Shawty Lo Says Gucci Mane Has Already Shot Four Videos Following His Release From Jail

In an interview with MTV's Rap Fix, Shawty Lo speaks on Gucci Mane's recent release as well as his latest mixtape titled "Bankhead Forever.”

While it hasn’t even been a week since Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane was released from a Fulton County jail, according to Shawty Lo the rapper has already shot four music videos.

Shawty Lo spoke briefly about Gucci Mane who he referred to as his “brother from another mother” during an interview with MTV’s Rap Fix.

“Gucci doing good now, he just came home the other day," Shawty Lo explained to MTV. “He back working, shooting a lot of videos and doing his thing. Already shooting. Shot ‘bout four already…That’s like my brother from another mother.”

Gucci Mane began his jail sentence on April 20 of this year and was released late last week on Friday, July 8.

“Basically, just to get off that paperwork like the probation,” said Shawty Lo when asked what Gucci Mane was concerned with while in jail. “It seems like that can keep you in there and keep holding you down. I think he’s off of probation right now and his focus is music, his family.”

Aside from fellow rapper Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo also spoke on his upcoming project Still Got Units and his mixtape titled Bankhead Forever.

“Either one’s dropping like the fourth or the first quarter. But right now, I just dropped my new mixtape it’s called Bankhead Forever, hosted by DJ Greg Street. It’s really like an appetizer before the full-course meal,” the rapper explained. 

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