Drake Co-Signs Kreayshawn, Calls Her A "Cutie Pie"

Drizzy shows love for the "Gucci Gucci" rapstress and claims that he loves her energy.

Drake is the latest to hop on the Kreayshawn train, praising the up-and-coming rapstress for her fresh energy that she’s bringing to Hip Hop. Speaking with Invasion Radio’s DJ Green Lantern, Drizzy explained that he met the “Gucci Gucci” in Los Angeles, California and was hooked ever since.

“I’m excited about Kreayshawn, because that’s my dog,” he said. “I don’t know, man. It just happens amongst us young people. We just find each other. We met up with her in L.A. one time, and we just kicked it. That’s my dawg. From there, I just said, that’s my family.”

The Young Money rapper, who said he’s “got bars on deck” for when she’s ready to collaborate, shared his love for “Gucci Gucci” and flirts with her at the end of the interview, calling her a "cutie pie."

“I honestly get excited when new things happen in Hip Hop, and when I heard ‘Gucci Gucci,’ I heard the flows, I was excited before I even knew who she was. I got to hear a little bit more of the music beyond that, and to meet her and the energy that she has, she’s just a great person as I’m sure you can tell having her around y’all in the studio. She’s good peoples, that’s my dawg.”

Listen to the interview below.

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  • Eric

    Drake's all about quality control. "Gucci, Gucci" is where it's at. "The flow, the freshness" are you fucking kidding me? What is "fresh" about "gucci gucci" shit has been done over and over and over and over again for the past decade....let's move forward please. Drake and Young Money are crippling Hip-Hop.

  • NoFace

    This Nigga grinds my gears

  • Ghost of Hip-hop Past

    Fuck Hip-hop...this proves that to some extent it has always been a joke. Even the supposed "dope shit" is so watered down and shallow. Tell me how the fuck this bitch and Drake are even entities in this?

  • rogerdat

    drake co-signing a white chick who constantly drops the N-bomb and is a fuck*n novelty act? yeah, let me go run out and buy her cd. GTFOH! drake is a beeyotch and so is the gimmick he's co-signing. he has 4 mins left of his 15 minutes. he's just trying to buy some insurance right now. a real female emcee? i can name a few. lady lust, jean grae, invincible, saroc, eternia, kandi cole, rapsody, boog brown, miki vale...but hey, who cares about lyrics and good music anyways?

  • MalcolmLittle

    Call me a "hater" or whatever, but I'm so damn SICK of hearin this clown's name everytime I turn around for the LAMEST of reasons! I peeped his whole facade from day one, even before all the lil YM shit popped off, his whole style is chump...and what's worse is all these muthafuckas co-signin him and treatin him like he's some kinda genius or somethin...my bro in law STAYS tryin to put me up on all these so-called "fire" Drake lines, and everytime I hear em I just look at him like "Nigga...NO..." Is the game THAT starved for real emcees that we're willing to take the most mediocre cats and elevate em to "great" status?! If so then maybe it's just time for me to leave this Hip-Hop shit alone, cuz it ain't the same thing I grew up and fell in love with. Real shit...

    • Anonymous

      Drake before YM was as hiphop as hiphop gets... nigga you heard Going in for Life? Closer to my Dreams? nigga was on some real spitten shit. You musta been talking bout somebody else. Nigga nice wit the pen shit must be goin over ya head or sum. He was doin songs wit lil brother before he got on.. Nigga I got sum pussy of that teach you a lesson wit robin thicke nigga you aint bout that life lol #swag

  • Anonymous

    I also like Kreayshawn but I'm obsessed wit Lil Debbie and Vanessa aka V-Nasty. I'm lookin foward to smashin out both in the future. lets make that happen Santa Claus

  • Anonymous

    more proof that Drake sucks. dudes so fuckin gay, and i dont mean cause he sucks. i mean cause he sucks dicks and fucks boys.

  • really?

    Fuck these two bitches. I guess it takes a wack ass rapper to recognize a wack ass rapper.

  • officer ricky

    i don't like her big ass old school ear rings but i would fuck her in heart beat.

  • Lloyd

    Drake cosigning her ain't even a conspiracy, there's this rapper Roamin who is out to brainwash people with government bullshit. Listen to this heroin addicted sellout... http://www.datpiff.com/ROAMIN-I-Am-A-Hoax-mixtape.245891.html

  • Onaje Jordan

    Did this prick said she has flows on the song. WTF

  • thought dog

    Drake always gives the most politically correct bullshit responses to questions ever. Hes either the friendliest rapper in the world that just loves everybody he meets or hes completely full of shit with everything he says.

  • reel talk

    The following message is sponsored by TELL THE REEL STORY: DRAKE Lil Wayne was PAID to Co-sign you and in turn, once you got big, he made Atlantic (whom u were already signed to even tho u lie and say u were unsigned) put you under him. #TRUESTORY. For the industry cats that know that, it's not hard to conceive that u were probably PAID to co-sign this chick. How in the world can u co-sign this girl who makes a mockery of hood like with the tats, earrings, jewelry, and ignorant character. C'Mon Son. No SERIOUS MC can look at Kreyshawn and think she is a dope artist. And then there's the "white thing". We got terrible black female rappers talking bout nonsense but as soon as a white one comes, she blows up? LOL. Diamond from crimemob > Kreyshawn and they BOTH garbage ROFLMAO Drake. C'Mon Son!

  • Maxwell Harkness

    lol Drake what a clown

  • whoreson

    Drake, I only still fucks with you cuz phonte co-signs for you. but dog, saying this bitch is dope is like the dumbest shit I heard forreal. That bitch is straight up trash in the winter, cold garbage! Her energy may be cool but her skills...fuck outta here. bitch aint got no skills. Whats sad though is when the world ends next year we are gonna die with bafoonery music on the radio(Kreayshawn,Gucci,Waka,and Young Money to name a few) and reality TV on every channel. Mark my words!!


    her buzz stronger then GAMES right now

  • Doubl Negative

    The female Eminem...

  • Anonymous

    i've never heard so much ass kissing in my life. just sign her to young money already geeees

    • Enlightened

      I have...2 years ago when every rapper in the industry was talking about "Drake...this Drake cat is nice...that's all I got in my Ipod right now is this new dude Drake....Drake...."

  • Anonymous

    i remember when calling a girl a dog was an insult

  • Wtf?

    The on;y "bars on deck" Drizzy got are from Wayne smacking his dick on this faggots chest.

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait to watch Columbia eat that $1 Million they threw at that dumb bitch

  • HipHop_Is_In_REsession

    Drake is an idiot....he's half black right? Hope he knows her sister loves throwing the "N word" around like free p*ssy. Smh too bad kreayshawn is just a novelty act, there's videos of her talking like a valley girl, how df does she get a co-sign from anyone? Enough of the fake feMCs. Bring back Foxy, Missy, Lil Kim, Jean Grae, Eve, And maybe Trina (she's tolerable) smh

    • akda

      who gives fuck haha she is a nigga. go to bay that ain't so soft ass place haha thats bagdad by the bay. fighting and fucking right in front the police white black or canday stripe. go to bay

    • Nike Champ 718

      You just negated your whole argument by calling Foxy, Kim, Trina, and Missy real MCs.

    • HipHop_Is_In_REsession

      Vnasty is half vietnamese....not half black.....she has two children that are half black. LOL I know, why do we know all this? 2% of me wanted to know who this cunt was, 98% of me just wanted to troll ! At this point if Lil B could get a deal, so can Kreayshawn and pretty much everyone else, HIP HOP IS OFFICIALLY A...joke.

    • Anonymous

      its not her real sister...n that chick is half black so shes good to go...why the fuk do i know this...


    I love when ppl don't know how to compliment ppl they don't really like, they say, i love their energy! fuckin faggot

    • rideonemjixxer

      good point. yeah, she may be a "cutie", but she sucks at rapping. Gucci Gucci? wth kinda BS is that? heard shes a talented film student,but not a talented rapper. next.

  • Anonymous

    I can already picture that chick all over the radio and MTV, its par for the course with how wack hip hop haqs gotten the last few years

  • Mook

    Lets hope Drake doesn't find out what Kreayshawn said about Nicki............................

  • Anonymous

    Kreayshawn ain't bad. Good Co-sign from Drake.

  • repetition

    that's my dawg yo. that's my dawg. stfu

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