Lil Wayne Bans Alcohol Backstage From His Tour

Weezy remains intent on keeping his nose clean as he continues touring.

Maybe T.I. can look to Lil Wayne for advice on how to stay out of the pen, because it appears Lil Wayne is serious about his government-mandated sobriety.

TMZ reports that Wayne, who is banned from consuming alcohol until 2013, has instituted a zero-tolerance no-alcohol policy backstage and on his tour bus.

A rep for Weezy's "I Am Still Music Tour" says that the concerts have "a dry backstage as we are committed to keeping a safe and professional atmosphere to ensure a smoothly running tour."

"There is no ban on alcohol served at the venue," added the rep.

Wayne was sentenced last November to a three-year probation that prevents him from using drugs or alcohol, in addition to associating knowingly with any person engaged in criminal activities.

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  • Timothy Green

    serious ish! He doesn’t wanna end up like T.I. Look at what has happened already, he’s been searched for incriminating evidence to send him back already. You already know some *sshole of an officer, wants to be the 1 to send a big name back to prison. He’s got more millions to make, so why would he jeopardize that, along with the fact he wants to be a full-time dad, and retire so how can you blame him. With alcohol always around him, its an easy influence when everyone around you is already buzzed up in some way, form, or fashion. It’s a good look.

  • Dont Hate Articulate

    Weezy is pretty lame but good for him.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • Anony

    no wonder he hasnt been making sense lately

  • Franklin Masterkush Moreno

    new weezy here now !!!

  • Garrett Perkins

    You guys would use T.I. as and example. When for years Rap artist have been put back in jail. T.I. just was being a king

  • Anonymous

    Naaaaa braaa he HAD to hit the good. Now that i think about it, S4TW mustve been can cus he was off the shit...

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Yea right..I'm sure this crackhead has already puff'd on some ish or drank something. He's just putting on a front like he's serious the same every other rapper does...Look at ti he keeps going back even when he claims or seems to have learned his lesson.... When a person's image/raps are based on drugs, which women they supposedly fucked, money and other material ish, it's hard to believe any bs they say... In the end he sucks anyway, so fuck it....

  • jason

    hellrazor = faggot. Keep your boyfriend's penis in your mouth, and shut the fuck up you worthless piece of shit

    • Anonymous

      heyyyy thurrr gurlfriend, u showed up. haha, hellrazor just commented on my post. you should take your anger out on me. won't do much help tho because i know you are just some angry (i want to say teenager), but u are some angry pre-teen kid thinking he is the shit. how bout you get your first blowjob, it can be anyone cept weezy. goodluck!

    • hellrazor

      i dont post under "anonymous", you fuckin dumbass.

    • hellrazor dickriding piece of shit fuckin shit. trolling antiwayne vids, seeking arguments with people who dislike your beloved wayne and now you resort to trolling immortal technique videos just to get reactions. how sad and pathetic your motherfucking life is

  • Che

    I'm sure wayne still uses drugs and drinks all day

  • Anonymous

    Good video for reviews on recent mixtapes. Lil Waynes Sorry for the Wait got TRASHED!

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  • Anonymous

    he still pops pills, he made that clear on his mixtapes. those are out ur system in a day or 2

  • azzholesunited


  • west west

    comon on mr gangsta u scared of a p.o an jail summtin must haven happened to him hes affriad to go back

    • this guy

      lol dude if i had millions of dollars and fucking bitches all day, why the fuck would i go back to jail ????

    • Anonymous

      What has not wanting to go back to do with being afraid?

    • fabolousb

      @westwest - fuck being scared, you know how much money you fuck up by going back to jail? Chill with all the bullshit, if you've been once you know you don't want to go back if you ain't got to. The shits not sweet. Plus why fuck up the money? Get real.

    • west west

      does he say anything about the pro meth or pills in there for ur super hero???

    • EddieMurrrphy

      cause he just went for the first time and saw what it was like. (sorta). most people, when they get out, avoid any chance of going back in they can, especially in the first 6 months to a year when the experience is still really r=fresh in your brain. the only people who want to go back,or wouldnt work towards preventing themselves from going back are... you guessed it- Faggots

  • kennyken

    you never know when your p.o. will show up

  • Brandon The187Worm Nixon

    This is news worthy? yall make me sick

  • Anonymous

    if i worked for weezy i would be bummed out, just cause he fucked up no one is allowed to drink anymore? not even a beer?

  • Corey Steir

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  • Anonymous

    when is that white ass kid world of warcraft playing jason kid gonna show up. i hope he doesn't get his keyboard wet from the slobber running down his fingers from all the spit he used to suck weezy's cock. but anyways, on the real, that's a shame. wayne really isn't a human being when he's sober



  • Cott

    I wonder if he banned lean and weed too? Weezy says he's not a big drinker anyway so I'm thinking that the news about him banning alcohol is just to make him look like he's serious.It's hard to imagine that his whole touring entourage is riding around sober. As rich as he is I'm sure he has the money to buy those expensive products that clean your system out in no time. Maybe I'm right. Maybe I'm wrong. Just a thought.

  • The One

    This sucks, now i can't rape wayne and his crew backstage anymore for a few years. i don't like his music but they were easy targets for me to rape and punish i took tyga's ass-pussy virginity last year but bird man already got to wayne years ago so i wasn't the first but anyway the moral of the story is if you don't make positive music and you do drugs or alcohol, there's a chance that i will rape you.

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      I'm going to hell for laughing at this shit, but then again this earth is hell anyway.... 'the moral of the story is if you don't make positive music and you do drugs or alcohol, there's a chance that i will rape you' ^^doesn't that mean almost everyone in the industry is fucked...

    • EddieMurrrphy

      The One is some funny shit. I salute you, The One keep rapin motherfuckers to make the world a better place for my wife and two kids

    • Anonymoustoo

      am I twisted or what, cos I thought this shit was funny?

    • Anonymous

      you gonna get raped

  • Obi Patrick

    The only reason he's doing that is to avoid the temptation of drinking if he sees others drinking around him...

  • NunyaGOTdamnbidnuss

    lol @ Anonymous "2013 we gonna hear some hot lil wayne shit, when he get back on that powder and that lean. Can't wait"

  • Anonymous

    I still cant believe they can ban him from alcohol. drugs sure, i can understand that

    • west west

      its fogs ur mindstate for that reason it is a drug people an far worse for then most jus cuz its legil dont mean its not a drug look at the prohibition era it was illegal cuz it fucked u up "drugs"

    • Anonymous

      no it's not a drug, it contains a drug / drugs like syrup, it's not a drug itself. And the person that siad that shit bout lil wayne not being 21 is right, the police are not his parents or his wife why should they bother?

    • The One

      See guys we learned so much today.Take what you learned here and become successful adults, now run along and play you little rascals before i rape ya.

    • yo

      No, Adam's right; alcohol is a drug. Just because it's legal and in liquid form, doesn't mean it's not a drug. It is mind-altering (definition of drug, dummy). Also, the courts don't want to see people on parole getting drunk and hitting bars. Idk what is hard to understand about that.

    • Killa Cali

      @Adam No, Alcohol is not a Drug You Retard!! for you...Yes. You think Pigs give a Damn if your Drinking!? he's Over 21, so who gives a shit. I bet you must be under 17

    • Adam

      You're an idiot alcohol is a drug and is much worse for you mentally and phsycially than most drugs illegal drugs

  • Anonymous

    2013 we gonna hear some hot lil wayne shit, when he get back on that powder and that lean. Can't wait.

  • Christian Maciel

    Smart move.

  • Nas Gcwabe

    dyammnnn wezy until banned until 2013, they got u, crazy!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    As much as I don't really care for him, good for him. Stickin' to his guns, as far as we know.

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