Jay-Z, Kanye West Record Dubstep Track for "Watch the Throne"

The two titans have apparently flipped the script on Hip Hop and recorded over a dubstep-inspired beat for "Watch the Throne".

With the release of the complete tracklist and latest leak "Otis", anticipation for Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne album has reached fever-pitch levels. Now, one of the album's featured songwriters, Verse Simmonds, sheds a bit of light on the upcoming album and the Roc Boys' wide range of musical influences.

According to a recent interview with MTV, Simmonds revealed that Hov and 'Ye looked to the dubstep genre for one of the album's songs, titled "Who Gon' Stop Me." Simmonds, who wrote the chorus to the track, explained that he and co-producer/Jugganauts partner Sak Pase came up with the song's concept after a discussion about the rising influence of dubstep on modern music.

"What we did is, we locked in a week, we just went crazy on everything Jay and Kanye," Simmonds told MTV News. "I remember telling Sham, I was like, 'Yo, I think this dubstep stuff is going to be the next new flavor that everybody gotta be on. It gotta have a Hip Hop feel to it still'...we started creating the track, and it just started to come crazy, so we came up with the concept. It was like, 'Who gon stop me, huh? Black cards, black cars, whole lot of money.'"

Simmonds also discussed the chorus that he penned for the Hip Hop legends. He explained that he tapped into Jay and Kanye's creative flair and lyrical patterns to create the hook.

"When I recorded it, everybody was like, 'Yo, you sound just like Kanye, you sound just like Jay-Z,'" he recalled. "It's just crazy, because I felt like, at that moment in time, I was them. I got into that mode of: 'What would these guys say? How would they say it?' I think they heard it the first time and loved it."

The full interview can be seen below.

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  • sdf

    This beat is completely ripped from the dubstep song: Flux Pavillion - Can't Stop no creativity here, move on

  • Mt. EDEN

    They also took Sierra leone from Mt. Ededen Dubstep. Just listen to the song All Alone! .... well kinda sounds like it in a way.... JUST CHECK IT OUT

  • fuckthisawfulshit

    Fuck this pathetic attempt of a track, they took a hard dubstep song and turned it into a soft ass piece of shit with two retards shouting money cars guns who gon' stop me all while taking the deep bass out of the song. O and if you've never listened to dubstep live then gtfo your opinion on this means shit

  • dylan

    Is it just me, or is the background music "I Can't Stop" by Flux Pavillion?



  • GORF

    SBTRKT ft. Little Dragon - Wildfire (RMX ft. Drake) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIluOj-yoeI

    • E

      LOL. Click on that youtube link and read the top 2 comments. 'Nuff said. You act like Drake isn't equally as garbage or even more.

  • GORF

    Right after Drake already jumped on SBTRKT's "Wildfire" Remix. I highly doubt that Jay and Kanye can kill a dubstep tune like Drake did on Wildfire. That's the track of the summer! Jay and Kanye are now playing catch up to Drake.

  • joe

    Who gon stop me, huh? Black cards, black cars, whole lot of money.'"? come on thats a week ass chorus and over dubstep? idk if im looking forward to this album anymore

  • Anonymous

    I swear to God if MTV and radio stations start to push this garbage (dubstep) I might have to blow my brains out.

  • E

    Dubstep is one of the worse forms of music next to Gabber and Polka (IMO)

  • E

    Dubstep is to Electronic Music as Gucci Mane is to Hip-Hop, take it whatever way you want to take it. Good job jumping on the trendy bandwagon, Jay and West! Drum & Bass > Dubstep NaS, Wu-Tang Clan > Gucci Mane, Wacka Flocka Flame Read it and weep


    Watch the throne? HA!! It's already taken. Em is on the throne!!! keep on watching it BAD MEETS EVIL > Watch The Throne

    • Anonymous

      Oh forgot to add, all this Em&Royce vs Jay&Kanye arguing is kinda dumb. I've fed into it but cmon..

    • Anonymous

      Disrespecting his mother and ex-wife has nothing to do with his rapping ability, people look for such dumb reasons to attack good rappers. He is on the throne and it will soon be passed to Crooked I (or Slaughterhouse in general.) Jay hasn't been worthy of the throne since '96.

    • E

      All these old ass whack rappers are not on the throne. Fuck Em, Fuck Jay, Fuck Ye, Fuck Wayne....none of them are "on the throne". Rap is supposed to be a democracy not a monarchy or dictatorship. Hitler ass faggots trying to TAKE OVER the throne. STFU! No such thing as a GOAT. Eminem? The guy who disrespects the woman who brought him into this world and his ex-wife? He's the king?

  • eyesandteeth

    How is this newsworthy? Wu-Tang released a dope double-album of dubstep in 2009.

  • tempoclash

    I thought this would of happened when Dizzee's Boy In Da Corner album came out. 10 years late Jay and Ye...

  • tyler

    king fantastic is all i'm gonna say

  • Anonymous

    Nice another song about money and cars. These dudes are reaching all sorts of new creativity levels mankind hasn't seen before.

  • chicasal

    Man Hov has just pissed on his legacy, been pissed on.

  • Tommy Frisina

    dubstep went out of style 6 months ago, get with the program

    • E

      Did it? I went on Electronic Music hiatus because of the emergence of Dubstep...I hope to God you're right.

  • wtf?

    This is why I can't respect Jay and Kanye anymore. These niggas act like everything they do has never been done before and try to make themselves look creative. The concept of MBDTF has been done before. Dubstep in hip-hop has been done before. What is the point of this story then?

  • cj

    There sampling Flux pavilion " i cant stop" P moneys already done it so will be intresting to see what kanye and jay z do. I think itl be a fail tho

  • Petty

    In the UK our dubstep/rap tends to come in the form of grimestep so it'll be interesting to see what hove and ye do with it. Just hope it's not the poppy Britney spears style dubstep. Should get Nero on it. This is a good example of grimestep. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA5b0LDfZi0

  • Supadupa

    Damn how the fuck can everybody be hating when they haven't heard the song yet. I'll admit I'm a bit uncertain as few artists have made dope Dubstep/Rap songs (XV, U-N-I, Murs) but if any7body can do it right you know it's Jay and Kanye haha Shoutout to verse. him and rock city are putting V.I. on the map with this songwriting shit

  • wu4lyf

    'Yo, I think this dubstep stuff is going to be the next new flavor that everybody gotta be on.' Yeah bit late on that one. How can these industry experts be so late on these trends? I was listening (and I bet most people were) to dub step like 2 years ago...these fools think they pioneering or something?

  • HAHA

    or should I say Sub-Title

  • HAHA

    The title is stupid!!! Several artist already did tracks over Dubstep, fact is none of them are as big as Ye or Jay. So now everybody else who only listens to commercial shit is gunna be like, "OMG they are SOO CREATIVE!!!" lol

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (shaking my head) Man just give me HIP HOP. If I wanted to listen to gatdamn dubstep or whatever this trash is... I'd listen to a dubstep song. And for all of these lost sheep who will now come out and say "hip hop isn't one thing and needs variety"...no it isn't. IT'S HIP F'N HOP, YOU ASSHOLES!!!LOL!!! Yep. These niggas are so commercial and money chasing that it's obnoxiously ridiculous. But when you get a certain tax bracket, I guess you gotta make bullshit music even more so. Shameful.

  • Maxwell Harkness

    oh god they're trying way too hard to "fit in"

  • kcadence

    Tech N9999ne already done it!

  • cole world

    FLUX PAVILION - I CANT STOP (this is the track they sample for 'who gon stop me' check the track (PLAY LOUD...... DUBSTEP STARTED IN ENGLAND safe

    • cole world

      chiddy bang didnt really sample it, they just took the beat and used it, it was more of a cover, if ur guna 'sample' a track you take certain bits out of it, chop it up etc, not just use the full song and spit over it

    • Anonymous

      chiddy bang already on that

  • DrBold

    Hm, I thought the dubstep joint was going to be the track with Frank Ocean on it. Isn't that what was previously stated? Even still, they should have had Rusko, Datsik, or Skrillex produce that shit. I know Rusko has love for J5 and other hip hop artists, and I've seen datsik live; dude did some DOPE dub mixes of "Next Episode" as well as M.O.P's "Cold as Ice".

  • Jason704

    That gucci gucci beat is very dubstep influenced. Dubstep has been sick funny the hip hop community is finally catching on.

  • Meh

    XV has done it, too...

  • Anonymous

    I dont know why everyone is so excited for this album, jay and kanye have become very boring and bragadocious over the years and it's becoming very boring. It's funny because how the chorus goes, "black cards, black cars, whole lotta money", is how I figured the entire album was going to be, boring.

    • Anonymous

      I swear Jay fans just can't admit he sucks now. RD = Classic and the 1st Blueprint was a good album but c'mon. He's just lost it lyrically, and even his flow is getting worse.. just listen to his flow on Otis. As for Kanye, he's a great producer but rapper wise hes nothing outstanding.

    • Killa Cali

      I couldn't agree with you more man!! People are Pushing this album a little too much. Maybe because not many artists have albums out. idk what it is...but Jay & Kanye been BOOOORING since their last albums. SMFH Overrated

    • Anonymous

      That album was trash absolute trash. beats were good

    • Eddy

      Did you even hear MBDTF? That album was as close to being classic as anything has been since the turn of the century.

  • wilma


  • wilma


  • MTG

    Tech N9ne already did it...

    • Anonymous

      Tech N9ne is certainly not garbage. I'm not a huge fan due to his albums being kind of boring after a bit but he's easily one of the best alive. Flow = best in the game and only old Eminem and old Jay-Z could come near it IMO. Delivery = great lyrics = great... how is he trash?

    • @Anonymous

      Its because hes too complex and his lyrics are actually good isn't it

    • gabriele

      Tech N9ne garbage? You must be seriously ill...

    • Anonymous

      seriously tech n9ne is sooo overrated(by his stans) and he's not that good, i used to live in KC and they dont even bump his sh*t at all, they listen to either west coast hip hop or southern hip hop, (bun b, lilwayne, TI, ace hood,jeezy, rick ross, etc) few ppl support his music in his own hometown, yeah he raps fast but.... garbage

    • trooth

      yeah but tech n9ne is garbage...

  • Anonymous

    "i think im kanye west, jay-z/the hook i wrote was, crazy" bwahahaha, this fool crackin me up!

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