Fat Joe Defends Joell Ortiz's "Big Pun Back"

Joey Crack comes to Joell Ortiz's defense over his ode to Christopher Rios "Big Pun Back."

Earlier this summer, Brooklyn emcee Joell Ortiz came under fire for his rendition of Rick Ross and Meek Mill’s hit single “Tupac Back,” which Ortiz spun into an ode to the late Big Pun. Although Ortiz has expressed his respect for Pun on numerous occasions, Pun’s widow, his former Terror Squad partners Cuban Link and Tony Sunshine and State Prop emcee Peedi Crakk lashed out at the Slaughterhouse rapper, claiming his song is disrespectful to Pun’s legacy.

Now, one of the late Bronx rapper’s closest associates Fat Joe comes to Yaowa's defense. In a recent interview with XXL, Joey Crack lambasted Ortiz’s detractors, calling them “fuckin’ idiots.” He said that Ortiz was simply paying respects to Pun, and that even though Joell may not be angry over the situation, he’s furious on his behalf.

“I thought it was incredible. I thought it was great. I never seen a guy in my fuckin’ life get backlash for fuckin’ biggin’ up somebody,” Fat Joe explained. “See, what happened is Big Pun was surrounded by an enormous amounts of idiots. And, sad to say, as big of a genius he was, and beautiful as he was, and I’m not just sayin’ that ’cause he dead, ’cause he was the most loyal, beautiful person… He’s my brother. I worship him to death… But, it’s unfortunate he was surrounded by a bunch of fuckin’ idiots. Nincompoops. You got a younger Spanish dude who’s hot in the streets and he wants to honor Big Pun and you throw slander at him and you disrespect him for fuckin’ only honoring Pun? How do expect anybody else to honor Big Pun?! Or talk about him in a good way?!”

He added, “This is the shit, I hope people can open their eyes and see the shit that Fat Joe has been dealing with for the last 12 years. It’s fuckin’ idiotic. It’s fuckin’ lunacy at its finest. ‘I don’t think you should’ve bigged up Pun.’ Like, what the fuck are you talkin’ about? He’s honoring Big Pun, showing respect to Big Pun. What’s the problem? We can’t do that? We’re honoring the one fuckin’ Spanish nigga that wants to step up and say, ‘Guess what? Man, I love Big Pun. Big Pun’s back.’ Where’s the disrespect? I never seen shit like this in my life. Amazing, man. I think I got more upset than Joell Ortiz did, but I know the type of people he’s dealing with.”

Fat Joe continued on to specifically address Cuban Link, Tony Sunshine and Peedi Crakk, saying that they have no right to comment on either Pun or Ortiz. He even went on to say that it’s individuals like them that continue to sully Pun’s legacy.

“I really don’t tune in to these niggas,” he said. “Like, who are these niggas? To be honest with you, they aren’t even relevant. I just hear the gossip niggas tell me, ‘like this nigga said’… I was like, ‘what?’ There you go. That’s why niggas can’t do the tribute to Pun, all proceeds to his kids. Niggas can’t do the VH1 Honors, ’cause these niggas are straight scums of the Earth. Straight scumbags. Like I said, Big Pun, as beautiful as he was, as an angel of a guy, ’cause he’s an angel. Big Pun would take a crack head off the streets and give him chicken at his house and rice and beans in one second. He was a great dude and a great father. But, it’s sad that he was surrounded by so many fuckin’ bad people. For real, it’s crazy.”

As previously mentioned, "Big Pun Back" isn't Ortiz's first dedication to Pun. Back in 2006, he released a dedication to Pun, which featured him rocking over a number of Pun's hits.

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  • Anonymous

    Nice tits on Fat Joell-- maybe more than 300 people will buy your next album? Or Not. Either way, dude sounds like a turtle stuck on his back and can't get up.

  • truth

    p crakk didnt say anything bout joel doin a pun ode...he def didnt lash out on anythihng. stupid media

  • Graham Conselyea

    Joell Ortiz is fake ass BK Latino learn about Henry Silva for starters or shut the fuck up. Get Pun's cock out yo' mowf and get back to White Castle.

  • Anonymous

    Why the fuck does Joell have to talk about Pun in the first place? Maybe because what personality Joell DOES have is dogshit and nobody cares, while Pun was an icon? Joell can keep trying to jock talent but he's going NOWHERE fast. All the nerds on the internet won't change that fact, even if 233 of ya'll bought his last album, hah.

    • Triune

      Maybe because Pun was an inspiration to him you fucking faggot!! Why the fuck is it wrong for someone to do a dedication to someone? Yous a lame for that one fag boy!!

    • Anonymous

      Sales mean nothing especially when his entire album was leaked 3 months before it came out... No he isn't on Puns level but hes a good MC...

  • El Negro

    I'm not Spanish/Latino or Puerto-Rican but I agree with qhat Fat Joe is saying. I'm African-American and I loved Pun just as much as any hispanic motherflucker. To me talent wise he was arguably the best doing it when he was alive and could've gone down as top 5 dead or alive. Joell showed respect and he get's hated on? WTF? And all you niggas talking about Joe is using Pun! How? Joe was ON WAAAAYYYY before Pun. I've bene hearing Joe rap since like 1992 and Puin didn't come out until like 97! Ya'll are fucking sick! Joe gave Pun and opportunity. Them cats called each other Twins that's how close they were. Now back to Cuban Link and Tony they are all talented but it wasn't meant to be. Peedi is innocent cus' he didn't say this though cus' he knew it wasn't his beef.

  • Anonymous

    cooper park pjs my bad

  • SutterKane

    LOL @ Cuban Link thinking anyone still gives a fuck about him I dont fuck with Joe Musically anymore but everything he said on here was true shit I'm latino & Big Pun is really the Only MC we have that we can point at and say "He's one of the best to ever do it" (All Due respect to Cypress Hill) But If you come out and Publicly and praise your idol, what do you get for it?? You get attacked by his deadbeat , scumbag, bottom feeding crew of losers who aint done shit productive since Pun Died...... Meanwhile, Ross & Them got the "Tupacs Back" record, and do you see Afei & The Outlawz crying about it??........No because they have a lil class and they realize its meant to be a compliment

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Joell and fake "Latino" bullshit twice: how many Brooklyn Latins has he repped? ZERO, because ** they ** can't do anything to his nerd rap reputation.

    • Anonymous

      Dumb motherfuckers below know NOTHING about Brooklyn latino history-- which Joell doesn't either or else he wouldn't need to take Pun's dead cock in his mouth every other week. There's a LOT of Latin music besides hip-hop crap and in the "golden era" Joell couldn't have even been a weed carrier for the Arsonists. Hip Hop Dx retards ask who?!

    • Anonymous

      cooper park pjs*

    • Anonymous

      do you know how stupid you sound?? lmao @ nerdy rap...just cuz he sounds like hes from the golden era doesnt make him a nerdy rapper...go to lafayette pjs n talk about how joell duznt rep bk latins

    • Papa Est Faundez

      man shut the fuck up you racist bitch


    Real talk, trully the same reaction that I had. WTF hating on someone who does a tribute about your brother. CLink is a straight hater with no talend or brains.. Seen these dudes high on coke and/or crack promotin them selfs LOL

  • juheardd

    cuban links just mad that he didnt put his version out before joell....these dudes r starving in the bronx hoping someone will sign them or give them some money because they can't do anything for themselves

  • Mu

    S/O to Joe for putting these dudes in their place. Who the fuck are THEY? Oh, I remember... they're the Latino rappers who NOBODY gives a fuck about, so they gotta hate on a Latino who actually has skills and respect in the game. C'Mon Son!!

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

    some good shit

  • papabearATL

    I was amazed that more people weren't pissed off that Officer Ross and Philly's Least Wanted rapper felt they could even mention Pac. Joell is actually a dope rapper with lyrical content and flow and a genuine love for Big Pun... Oh well

    • vain

      Seriously i couldn't believe people let dat Tupac back joint slide..and in reality they mad cuz they couldnt do it like joel.....so what cuz u couldnt keep his legacy going or your career for that matter you gotta hate on joell?

  • heisright

    man that some real shit. its sad there a lot of good people just like him that surround around ignorant mother fuckers and all they do is bring you down. i love what he said thats the kinda real shit you dont here from joe all you get is joe just copying whatever everybody else is doing at the current moment to sell like riding the south's dick. but this is real thanks

  • steven b.

    ortiz already did plenty of big pun tributes, stop trying to get rep off this dudes shit all the time. If big pun's back wasn't so wack I'm sure the family wouldn't be as pissed. plus that bitch is crazy so she is gonna do w/e to get shine.

  • Thee

    @ DX:Why'd y'all even pipe it up by adding Peedi Crakk in the mix? Dude ain't say a word pertaining to Pun; y'all aired the video, remember?

  • jenny craick

    Fat Joe been living off Puns rep for years now.

    • Your Daddy

      Shut up bitch! Dont say shit, unless you know what you talking about! Those two were mad tight, Joe def at "the best"(whatever that means), but Joe been doing his own thing! Fuckin dummy. Its dumb bitches like you that perpetuate the hate. Let the man breath hoe

  • insanemacbeth

    FAT JOE chatting reality. and...'BIG PUN'S BACK' by ORTIZ was siKK, in my opinion.

  • Dre

    Whats amazing is that Joey is only stating the obvious. How can a tribute be a disrespect? Its like saying Martin Luther King Day is a disrespect to the Reverend, or the Lincoln memorial is a disrespect Lincoln. Who in their right mind would say that? According to Joe, only nincompoops.

  • Cage

    Even though he does hang with faggot ass khaled, Joe spit some 100% truth...

  • Garvin Inoa

    This coming from a nigga who was chilling with clowm man Khaled. Fuck outta here

  • Mr Flamboyant

    And not a realer group of statements were said this day until Fat Joe spoke his proper peace. He's very right to the fullest. I echo his sentiments. It's f'n disgraceful. And yes...them niggas are bum ass niggas.

  • Anonymous

    Also these are joe's enemie's but R.I.P BIG PUN, there aint nobody out in 2011 thats seeing him on any level!!!

  • Nico 3

    It's good Joe is finally stepping in and getting some of these clowns off Ortiz's back.

  • Bk all day

    Buy made in the USA for real !

  • Burke Campbell

    Finally someone stepped up!!! The new Christopher Rios of rap!! and thats a rap.....

  • Up North

    Good to see Joe publicly say what we all been thinking from the start. Bum niggas do Bum shit. And Peedi Crack is just a flat out piece of shit. Lame stay talking reckless about somebody. Mind your fuckin business for a change.

  • Afi Keita James

    Joe has got a point here.

  • BBgunna

    I don't see the difference between this situation and the original Rozay version.

  • Jesus Ruiz

    Good job Joey Crack! we all feel the same way you do. and what other critic can honestly say he had pun's back more than u did? much respect to you #darkside

  • Curtis75Black

    Cool words Joey Crack !!

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