Curren$y Addresses Issues With Former Label, Def Jam

Spitta speaks on how his former imprint missed out on what he had to offer.

With the release of his Covert Coup mixtape and Weekend at Burnie's album, Curren$y has already dropped two of the five projects he’s promised to deliver this year.

Both projects were released through the New Orleans, Louisiana native’s new label Warner Bros./Jet Life. While discussing his 2010 releases with the Village Voice, Curren$y addressed the issue of Def Jam/Universal Music undershipping his Pilot Talk albums."Well, I hoped they learned their lesson, but I'm not mad," he said of the label. "On paper, I guess I don't appear to be in such high demand. But those that know how to assess popularity nowadays see it. Trust.

"I rarely go more than two or three weeks without putting out something online," he continued, alluding to his growing fan base. "You have to make yourself easy to find. Stay accessible."

As he continues to drop music, Curren$y says that he plans to shape his Jet Life label into a respected brand. “I'm big on observing,” he said. “And it was definitely, shall we say, educational to see certain artists going about building their empires, building their own movements: Pharrell with Star Trak, Cam’ron with Dipset. Fans would hear a beat and be like, 'That sounds like a Neptunes beat,' or 'That sounds like a Dipset joint.' That's how I engineered Jet Life to be. I want it to be branded in a way, so the people know what it is."

Curren$y is expected to release three additional mixtapes or albums by the end of 2011.

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  • don g fan

    New king of the midwest!

  • YoungJaybo ProduceroftheYear SuperflyGuy'IndustryThreat

    spitta stay grinding. you dont have to have high expectations for him, just stay on ur toes for what he drops. and i personally think "Weekend at Burnies" was a lil weaker than i expected and could have been mastered better, but it was still straight, "Get Paid" is my anthem and i ride to it everyday, but Covert Coup damn near set the bar for him, that was a pure genius project.

  • Sour Headbandz

    Man spitta the most active artist in the game. Your favorite rapper hasnt put out an album in 2 years and Spittta put out 3 classics. Cant wait for Pilot talk 3 I believe he is building up to PT3 like wayne did with the Carter 3, because like spitta say he learns when he observes.

  • Ashton Morris

    end of the day whatever happened with Def Jam, Curren$y has to put out quality w/ his quantity and he will sell

  • weed blower

    currensy got that flow man just drive and vibe man u can smoke dat kush drank dat liquor or pop dem pillz niggalmy boy is a spitta n he gonn lay it down.she don wanna man she jus wanna fuk nigga

  • Anonymous

    someone tell this guy that big sean and wiz khalifa are lames and he should keep his distance

  • Anonymous

    This kid suffers from the same delusion tons of others do nowadays If you make an album thats good enough, you dont have to drop 7 more in the same year kid, only people who do that are the ones who know they didnt make an impression and are scared of being forgotten And I like Curren$y but I'm tired of him right now, Overdosed

    • Anonymous

      czar, i have no doubt that currensy is a better rapper than sean but you must be kidding me to say sean's album didnt have the better production. shit, get a good rapper on them beats and it'd be near classic

    • Czar

      That;s sort of true but as everyone should know the rap game now a days is real fickle 1 day you're the next big then and the next day you're forgotten.I understand and appreciate Spitta for not only putting dropping a ton of music but for dropping quality music.I bought both Big Sean album and Currensy last album Weekend at Bernie and track for track W.A.B was a whole lot better.I'll go far as to say W.A.B. is the best album that has came out this summer but that's just my personal opinion

  • Anonymous

    umm...what about muscle car chronicles?

    • Jet$

      What's so fucking hard to understand about why MCC hasn't been released yet. This shit is brought up in every article about Curren$y and it is explained every time. Dame is holding off on releasing the album because Curren$y's name continues to grow. Dame is going to wait until Curren$y is getting love from MTV and mainstream fans before he releases it. It's all about that dollar.

    • Anonymous

      smh no dumbass i just wanna know whats up with it. it was due in march or april, so whats the deal? dame holdin it back? adding to the album? what?

    • yodaddy03

      seriously? this man is dropping 5 albums and you're complaining? smh

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