Joe Budden To Release Free EP This Fall

The Slaughterhouse member nabs production from Araabmusik, J. Cardim and more for the FreEP.

Joe Budden has revealed that he’s currently working on an upcoming free EP, scheduled for release this fall.

Breaking the news on Twitter, Joey Jumpoff shared that the EP will feature production from Araabmusik, Dub B, J. Cardim and The Klasix. No further details are known about the release as of press time.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.

Arab, Dub B, Cardim, The Klasix.... This free EP gonna have nigga's right for the Fall !!! Watch.less than a minute ago via Twittelator Favorite Retweet Reply

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  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    If you don't respect Joe Budden you don't respect the Hip-Hop genre. GREATEST of all time, EASILY.

    • Anonymous

      & i thought I was a big Joe Budden fan ...

    • Anonymous

      I wouldnt say GOAT just yet Definalty the best in the last 5-6 years tho, ever since MM2 dropped aint another rapper fuckin wit him

    • Anonymous

      Easily the greatest of all time??? Let's be real he's mastered lyrcism and meaningful tracks and being able to be related to etc... but what about delivery and flow. His delivery and flow are pretty bad... He's up there but not the best.

    • Anonymous

      I gotta co-sign this. Joe Budden has mastered everything that makes a GREAT artist. He is one of the greatest and pure HipHop.

    • Angel Xavier De Peña

      I fuck more bitches than you though ;D

    • Anonymous

      this kid would let joe budden pump pump pump it up his ass and cum inside his asshole and all over his blonde hair and not call him in the morning

    • Anonymous

      heres the chris brown wannabe faggot, homie talking about kissin joe budden on his facebook, straight homo shit

  • bballslim42

    I will be bumpin' this shit consistently.

  • Anonymous

    hes with shady....but hes fucking with the same producers?

    • SutterKane

      Its a free EP , He probably dont wanna spend the money for beats he's gonna hand out for nothin Primo said he produced summin for him on his next album tho....

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait, Mood Muzik 4 was straight FIRE the whole way through and the 4.5 thing was a nice addition, especially nice that he included Downfall, that track was just too good to be thrown away as a free one.

  • Underdog status

    Joey always comes correct, and on his own terms, doesnt bite his tongue or none of that other fake shit niggas do nowadays, just keeps it real all day and has one of the biggest underground fanbases with no help from Radio or MTV So fuck a hater, when you do it on your own, sell out clubs all over the place and get your group signed to the most powerful rapper in the game 8 years after you were black balled, cant no nigga on a message board tell you shit



    • the 5 star general

      listen up u little pip squeek, joey ran his mouth about meth and the late great odb, that bitch slappin was a message from the whole clan, rae just played his part, joey got what he deserved which was a wake up call. now, if any member of the clan (the realest street cats the game has seen) were to get ruffed up by the slaughterhouse, somebody would be dead, hospitalized at the least! That didnt happen here, what did happen is meth and rae on royce the 5 9s very 1st track on his new album, NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM!

  • Chris Mac

  • Anonymous

    One of the last niggas out who stands apart from the crowd of all these lame ducks, I support anything homie drops

  • OnTheHorizon

    Cant wait for it, Buddens never dissapoints lyrically

  • Ghost of Hip Hop past

    I'm really sick of the words "hating" and "hater".

    • B

      I totally agree. it's like you can't even have a opinion or a valid point without being called a "hater". It's just used to turn a deaf ear to criticism that may be legit. For example if someone is my favorite rapper and I don't like one of their songs "hater". If im more knowledgeable on issue and u don't get it, " hater". The sh-t is sickening for real. by the way "sometimes haters or right" Sometimes people call me a hater for telling the truth.

  • rodrick

    Love it one of the last rappers left that reminds me why I even fuck with this rap shit

  • SutterKane

    LOL @ The haters Joe Budden is one of the few indy artists who's albums always hit the charts so your hating aint stoppin his paper Lookin forward to anything this dude drops, best MC out right now

  • Smartmediaman

    Ha haaaa!!! Ain't nobody lookin 4 this bitch-ass bamma. That's why Raekwon punked his ass! LOL.. Wu Tang Forever.

    • Anonymous

      I co-sign that last statement. What's so hard about appreciating good music? I listen to both, Rae and Joe Budden, there's no need for taking sides, I wasn't involved in this shit.

    • Anonymous

      Just because your favorite rappers had a beef with him does NOT mean he's a bad rapper. I listen to both. Quit being a biased stan and appreciate good music.

    • On that Rah Rah

      Worddddddd the fuck up, fuck this arrogant ass bamma from jers.....nigga couldnt hack harlem so he dip to Jers.

    • Anonymous

      Correction Raekwon didnt punk Joe Buddens Raekwon and about 5 other people punked Joe Buddens, who for the record i like 5'7" or some shit, lol Rae made himself look like a fag for bringing back up to fight with mighty mouse ass midget budden...... Love his music but if you need back up to fight a guy half your size your a chump

  • Anonymous

    this, j cole's album,watch the throne,legendary weapons, common and nas lp, pusha t, royce sucess is ceratain ep all going in my ipod did i miss anybody else??

  • Anonymous

    that little gay kid with blonde hair named angel is going to be sooo hyped his man crush joe buddens in putting out some emotional music for free

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