Rich Hil Inks Major Label Deal With Warner Bros. Records

The up-and-coming rapper releases a video of his signing to the imprint.

After years of putting out mixtapes and free tracks, DXNext alum Rich Hil has signed a major label deal with Warner Bros. Records.

In a video released to his YouTube account, the 21-year-old rolls into the New York City headquarters to officially ink his deal, popping a mini-bottle of champagne to celebrate his latest accomplishment.

“First of all, I didn’t imagine I’d ever make it to 21. But I made it. I gotta work harder than I ever worked. This is crazy,” he says. “I work hard a lot of the time. That’s all I care about, working. I’m working right fucking now.”

Watch the ink dry in the video below.

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  • mark

    Sorry Here is the video i copied the wrong link

  • mark

    Here is his newest video shits dope

  • Ghost of Hip-hop past

    This is what the fuck im talking about when I say this rap/Hip-hop shit is and has always been a sham. Look at this motherfucker right here talking all greasy like he's lived some hard street life, and guess what folks its all good when it come to rap/hip-hop because its the genre rewards frauds and liars (see Rick Ross). I wish Hip-hop would die because I think it has run its course.

  • philthy

    Who signs a freggin contract without their Lawyer???? that shyt looked like a Book??? Why couldnt Tommy Hilfiger get this weirdo a deal 2o tattoos ago?? this is bad tv and now we gotta put up wit another retard stuntin like hes worth our time??? phuck

  • fuck tommy hilfiger

    ^ nuff said

  • Christopher English

    Ok this is the shit that pisses me off. He says “First of all, I didn’t imagine I’d ever make it to 21. But I made it." Growing up in the projects I never thought I'd live to see 25 due to the street shit that goes on... but why the fuck would would HE not make it to 21? He definitely wasn't living a hood life. The interviewer or whoever should have called him on this. YOU"RE TOMMY HILFIGER'S son... you didn't grow up like most of us did. What are u talking about?

  • Taxman

    Talk about a tax write off.

  • Anonymous

    whats so amazing about making it to 21? , his dad is tommy mother fucking hillfiger, maybe its a mircale he hasnt od'd on coke by now

  • BlazeDatIshup

    And who the fuck is this guy? why do we need to read about these talentless fucks all the time.....

  • Josue Silva

    another wack ass dude selling his soul to muthafucking satin

  • Anonymous

    "First of all, I didn’t imagine I’d ever make it to 21. But I made it." LMAO yeah, I'm sure your privliged upbringing on the mean streets of your gated community was really rough. Now I'm waiting for that unibrowed neandrethal Daniel Gregory to comment on how this queer is the second cumming of Jeebus.

  • 718rob

    Ugh. This guy is such a talentless douche bag. Yeah, congrats from going from looking like Cage to Yelawolf. Now dad thinks you made it.

  • Anonymous

    who???? yelawolfs twin?

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