50 Cent Speaks On His Fifth Album, Dr. Dre's "Detox"

Fif sounds off on Interscope Records, claiming that they need his album to be a hit more than he does.

Despite the label drama with Interscope Records, 50 Cent is confident that his upcoming fifth album will drop in November. During an interview with the Rickey Smiley Morning show, Fif explained that he’s got nothing to worry about in terms of the album being successful, and that it’s the label who’s worried about posting big numbers.

“My album’s going to be out in November. It’s easy. Everybody, they’re prioritizing my project. When they don’t do things exactly when we had communication about it being done, I get frustrated,” he said. “Let me be honest with you. They need that record to sell more than I do. Not necessarily that, it’s just the systems itself.”

The G-Unit general, who appeared alongside Tony Yayo and Shawty Lo, explained that Interscope has to bank on its marquee artists - which will prove to be worth it when Dr. Dre drops Detox.

“Look, unless you feel like going to make a new artist, you already shot the Em gun twice. And then you’ve got Dre, Dre’s project’s going to come. He’s got some heat. The Detox record, it will prove to be satisfying when they actually get to it. The things they put out wouldn’t be my choices off of it, but the things that I heard in the studio made me excited,” he continued. “Dre got material in there that reflects Chronic. If you like that record at all... To me, the ‘I Need a Doctor’ was an Em record and not a Dr. Dre joint. It’s cool.”

Watch the rest of the interview below.

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  • Anonymous

    her all you go agone with all that shite win its out its out and im the bast rapper alive you just havent herd my albume .

  • Christian Schicke

    Eminem sucks.....you damn asshole talkin about te best rapper of all time !!Fuck you!!!

  • Christian Schicke

    Ren and 50 cent !I love it !

  • mario

    50 pays his people and between the mixtapes and cd's has more hits than damn near any rapper since 2005 and get rich outsold any new york rappers Cd....give the brother some credit thats the problems with hip hop compared to other artforms too much hate if you dont like the brother...dont fuck with his music but he is still a black brother a father and a human....cant knock a man for getting his money im glad to see any man get his money in modern day babylon...........for any of you cats that like real hip hop music and need real crisp production original or sampled..look up SOULFUL MIND PRODUCTION OR MARIO TONEY ON FACEBOOK.....I LOVE ALL GODS PEOPLE AND AM NOT QUALIFIED TO JUDGE ANOTHER MAN MUCH LOVE TO ALL MY REAL HIP HOP HEADS....HATERS SPEND LESS TIME HATING AND MORE TIME PRAYING FOR HUMILITY , KNOWLEDGE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING...BLESSINGS

  • Art Y-Rap West

    I need 2 be signed 2 G-Unit. that would be a major improvement over anything signed in the last 4 years.

  • Jason Johnson

    S/O to the can of spray paint Shorty Lo sprayed on...smdh

  • Anonymous


  • Daniel Gregory

    Shout out to my nikka 50 lol

  • Anonymous

    wakk..he better off signing b.pumper or fifty tyson..fifty needs to stick to selling drinx..irrelevant as rapper..

  • rushhour3

    Detox 2012 watch it happen and some fucked up shit is going to happen with 50's album before it releases or the buzz surrounding it like always; he's full of surprizes

  • gary

    before i self destruct was a flop ? it seems to be all the talk on the forums every body loved it but it was a bit different than your lady gaga cd

  • Taylor Heavington

    That's what I thought about "I Need a Doctor" too. Sounds like a Recovery track to me.

  • Anonymous

    Outlaw is underrated. That's a banger from 50.

  • Anonymous

    Before i self destruct was a flop, the only decent songs were baby by me and ok your'e rigt, and get it hot sounded like i get money

  • Papa Don

    i mean people be hating i personally thought massacre was just as solid as Get rich or die trying it was alot of bangers on there but you know people the so called i aint hating(but on the low hating) 5th make good albums it aint no complaints over here

  • comee

    i love me some 50 cent he makes sense compared to these stupid ass rappers... hes more business now . o and i dont think hes never never going to be broke again hes different unlike these fake ass rappers on tv drinking,smoking weed, and loud and wild ass hell . think about it

  • Daniel Gregory

    Can't wait for some new fif!! That track outlaw was fire

  • Smh

    I've come to a realisation. Every single 50 cent hater is broke. They got no money, and they jealous of Fif, thats all. You haters need to stop hating or you'll forever be broke. Dont you understand how the universe works. Damn fools!

    • Jason Johnson

      Is this how you truly feel?. What if you just think he whack? If every "hater" is broke then are all the people who like him "rich"? Honestly in comparison to him we are all probably "broke". Since we on the same playing field if i someone doesn't like him...they probably just don't like him.

  • Anonymous

    50 IS SNITCHING TO THE FEDS AND SUING BUCK THROUGH THE FEDS!!!!!! I KNEW HE SNITCHED ON "PREME" AND JIMMMY HENCHMEN!!!!! 5-0 IS A RAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Hawaii 5-0 has more collaborations with the feds than he has with other rappers. smh SNITCHES ALWAYS RUN TO THE POLICE!!! THIS FOOL EVEN SNITCHED ON TACO BELL.

    • Stretch

      and your a internet gangster that wastes his time sitting on hiphopdx writing about how 50 cent snitched meanwhile that man has done more then your lame as will ever do and has proven hes real already. Hes got no need to be a thug anymore hes worth 250millions dollars. And btw im not dickriding, i think outlaw sucks and i hope its not on the album.

  • casper21

    Elvis ain't dead, he live in Detroit, word.

  • Anonymous

    alls I gotta say izzzzzzzzz... G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G- U NOT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yal stupid . rick ross is garbage and yal say 50 rick ross is better than fif is about dumb. 50 had one if not the best album of all time. i know his past few albums might have not been as good but he can still put out some good stuff , just wait

    • Anonymous

      ''50 had one if not the best album of all time'' Most pathetic statement I've ever read. Did you discover rap last week?

  • Anonymous

    I hope it all works out for 50, and I have no doubt it will, cause dude can write a hook, so he always has a chance. I don’t think he works as hard on his own music as he should (lats three albums sounded uneven) , but it think he’s starting to realize that his album isn’t gonna sale just based on his name anymore. And I do give dude credit cause eh has worked with a lot of artists (Lil Scrappy, shawty Lo, LL, Lil) who people say are washed up and he really didn’t have too.

  • Jose Vasquez

    If it sounds like anything I've heard recently from the radio, both will bomb.

  • jesterdxxl

    This is the year of the comebacks X, D12, Obie, Kiss, Busta, Cam, Meth, D, Rule, Jeezy, Game, Budden, 50, Mobb & Kim

  • Wilder

    To Everybody sayin 50 is fake as rick ross is stupid... yall should come to southside nd niggas would tell u 50 was really living out his music unlike rick ross who probally watched crime kingpin movies to learn about the coke game... nd so what 50 stole his name, didnt biggie stole the name frank white nd nas did the same thing wit escobar

    • lmaoooooooo

      cosign let these young boys know that ja beef is all street shit and the beef with supreme is 100% fact.he didnt get shot because he a rapper.supreme know who killed 50 mother

  • Jason

    Yeah i need a doctor is more an Eminem track for his next album. Kush is a banger for sure though and i love the beat to under pressure with Jay-Z if that makes the album.

  • jae

    50 should start a super group like with 4 dudes and have them take off like 4 new dudes

  • New MC REN feat. 50 Cent coming on DETOX

    Just left the studio, MC Ren was tearing it up on auto tune wit 50 cent. MC Ren is back, this going on Detox!

    • illegal ass foo

      following trends Ren? no fucking way! no excuse, no buts. i hope its a fuckin lie.

    • smh

      MC Ren on auto tunes, dont even wanna hear that shit. What happened to the villain? Villains dont sound like wayne or t-pan?

  • Anonymous

    im getting so tired from this dude. weak lyrics, weak flow, talk a lot of bullshit, 37 years old and still acting like a gangster this clown. grow the fuck up

    • illegal ass foo

      if ur defending him ur obviously a fan, do u hear dre talking bullshit on radios, talking about how bad other peoples careers r, dre's not a hipocrite, em doesnt do that shit either. matured? wut do u mean? y cuz he hasnt said anything about anybody in a week? wut em does is hiphop, battle raps thats y he talks about certain people, fifty doesnt say anything about lyrics cuz he knows his r garbage, straight up, how can u beef wit someone about the music they put out, then turn around and do the same, i'm talkin about the music ja use to make.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Dude made about 15 good songs in his WHOLE career.

    • Anonymous

      lol, what about Dre, hes older and still acting the same. What about Em, hes the same (minus the drugs). Atleast fif has matured.

  • lukeknocks

    You know whats funny.....all ya'll who keep saying fuck detox fuck detox.....bet when it comes out yall are going to be the first people to download it listen to every track.....stop wasting your time commenting on every detox post lol....yall r funny

  • jimmy

    i think people hate on 50 just to sound cool these days i mean u all say the exact same shit on every single article with his name on it

  • Anonymous

    The Cool Kids - When Fish Ride bicycles [Album Review] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiUrmWP_7pc

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Detox would've been hot as fuck if guys like Rozay and Nas did features rather that pop ass Feminem and that fuckin nigga Curly on it. What I heard so far has been wack. i need a doctor was a shitty ass song, showin that Feminem has turned Dre into a pop selling artist. Feminem is ruining the art form. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I'm pretty sure there's going to be a NaS feature.. the song "Topless.." And Rick Ross is trash. Em>Rick Ross. And I'm sure it was Dr. Dre's idea to go pop anyway. Yeah I need a Doctor sucked (Why would the person you are featuring have more verses then you?? And those were some of Em's weakest verses), but Die Hard is great.

    • Donny Dickshinski

      eminem sucks now

    • wilder

      You Crazy Dr. Dre wouldn't do tht he might put nas tho nd detox might be whack only bcuz of the expectations which it wont live up to

    • Anonymous

      dumbass. post.

    • Anonymous

      he only listens to studio gangsters

    • cccccccccc

      your a fucking idiot u stupid fuck eminem is one of the artist bringing back lyrics thats why he signed slaughterhouse i bet your a drake or wayne fan... Ur only listening to the radio homie that aint real hip hop...

  • Anonymous

    Fuck 50.. Fool is tripping, Detox is gonna be whack! Dre is overrated up tha ass yo!

  • nOT THAt DeToX Bull Again

    Man fuck Detox man! Dre should quit. been waiting over 10 years for that shit. Dre cant even rap!! Should make a album with Puffy & Stunna. I think it comes out on 22 dec. 2012

  • Joe

    50s album ain't gonna sell, even if he comes out with his best shit since Get Rich or Die Trying. People are tired of this guy, and I'm tired of his egotistical bs.

    • lol

      The album should be dope, Fif is still one of the best out there. All the haters need to get there money in order so they can appreciate!

    • yyuhyug

      bullshitr i'm looking forward to it...50 cent is the only bad guy in hiphop that alone makes him appealing to some

    • Anonymous

      speak for yourself, i cant wait for that new shit, ggggggg--gg--ggggg-ggg-unit

  • Anonymous

    indeed funny 50 is dissing Ross but 50 stole also his name lol. rappers nowadays have no credibilty anymore

    • wilder

      At Least 50 lived a life a crime once upon a time unlike ross who was on the right side of the law nd is rapping about sellin coke across miami

  • Te real 50 from brooklyn

    stop lying 50 with how dope detox is until now its garbage. stop the hype!!!! By the way: stop rapping you suck bigtime with your lyrics about guns and money. How can you say those things when your are rich and not living in the ghetto. Stop acting you fake as Rick Ross. Saying ross is fake but you stole also you name from a real gangster.

    • Anonymous

      @ Anonymous: you are an idiot as a teenAGER 50 SOLD some dope so dont act that he is that gangsta. now he is 40 years or something and rapping about selling dope gtfoh!

    • Anonymous

      what a hater if you grew up selling drugs and being a thug you can rap about it all you want, riches or not, hes seen more then you will ever see in your life, he took 9 shots ross is the real fake one, everyone knows 50 was a gangster

  • hip hop fan

    I dont understand how people say THE MASSACRE was wack. That shit was SOLID! think about it; with records such as "position of power", "ryder music", "guns come out", "ski mask way", "in my hood", "somebody gonna die tonight", "hate it or love it remix"..come on man. that shit was a BANGA people hating on it ONLY because of "candyshop" and "just a lil bit" stop frontin

    • huffy

      the massacre was slept on.........really it sold like 11 million i remember that cover picture was everywhere the most advertised album in music history slept on

    • ghetto dreams

      The massacre was slept on! that was one solid album that is underated, its betta than most of the shit wc is poppin now.

    • Rap father

      the Massacre was tight, but it's more because of the beats then ferrari's lyrics. But after Massacre it only went downhill..

    • Anonymous

      The name that fits you more is Hip Pop fan.

    • game

      50 has only ever made one solid album...his 1st. cole world

  • otto

    still waiting to see whether he'd be on the next dre single like he said a few weeks ago.

  • Gunn Starr

    if the things he heard reflect detox-then doesnt that mean they will be a shade more dated than the two singles released that reflect 2001? There has been absolutely no progression in Dre's music in 19 years and the whole let me break an artiste (snoop, em)then use them to sell my new shit-is a dead marketting plan (kendrick lamar can't help this one)

  • Anonymous

    cant wait BISD was dope

    • Anonymous

      No, it wasn't. There was nothing dope about it. It just seemed that way because his other projects were so terrible. Same thing with Kingdom Come and American Gangster.

    • Eddy

      The best I can say about that album is that it wasn't wack like Curtis or most of The Massacre. Still really weak though, lyrics were boring and the production was meh. The stuff he was releasing at the start of the year was the best since before he signed to Aftermath, he could have made a good mixtape outta that shit.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody hated the BISD record, they just hate 50 in general 50 could drop Illmatic tomorrow and Web nerds would still hate on it because its 50 who made it

    • Anonymous

      yeh it was n alot of people seem 2 hate it!

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