Lil Wayne Unsure Of When He Will Retire

Weezy explains that while there's no expiration date on his career, he'd like to become a better father - even if that means ducking out the game.

After hinting that Tha Carter IV might be his last album, Lil Wayne is backpedaling on his statements. Speaking with MTV News, Weezy explained that he’s “not sure” when he’ll duck out from the game, but promises that he won’t drag it through the years like some of his peers have done.

“I'm not sure; I'm not gonna Brett Favre y'all," he said. "I'm not gonna draw it all the way out the whole year: 'We wondering, is Wayne gonna do this?' But the honest answer is I don't know."

Wayne, who just dropped his new mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait , explains that he’s content with where he’s at in his life and would prefer to focus as much on parenting as he does on his career.

"I'm so settled in my life right now," he told us. "I have my kids; they're wonderful. My daughter has her career ahead of her now. I have to focus on that, and I have to put the same focus that I put in my career. ... I want to become a better father, I want to become a better man to my woman, and those things take time. And time takes away from this. So the honest answer to that [retirement] question is, I don't know. Maybe so."

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  • Cott

    What does Wayne mean by retire? No more albums? No more shows? I'm tryna figure out because the nigga got a tattoo on his face that says "I Am Music." Not I Make Music or I Love Music. I Am Music. so how could he stop being what he is? He's been in the game so long how could he hang up his jersey and just be a spectator? Even if he just makes mixtapes for the hell of it, is that really retiring? For all that he might as well keep making albums. If he keeps making albums he might as well get the show money too. See what I'm sayin?

    • shane

      I know what u mean cuz i always think about that. Like how come rappers gotta be so dramatic when they could just drop little bits of music here and there for the fans. Like if brett farve played second string, He'd still help the team but minus the broken bones. But yea i mostly agree that he's right tho because its honorable(and kinda practicle)to drop your career to raise your kid. also i wouldn't expect it from him but it''l keep him out of trouble not being in the stoplight.

  • Tha Carter 2

    Unless he gonna be doin the shit he did on the first 2 carter albums then i could careless if he retire tomorrow or 20 years from now, and if he does another Tha Carter 3 then im done with his music fo real

  • Luka CuDi Balić

    @Kevah Emami fuck Eminem? Man Fuck You! Weezy 4ever tho.

  • Kaveh Emami

    YMCMB!!!!!!!! Lil Wayne changed the rap game fuck eminem!

  • Holland

    Let him retire The sooner, the better And let him take Wackafocka&Cucci with him Them guys away = win/win 4 Hip Hop


    This nigga needs to retire ASAP

  • Daniel Gregory

    STOP HATIN ON MY FAVORITE RAPPER U DIMWITS!! you guys probably have Wayne songs on your iPod yet you still jump the HATER wagon cuz you think it's cool to hate on such a successful rapper. Lil Wayne was the force dominating hip hop during 07-09 now he's lost the dominance to u know who but still he's still more successful than every other rapper. So stop hating

    • Anonymous

      Why is wiggers And Skanky white girls Waynes biggest fans?? I swear this shit got my confused.

    • haha

      hes actually not more successfull then every other rapper....definately not more successfull then em who is the greatest of all time

  • Real Talk

    Damn On Tha Real I havent read so much hate.. why yall mad at weezy The Skinny Jeans ??.. like shit couple years yall haters ridin his d*%^ on the carter 3 Probaly have Waynes tracks on yo Ipods Stiill.

  • Anthony Smith

    Dude should have went down with the cash money ship like the rest of there artists.

  • hellrazor

    this fag needs to retire NOOOOOOOW. somebody pointed out that this site posts a new wayne article every 10 minutes, i fuckin agree. he slips on a banana peel & there'll be an article here.

  • Jane Doe

    What woman is he talking about? Oh let me guess, his undercover lover Baby. Yall aint fooling nobody. #boy bye

  • Kaan Özel

    Retire you fool

  • phew

    dont retire weezy!! from libya

  • Anonymous

    come on man !! i just spent 200 dollars in a strip club and got me some champagne when i heard you was about to retired ! dont fuck it up wayne !!!

  • Anonymous

    Go! and dont come back to rap until you have some hunger in you again!

  • Anonymous

    I swear this nigga Wayne has taken over DX cuz every 10 minutes theres a new Wayne article. DX needs to stop writing an article for everytime Wayne farts and coughs. Smh

    • Brandon The187Worm Nixon

      For real...wether it be a track or article..shits gettin ridiculous...I just quit XXL and came here awhile ago..Now look like they goin the same route...wish they dick ride Crooked I ..he got new shit and they only put up three tracks...him and HorseShoe Gang got many more...

    • Kaan Özel


  • Lil Wayne fresh off Da Drought 3

    Nigga I look at myself 4 years later...nigga, I should have retired right after Carter III, would have been one of the best to ever do it



  • Lol

    Retire now, fucking faggot.

    • Anonymous

      idk, this jason guy is def white. i think he is some teenager that listens to wayne while wearing axe spray in attempts to get girls. damn, he so young, he should just pick them up from the daycare.

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous cosign, only a stupid urban square kid listens to lil wayne

    • Anonymous

      u mad jason? why you defending lil wayne you lil bitch?

    • jason

      Your mom needs to retire from deepthroating men. I still owe that bitch a quarter from last night

  • lil shame

    i hope today that ugly midget

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