Kendrick Lamar Recalls Having A Vision Of Tupac Shakur In His Sleep

In a dazed sleep state, the West Coast spitter was frightened by a visit from the deceased rapper.

In the beginning of the video for “HiiiPoWeR,” Kendrick Lamar shows a message that explains he “got a visit from Lesane Parish Crooks,” the birth name of Tupac Shakur. Speaking with Home Grown Radio, the West Coast spitter explained that saw a vision of the fallen rapper in his sleep and it encouraged him to carry on his name.

“It’s a crazy true story, actually. You know one of them things when you really delirious in your sleep? It’s a real situation where I was sleeping one night and a silhouette [came] and he said, ‘Keep doing what you doing, don’t let my music die,’” he said. “The shit scared the shit out of me! Just off the fact that prior to that, a day before, my mom bringing up, ‘You know, you and Tupac, y’all like days apart, y’all birthdays.’ I never knew that shit, that’s some wild shit. Once she said that shit - and I’m really big on shit like that - somebody comes in your dreams and relays a message, you gotta listen to it because I’ve got past family relatives that’s been coming to my dreams forever and been talking to me.”

The experience inspired the track, featured on his latest release #Section80. “I just really wanted to share that message and I felt like that was something I couldn’t keep to myself. I want to put it out to the world and let ‘em know this shit is real for me. I’m not doing it for myself anymore. I’m doing it for the people around me, my city of course and a bigger power, and that’s to continue the message that he tried to carry.”

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  • merlin

    kendrk you the best keep it up

  • ubestnotmiss

    Jay-Z already did it and it actually worked. peep the song "A Dream" ft. Biggie. Kendrick reaching here.

  • Nemo

    I had a dream I turned was a two headed monster killing Drake, lil wayne, two chains, wiz khalifa and all the fake ass rappers with my m16. Oh, and the interesting part is, one head was Tupac's and other Head was Biggie. When I woke up, I started spitting dope rhymes like crazy. Funny story, huh ??

  • Anonymus

    I realy like pac and Kendrick but i don't understand why the people says that he's a reincarnation of Pac .He's just a good rapper who likes 2pac and have good lyrics .Maybe he's dream was real but everyone had some strange dreams

  • Anonymous

    It was probably a wet dream lol

  • Akhen Ashtar

    Not to be skeptic or anytghing, I am big on shit like that too, dreams and stuff and I once spoke to a dream interpretor and he told me lots of dreams are meaningful but most of the time a dream is just a dream, wake up and get over it. because what if you dream that you will be cut in 50 pieces, would you like it to be true? or what if you dream that you won a millio dollars would you like it to be true? so it's depending on the nature dream.

  • Jacob P.

    I had a dream last night. I met Tupac in jail. It seemed like it was in the past before he died. I told him what his last album was gonna be called and I told him when he was going to die, but he just kept shaking his head like he didn't believe me. Weird shit man it trips me out thinking about it.

  • David Malisitoa

    I believe it. to me, Kendrick speaks the truth. Hes not like the other rappers now a days. All they talk about is getting Bitches and having money. If you REALLY pay attention to Kendrick's lyrics, You wont have ANYTHING negative to say about him. Hes the TRUTH just like Pac. Rest in Peace.

  • John

    To all the people hatin on Kendrick: listen to good kid, m.A.A.d city. from beginning to end. if you don't change your mind about Kendrick, you must be deaf. honestly.

  • Jaz

    I don't care what anyone thinks it was cause it caused him to continue doing what he's doing and that's what matters at the end of the day.

  • D

    pahisson they hate on kendrick because he is like a reincarnation of tupac i mean lets be real someone will always hate on you but you will always need them thats how you know there thinking about you. the people who hate are already brainwashed by the illuminati hmm and thats sad cause they kill many innocent people and people have the nerve to praise them more then they praise the big man upstairs (God) and thats how the world will eventually end :( ( keep it up kendrick!!!!!)

  • Pahlsson

    What's with the hate on Kendrick? I don't understand the rap game anymore, everyone supports all the pop bullshit and people who make this shitty music when Kendrick raps about real shit and people still trash him. Is hip-hop dead or alive? Decide.

  • Anonymous

    Nigga was on crack

  • iAN

    So many negative comments. Wtf you know about what goes on in someone else's head? Just cuz you don't believe in a soul and Hiiipower doesn't mean it don't exsist. Why you think Kendricks so big and his music so good?? Cuz he's on some bullshit? Take a little time n think about it. Maybe someday you'll realize that what makes good music is talkin truth and spreading a good message. It's naturally attracting and if you're not consious to it, you'll at least be subconsious to it, what makes something good and pleasing to the human is TRUTH. And for anyone who says Kendrick ain't good...quit lieing to yourself.

  • FrancLee

    Sleep paralysis, yeah? I love K.

  • St@rBucs

    All the negative responses most definitely come from those who have lost their connection to the Most High. This country and the things all industries in it have pushed on us have the majority of us blind, ignorant and spiritless. Most of us that have been listening to hip-hop for the past several years have been begging for real content and flow to resurface in the genre, the minute it does, we shit on it. To all the bitch faced, lame ass killers of great music with your overly critical opinions of those out here doing something over nothing... Make a fuckin' single, not a mixtape or album, just one damn single and see how well it does! Re-condition your conditioning! I dare you!

  • Darius

    For the Na-sayers, you can say what you want, he is trying to awaken his generation, when I Heard hiii power I did research on Malcolm X (which is his birthday BTW) and every other name he mentioned, most of you all probably listen to Drake, Wayne, and other pointless bullshit, so be it, stay asleep. Everyone else will be awakened by the revolution that has been started by Kendrick.

    • St@rBucs

      Right on fam! Nuff said. It never ceases to amaze me how people can love the constant flood of industry bullshit but get a gift like Kendrick Lamar and wanna steal his shines before he even takes off good. Actually, I hope they stay sleep... More good music for us!

  • Really.

    How are you gonna tell someone what he did or did not see?

  • 562 to 415

    i like Kendrick and think he has a promising future but he probably shouldn't have mentioned this. he should have kept this to himself.

    • tyler

      No, Kendrick already knows that they will want him dead from what he is speaking out about. He just wants to pop off and inspire more people to start picking up on real shit because the world we live in right now is fake as fuck.

    • St@rBucs

      Why is that? That's exactly what the Devil would have liked for him to do! When your in touch with who and what you are and where you come from you fear nothing! The music industry and it's critics can't do for Kendrick Lamar what he's able to do himself. He's sustained in every way possible on the strength that his mind is right. We should never be afraid to speak our minds and the truth. Get out of the box.

  • NY

    Don't try to justify your shitty music by making up that you had a vision from Tupac to carry on his name. Tupac was a voice for the average person that brought the reality of the streets but Kendrick Lamar is a pop artist that some reason thinks he relates to Tupac. I'm all for more political hip hop but also good at the same time.

    • MotherOfAllFuckers

      You's just a bitch nigga that dont know shit about nothing I suggest you keep yo mouth shut if you dont know shit....

    • AiyaLoo

      Get out of her with that bull!! Kendrick is definitely not POP!! Seriously, what were you thinking when you wrote that!

    • St@rBucs

      Dear NY, You's a BITCH. Write a song about it!

    • datdude

      your an idiot. he is pop artist? but drake is hip hop? stfu.. kendrick has million of fuckin hip hop tracks.. rigamortis isnt pop music..hiiipower isnt.. heart pt 2 isnt pop.. detox isnt know nothing bout kendrick boy.

  • gfdfdfg

    Seriously? This dude is now a joke. Fuckoff Kendrick. U probably had a trippy dream after u did some coke or something.

    • Justin Italiano

      yo fuck you dawg...just because your ignorance gets in the way of your intelligants dont go talkin shit..Kendrick Lamar is the reallest out of this time era! Respect it or get disrespected. Your just mad cuz your mind state doesnt allow you to get spiritual with yourself. Fuck off dawg...Kendrick Lamar is the hardest nd reallest out! At least he can admit his faults unlike these wack ass rappers stuck in their money nd their flesh!

  • B@nksy

    This story is relevant damn yall are harsh as fuck on these writers. Kendrick is one of the best up and coming hiphop artist right now, so him saying he saw Tupac in a vision is somewhat interesting. And everyone needs to stop belittling the value of a dream. Sometimes dreams are just random shit but ive had situation where ive dreamed something relevant too my life and it happens like a week later. If your not a spiritual person you probably wont understand....

  • Bigwillies

    This is news? HipHopDx you fell off hard with these non-event stories.

  • LuKe Collinson

    He's trying to boost himself off the legacy of 2pac....

  • Clubber

    So when did this website turn into ghost hunters?

  • Anonymous

    His mom mentioned 2pac the day before he had that dream, so 2pac was fresh in his head, and that's why he dreamt about 2pac..if he would have dreamt about 2pac the day before that and he had no mentions of 2pac in the past couple months...than ok, well not even's just dreams lol shyt that happened throughout the week or day that's in the back of your brain and in the dream you go different directions instantly... anyway Kendrick Lamar is dope as shyt...the album is sick!!

    • BrownJack

      Exactly. He was thinking about Pac because his mom put that in his head. Also, is it that strange for a musician to dream about music or musicians? I had a dream with Erykah Badu the other day (She was saying not to stop too!). Kendrick's still the shit though.

  • Dab

    Kendrick HIGH as fuck! Relatives talking to him in dreams. lol

  • da nigga

    gay ....this nigga having wet dreams about 2pac

  • Anonymous

    Right, a DREAM. The word speaks for itself.

  • the_truth

    I know he lying cos one time I was listening to Kendrick Lamar... and Tupac came in my dreams telling me not to listen to that wack s#!t

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    ‘Keep doing what you doing, don’t let my music die,' 2pac HAHAHA... FAIL!!!

  • Anonymous

    whoa their birthdays are a day apart and 15 YEARS!!! i like dude but that was a dumb statement. mine and justin timberlakes bday are the same day but i cant sing for shit.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    LMAO at some of these comments... Man y'all some wild niggas.

  • d3v

    why are all you fuckin idiots dissin this dude? if he said pac was in his dream then so be it wtf kendrick lamar is one of the best young rappers out stop hating

  • Anonymous

    its called a motherfuckin dream. why is there an article for this?

  • kv

    I'm literally never listening to a single track this moron puts out ever again. There's only two ways to look at this bullshit: 1) He actually believes he saw 'Pac in a vision, which means he's fucking crazy or 2) He's lying. Either way, my opinion of dude just took a serious beating.

  • George

    This nigger is gay as fuck! He never met 2pac and he ain't carrying no flag for that dead man!

  • blaq poet

    i hear voices and it sounds like Pac asking me, "yo whats up with hip-hop all these niggas tryin to live thug life they didn't listen when i was spittin on the mic all they heard was makeveli the great they didn't hear when i was comin in a postive way like keep your head up and brenda with a baby niggas just love to think that i was crazy but i was crazy smart my momma aint raise no fool i spit from the heart black panther shit mixed with street poetry i had to hit hey yo poet all these niggas is ass if i was alive today i would straight spazz

  • Jason

    what would PAC say about autotune? i had a dream me and Big Pun went to Fatburger and shut that shit down.

    • Justin Italiano

      No your dumb california love was mad using a talk box..if you dont know wat that is your dumb nd look it up on google. there is a difference

    • Chelito

      WestCoast have been using Autotune for a long time but use it with a gangsta beat, not some pop ass T-Pain fake lady Caca Music, plus they don't sing an entire song with that effect on dumbass! Pac wouldve never been ok with that faggot shit !!

    • saint

      The hook of California Love was autotuned. So I guess Pac was okay with it

  • Jermain Cole

    I can relate to Kendrick, because Big L came into my dreams a while back. #ColeWorldNoBlanket

  • Wow

    I had a dream I was fucking Nicki Minaj, and when i woke up I was covered in cum. First wet dream in years and it felt so damn real!

  • B-I-G Sean Don

    Boii Stranger, Christopher Wallace came into my dreams not too long ago.

  • Wayne

    Spooky! Exactly the same thing happened to me nearly 6 years ago!

  • Mr official

    youve gotta to be kidding me.. Another explotation of whats real..

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of a guy I know. He always wanted to be a rapper. Can talk about it all day. Listens to the shit religiously. So much so that rappers take part in his dreams too. I tell him he needs to take a break because there's no reason for you to be thinking about Beanie Seagle and Eminem while you're asleep. You're a grown ass man!Shit! He loves hip hop, though. Truly, through and through.

  • Gunn starr

    and this convoluted uninfectious track came from that? ah well I guess time and experience will either temper his skill or eradicate all trace of this cat. That being said-I doubt this 'revelation' helps his career

  • Wtf?

    Crack is one helluva drug.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    yeah, pac came to me in my sleep last night too. And he said, all you new rappers suck!

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