Foxy Brown Discusses Getting Right With God, New Memoir & More

After her latest court case got dismissed, Fox Boogs is back on track to put out a new album and memoir.

Fresh off of having her mooning court case dismissed, Foxy Brown is starting over with a clean slate. In an interview with NY Post, the troubled rapstress discusses how she’s already cleaned up her act and that she plans on releasing both a new album and memoir.

“The Foxy character and Inga Marchand are two different people," she says. "My fiancé calls me Inga. No one around me calls me Foxy. I go to church every Sunday. I go to Bible study every Friday night. I'm saved."

Dismissing claims that she exposed her bare bottom to her neighbor, the Ill Na Na explain that she would “never moon someone.” She sounds off on the legal system, stating that her 2004 incarceration for assaulting two manicurists was because of her skin color. “"The prosecutors just wanted my head," she continues. "If Lindsay Lohan was black, she would have done two years, at least. Is there no equal standard?"

Fox Boogs is now prepping the release of a new album - the first officially sanctioned LP since 2000’s Broken Silence - as well as a memoir titled A Gift and a Curse. Additionally, she expresses wanting to become a spokeswoman for the National Deaf Association after partially losing her hearing, and is considering a $2 million offer from Hugh Hefner to pose on the cover of Playboy.

“I've never stabbed, hurt, killed, stolen, anything," she says. "But I went to jail for a year. What is that? My pastor said to me the fact that I'm not living under a bridge as a crazy woman, talking to myself, is amazing."

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  • Bossman

    Finally Fox is gettin' her act together and making a comeback. *at last*. But one question - How can be getting a offer to pose for Playboy if she's going church???? Help Fox Boogie out someone !!

  • Bowski

    Although it took sometime for Foxy to grow on me I gotta say that "Broken Silence" album was blazing, but shorty I'm confused - You're saved now going to church every Sunday and all & I'm definitely feeling that, but then you're "CONSIDERING" posing for the cover of Playboy? Just keep it real no need to mention all that church stuff then comback w/the $2 milli offer from Playboy, gssh c'mon we all aint that dumb (lol)....

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    'I go to church every Sunday. I go to Bible study every Friday night. I'm saved."' ^^lmfao.....I've liked some of her music in the past and all, but when I read that part shit made me laugh.... I aint hating though, so if she does actually get back on track then good for her....

  • CLM83

    Fuck outta here! Bitch gotta get with the iLLuminati. HA!

  • Powerphi

    This chick's a mess. I'm not hating, I'm just saying.

  • Anonymous

    Do ya thing Foxy!!! Sweet piece of chocolate sista!!!! I knew that mooning shit was a bunch of bullshit!!! I also like the fact that shes trying to get right with God there is nothing wrong with that!!

  • Anonymous

    $2 million offer from Hugh Hefner to pose on the cover of Playboy. -------------------------------------------- Yeah right! She is over weight and a has been.

  • Corey Steir

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