Skylar Grey Talks Beating Lady Gaga For "I Need A Doctor," Says Dr. Dre & Eminem Changed Her Life

Exclusive: Hip Hop's new favorite songbird Skylar talks to DX about her place in music, the surprise rappers on her upcoming album "Invincible," and how her career kick-started thanks to Em and Dre.

Prior to showcasing her voice and lyrics on tracks like Dr. Dre and Eminem's Detox tease "I Need a Doctor" , Diddy-Dirty Money's "Coming Home" , and Lupe Fiasco's "Words I Never Said" , Skylar Grey was the pen behind Eminem's Grammy award-winning track "Love the Way You Lie" featuring Rihanna (here is Skylar's original version ). As the ethereal songstress gears for her solo debut album Invincible, she expresses how Hip Hop has made her work harder in honing her own sound. "Lyrically it's pushed me a little bit harder. Also, the beats...I love Hip Hop beats, laid back and not perfectly on the grid. I always have," Skylar told HipHopDX this week. "I'm really excited about the sound of my album, which is kind of a mixed bag of Rock influences, Hip Hop drums, and singer-songwriter type vocals. There will be an interesting combination of sounds."

Skylar Grey's influence on Hip Hop tracks as of late has allowed for a more alternative feel, and what Skylar likes to call a "vulnerable" side to rappers. "All of these guys that are really playing that tough guy role in rap, what I wanted to do was break them down a little bit and make them a little bit more vulnerable and relatable to the rest of the world," she explains. "That's I think, something that I've been able to accomplish." While Eminem has emoted quite a bit in the past, Lupe Fiasco revealed a new side to him on "Words I Never Said." "He definitely speaks about subjects people have to deal with everyday," she says of Lupe. "It's not just some bullshit about drinks and ass."

Once Skylar's presence was felt on Grammy Award winning and chart-topping songs, the list of rappers knocking on her door has been endless. She will be appearing on upcoming Hip Hop projects still. However, her best experience thus far has been with Dr. Dre. "Dr. Dre's one of the nicest that I've met in the music industry, in all genres," Grey says. "He's very chill and super sweet and gracious. I was very impressed with him as a person."

Along with Dre, Skylar has Eminem to thank for her continued success, even going to bat for her when she penned the hook to "I Need a Doctor" and the label attempted to swap her vocals for Lady Gaga's. "Somebody in the room suggested we get Lady Gaga to sing the hook on 'I Need a Doctor' and [Eminem] stood up for me and said no, because he wanted to keep my voice on the song," she says. "That was a big thing for me because had I not kept my voice on 'I Need a Doctor,' who knows where I'd be right now." She continues, "After the Grammy Awards performance of that song, alot of things changed for me. It really changed my life. It provided a great platform for me, and I'm forever grateful for Eminem and Dr. Dre." Skylar revealed that she had 6500 more Twitter followers in the immediate minutes that followed that fateful Grammy performance. While "I Need a Doctor" is the only Detox-related track she appears on, Skylar has her own A-list rap collaborations coming up on Invincible. She can't reveal who, but assures these are artists she has never worked with before.

"Let your imagination run wild," she hints.



  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Who the f*** cares..... She's just another white girl who likes hip hop, gets used in peoples songs...blah blah blah.... Same shit as always, aint nothing special.... Lets see if she just has her 15 minutes and fades away or if the broad finds some way to stay relevant for at least a few more years...

  • ope

    this bitch sold the fuck out and forgot everybody that put her on. mike shinoda put this bitch on with fort minor, she was doing songs with apathy. since dr. gay and feminem found her, she's too big to pick up the phone. another casualty of the industry. another mediocre talent that's willing to do anything for a little success. i hope her career blows up and leaves her broke. can't stay humble, you deserve to struggle.

  • Anonymous

    dr.dre and eminem need to be put down like lame animals. i love these dudes, their shit was legendary. but both these guys are out of juice. they don't know what's hot, they think they know what sells. every feature is strategic, it's not about making the best music anymore. eminem's music is soulless in 2011. skylar grey is a hideous chick with an average voice, let's make her a star. eminem has done shit with b.o.b, niki minaj, drake, lil wayne, boi-da, skylar grey, bruno mars. dude is about as raw as justin timberlake in 2011. sad to watch. all these 15 year old em fans don't know what they missed, keep buying his faggot pop records, you zombie fucks.

    • what?

      dont know how to sell? eminems about to be 4X platinum... how the hell do you figure

    • Stan

      Its Called maturing bro. I know what you mean though. Hip Hop these days is not coming out with the energy that it once did. Only a handful of artists still keep it "fresh."

  • Daniel Gregory

    Eminem should man up and repay Kim for all the beating and abuse by featuring her on a song instead of these random women he doesn't even know. He's probably having sexual relations with these strange women while his wife and kids stay at a run down shack somewhere in Detroit wishing eminem would stop neglecting them. Shame on you eminem :/

    • Brandon The187Worm Nixon

      Y people respond to this Unibrow'd ignoramous is beyond me...ungly muthufucka...dude wants Waynes dick in and around his mouth and poop shoot.

    • Know Your Place

      Yo you stupid or somethin he aint owe kim shit, she was with him then shit happened and he was pissed and he let go of that steam the only way he knew how to and people blew it way outta proportion just cause he made a song? f'real people should be glad a song is all he did. And bout his kids he dosent fuckin tour no more cause of his kids have you not heard the songs about his kids he loves more than anythin. And how you know they in some fuckin shack, cause of em they probably in some motherfuckin mansion. Man research the shit you sayin before you be sayin dumbass punk bitch fo real

  • kaos

    'Let your imagination run wild...' 2Pac? xD

  • Elias Abdallah

    her voice is average at best

  • JoeM

    I LOVE her voice and she shows some promise as a writer but I'm not sure about her as a solo artist.. she's one of those artsy different for the sake of being different types I don't think she's going to do too well unless she has a great producer/composer and a decent song writer in her corner to guide her. I'd love to see what she could do with Linda Perry.

  • jack johnson

    don't get me wrong skylars good, but her emo pop chorus sounded wrong on a dr. dre track, she doesn't belong doing hip hop choruses, stick to emo and dre apparently only likes to work with new artists or artists he's worked with before so thats probably why he didn't choose lady gaga, that way when skylar grey blows up dr. dre can take all the credit for "discovering" skylar grey just like he did with eminem, snoop dogg and 50 cent

  • Anonymous

    Fuck gaga!..skylars the shit!

  • eazy83

    i would lick the dingleberries out of herself

  • Anonymous

    Em probably chose her over lady gaga to be featured on the song because she fucked him the best. it's a win win for eminem

  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry but she just sings a hook and leaves, then the label gives the beat wid the hook to the artist. nothing was intended, just happened, I mean lupe was *given* the song with the intent to make a love song but he didn't fell like it. don't get me wrong she is talented.

  • aarontodavis

    didnt really like I need a doctor but she's got talent..If u want a pop radio record, u get her and if u wanna a club banger, u get Roscoe Dash (only on da hook tho cuz he cnt rap). Lets see how good she does w/her own albulm and ideas but I think she's pretty good

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    You're all nothing but PAWNS! Skylar Grey is merely a pawn being used in the game elites are playing to consume your minds and feed your souls to their higher deity demon lord known as Disbichgotadryvoyce! The signs are so OBVIOUS! Notice how she says "what I wanted to do was break them down a little bit and make them a little bit more vulnerable." Now when I hear vulnerable I think of rape. Rape is some ol fucked up shit. Eminem's other album Relapse was all about rape and other fucked up shit! I just happen to relapse with perscription pills last week ever since my ex girl took all my money and hooked up with my weed dealer so I couldn't buy trees! This scientifically proves Skylar Grey's role as a puppet being used to consume your souls for the higher lord of outer space drag racing, Aneedadocterwuzwack! These are pure facts and research! Seek the truth, you hopeless SHEEP! WAKE UP!

    • nixzy

      so wat ya biz with em all dey doing their y not mind urs cuz i bet ya if u aint holy as tha bible say u gonna rot in hell as well so let em be..suckers

    • anonymous

      I think she means "emotionally vulnerable," humble, genuine. That's a far cry from rape!

    • DMAX

      HAHA with a name like That Nigga In His Basement I would not even listen to this guy.

    • Willy

      @ Wordz If the devil does exist... Cool. Let the people that are going to rot in "hell" deal with their consequences, instead of taking to the hip-hop/rap forum boards accusing every rapper of being a Satan worshiper perhaps you should be in church... Praying or some shit...

    • Wordz

      Ya'll niggas keep thinkin it's a game, There is something goin on in the industry dog, shit's really real, keep thinking the devil don't exist fool, play with fire, get burned.

    • lolwut

      I died at Disbichgotadryvoyce. That got me good.

  • Sergiz

    sounds cool n all . but im not fallin for that stupid ass picture/image she looks stupid as fkcu

  • reel talk

    Note to Skylar, RESEARCH your artists before you put your foot in your mouth in your young career. Lupe has NEVER been the cliche, "tough guy" rapper who talks about "drinks and a**". U look kinda crazy saying that, honestly. It shows that you aren't REALLY into the culture (which I suspected anyway).

  • nobody ever fucked her in the ass yet

    bet she wrote half of dres lyrics on detox

  • gooch burr burr

    eminem stood up for her cuz she sucked his dick real good and even swallowed his man juices to clear her throat

  • Anonymous

    Lupe's never really had songs just about "drinks and ass" so I dont see what side of him we're seeing thats 'new'

  • Anonymous

    hip-hops new favorite songbird? please!! get the fuck outta here, no one is checking for this girls music, her hooks are terrible, she hit the lottery with those wack eminem songs


      her hits dont get played on urban radio

    • Anonymous

      anyone who is booking her is just trying to do a remake of that one song she keeps recording because it was a major pop hit,

    • Anonymous

      her number 1 hip-hop songs werent hip-hop, they were pop hits for people who listen to anything thats on the radio, people with no real taste of their own dont know who you are talking about when you say all the top hip hop produers have her booked up for the year but i doubt rza, premier, pete rock, alchemist, 9th wonder, black milk are really fucking with her like that alex da kid dont count

    • Mr.Cappuccino

      No one is checking for her??? her Hooks are wack?? Dude your an idiot... every hip hop song she featured on was a NUMBER 1 HIT... plus how you ganna say no one is checking for her, when ALL the top hip hop producers have her schedule backed up for the rest of the year just to work with her. now if you would said YOU think her her hooks are wack and YOU aint checking for her thats diff. but right now she is a highly sought after voice in the industry right now.

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up "Nobodies Checkin for her" huh?? She seems to be on alot of hit records so I guess somebodies checkin for her, dumbass

  • Alex Mendoza

    Its good she's getting success that she wanted, but goddamn, she sold out so bad in order to do it. Killed Holly Brook in the process smh

  • Black People

    "It's not just some bullshit about drinks and ass." - Skylar Grey Thank God for white people

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    That moron at Interscope who suggested that Dre should do a song with Lady Gaga should be fired, then shot in the head. Seriously, or just kill him/herself.


    song is just wack

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