Wale Explains Cockiness, Why He Joined Maybach Music Group

In a heated interview, Wale talks about why it's okay to be confident and why fans need to look past Rozay's co-sign and more into his lyrics.

Over the past 12 months, Washington D.C. rapper Wale has taken a lot of flack from fans for signing with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group. Despite the criticism, Wale proved that he could hang with Rozay, Pill and Meek Mill on May's Self Made Vol. 1 without having to sacrifice his artistic credibility. Now, in a lengthy and explosive interview with Culture VI, Wale addresses those who doubted him switching to Rick Ross's label.

Wale first talked about the perceived cocky streak in his music and personality. He explained that as a rapper, it's important to maintain a higher level of confidence about his music.

"Human beings, that’s what we’re here for. We’re supposed to misunderstand each other. If everybody understood each other, we’d have wings…and we’d be able to talk to God," he explained. "Now, I say that and say this, my music is based on reality and artists are supposed to almost accentuate all of their qualities for better or worse. I’m sure the most depressing song ever written by the most depressing person on Earth wasn’t as depressed as they depicted it to be. A song is supposed to accentuate human emotions. So, I put those things and emotions on the genre, Hip Hop, where we are praised for how we say rather than what we say. So if I exude confidence on a Hip Hop record and I’m really good at exuding confidence on it, you’re gonna call me cocky? Well, what should I tell you? I woke up at 8 o’clock this morning, ate a bowl of cheerios, went to the studio, made a mediocre song, and went to sleep? Is that what people would prefer you think? Because I’m sure if I said I put on some $400 Jordans, a Moschino shirt, and some PRPS’s and I went to the studio and killed every nigga in Hip Hop on a song…motherfuckers would check for me. I’d get close to a million [Twitter] followers quickly."

He added, "It’s the 'Sanders Theory.' Deion or Barry, pick one. People love Barry Sanders for doing what? For damaging his body for the Detroit Lions for 10 years. Then when he walked away from the game with both of his knees intact, I heard the worse things from people of that area, the Lions fans, about him. Deion, put it all out there. I’m gonna high step. I’m excited. I’m gonna put it all out there. I don’t get to score that many touchdowns, so I’m excited. Come enjoy this joy with me. Music is a drug, my nigga. Be happy with me, be happy for me. I sold 28,000 records my first week, with no push from my label. My mother couldn’t even buy my album from across the street from my house. You don’t think I’m supposed to be excited to still be here? Working with Rick Ross, one of the hottest rappers in the game? You don’t think I’m excited to have a double platinum record with Roscoe Dash and Waka Flocka? Them same people who was talking about this, that and the third, hip-hop blah blah blah, are the same people in the club singing 'No Hands' verbatim. Same people saying 'Wale, he’s selling out, blah blah blah,' those are the same people rocking when 'No Hands' came out. 'Why is he doing this, what’s going on?' Hip Hop. This is Hip Hop music. And my mission statement is to never dumb it down, but never over-think it."

Wale also discussed how he he fits into Maybach Music Group and why he may have switched up from his usual sound for the group's LP Self Made Vol. 1. He explains that the sonic shift came out of being a versatile artist and experiencing new things in life that have pushed him to experiement with new sounds. He also added that Hip Hop's blogger culture has also affected the way people listen to music. He claims that instead of giving an artist's new music a chance, they expect rappers to meet a certain standard that wrongfully dictates whether they've sold out or not.

"It’s a slight possibility that we put an album together for the people that appreciate the summer. It’s a slight possibility that we kept all the ideas for the albums, like the real stuff. Maybe," he said. "I don’t think we’re going to sit around with like Steven Spielberg, Hype Williams, Spike Lee and everyone else to create this big movie compilation for the people. We gave them records this summer! I don’t hear no complaints from [Funkmaster] Flex, [DJ] Envy, none of them...you got to understand who you’re dealing with. My first record, the first verse on there was only 8 bars! That wasn’t no profound shit! 'Name's Wale, they probably know me from the Roc.' What the fuck man?! 'Shake it, shake it, shake it off.' That might sound crazy to everyone else, but everybody in DC, they’re going to know that for the rest of their life. So how you going to say, 'Oh, I’m doing a song "Malcolm X," and I’m not providing anything for the people?' You talking about somebody who made a song called 'Rhyme of the Century', wrote it when I was like 19 years old, and wanted that to be my biggest record, first song ever! Right? I’m the same person! Listen to Malcolm X. I got a lot of Muslim family members and friends. There’s a lot of gems in that verse. If you can look over the fact I’m rhyming on a quote-unquote 'Lex Lugar-sounding beat,' or rhyming with two ex-drug dealers, if you can look past that and listen to the verse…you might hear something, just maybe. If you know anybody who’s into sneakers and collects sneakers, you might understand all the jargon I’m talking about in 'Fitted Cap.' And I sound very narcissistic right now, like I’m talking down, but that’s not it. I’m going to defend my music.

"That’s why I take so long to write some of them verses, so I can defend them. Now why don’t you read - somebody got my lyrics up for 'By Any Means' - read it! You can Google it, then read it! And then go ask anybody who know the Qu’ran, and who is appreciative of the faith how they feel about that. Because I touched a lot of with that who never really knew. There’s beauty in that, my nigga, like for real. Really. There’s beauty in that 14 year old kid who slept outside to get them new Jordans, but you ain’t heard me talk about them sneakers in two years. There’s beauty in that. There’s beauty in a lot of motherfuckers that cried, begged, screamed, kicked down the door to hear Wale on a Just Blaze record right? I gave that initially. And the first verse was for you, fortunately. 'They tried to tell me I don’t fit up in this mothafucka/'Cause Rozay be talkin’ white, he think he Uncle Ruckus.' Well, that might be the case. I can get a Just Blaze beat on my solo album now because of that! That means something to me! 'Running Rebels'…that’s Hip Hop right there. That’s the same producer [Tone P] that was on my first mixtape who made that beat! Did he change, too? Did he do anything different? Nah, that ain’t gonna say...if I would of put that joint - if I would have made a mixtape 200 Miles Runnin' and put that song on there, and put [my] 'By Any Means' verse and rapped it on something with a sample that I probably could never clear, 'Oh yeah, Wale so Hip Hop. Yeah.'

"These quote-unquote 'Hip Hop enthusiasts' don’t - they getting the game fucked up now. Everybody’s an A&R...for the world’s record label. And they signing everybody. You Tube niggas, everybody, everything. You not listening. You stopped listening! You used to listen, you stopped. You know why you stopped? Because you became an A&R like everybody else. They stopped listening, they started. Now everybody sizing up. Nobody want to get in the motherfucking game, but everyone wants to call the fucking plays now. Ya’ll stop listening. The niggas that’s listening is Clark Kent, who called me, say 'Man, my nigga, you killed that.' [For] Young Guru to call me. For Fab[olous] to say, 'Man, you killin' that shit.' They ain’t stop listening. It’s the niggas with the computers that sit down there and analyze everything. If you go out and see the world and enjoy the club, and see some women and see some things and read some things, and stop looking at the fact that I’m rhyming over something that might sound like something you heard before and listen to the words, like Hip Hop used to be…niggas might see something."

The full three part interview can be read here, here and here. The full interview can also be heard below in two parts.

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  • Big P

    To everybody saying that Wale is "cocky", y'all are insane. If you make it, regardless of where you come from you have the right to be. This nigga Wale is lyrically one of the illest to ever step to the mic. Who else you know that is this passionate and willing to go in depth about their music?

  • Sam from DC

    what he meant with the whole sanders theory thing is that barry sanders got hated on for retiring early (doing the reasonable, "boring" thing) and deion became a celebrity for high-steppin and all that...thats why hes gotta be so cocky, if he doesn't believe in himself, who will?

  • f

    Sean Price can suck my dick Wale is real shit.

  • BrownSuga

    I am from DC and everyone who lives there so knows that all the hoods in DC have basically been reverted to condos and townhouses and everyone has moved out MD and hang in the city. Its a qquality of live issue as well as a lack of housing issue. I could go on but its about his music. I've been a fan, but the MMG move did raise an eyebrow just as the move to RocNation. I mean anyone who doesnt have there own team and a super skill is not gonna make when everybody looking for a rapper to put another rappers shit out. I thought Jay was retiring now he got a new record every summer. He not pushing nobody. I thought at least at MMG he will get heard. Everybody knows Rick's past and the millions of albums he selling is not to you so get over it. My issue with Wale is that he cusses so much he cant get on the radio. How many bleeps did he have on No Hands. He is trying to be heard and doing a good job of trying to have content on some of these bullsit songs. My other issue is he needs to calm down and stop going so hard with his attitude and let his music speak for itself. Maybe Rick can help him with that.

  • DC's Tre

    Wale we call you cocky because that's exactly what the fuck you are homie. Ever since you got into the game you're head got big. You just been on this can't nobody fuck with me shit. You letting all the success go to your head homie. You own people in your own hood dont even fuck wit you. See people outside of the DMV don't know about how many times you almost got your ass beat for that wack ass shit. They dont know how you got your ass beat down in ATL on ur birthday over a stripper. I KNOW THE REAL YOU HOMIE!!!! AND YOU AINT BOUT THAT LIFE!!!! So stop all the bitching & crying you doing & be the REAL YOU NIGGA!!!!

  • jmoolah

    wale is talking some real shit and if your hating on this man go eat a dick and listen to the music instead of sitting behind a keyboard and crying

  • Octavian Johnson

    I just gained more respect for Wale...maybe i should go listen to Self Made again...lol

  • Philip Carpenter-Powell

    I'm from the DC so when Wale made it big I was kinda excited since we don't really have any big artists out here [in the dmv]. Not gonna lie though attention deficit was only decent with a few gems speckled in. More About Nothing was the shit. Heard some songs from the Maybach joint (cuz my friend blasts it in the whip), sounded like a quick way to make money to me. Can't really knock him for that though especially as a artist, since you see niggas like Kanye doing it and nobody cares. But yea Wale ain't the best in the game or nothing, but he's a good rapper. People have just been shitting on him.

  • Level 32

    For starters, nobody's tripping on your confidence Wale. No one's sitting here saying you're not supposed to think you're the best in the game regardless of who's in the game. Second, my issue is not with you joining MMG, it's with you doing an album with these cats. Rick Ross is exposed (sorry Rosay fans, but he is) If it's not a Big meach, Larry hoova beat it's a Maybach Music 1,2 or 3 beat. If it's not about drugs, it's about material thangs he thinks has so much VAL-YA!Meek Mill and Pill are WACK and yeah I said it, WACK! Wale you actually good, you do your thang mane and you allowing these wack ass exposed cats around you is like Kobe with the lakers between the three peat and the repeat! Ben Frank!

  • Anonymous

    I'm still trying to figure out how Wale said he didnt get promotion from Interscope when they put Fuckin LADY GAGA , the biggest star in the world, on his fuckin single.....

    • UrBetterJudgement

      in 2009 she wasnt that big outside of the Gay & Pop/dance audience which is bad promotion for a hip hop artist. he actually introduced her to the urban market. and a feature is not the same as promotion. everyone knows his album was no where to be found, you cant dispute that, its a fact.

  • L0S

    This guy is soft and to make it worse his boss used to lock motherfuc&ers up. Hes like Drake, a soft ass dude who cant stand the criticism for when he makes wack sh!t. Not everybody is going to like your sh!t you crybaby, people are entitled to their opinion and if they think youre wack then youre wack to them. Stop throwing tantrums like a little bitch. First we get feminine ass Kanye who Im almost sure will come out of the closet in the future one day then we get soft ass marshmallow crybaby Drake then this chipmunk looking poptart! F U C K!

  • Isreal

    wale trash....in the words of sean price" i dont wale and them new niggaz"...no way in hell they would have even gotten a chance to rock a mic in 94...actually had to have skills back then...wiz=trash, big sean=trash, wale=trash kid cudi=trash

    • UrBetterJudgement

      so who do you like? and dont say curren$y cause he fucks with everyone you just named. oh wait you probably like j cole or kendrick who cant make a single to save they lives

  • Ashton Morris

    Wale is a good lyricist and I am too skeptical of the Maybach move but he as an artist is trying to establish himself and I wish him the best. It probably would have been best for him to do the independent route with his albums like Dom Kennedy and Kendrick Lamar and establish his own movement then go to a big label again

  • Hip Hop Head

    What? People thought Wale sold out? Thought he switched it up? Damn I mean yeah, he might not have the same subject matter as he had with "Attention: Deficit" but his style on Self Made was dope nonetheless. U cant knock this mans talent. Hes better than half the shit u hear on the radio. He's better than most these niggas in the game. Im not sayin any names, but give Wale a few years and he'll be a household name, he'll be big.

  • Jody02JoSo

    Thas sum real shyt wale speakin..i aint understand at 1st why he signed wit rozay but afta listenin 2 selfmade he stayed tru 2 himself on dat shyt..niggaz need 2 go bak an listen b4 yu judge shyt boi...

  • TylertheDestoryer

    This is how you feel you are an interesting rapper? by what u are rocking? Im sure solja boy wears some Nice J's too but i aint checking him out.. clown ass nigga. Nice dreads Mr paris hilton pouty face.. wale ..Black paris Hilton.. Back whale. Because I’m sure if I said I put on some $400 Jordans, a Moschino shirt, and some PRPS’s and I went to the studio and killed every nigga in Hip Hop on a song…motherfuckers would check for me. I’d get close to a million [Twitter] followers quickly."

    • Philip Carpenter-Powell

      You missed da point dude, he's overexaggerating. He's saying that being overly modest and literal is uninteresting compared to vice versa and if that wasn't true you'd be excited to hear the story of an average nigga going to work or some shit. I'm sure you wouldn't be listening to a rap song talking about "I wake up in the morning and flip burgers".

  • Anonymous

    Wale just spoke the fucking truth about how fans perceive things in the game.

  • Anonymous

    IDk why everyone is calling him a sellout. More about nothing was fucking really good. IM not gonna pass any judgment on his MMG move untill he comes out with his SOLO album. We'll see about that. The kid has a lot of talent and im optimistic abot what he can bring.

  • Tibedo

    I've never been a Rick Ross fan cause of the whole P.O. thing. Not that I like 50 either but he exposed this dude. He's not legit, its all fantasy. Wale I used to like him because he was hip-hop. Yeah he fucked with wack ass flacka but they both new artist so I understand the reasons behind the cameos. Wale has done a 360 to this yacht club, 600 Benz shit and that shit is wack. You don't even sound right because your repeating what he said. No depth, no message. And that doesnt make you versatile, it just makes you wack and a sellout. You'll always be a shadow man now, a cameo man now, and the shit you spit is just rap now.

  • hudes

    what I don't get is, why do they say the "past 12 months?" he announced at the super bowl that he was going to MMG. which was february. homie it's july. just saying

    • hudes

      listen i was mad skeptical on WALE. i never heard his first CD cause that single was so annoying. but when the MORE ABOUT NOTHING mixtape came out, i saw the cover looked like seinfeld, so i checked it out. now after listening to that, any hip hop fan would agree it's a pretty good mixtape. well above average for what's getting put out these days. Now I root for Wale. Although, i would never work for a police officer, and any songs with ROSS in it, I'm not even listening to, but if it's WALE alone or with Cole, I'll check it out in conclusion, this dude is not the best, but he's damn good. what's wrong with that? im 25 but been listening to hip hop forever. i grew up on NAS and AZ so i'm not tolerating Bullshit hip hop, ya dig?

    • Anonymous

      well at least hes being real,his lyrics r brain deadand so is he

  • murdermitten

    dont really kno wales music too well but hes speakin the truth here.... too many losers on the computer that analyze and act like they kno wats good and wats bad for hip hop now days.... let the ppl who get paid for it make the decisions.... just like any other profession

  • 100

    Speak on it Wale. I say this shit ALL THE TIME! About these hating ass cats on sites like DX. MMG puts it down.

  • Anonymous

    rap game has always been full of these type of dudes. its just w/ the internet, there's so much more transparency. no more mystery to the music. matter of fact this is true of every part of our lives now from music to sports to politics and so forth. its not called the "information age" for nothing. in a way, our culture as a whole has lost its innocence which is a good and bad thing. we have so much insight into whats really going on now, ppl cant help but notice the bs

  • Anonymous

    that dc shit i rep all day

  • Sha

    Slim from Maryland, DC ain't feelin him.

  • Malik

    One day I'd like to hear a rapper actually respond to criticism instead of essentially calling everyone a 'hater' because they don't believe everything you rap about is God's gift to our ears.

  • Really

    If a person in a barbershop tells another person he doesn't like Wale. That's fine. If a person says that exact same thing on the internet, all of a sudden they are a wannabe A&R, internet fucktard, geek and are over analyzing. By that logic, every one of you commenting is a wannabe A&R also. It works both ways. You criticize bloggers for posting their opinions, but your hiphopdx comments are somehow more credible than the bloggers? LOL! Ya'll crack me up.

  • Anonymous

    Wale and Pill are both fuckin sellout idiots for signing with officer ricky!!! I dont give a damn what nobody say because the shit that officer ricky puts out aint even no where close to real hip-hop!! So why in the hell would talented hip-hop artists like Wale and Pill sign with officer ricky?! The answer is simple the easy commercial $$$$$$ So when Wale and Pill's careers are in the toilet they can thank themselves for it!! Really think about it Wale and Pill on a song with officer ricky, that shit dont even sound right not even a little bit!!!! Oh well their souls not mine!!!


    explain why you aint got a neck...lol, jus playn... Wale ill tho. stay up.

  • Anonymous

    Y'all actually listen to this garbage? Geez, only ten minutes of listening is giving me a headache... Listen to some real hip hop, ya sheep!

  • Joseph

    And more then half of you commentors are idiots too. New cats born after pac died or old cats who were never too bright. Just want to have fun and get money the easiest, quickest way possible, living in the moment. Phonies for real. Hip hop aint even nothing to shout about. These rappers aint leaders, so why follow them. Learn and master something to teach your love dones and the youth then maybe you can do something for real in this world. Til then you under someone else control. Rapping? Yeah right. Widespread preaching of hate, buncha lames, til one of your loved ones are killed or die, then how important is that bull that you swear by? Wake up.

  • Joseph

    Someone from the street would spank this child. He is weak on the inside, so defensive, I feel sorry for him. Closed minded. And it doesnt matter, there are no 2pacs or biggies or legends in the game as far as new cats. These dudes are puppets to the white man, trying to be just like massa with they Maybachs etc. Just dumb, destroying they own people for money. No skills so they do whatever to get paid. They deserve no respect at all. Call themselves artists, yeah right. Disrespecting the title. These are not men. Period. Carry on...

    • nerd

      its about being a brat about things instead of a grown man. Not about being from the hood. Talking about holding back feelings, lol. He only accepted the interview to throw a tantrum, not to answer the questions.

    • Anonymous

      he has never said he was a street dude. stop acting like rappers all have to be from the hood. you trying to make it one dimensional

    • Anonymous

      There is one that doesnt fall into this category

  • Might be nonsense, Might be somesense

    be broke and make that hip-hop you bitches love, or make that hip hop that makes money? YEAAAH IM WIT THE MONEY Whas the definition of hip hop? what is the straightforward, solid, undeniable definition of hip hop? Hip Hop aint always that curtis mayfield sample. Gucci Mane makes Hip Hop (used him as an example because every so called real hip hop head has a vendetta against bra). Hip Hop wasnt always the lyrical game you know it to be. listen to some MC Shan or some Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, the same flow of today trust me. no double entendre, no witty ass metaphors, just the music, simply put. Niggas judge songs by the beat these days and never focus on the lyric. All a beat is is a platform for listening.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Man... 1. I'm not reading all of this explanation bs. 2. Why even continue to give explanations to what you do, why you do, and how you do it (nh)? 3. By giving such explanations, it further makes you look miserably bad...and even proves you are aware of your terrible raps as of late and is just doing this to jump on the cash cow...i.e. selling out yourself as well as to your core fans. Man this dude is a bitch. DC, y'all need another nigga to rep y'all right. This fugazi clown isn't doing such a thourough representation for y'all residents and inhabitants of the Chocolate City.

  • Azhar

    Wale killed Self Made, especially Fitted Cap & By Any Means, many people didn't like Self Made...But it was and still is good summer music....There truly are more bangers on it than not...and Wale was the standout star of the project

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    At the end of the day. Ross gave him an opp to make a ish load of money. He can give whatever music explanation he wants.

  • geico lizard

    Wale raps his butt off even on the party records. I am a fan of you Wale so try to ignore or drown out the haters talking even if they are from the DMV.

  • SutterKane

    Wale is right about one thing, every faggot with an Internet connection thinks he works for The Source's old "Mind Squad" review team, they Over-analyze everything and thats why nobody can get ahead cause nothings good enough for them Niggaz drop a song and the fans say shit like this: "well, its okay, but the song he did 7 years ago when he used the double time flow over the pete rock beat was so much better" Instead of listening to the actual song, they just nit pick and compare it to other shit......... If its not a 5 Mic classic thats gonna re-invent the wheel then it sucks now...... whatever happened a record just sounding good?? For the record I'm not even a Wale fan, but I feel him on that point People here about the Internet and think the worst thing it created was the Illegal Downloading, I disagree, the worst thing the internet did was turning a bunch of music FANS into a Bunch of 2nd rate Wanna be Music Critics


    if he wasnt going indie then it was the best move what other label is out there

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ will outrap this dude anyday and fuck who dont like it and got some slick to say in response

  • Papa Don

    Im a keep it real wale is a great artist but like i always been saying he just doesnt fit the mold of maybach music he just looks out of place in that group

  • Mo Betta

    "Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim thru it?" - Jay-Z ....Wale keep making music that means something to you and the world will fall in line. - Mo Betta

  • Grandson

    I dont understand what the hell wale is saying.

  • what!

    Went to youtube to check out the Malcolm X song and I want to know what the HELL this dude Wale is saying in this interview. That shit is cooned out. Would Malcolm X want his name all over a bacon commercial. Thats not a jab at Rick Ross. Would it be acceptable to make a song called Martin Luther King Jr, where the performers talked about selling dope. Boy these rappers are on some of that coon shit. DISRESPECTFUL misuse of a mans name. I can care less about how sick they thought their lyrics were thats crazy to use a mans name to glorify everything that he grew and was growing to stand against.

    • Anonymous

      look everyone is entitled to their own opinion yes! most definately! Absolutely! But why dont you go tell krenshaw that she using the word n**** is ok cause its her opinion... Cant do that bra.. You just cant. This aint about who got money or not This point of malcom x is one of those things you just cant mess about and when other people critique all you say is ooh yeah its just my opinion. Malcom x is bigger than you and me. you either respect what he stood for or you dont. if you feel your lyrics (wale that is) respected what he stood for then you got some explaining to do cause i dont get it. This is no hate.. serious.. Im Nija just like you bra. Just dont make a fool of ya self. Hell its better to stick to not doing interviews.. Perhaps people will just go listen to your work over and over again till they get it... I have but i still dont. And im educated as a m***** I love hip hop and I love a good amount of your work. Just keep doing ya thing Peace!

    • Anonymous

      You're just proving his point. Everyone's a critic now. But who the fuck are you to judge? You're some internet fucktard without a dime to his name.

  • Marathon not a Sprint

    I want Wale to succeed I really do. However, his publicist is right this interview was a bad idea for he comes off delusional in his pompousness.

  • ebo

    Wale now that you have joined up with officer ricky and the untalented maywack music correctional officers fake as drug kingpin crew you stand no chance of being relevent you were half talented from the jump so kiss your career good bye now you really suck you suck! you suck! you suck! wanksta! lol

  • Fuck MMG

    MMG flopped! and Wale is mad cause his flow is wack. he got some nice verses i give him that.

  • N.o.t.o.r.i.o.u.s. H.A.T.E.R.

    I don't have a problem with Wale. However, you don't make a song about Malcolm X talking about bullshit. Damn, black people, if you don't honor your leaders who will?

    • B

      I agree. I read Malcom x novel. Plus I got knowledge of self and live and breath for my people. Not to mention I grew up in N.Y and been exposed to real hip hop all my life. Trust me this dudes a idiot all the way around. Any fool who knows Malcolm knows it's a insult to talk about the bullsh-t they talking on the same song as his name is being used. The same as Tupac. If any one really knows about Tupac they would know that it was a total insult to use his name on some dumb sh-t. It's really unexplainable to fools. This Wale dude think he deep. Talking in circles trying to justify garbage.

  • Lex

    iLLarious -UNSTOPPABLE http://snd.sc/nvShuU

  • ???

    he reminds me of murs in a way

  • HHH. that's me

    Haha he just sonned all of you motherfucking nerds, hip-hop elitists, no-pussy-getting basement dwellers.. Call yaself whatever you want, you're all just some golum type social outcasts. Stop focusing on dumb shit and actually LISTEN TO MUSIC. Stop trying to be an AnR just like Wale is saying! Stop thinking you are "smarter" than anyone else! Enjoy music motherfucker!

  • Anonymous

    wale is the best new rapper in the game period!!! ill copp his album fo sho!

  • Anonymous

    I'm sick of how everyone hates on Wale just cause he with Rick Ross and how J Cole is better than him. Yo Cole is my favorite rapper right now but Wale spits some real NICE verses. Stop sleeping on Wale people. Wale is too ill.

  • Anonymous

    Selling records is more interesting than being a domestic bro

  • Kool Kuelio Xiong

    do yall listen to music or skim through it? wale is still cold on the mic. all these fuk boys on the blogs hating and shit, if i could put my money up more i would by swiching labels shiet

    • Mark Anthony Harris

      Pure truth right here. People don't want to admit it, but he is a thorough emcee. People always have something to say about people doing different types of music or going in "different directions". As long as the music is dope with some authenticity, then I don't care....and people should approach it the same way.

  • BRu

    This game is filled with a bunch of fuck boys now...This clown ass lame being head honcho. I have never met a dude from DC, MD or VA that had dealings with this guy, that actually liked the guy. Every single person says the same thing about him...he's arrogant, rude, full of himself, an asshole, ignorant, trying to hard...a wannabee! If 20 different people meet you and all 20 say the same thing about you...Hey, the shoe fits!

  • Culture VI

    Appreciate those at HHDX for writing an article about our chat, and appreciate everyone reading/listening. I give Wale a LOT of credit for sitting down. I was very critical of him on twitter, we exchanged words, yet decided to discuss it as men. I did, however, disagree with many of his comments. Specifically "So anybody’s story isn’t interesting. Having a wife, kid, a dog? That’s not interesting. Going to college for four years, graduating, making $100,000 a year? That’s not interesting. Selling 28,000 records and the whole spiel that I just gave you might not even be interesting, but it’s a lot more interesting than the aforementioned." Also, saying that I couldn't understand his music because I'm 34 I thought was completely off base. But again, big props for sitting down and explaining himself.

    • adfsf

      im 17 and i understand alot of his metaphors. but he did sit down and talk to you so you gotta give credit where credit is do

  • Anonymous

    listen to him try and make excuses and justify what hes doing, not to mention referring to ross as an ex drug dealer but not an ex c.o.

  • Jason Pennells

    Wale has gotten mainstream wack. He just like every other pop rapper before him now. Ever since "Chillin" his music has just gone down hill for me.

    • wack wale

      wale stans r as dellusional as he is Sad outside of his lyrics everything about wale is Ok and u have 2 be better than that 2 giv off as much arrogance as this fellow

    • Anonymous

      Dude Chillin was like the only bad song on Attention Deficit along with that song with Gucci Mane. But otherwise the whole album was sick. Mirrors is crazy. Yeah he might be too mainstream with those Lex Luger/Rick Ross crap. But he still spits hot shyt.

  • SMH

    Wales? Really come on guys proofread your shit.


    wales???? really guys? fire your editor, fire whoever proofed this shit, hilarious

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