Treach Voices Support For Meek Mill's "Tupac Back”

The Naughty by Nature member explains that 'Pac would be pleased if he were alive today.

Naughty by Nature’s Treach has given his stamp of approval to Meek Mill’s “Tupac Back” featuring Rick Ross. The veteran spitter, who was close with Tupac Shakur, explained that he supports the Maybach Music Group member’s decision to keep ‘Pac’s legacy alive.

“Anytime that I hear something that’s on the positive vibe, you can’t hate it,” he told XXL. “They keeping his name on the streets. It wasn’t a tribute, but it wasn’t a dis. It was showing how much he meant to them and to hip-hop.”

Treach noted that he enjoys listening to the track and thinks that ‘Pac would, too. “I listen to the song and I sing it myself, honestly; It’s rocking to me,” he continued. “And I think 2Pac would be looking down like, ‘That’s that shit. I don’t even know these dudes and they give me love like this? That’s that shit.’”

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  • RichFromNY

    If this joint had be called anything other than "Tupac Back" this song would be getting's got more attention because of the title than the content...this song is average at best...Ross or no Ross...


    ross on the track so you hate it no ross on the track you loved it song aite nothing special

  • BS

    I think all these old ass rappers who are saying they support this song are only saying that because they are trying to keep there name relevant. This song is stupid on so many leves, i like Ross but i totally seeing what happened to Ja Rule happen to this guy. A rapper who becomes to full of him self thinks he is invincible and anything he touches his gold. Watch 5 years from Ross will be in the same position as Rule

    • khordkutta

      "Its Murdahhhhh"

    • Anonymous

      50 and Em destroyed that nigga THATS what happend to Rule... Rule was singin on everyone of his hits since he started. Ironically the only hit he didnt sing on was the 50 Cent diss. 50 had him in a video doing pushups and shit. Thats wat happend to Ja Rule. its only been 8 years but how easy we forget.


      rule started singing point blank thats what happend to his career

    • Anonymous

      Shut yo bitch ass up you g unit dick mouth

    • Blaque_Ali

      I don't think that's true. For one Rule never steped out of Irv's shadow. He didn't run his shit, Irv did. Ross has his own label, his own artist and I think even if he isn't in the spotlight, he'll be fine. He's more like 50 where he is selling a brand than Ja who was waiting for a meal.

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