipz'77

    On Chemistry Buck sounded invigorated, on The Formula he sounded on point, but on this he sounds boring. Damn shame I was really looking forward to this album.

  • Anonymous

    Fucking garbage... And I dare any of you nerds listen to Buck's first dogshit solo, "B.D.I. Thug." The dude has all the good intentions in the world but solo he's trash-- always has been, always will be. The KRS-One collab was decent but guess why?

  • chrisroman

    9th Wonder was my inspiration for production back in 2006 and damn he still makes cold shit...bucks always been okay and blends well with the production but @ChrisRomanMusic still says #FuckYourBeats cuz them shits is whack

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Very good hip hop album,dont know what rap crap u want to liston to, but shit,this was a solid hip hop album,compare to alot bullshit out there.....

  • zZzzZZ

    album is weak. buckshot fell off damn near 15 years ago. he used to have one of the heaviest flows ever. now he sleep walks through tracks. he's not a bad rapper but he doesn't even sound liek the buckshot i liked. the buckshot i liked wasn't a chore to listen to. and i have no idea what happened to 9th wonder but he cant find a hot loop to save his life anymore. shame. these guys are both gassed out in my opinion. 2 or 3 tracks that were decent but the rest.. the first track is GARBAGE. 9th wonder should never try using a guitar in his beats ever again. tried something different and failed miserably. and i second the kid saying that chick rapsody is trash. shes all over 9ths shit and shes horrible. female rappers are typically not very good and shes no exception. wack voice, wack lyrics, wack personality. 9th, clean it up man. and buckshot, focus on duck down. ive heard one good album on duck down in like 5 years, and that was mic tyson.

    • The What

      To say that female rappers are not typically good is such a generalization. However, I have to admit with you in that in the current market there are not many good female rappers. I can only think of Jean Grae of the top of my head. Not sure if there are any very good underground female rappers out there. I hear that Rah Digga is making a come back. She was nice

    • Anonymous

      you must be joking... are you deaf? have you heard any of the other buckshot and 9th wonder albums? straight fire!


    Candidate for album of the year, clearly. Good job 9th :)

  • Anonymous

    i love 9th but i wish he stop tryin 2 push Rapsody so hard! that bitch is wack & she da only 1 that get any play from his roster! anyway, not really feelin the songs that i've heard so far from "The Solution". i bet his album like 35 min long. smh! where's the duckdown crew? they need 2 expand a lil bit. get sum more features. i love duckdown & boot camp but buckshot can be very boring @ times. thats y he need more features!

  • Anonymous

    You probably like 2 Chainz hahaha but forreal WTF?! Ain't Rapping about Nothing?!?!?! Listen to "The Formula" again, its got messages and a concept behind the album(s)... Kanye did that too with the school type of covers, THINK ABOUT IT lol

  • Anonymous

    That is a wicked cover right dere!

  • GuyD

    Anxious to see what this album sounds like. Always been a fan of 9th, but I think he has fallen off in the past couple years. Chemistry and The Formula were both solid albums; hopefully gettin back with Buckshot will bring 9th back.

  • Anonymous

    Buckshot fell the fuck off... ALL the albums with 9th are garbage rap about NOTHING... five foot motherfucker needs to play off KRS or Black Moon to be listenable...

  • Anonymous

    Most classics go unoticed in hip hop!

  • itsisoelpololoco_hova@ymail.com

    This site is filled with haters man. Find something else to do.

    • Anonymous

      WOW! so many negative folks up on this site. Don't be mad cuz you'll never accomplish half of what buck and 9th have done. low-life haters, u need to get a hobby!! do something constructive with your time instead of hating.

    • -

      you know what they say about critics.. those that can't do review..

  • itsisoelpololoco_hova@ymail.com

    I'm glad I'm seeing this. They fit perfectly together. I had Formula on heavy rotation for the longest.

  • chronwell

    The Fromula was brilliant.Oneof my afavorite summer albms too. I would call myself Anonymous too with all that hate.HAHAHA! Why embarass yourself?

  • Anonymous

    Hope they make a classic like "enter the stage" or any blackmoon album

  • Tibedo

    I think 9th's best work besides Little Brother has been with Buckshot. Can't wait for it. The David Banner joint was straight too.

  • Jack Merridew

    to the guy underneath me, you don't know shit about rap last album by david banner produced by 9th wonder was criticaly acclaimed and it deserved it last album by 9th wonder and buckshot was dope too I agree that 9th wonder is not on the same level as primo but he can produce good beats so I'm very excited about a new album since the last twos were very good

  • Anonymous

    9th wonder is finished. and his ego is out of control. he introduces himself as "grammy award winning producer" and he can't go one interview without mentioning the fact he did a track for jay-z. notice jay never asked for a SECOND beat. 9th wonder's last album with murs was trash, the joint with david banner with weak, and he argues with fans on twitter cuz he loves lil b and mac miller. hasn't nade a hot beat in a long time, hasn't made an album worth hearing since the minstrel show. 9th thinks he's pete rock or primo, he doesn't have any classics on their level. buckshot been boring since enta da stage.

  • Anonymous

    9th Wonder fell off a long time ago and is a worse copy of himself nowadays, while Buckshot was never more than an average rapper.

  • Anonymous

    More hott beats for Buckshot to underachieve on!

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