Consequence Releases "The Plagurist Society" Diss To Pusha T, Warns Kanye West Is Next

Cons fires shots at the Clipse member and his G.O.O.D. Music boss on the new track.

After making earlier claims that Pusha T stole lines from one of his tracks, Consequence is firing back at his former G.O.O.D. Music cohort. In a track titled “The Plagurist Society” released to MTV's RapFix, Cons lashes out at the Clipse member in not-so-subtle ways.

“So what you’ve ignited is the heroin flow that’ll eat your flesh alive / Before EMS arrives and the wings of death decide / That it’s time to expire / Yeah, meaning it’s time to retire/ Because you’ll never get a trophy, playing for the Steelers / They steal niggas lines, steal niggas flows / 40 million in, still a nigga owes,” he raps.

He then takes shots at the Clipse, rapping, “You keep fuckin’ around but still don’t hit / And that’s why the mothafuckin’ Clipse got clipped,” continuing, “But still there’s no Malice in my heart / For these poor little wretched clowns that I’ma coast through.”

Before finishing up the track, Cons sends a message to Pusha to warn Kanye West that he’s up next. “He ain’t nothin’ but a body shield for the coward from the Midwest / So yes, you can bet / That your boss is next,” he concludes.

Listen to the track below.

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  • Williams Jordan

    LMAO! This is some funny shit when two grown men act like children.

  • Anonymous

    cons is a clown who only has a lil bit of fame off his cuzo n yeezy...hes nothing special at all n what about all the hits cons dropped that flopped like a fish outta water....dude had a single with kanye n john legend on it with a video by hype williams n it still tanked... u cant talk about the clipse bein unsuccessful when theyre much more successful than u

  • Champ Fulse

    Cons to the Quense is Greta Garbo! Pusha alright. and kanye lays with the Beast! he ruined Tribes 4th effort.

  • Anonymous

    too bad kanye is too far above this beef shit. so fire at him nigga you aint gon do shit but tire yo finger out

  • Roman Erik Grisby

    Cons is nice and so is Pusha. MOD 2 and FOG bump heavy on the iPod. Cons needs to chill though. I remember Cons was out in the 90's but not a lot of other do. And if you got beef with Kanye (which every nigga seems to nowadays) call Kanye out first. No disrespect to his skills but if it weren't for his G.O.O.D. music affiliation, not too many cats would even know Cons! Two years prior, Clipse and Pharrell were going platinum. I watched the vid where Cons said the lines Pusha "stole" from him and it made him seem so lame. Grasping for attention. I'm a little disappointed in Cons. Keep spittin' and get ya money up Consequence. You deserve it. This beef shit just ain't good for anyone.

  • Whatever

    Wasn't he the one bitching and whining how everything was cool and he was just going to do his thing? Man, cats are bitches sometimes. Lying through that guardrail he has for teeth...smh

  • Anonymous

    con is kanyes number 1 ghostwriter that why kanye didnt want to promote him thats why college dropout and MBDTF sound so diffrent

  • DrectMoody

    cons will serve pusha. trust

  • Anonymous

    get them con i like beef from time to time its fun

  • DMVstandUP

    Who really cares about Cons? He keeps bitching about all these songs he co wrote. Ok, so you wrote some songs. Stop hating on the dudes who are spitting fire and getting paper! What they eat don't make you shit, so stop with the jealousy. This shouldn't even be a story, he should get no air time. Fuck outa here!

  • drPHiiiL

    Pusha T & Consequence are BOTH nice/lyrical rappers this beef is gonna get resolved but if it doesnt i'd like to see this lyrical battle instead of Bow Wow & Soulja Boy you dont gotta be on one side u dick riders u can like Pusha & Cons

  • Anonymous

    Pusha T is as fake as rick ross, never sold shit. ye he good on the mic but its all bullshit,Consequence is a good artist and speaks the truth, thats why i respect him.

  • saint

    I like Cons but this is some lame shit.

  • BrownJack

    Somehow I've never heard Consequence ever come wack, but I've never enjoyed a Consequence track. He's like Kanye West minus all charisma.

  • somebody gon get slapped


  • Alex Christy

    Cons shits on Pusha T anyday, period.

    • Greg Hunter Jr.

      ummm Wrong Pusha is wayyyyy better than Cons. Hell Malice is better Cons. Cons is mad cuz Ye signed him n gave him more attention than cons eva had. and a good COns album it will never measure up to the Clispe Hell Hath No Fury. DMV all day!!!!!

  • Am Alive

    Cons needs to fall the fuck back

  • TellinItStraight

    you do know cons was writing some of ye's lyrics for years now...

  • 123!

    i cant believe this dude still butt hurt about pusha "supposedly" stealing a line of his....smh it was just two words that he himself didnt create!

  • Nah

    poor cons. he won't make it far now. but this his fault so oh well fuck it. BUT REAL TALK CONS SHITS ON PUSHA ALL DAY ANYDAY. If you really think otherwise you a joke. nuff said

  • Jesus

    so i left G.O.O.D Music for good luckily they just opened a wal-mart in the hood oh shit is that Waka? i hope Kanye doesnt catching me smelling his boxers i mean i dont wanna look like a stalker what 7.55 an hour man fuck these fuckers hey Ye hire me back! im sorry im a backstabber who talks shit its just the fact iv never had a hit if i get another chance ill suck your dick while i play with Pusha's sack Consequence-Dick suckin season

    • Jesus

      poor ass rsppers workin at wal-mart, shit me and waka push carts our careers before they even start Can someone lend me a butterfinger, cmon have a heart shit Waka talkin bout eating at mcdonalds but i cant do to much of that i wish i could afoord powerade by the bottles but what else can i do i already rap for food and this job doesnt pay for my shopping cart i push poor ass niggas wearing a wal-mart vest poor ass niggas wearing a wal-mart vest poor ass niggas wearing a wal-mart vest WAKA WAKA WAKA nigga you say anything else? why yes, could i help you with that sir? fuck man we aint trying to increase sales i know but i aint selling records yelling BUR man we gotta get a better job i heard burger king is hiring oh yeah well what do we gotta do to feed the american blobs? suck off the manager til he plans on retiring sounds like a mu fuckin plan yeah besides the red shirt is much more styling holy shit is that gucci mu fuckin MANE!

    • Uncle Otis

      hahaha oh shit it's waka flocka

  • yeah

    “You keep fuckin’ around but still don’t hit"-Yeah Consequence is shouldn't be saying that, whens the last time he made a fucking hit. I like him but I hate how all he's doing is talking shit, instead of actually bettering his career by finally dropping a fucking album i mean that's why he left G.O.O.D music.

  • Everett Da Amin Rucker

    I thought I heard the last of Consequence a while ago...then I see this shit. Retire nigga. Pusha-T is one of the best doing it. Don't hate cuz you can't be

  • Jamie Lynn

    i really miss the eminem/g unit disses to benzino and ja rule they were very entertaining. i haven't heard a good diss track in years, well except that hopsin one the other day. hopsin is only dissing tyler cause tyler is having success right now and he's trying to get in the spotlight. it worked cause before that track on here i never heard of hopsin. it was smart of him, but weak diss tracks are always coming out its lame.. eminem, jayz and nas did it right

  • Anonymous

    If he could spell "Plagiarist", maybe I would care.

  • poetic assasin

    he gotta get his spelling up first...

  • Pfffff

    Funny thing is, people who make good music and know how to last don't need to do diss records. I'm not talking about Jay-z/Nas because this was on a different level, but nowadays...First The Game disses everybody because he doesn't get enough attention for his album, and now Cons? If his career is so flat, it is his own fault, why is he releasing diss tracks and complaining about others "stealing his lines"? I gotta admit it's funny though, this guy really thinks Pusha T and Kanye are concerned about him dissing them? SMH

  • son of a sax

    LOL!!! Aint nobody worried about him. I mean he's good, for a couple of jabs. But thats it. He act like somebody owe him something. like he's really bringing something to the table. Tip brought YOU to the table. And been living off of Tips fame and that little bit shine you got on B R and L ever since. its time for you to get a real job cause you aint saying nuthin new.

  • Anonymous

    Crybaby season is in full effect I see Niggas sure do act stupid when the Temp. rises

  • ac

    cons shits on pusha. yall dont know shit

  • Maxwell Harkness

    Pusha is a much better rapper than Cons will ever be. Before any one questions, yes i heard him back in his Tribe days, he has been a rapper that is just boring. Let him go back to his old man bickering.


    Hot to DEF... These bitch-ass, greedy bitin' ass rappaz' days are over. I'm witchoo Cons!! SLANG HUGHES

  • Javier Martinez

    It's sad that this guy just never got his break. But then, he ruined what he had & now he'll NEVER make it. Unfortunate...

  • Gamble

    ......And that is why Cons got dropped from G.O.O.D Music..Nuff said.

  • Vanno Davis

    i wish if u was going to beef u would do a nas/jay-z beef and make good music but no u just go to the media and run on like a bitch

  • Anonymous

    Dear Consequence ( or otherwise known as the loser who ruined the legendary ACTQ), Nobody cares about you because your flow is wack. We fast forward through most of your guest verses because they ruin most trax. Be happy that great MCs like Q-Tip, Kanye and Clipse even let you in their circle. Warning Kanye that he'll be next is like Canibus dissing Premier. Some failure calling out a legend. Get real and respect your successful peers and be grateful they let you get a little shine. Dont blame them because you never garnered enough attention / hype. To most of us, you are just the guy who ruined Tribe Called Quest and were lucky enough to roll with Kanye for a minute.

  • Jude Zephir

    This nigga got his panties in a bunch cuz a nigga rapped about the same topic as him not even took his lyrics jus a topic #HOSITDOWN

  • The B


  • hmmmm

    things are heating up in the game

  • steve

    Consequence what are you doin don't quit your day job was your new stuff is gonna be whack that was a weak diss track

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