50 Cent Signs Genasis To G-Unit Records

Fif continues to expand his roster with another addition to his growing family.

After signing Shawty Lo to a partnership deal and adding Kidd Kidd to his roster, 50 Cent has another addition to his growing G-Unit family. The media mogul has signed Genasis to the imprint, with the West Coast native making the announcement on his Twitter page (via RR).

Just inked a deal with @50cent ..I'm Officially G-unit recordsless than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

I salute every REAL nigga dat hit me up and said "Congrats"..Especially if you an artist..less than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

All da rest of you rappers dat only pay homage when we face to face its all good #G-unitless than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

I would luv to thank all Homies,Fans,Supporters and most of all @50cent for makin a nigga dream come true #SK #G-unitless than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

The rapper is best known for his single "Jackie Chan," which can be heard below.

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    vampire devil

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  • Swordz

    50Cent: Well done, you're actually now signed. Genasis: Yeah!!! Whoop Whoop. (calls back 15mins later) 50Cent: The label actually has folded, so yo actually never were signed. (silence) 50Cent: But don't worry, you'll actually get to keep all that chicken and watermelon... that you pre-order, stored and already ate. Genasis: Shiitt.... whooo!! Okay good looking. We straight.

  • Gunitinthehouse

    The General has done it again haters!!! This is great news! And while Young Hunnies will be losing Drake after he meets his contractual agreement with them after his album drops, G Unit keeps expanding. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHat the hell are you Young Hunnies gonna do when Drake leaves? Huh? I can't wait! Gunit fanbase>>>>>>>>>Young Hunnies fan base...My general will slap the earth wind and fire out of your rasta impersonating starvin marvin looking general you young hunnies. It's the Unit Bitches!


    50 signs yet another awful artist to a label that was already a laughing stock. Keep it up fif.


    all the fakes who still believe william is rick ross and is a boss are hating on a real nigga who come from the hood selling coke and living the life william talks about. shit is real you can look it up, no fake shit here. you fakes make me laugh. do your parents know what you listen to. go and tell them and watch em laugh in your face.

  • Anonymous

    Why did u sign to a dying label if I may ask?

  • Anonymous

    I'm tryna tell y'all this nigga tryna pull off what rozay doin signin more rappers 50 career over rozay you winning

  • Anonymous

    hope they have something worth spittin about http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch sign me, come on http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch jbird bitch, gettin all up in that poop vagina

  • Stretch

    I just got signed to gunit records today also.

  • Anonymous

    After what he did to Young Buxks life by holding him hostage with that contract, you'd have to be a crackhead to do buisness with this guy.

    • Anonymous

      50 aint gonna make money off uck.. he couldnt sell a hot dog at a baseball game.. see banks made 50 over a million on hfm2 n banks made over a million himself from that album.. buck is no banks!!!


      holding him back want get 50 no money shit let him go he still can eat off what buck album sale suge ate off snoop right?

    • Anonymous

      business is business... if u signed someone, had a falling out with dude, n he owed u over $250,000 n was still under contract with u, would u let him out without paying????

  • ka-as

    lol these no name artists are the only people that will sign with him after what happened to every other artist that went there, 50 just signs anyone who will give him most there money


    50 building up his soldiers believe that! I personally think he knows exactly what the hell he doing, and when he release them soldiers g-unit about to take over again! You bitches can hate this mane all you want to, but take a look at him for a second, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 then look at yourself! Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Soulja Boy signing to G-Unit next, followed by Waka FLocka and Gucci Mane...yeah, G-Unit officially stands for Group of Untalented Nobodies In Theory.

  • 50


  • Anonymous

    I Cant see any of these artists dude is signing making any noise.... Truthfully, I cant see 50 dropping anything that makes any noise, less he can convince Eminem to appear on his single or summin, I mean is there any buzz around 50's next record??

  • Sikander Kahlon


  • Anonymous

    why aint he signing new york niggas too many dope lyricists in ny and he signing pipl dat cant even rap

  • Anonymous

    G-Unit is dead.

  • biggthings

    Who the hell is this guy!...sign me 50 for a million since obviously being a good rapper isnt an issue!...lol

  • The Wigger Hater

    Everytime 50 makes moves, HATERS hate... He made a song for y'all, Damn what else you want a fucking trophy for hater of the year lol

  • diz2

    i picture mothafuckin pirates dancing to this shit..pirates that look like Samuel L. Jackson.gunit been gay as fuck.genASSis

    • GUNIT


  • Brandon Pitts

    50 could of signed OJ Juiceman instead of this dude! ~A~!

  • Octavian Johnson

    50 Cent is signing wack artists because he knows thats what people like these days. Its a business move...as far as G-Unit goes they lost my respect when he signed Shawty Lo...better yet 50 lost my respect when he cosigned Soulja Boy

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, Spider Loc, 40 Glocc and Young Hot Rod been waiting like 5 years to drop an album, while 50 holding back Yayo's second LP (which I agree and understand, btw) and blocking every Young Buck stuff for years. Supposedly knowning that what do these new signings expect? On top of that, making a deal with Shawty "compet... who?" Lo as a scout for the South, who's well, not being known because his high profile musical skills and taste... Seems like 50 don't want to make his label authenic again, just chasing cheap commercial success over real hip-hop. We have some really talented new cats there, he could afford to support a few of those who's sales won't be high, but putting out creative and meaningful music (example: Kendrick Lamar). Why don't 50 do a label full of young, skillfull and acclaimed dudes, who can gain popularity over the years by making quality music? That could make a boost for 50's slacking career too.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^co-sign depending on their contract a gold artist will only make like 200k off selling 500k albums which is pitiful. but going gold today is like going 2x platinum 10-15 years ago so their exposure is what will make them money whether its shows, appearances, endorsements, etc.

    • Ganjarelli

      Edit: this rant should correspond to the post a bit further down. Sorry.

    • Ganjarelli

      Word at anonymous for the real industry talk. Crazy when you look at the numbers. You would think that even workin for a label if you could go gold you would make somethin. And Kendrick Lamar deserves that shit; wasn't much of a fan til I heard then bought that .80 - missed O.D. completely. I watched a Chamillionaire interview on Ustream or some shit a while back, and he was speaking on spliting with Universal. I remember all these posters thinking Cham was on some stupid shit doin what he done, but he came back with that Major Pain 1.5 with ALL NEW material in like 2 months or less (may-be just a few weeks) on itunes. I've been a fan since color changin click, so its good to see this guy come up. Thats when i really recognized that shit had done changed. I started suspecting around when people were blowin up on Myspace, (even Soldier Boy... admittedly his first DANCE was pretty catchy) but now I know. I would now advise ANY up and coming artist to do as has already been said above. Hone your craft, post online like crazy everywhere its relevant, build a dedicated following, and sell on itunes. I would way rather skip all these so called Major publishers unless they can offer you a platform for WAY more exposure, while still allowing for negotiation in your contract. Otherwise im like fuck you greedy bitches, its my song, i'll take my current fanbase and grow myself. If you get big enough yourself people will be asking to sign you anyways. Wouldn't hurt to tour either. Reason Tech N9ne is such a success other than his skill and capabilities as an artist, is his crazy tour schedule and performance ability. Either way, if you're good, then people will probably end up listening to your music anyways. It'll just take you longer to catch on with people not having as much publicity as a Major can give you. But you wont be getting raped in the ass by your record company for 90% of your money either.

    • Anonymous

      affiliate* n spider loc has had no career since the game beef five years ago

    • Brandon Pitts

      But they never built a Buzz, that's all 50 talks about with his artists. He wants them to build something for him to push. Shawty Lo and Loyd banks seem to be the only ones that work occasionally

    • Anonymous

      40 glocc isnt on gunit hes an affilate n their protection on the west these dudes are just tax write offs for fif my g

  • Mark Anthony Harris


  • Art Y-Rap West

    He needs to sign Me and H.O.P.E Wright, get some blood and soul on that team.

    • Anonymous

      definetly but u need a decent-sized fan base in order for self-distribution to be successful look at kendrick lamar he sold like 15k of section 80 in 3 weeks independently on itunes n prolly was able to pocket more than any major label artist selling 100-200k http://routenote.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/record-label-artist-vs-unsigned-artist-577x447.png

    • Art Y-Rap West

      Working on it. Thanks! The real money is in Self-Distribution doe.

    • Anonymous

      ..... this is what's wrong with new rappers nowadays all u get when u sign a record deal is an advance n a huge debt u prolly wont be able to work off cuz they own most of ur royalties n publishing... get your buzz up your self n have these motherfukers do everything they can in their power to sign you so you can benefit as best you can (ex. drake, wiz khalifa, currensy)

  • Art Y-Rap West

    Based off of the song alone...WTF is with 50 signing all these wack rappers. The man is a genius, but these moves are getting a bit questionable.

  • Thomas Curry Curré

    damn 50 keeps signing shit, altho this is the least smelling piece of shit he is still 50 you better prove you know what music is...

  • Biọlá Giwa

    he will be writing songs for tony yayo.

  • On That Rah Rah

    damn Fif can I get signed....Im from Southside and I spit my nigga WTF....signing all these niggaz throwin money out, wat a nigga gotta do it.

  • Anonymous

    i dnt understand yall why hate? what do yall get out of it


    should've been doing this when they was still moving units now its like why the fuck would you sign with them

  • Chester Rivas

    This is the biggest piece of shit I have ever heard.

  • Anonymous

    wtf is a genasis?

  • ssssss

    i picture mothafuckin pirates dancing to this shit..pirates that look like Samuel L. Jackson.gunit gay as fuck.genASSis

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