Ghostface Killah Promises Wu-Block LP, New Wu-Tang LP & More

Ghost promises a busy 2012, says the Wu-Block lands in February and the new Wu-Tang LP lands in May.

Next year may just end up being quite an interesting one for Wu-Tang fans hoping to hear the group back together on a full length album. While on tour with the Wu-Tang Clan, DJ Semtex spoke with the Wu's Ghostface Killah about a variety of topics including a forthcoming group album, the upcoming Wu-Block project and more. 

When asked about what he's got coming up, Ghost acknowledged that the Wu-Block album is up first. Promising a February release date, Ghost also said the group would release more new songs soon. 

"Right now, I'm doing this Wu-Block project [featuring] me and D-Block," Ghost noted. "Me, Raekwon, Cappa[dona] with Jadakiss, Sheek Louch and Styles P. We going to put that together. February, [it] should be in the streets, we're going to start releasing some songs."

Longtime Wu supporters can rejoice at the fact that a new group project is also in the works for next year. The Wu-Block album may hold fans down for some time before the intended May release of the next full Wu disc. That will also lead to Ghost's next album, Supreme Clientele Presents: Blue & Cream: The Wally Era, slated for an August release.

"A Wu-Tang album should be on the streets in May. Then in August, I'ma do Blue & Cream: The Wally Era, Supreme Clientele." 

For more from the interview and performance shots, check below. 

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  • ab3

    Peace to Boot Camp Clix, M.O.P, and INVIZIBLE SWORD....B-MORE stand up...!

  • ab3

    As a matter of fact, put me down for a million copies, we goin platinum

  • ab3

    When it hit the shelf my copy will be official.......!

  • Bridget K. Raff

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  • Nico 3

    So you're predicting it will sell gazillions like Shaolin Vs. Wu Tang did? And how many years has it been since a studio album from The Lox? Case closed loser. Put down the pipe and read a book.

  • tbae

    yo stuff been sounding so weak my nigg iont know how you still in the game.....

  • Nico 3

    Wu Block will flop hard. If I were Wu, I'd focus on two people: Rae and Ghost. They're the only two with even a pulse on the charts.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i don't want to hear anything from rae unless it's obfcl 3. it only seems natural he would complete the trilogy. but take your time ray, give it aout 3 years

  • saint

    Okay, so 2011-2012 Wu-releases: Method Man- Crystal Meth Raekwon - the album with Kanye/Just Blaze beats Raekwon - OB4CL3 Ghostface Killah - SC2 Ghost/LOX - Wu-Block Masta Killa - Loyalty Is Royalty Inspectah Deck - The Rebellion (his last solo?) U-God - Key Note Speaker RZA - The Cure (???) GZA - Liquid Swords 2 GZA - The audiovisual experience album he talked about Wu-Tang Clan - New album 2012 I'm not sure on all of these, but they have all been mentioned by the artist recently. Also there's Blackout! 3 and the new Swarm project.

  • NY

    Damn a lot of shit is coming out Wu-Block which is basically Ironman (cause it was featuring heavy amounts of Raekwon & Cappadonna) meets Lox, Wally Era, sequel to Supreme Clientele & most importantly another Wu-Tang Clan album. That's just from Ghostface, GZA has two albums planned one a sequel to Liquid Swords produced by RZA with a Killah Priest song at the end just like the original Liquid Swords, RZA has his headphones coming out, Inspectah Deck has a planned album, Raekwon has been talking about OB4CL pt. 3, Masta Killa has an album that should have been out by now but was pushed back, Method Man's crystal method which was talked about for about 4 years now, U-God I heard is getting an album together. That's not even including the countless affiliates that put out good music.

  • tha tactician

    nobody get excited. when's the last time a record u wanted to hear came out on time?

  • Anonymous

    love how theres no one fighting over bullshit when the article is bout the clannn

  • fuck NS

    WHAT ABOUT DOOM/GHOST? nature sounds is full of shit. i haven't heard ghost say ANYTHING about it. yet nature sounds wants people to believe it's coming this year/next year at the latest? nature sounds stays fucking up. i'm looking forward to the rest of ghosts projects, since ghost doesn't bullshit. nature sounds better clarify what the fuck's going on, they refuse to address it head on, and it's been YEARS of the same dance.

  • Adam Rapology Aldo

    True OG status legends of this rap game. no-one does it better than Wu Tang and when it comes to masterpieces, no-one can ever overlook 'only built for cuban links p.2'. These veterans truely personify hip hop and what it is to be considered all time greats.

    • Adam Rapology Aldo

      u must be a real sad cunt, if u like to start beef with a complete stranger on the net dave u human waste product. I know what would be real hard, for me to get it up over your mother. she prolly some old hag that made ur life so shit that u get enjoyment from shooting off at the mouth u punk. why dont you let me know who u really are and stop hiding behind ur pc u sad fuck.

    • Dave

      It must be hard for you to suck 8 or 9 dicks at a time, cunt.

  • Wu Tang Forever

    Wu tang are without a doubt the greatest thing to ever happen to hip hop forget your top 5 wu tang are on another level 36 chambers, liquid swords, cuban linx, ironman and tical!. They gonna take over the once again all bullshit rap to the side!!!

    • Anonymous

      CL2 was another classic!!

    • Anonymous

      I think the clan still have it in them to make a strong comeback no other hip hop act ever has the loyal fans wu got. The amount of love they get world wide cannot be matched and to think they came out nearly 20 years ago is crazy!

    • NY

      It would be crazy if they came into the limelight again bring real hip hop with them, I don't think a comeback like this has ever been done just another thing to add to the list of what they have done first.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. As a whole, there was nothing better. So many classics, it's unbelievable.

    • Anonymous

      Let's not forget Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version, No Said Date, Wu-Tang Forever, Chamber Music, 8 Diagrams (yes 8 Diagrams), the Ghost Dog soundtrack produced by RZA, Supreme Clientele, Fishcale, OB4CL 2 etc.

  • Anonymous

    2012 will be a monster year if the release dates hold up


    International Wu Salute

  • Anonymous

    That he didn't even mention the project with Doom reminds me why I was so skeptical about the Nature Sounds news.

  • Vocab

    Damn. Not even a mention of the DOOM/Ghost project. Naturesounds says its coming but Ghost doesnt even acknowledge it's real anymore

  • Anonymous

    a kilo is a thousand grams, it's easy to remember

  • Powerphi

    Ghost came out in a damn kilt...suuu

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    A Dream come true!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    "Me, Raekwon, Cappa[dona] with Jadakiss, Sheek Louch and Styles P. We going to put that together." Orgasm!

  • Anonymous

    Wu-Tang Forever bitches

  • Alf Gang Janitor

    We were promised two Ghostface solo LPs this year, as well as Wu-Block. Can't complain though I guess, just a lot of waiting. Better get some solo Wu albums in the mean time.

    • NY

      Wouldn't you rather wait so it's not rushed like Wu-Massacre they announced and then 3 months later it was out but you can tell it was very rushed probably by Def Jam but when they take their time it's a masterpiece.

    • Anonymous

      Release dates never stick. But I trust Ghost to deliver on his promises more than anyone else.

  • Crystal

    New fucking Wu album!!!!!!!!!

  • hellrazor

    wu-tang forever!!

  • khordkutta

    Not, "Starks Enterprises Presents..."?

  • I'm a retard

    fuck that chinese shit, I ride with the true g pitbull!

  • Salaam

    No mention of the project with MF Doom?

  • Anonymous

    new wu is gonna tear shit up next year. i feel srry for anyone who drops around the same time as them. lol

    • RootsUnda

      The dust has settled ??? Is true Hip Hop outshining the bullshit ?? It seems like over the past year and a half NY has been bringing it as far as Hip Hop goes...the vets have been grinding !! The emo shit is now a side show especially when you sit it next to the shit that's been out latley. Fat beats and ill lyrics are here to stay again. The South lost a King, Wayne is showing who he truly is, Ross shitting bricks...I mean damn !!

    • Anonymous

      lil wayne is terrible WU TANGG

    • Anonymous

      "fuck lil wayne" is so 2008 dude is dope if you wanna hate, hate on big sean. at least he deserves it

    • Santiago Wu MugShot Irigoyen

      besides don, fuck lil wayne, the radio can keep it. the ones behind the scenes are the real shit

    • Crystal

      80k is good these days considering how Wu-Tang ain't gonna get no shine on the radio

    • don

      c'mon son. wu-tang don't sell anymore. they gonna do 80k man

  • Cee

    Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuthin ta fuck wit!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah nu wu shit.

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