Ludacris To Release Mixtape Before "Ludaversal" LP

Before putting out his next album, Luda is planning on releasing his first mixtape of entirely original content.

In anticipation of his upcoming album Ludaversal, Ludacris plans on dropping his first mixtape of entirely original content. Speaking with Kube 93 FM's Supa Sam (via RR), the rapper explained that the street release comes in honor of the 10-year anniversary of 2000's major label debut, Back for the First Time.

"I'm working on a new album called Ludaversal, but I'm also working on a mixtape," he said. "We gon' flood the streets with a bunch of music for all the fans that appreciate that.

"It's like my first album actually doing that," he continued. "I've done mixtapes before, but in terms of it's going to be new music. We're going to put it out there and it's been 10 years, like I said. It's been a decade long, so I feel like it's that time. It's just rejuvenation. We gotta make sure we give everybody what they need right now."

Luda most recently released Battle of the Sexes last year, with plans to put out Ludaversal early next year.

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    Ah luda man...luda ain't spitting the same no more. When I would here luda on tracks I would always expect a big ass, you know one I could fuck with...but really nigga oh man all iam getting from you these days is some skinny ass white girl. Man where is the big ass fuckable lyrics? For real luda give me that meat.

  • luke

    I was alwyas a big fuckin luda fan, but man he lightweight fell off in my opinion, i mean not in record sales or whatever, but his flow used to go so harder now its just industry saturated, sucks what the industry does to once real ass niggas

  • Anonymous

    If u don't think luda is nice u need to check your ears point blank

  • azzholesunited


  • Aisha

    My bad this shit was supposed to go to the white boy allthe way down there. Callin us niggas? I dont put gel in my nappy ass hair so crackaz can talk shit

  • Aisha

    ^^WTF you sayin Nigga for, you prolly some fuckin white boy with a name like Glenn, bahaha you fuckin fail. Luda is the greatest rapper alive since Lil Kim.

  • Coritino Steir

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  • Bayer Miney

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  • aarontodavis

    Luda coming back, battle of the sexes waas wack so a mixtape and an albulm will more than make up for dat

  • Anonymous

    How the in the hell has luda fell he has more platinum albums than a lot of your favorite rappers, he kills every guess appearance ,feature , punchlines, flow and gives you the animated ,street , real songs like the one he did on release therapy,

    • Glenn Beck

      No one wants to hear old ass niggas on the radio.... I couldnt even name you any of his last 5 singles, or the names of the last three albums other than battle. And luda failed at hashtag rapping. At the end of the day, even old ass niggas like Shawty Lo kill beats way more than luda.

  • Anonymous

    all yall are just talking bout his clubs songs and love songs and shit!..yes his first album was amazing..his latest clearly battle of the sexes was a bad was for females only that was like a Club hit CD type shit Theater of the Mind?? Great album Release Therapy was good album it was Great but i liked it!

    • Anonymous

      hopefully he get some of the producrs from theater of the mind. 9th gave a classic song. premo delivered. and that kid wyldfyre gave him 2 bangers. that was one of his most well rounded albums. the singles sucked though.

  • lonestar playa

    I hope Luda shuts yall the fuck up wit all dat hating yall doin. i swear folks ain't neva pleased. yall said the same thang about Jeezy fallin off then after he drops "The Real Is Back" u back on his dick again???? smh........some fans in dis generation of new hip hop fans. besides dat i can't wait for what Luda has to offer on this mixtape and album i think its gonna b great

  • theone05

    I feel like he is just like his character "Skinny Black" in Hustle and Flow, he was raw his first album and now look at him

  • SutterKane

    One of the Only mainstream rappers left I respect

  • White man

    nigga you fell off. Anybody who disagrees just play his first track off Back For The First Time and compare it to any soft ass record he put out in last 6 years

    • lonestar playa

      lol...........thats what u do........hate! For one Battle Of The Sexes wasn't a true Luda solo album Theater Of The Mind was but u just wanna go and nip pick thru the shit. yall pathetic

    • Sinderblock

      Seriously. And Battle of the Sexes was wacker than wooden planks falling on every branch.

  • reeL Talk

    WOW. Now the mixtape buzz has hit the legends too? well at least luda doesn't have an album coming the following week like these new rappers do, LOL. not a bad idea really since he is talking top of 2012 for the album. good idea to get back in the market a bit. can't be mad at that.

  • bbybbest

    OMG OMG i cant believe im First!!

    • LJbigbang

      LMAO! Wtf? Never seen someone so excited over being first! Hopefully this mix-tape is a hark back to his Pre-RLD days. As in the Mouf from tha South Luda.

    • cockie29

      maybe you should study your unstudy nigga

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