Game Speaks On Making "Uncle Otis," Says He's Prepared If Jay-Z Strikes Back

Exclusive: Game says he made "Uncle Otis" less than 24 hours ago, and explains why he felt the need to break his promise to leave Jay-Z out of his verses.

Just over an hour ago, Compton, California's Game released "Uncle Otis" , a diss track aimed at Jay-Z, who with Kanye West, released "Otis" to the radio and Internet Wednesday (July 20) evening. Moments later, Game spoke with HipHopDX, explaining the song's role within a five-plus-year back-and-forth relationship between the Black Wall Street founder and the head of Roc Nation.

"The same thing that happens every time I drop a diss record is what's happening with 'Uncle Otis', which is nothing but love. You've got those people who are totally biased towards loving Jay-Z, and I don't have no problem with that, 'cause that's cool. I expected that," admitted Game. "Then you've got Game fans who love me and are gonna side with me. Then you've also got people who are just gonna say the real. The real is that the track is fuckin' dope and the shit is funny."

As the emcee was in a jovial mood today, he was asked if antics like this are intended to make Hip Hop fun for the fans. "Every now and then, shit needs to be shaken up. Hip Hop is cool in the club, but in the daytime, we're fuckin' bored. We need substance. That's really no shot at nobody, that's really just my sentiments. During the day, we're goin' through our life and we don't have anything real to bump except our classics, which is [Notorious B.I.G.], 2Pac, [Dr.] Dre, Snoop [Dogg], the list goes on. Then at night, you can get your fix if you go to the club or you've got your radio on," noted Game. "Every now and again, you've got to shake it up, and I've always been that dude. I think I'm gonna continue to be that dude throughout the duration of my career."

Game Explains When He First Heard Jay-Z & Kanye West's "Otis"

Having been overseas earlier in the week, Game admitted that it had been less than 24 hours since he heard the album cut from Watch The Throne. "I never heard the original 'Otis' until I drove up to the studio [last night]. I heard everybody bigging it up." Game acknowledged the song's appeal in saying, "On XM, I heard 'Otis' and was like, 'This shit is pretty cool. I wanna rap on it for the mixtape.' DJ Skee couldn't find the instrumental 'cause it had only been out for a day. So we called Mars, who [remade] the beat, and I just snapped on it."


In making "Uncle Otis," Game recognizes that he's falling back on his word to stop dropping verbal barbs at Marcy Projects' native son. "I contemplated, 'Damn, I went at Jay; I said I was off of that.' Fuck it. I'm me. I'm Game. I do what I do." He continued, "I just had fun, man. Anybody that want a problem, or wants to say somethin' on a record, you know it's gonna get a response, so watch yaself." Game previously worked with Kanye West on his own hit "Dreams," as well as on 'Ye's "Crack Music."

Game Weighs In On If Jay-Z Will Respond To His Diss

Before even being asked about it, Game spoke on the prospects of Jay-Z replying, something that's been interpreted through subliminal lines and songs since 2005's "Dear Summer." "With Jay, I've been tryin' to coax him into sayin' somethin' or doin' somethin'. But he's smart, and I don't think he'll jump out the window like that. Plus, I'm prepared for it." Game added with a laugh, "With his age and where he's at with his career, he might be too reserved to entertain [a challenge], and I respect that."

Noting that he pushed the envelope forward, Game declared, "I just did a single to a mixtape to promote my album. It's business; it ain't personal."

Game's R.E.D. album is planned for August 23 release, with a promotional mixtape in the next two weeks.


  • kingChronic

    ya'll can say wateva fact is hip hop lately sounds like a repeated track, everybody saying the same ish, game is ryt hip hop is boring and we cn do with some fun, yall gay z fans commenting just shut the f up, watch game go platinum again wit his red cn jayz nt respond to da king of the west coast??? nigga is afraid period and too old for this shit

  • Anonymous

    Jay z will never respond directly to Game. He dont want it to turn 2 the streets Jay too old for that shit hes already a living legend. check out a fat chick getting into a fight with a guy over fried chicken look at it here bitch is crazy fat



  • Anonymous

    just another loud mouth rapper with loud opinions that did some name dropping to get people's attention to sell some records i really think its as simple as that

  • Fuck Uncle Otis

    Game is a bipolar faggot. Sucking Jay's cock ever since he started rapping on Aftermath. I don't understand how he can go to sleep at night knowing the fact that he sucks cock in rap.

  • matt

    has this nikka lost his mind? otis wasn't that good, but the game is losing his shit.

  • matt

    has this nigga lost his mind? otis wasn't that good, but the game is losing his shit.

  • Justsayingwhatifeel

    Name one mainstream rapper not trying to make a radio hit. you cant there all making that bumble gum He's just sick of it, when i need something of substance i dont listen to anything mainstream or music in the last year. GAME do you! everyone thinking it no ones saying it


    why ya'll aint talkin bout Nas protegee finally dropping

  • gasoline

    i've lost the little ounce of respect i had for this dude...

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  • Lynn Green

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  • im a fagggot what

    i hope they beeef shit.

  • Brian White

    I've stuck up for The Game in every battle, but this is just stupid. The Game needs to focus on music, doesn't he realize he's everything he hates (50 Cent). He isn't loyal to anyone, just whoever's big in the rap game at the time. Hope you read this Game, quit jumping on bandwagons and learn how to be the bandwagon.

  • Anonymous

    biggest fraud in rap!! so so fake this nigga he should start singing n wear tight pants n suck dick

  • Azhar

    Nothing worse than a nigga crying for attention... Lame shit... I used t be a fan of Game, but the more he calls out other rappers names the cornier he gets... How many times did that nigga say Dr Dre's name on Doctor's Advocate... talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Stop bullshittin and go da fuck in on somebody maybe then you will get a response, if not shut da fuck up and put out a album already!

  • ha!

    Best part of this whole diss is the Kreayshawn diss. That was beautiful how he called out that Trashy Vnasty girl about saying nigga. Ha!

  • Anonymous

    Isn't this the same dude that was begging 50 cent to talk to him so he could get back in the light. The music industry is about to do the same thing 50 did....leave his slob ass for DEAD. BET banned his video, so that's like a nicca losing a stash house....he's a cockroach with the light on.

  • killa

    Jay is the best mc in this rap shit, why the fuck would he respond to this lame ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    OTIS>>>> uncle otis

  • Anonymous

    im a big Game fan, but this is fuckin stupid. the most stupid part is that u think Jay is gonna respond. There is no chance in hell he's gonna respond. Jay is a smart dude, he knows when people are tryin to use him to get a buzz. So with that being the case, the most savage blow he can deliver is to just ignore it, which is exactly what he'll do.

  • over

    and there goes what lil was left of games career

  • MMG

    This niggga game will do & say anything for a buzz he's so lame & I highly doubt his album will even do 100k when it drops. Why would Gay Z respond to give him the buzz he so clearly wants. BOSS!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lol......this isn't a beef record. People are so crazy sometimes. Beef was 300 Bars, Ether, The Takeover, Super Ugly and Hit Em Up. It's funny how Eminem can call black women "niggers" in a song back when he was young and he gets a pass. V Nasty has 2 children by a black man and everybody going at her neck. Eminem has a child by a white woman, so what's the problem with V Nasty?

    • KapDiva

      Dear Killa Cali, Eminem did in fact call black women "niggers" as well as "moon people". He admitted to saying it and apologized for it. He blamed it on being young and getting his heart broken by a black girl he liked. He was mad at her and the way she did him. It's has alot to do with the topic, because that was part of this song. A white rapper using the word nigger and then Jay Z. I'm not mad, just stating the facts. RE:He never called them "niggers" you stupid Ignorant F*ck! and what tha hell does That gotta do with this Topic!!?? Gosh, people get so offended nowadays..get over it...Like Jay-Z told Game

    • Killa Cali

      He never called them "niggers" you stupid Ignorant F*ck! and what tha hell does That gotta do with this Topic!!?? Gosh, people get so offended nowadays..get over it...Like Jay-Z told Game!

    • CoCaine McSniffington

      Maybe cuz V-nasty is a chick

  • Anonymous

    game is a fucking bi polar pussy he didnt give not one good reason for any of this fuckery i dont fucks with game anymore for a reason fuck game, you just mad 50 came out on top and that he ignoring the fuck outta you lately, so you have to go after someone like jay z just cause your 'bored' if your bored push MUSIC not FUCKERY -____-

  • Anonymous

    But really the fact is, we not in the same bracket Not in the same league, don’t shoot at the same baskets Don’t pay the same taxes, hang with the same b-tches So how am i in the way, what is it i’m missing? N-gga i been missing, n-gga i been gone

  • Anonymous

    These n-gga’s want me to go, don’t they know that i’m gone They know i’m space shuttle level they need oxyg-g-g-gen Don’t they know that they born? Don’t they know that i yawn, Only time they excited is when they mentioning Shawn

  • Anonymous

    red album gonna flop hard

  • mando

    LMAO isnt game the same one that told frank ocean and chris brown not to beef???cause beef gets you nowhere.....this nigga lost it....

  • Jay

    I thought Game once said "I don't take shots at legends, that's just something I don't do" just saying

  • joy

    Wudd up ya'll butt-hurt gay z fans?? Game is just making fun thats all.. Adding some shake in boring Hip Hop these days. Smfh at ppl saying they lost respect for Game and not gona support RED. C'mon just because he made you laugh on a record ?!!

  • k

    I find Jay z annoying at times, but game is such a delusional douchebag it's beyond belief.

  • dion

    @youdntknow 50 didnt go at ross. ross went at 50 first but other den that i agree wit u

  • Anonymous

    Hiphop newsflash: The Game says im sorry Jay-Z i didn't wanted to diss you. Can we be friends? I will clean also your toilet if you do a record with me? Please you that im a bitch!

  • Thomas Curry Curré

    jay is not gonna respond, he is waaay to cocky

  • Jamal Al-Salaam Bey

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  • Nathan

    yo you know jay z probably is in a bath tub smoking a Cuban reading this article on his custom iPad laughing at the game honestly it's kind of pathetic you have to start beefs To improve your record sales

    • ffddfs

      Rick Ross came at 50 Cent not Vice Versa

    • youdntknow

      Your sad, you must dream about Jay-z everynight and bust a nut. Hip Hop has always had beefs - 50 cent used the tactic on rick ross - cause ross was getting huge hype and now jay-z is getting hype of the new single and he used that single to spit on and attack him. its being smart not being pathetic - if people are catching feelings your sad - remember KRS-one and LL Cool J they kept it on wax - Game made the single for a laugh to hype you up and he has done what he has done hype up his album so people notice him.... its good business plan!

  • Obi Patrick

    The Game stay ripping into this camel face clown ass nigga....this is good stuff..

  • B@nksy

    The game is smart he was aware of all the buzz around watch the thrown and wanted too draw some of that attention too himself and his upcoming mixtape and albumn by dissing yeezy and Jay z. He intentionally used the same beat and similar song tittle to create that link. What the fuck though, I like Game but I lost respect for him by doing this, the highlights of his songs are no longer punchlines or his aggressive delivery it's about I wonder who the game is gonna namedrop on this track,

  • Anonymous

    Game has probably been writing a diss to jay for 6 years. now he's trying to bait jay into battling him with some shit he's been preparing for 6 years.... trying to take shortcuts to the top. smh predictable, loser. You are not on jay's level, stop trying to find shortcuts.

  • Yo

    Maybe Jay don't go at Game because he's corny... Yo game your brother called he wants his life story back... Clown!!!

  • slruim

    Talk about trying to sell records. Pretty sure Game first dissed 50 just to boost his sales. Talk about "bitch nigga"

  • Mr Flamboyant

    I actually respect Game for doing this. He does have a point. Besides... the Otis cut was boring and damn near wack anyway.

  • Czar

    I'm a huge Jay-Z fan I even got the homie book he wrote but with that said Jay-Z isnt a battle rapper.That's not a part of him as a rapper.Jay-Z will diss T-Pain but not talented rappers like Joe Buddens and Game cuz he know for a fact they would rap him in a blanket.And this is coming from someone that support Jay-Z and have supported him for years.

    • Plinth

      You can't be that big a fan because you clearly didn't hear "The Takeover" which in my eyes is one of the greatest diss tracks ever made. And I don't even like Jay that much.

  • Ml

    Game needs to move over and let Blu rep the west now. Why doesn't the media ever cover Blu? He dropped a classic in 07 and nothing....

  • jjay

    You're all a bunch of pansies! Disses bring out the best in rappers, I guess you don't want to see your favorites try any more? You're satisfied with their mediocrity. Hip-Hop used to be competitive, but now you can't even diss wack rappers like wacka flocka because you'll be labeled "hater" and people defend the wack with "oh, he's making money, don't hate". It's retarded.

    • toxic

      i agree whole heartedly, rap is getting boring, if game wants to go at people to get a rise and/or a publicity stunt then do it, its getting too mediocre now besides i remember when hiphop was about LYRICS not dancin in the club now its all bullshit

  • moni

    i dont think many of you even read the article. lmao



  • beezoy

    I have no respect for game for beefing for no reason

    • KapDiva

      Lol......this isn't a beef record. People are so crazy sometimes. Beef was 300 Bars, Ether, The Takeover, Super Ugly and Hit Em Up.

  • 123!

    boring lame diss tho ill admit game did kill jigga on im so wavy

  • da1

    The game is a lame. This dude is immature as hell. He just does stuff just to do it. And when has Jay ever respond to Game. Only time he might of said something slick about game was when he responded to that button up shirt and drive maybachs line. It may be to increase the buzz for his album but I think he's just a clown ass nigga. Watch this idiot pay tribute to Jay and call him a legend in a week or two.

  • Anonymous

    the diss sucked , auto tune bullshit , how you can compare that to takeover or ether or no vasseline , fuck that , fuck game , he fell off , tryin to make a buz , fuck this bitch ass striper

  • Arcpp

    Just the other week game was sitting chris brown and frank ocean down and caringly advising them against beef on some mature man to man shit. I've lost any respect i had for game both as a rapper and a man. Definitely not supporting R.E.D. the man is a flake. He has no regard for the value of a man's word.

  • fcvs

    funny how game talks like he isn't going to be old (I think he already is) don't know how people support rappers like game and ross.. just shows how rap is kinda fucked up

  • HRH

    DX is so kyked out. Game never even mentioned [Notorious B.I.G.] name as he mentioned Classics, but DX, for some reason, had to mention it with the brackets. GO FUCK YOURSELF DX! You kyked out faggots

  • Nike Champ 718

    Why doesn't this ni99a just get into wrestling and get it over with. At least there, manufactured beef is welcomed. WITH THE 24 INCH PYTHONS, BROTHERRRRRR! WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN GAME-A-MANIA RUNS WILD ON YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!

  • QB

    This nigga WISHES Jay would respond.. he's been stalking Jigga for years for cheap publicity. I'm no Jay-Z fan but from his "Change of Heart" days to now, Game has always been a bitch..

  • Petros Marinho

    fuck game and gay-z!

  • Gunn Starr

    so basically it was a pointless diss that had no real fire behind it-and serves to promote the chinese democracy that watch the throne is about to be-and proves that game can't write a rap without name dropping.....sheesh

  • Anon

    As much as I hate this overrated nigga. I hope Jay does respond. I've misssed real hip-hop beef. And not that Lil Kim - Nicki Minaj bullshit. Hopefully Jay kills this clown.

  • Anonymous

    So this is hip hop in 2011.

  • Mandy Sandy

    oh great, more hating on jay! and kanye, and who'z it from? gayme. diz faggot neva keepz jay-z!'z name outta hiz mouth. he knowz dat hiz G.A.Y. album will flop dat'z been delayed 4 2 yrz now. da people want watch da throne, not gayme'z album. i hope diz dude retirez afta he flopz. get da fuck outta here gayme! RNGMB BITCH!

  • The B

    This shit is WACK!!! DAMN!!!

  • Anonymous

    When he said "Every now and then, shit needs to be shaken up" i thought of that scene in Paid in full, when Rico was tellin em niggas how he picked up the cake and smashed the cake in bra face "i walked up to the table, picked up the cake, mushed it in his face said happpy birthday"

  • chitownthebesttown

    "It's business, not personal" This clown doesn't even know why he's making diss records LOL, just trying to get a buzz around his name since that shit is dead. Please retire Gayme like you said you were gonna do a few years ago, "Hip Hop" wouldn't miss you....

  • bob

    It was funny the first time but now it's just boring. Whatever Game you relaesed 4 mixtapes and plenty singles and you still don't have enough buzz for your album.

  • Anonymous

    "Every now and then, shit needs to be shaken up." Lol, alright Game, thanks for the memo.

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