Lil Wayne Talks Baseball And "Tha Carter IV" On ESPN's "First Take"

During an appearance on ESPN's sports debate show, Lil Wayne gives his thoughts on San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson and Roger Clemens' steroid scandal.

Way back on his “The Dedication 2” mixtape, Lil Wayne proclaimed his love of all sports on an interlude appropriately entitled “SportCenter,” by saying, “That’s what I’m into—sports, sports, sports. Every sport: hockey, golf, basketball…of course football. I got a favorite team and a favorite player in every sport. I’m not gonna answer those questions no more.”

Since then, his unofficial ESPN endorsement has yielded an ESPN blog and a handful of appearances next to sports columnists on various ESPN sports debate shows.  Thursday Wayne popped in fresh off a Hartford, Connecticut date on his “I Am Still Music” tour, and made sure to plug his “Sorry 4 The Wait” mixtape as well as the upcoming Carter IV album on ESPN’s “First Take.”

“Just growth, maturity and different levels of live,” Wayne said, when asked the difference between Tha Carter III and Tha Carter IV. “I’ve seen a whole lot of different things that I didn’t even imagine I would see, and I’m here to talk about them. Tha Carter IV album was supposed to drop sooner, so I’m sorry for the wait. You just go to, and download [“Sorry 4 The Wait”] for free.” Weezy also acknowledged name dropping BYU shooting guard-turned Sacramento Kings prospect Jimmer Fredette on “Sure Thing.”  

True to his word, Wayne did engage is some mild sports debate centered on San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson. The Giants’ closer is an eccentric personality, much like Lil Wayne, and instead of his pitching, Weezy rated Wilson’s sense of humor on a scale of one to ten.

“I’d give Brian a high six,” Wayne said. “I think he has that not trying to be funny type of swagger, which is actually funnier. If you’re putting Richard Pryor at 10, then I would say somebody like a Shaq would be an eight. I can’t put Brian Wilson up there with Shaq.”

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  • Jason Williams

    B. Wilson is that dude, rem. when I thought he'd be a bum a few years back, now he's an elite closer. If he can stop throwing so many changes up over the plate as of late maybe he can lower his WHIP. SF Giants will repeat as Champs.

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