Immortal Technique Addresses "Gimmick" Criticism, Talks Money

Immortal Technique says his work "was never a gimmick" and explains that "if you're relying on money to define you, you don't think you're worth nothing."

Harlem, New York's Immortal Technique recently spoke with Forbez DVD about a variety of issues, mostly focused on his career trajectory and his view on the significance of money.

During the interview, Technique shared that he was once viewed as a gimmicky rapper, one who talked about "revolutionary" subject matter just for the hype. However, he says that his actions have shown that it's deeper than that for him. 

"It was never a gimmick," he said. "In the very beginning, people thought it was a gimmick. After I refused to sign to major labels, after I built the Green Light Project, where we built the orphanage in Afghanistan and I went out to Afghanistan, after I went out to Haiti myself...that we actually did the benefit show with Joe Budden, with Joell Ortiz here at S.O.B.'s. Big up to those mother fuckers for participating, Styles P, Cormega, and everybody else I'm missing right now...Doing that shows people, I live this." 

He later went on to address the topic of money making, saying that money should never define who you are. He also added that people should invest in more than simply cars and jewelry. 

"Remember, it's not just about making money; it's about what you do with it. Let's say you hustle your ass off, get that 200 stacks off all that trap money. What you gonna do with it? Buy a car? It's worth half of what it was when you rode it off the lot. Buy some jewelry? Bad investment. That has a twenty percent resale value. What you gonna buy with your money? What you gonna build? What you gonna get that's not a liability but that will increase in value and make you worth something? Obviously, if you're relying on money to define who you are, you don't think you're worth nothing. Think about that." 

Technique also spoke on American politics, sharing that the U.S. has not won a war since "World War II, keep it real." The full video can be seen below. 

Immortal Technique Says What You Do With Your Music Money Really Determines Your Worth!

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  • 1700 or Nuthin


  • Anonymous

    And still people rather listen to wacka flokka flame and weezy

  • nibs

    this thread of comments has made me realize how fucking incredibly dumb people are. I mean, I knew people were dumb, but I am absolutely blown away. I will never respect the intelligence of a hip hop fan ever again.

  • J ROCK

    Immortal Technique is the man. But I think we kicked Iraq's ass pretty hard.

  • Anonymous

    Just put out some fucking new music. It's been so long since Revolutionary Vol. 2 that no one cares anymore. The Third World was wack as well.

  • Anonymous

    Technique is a terrible rapper and his fans are worse and more biased than G-Unit groupies.

    • FederalWitness

      i'll bet $ he's smarter than you And he's a better lyricist BAR for BAR than 99% of these new dudes. Metaphors similes etc. he may not be the current recipient of blowjobs from the nerd bloggers

  • BrooklynNY456

    Totally have to disagree with you Sutter, he's not a "lib" at all. He's been in various debates with the white left and such I'd put him more between Libertarian and Democratic Socialist. Hard to also says he "blames america" just points out how much white people (who pretend to be black on the internet) have a tough time owning what the real history of this country is, Good rapper not in my top5.. but a Great man and as far the "former street cat" down there who said he cant sense between sources of information. he is totally on another level than you. You missed the whole point with the social worker jargon you spit. my 2 cents

    • papa

      spin1200s got his words on lock. shit I respect him as Immortal Tech

    • on point

      professor X is on point. #win

    • spin1200s

      That's the problem with people who CHOOSE to stay ignorant: you dismiss the use of intelligence, fabricate lies and cling to romantic notions of the American dream and how people who go to school (or intellectuals in general) don't live - all to make you feel better about the choice you've made. I'm not who you think I am. Sure, I'm white but I'm not a philosophy scholar and I've got no rich Daddy (if it matters, my father was in the military). I dropped out of school and got in trouble with the law when I was younger and turned to autodidacts like Malcolm X, Eldridge Cleaver and Sanyika Shakur as inspiration. White people don't have role models who have overcome as much and when you grew up on Hip Hop you take what you're given. I went to school just to get a decent job and my critical view of the world served me well there; I got good grades and scholarships and kept with it. School has allowed me to see the world. I've been to La Paz and Buenos Aires. I've walked the slums of Kibera and built a hospital in rural Africa. I live my life; have you seen me here before? Read down; my first comment wasn't condescending but don't try to flex on me. My past has made me idealistic enough to believe that commenting here could encourage someone to educate themselves. If you actually read the works of your eponym, Professor X, maybe you'd change your view of knowledge and education. ... and I'm already lecturing.

    • ProfessorX

      @spin1200. It's not that your stupid, you just chose to shower yourself in your own vanity and the belief in your pseudo intellectual pride. that is the downfall of your argument. You flash some fancy words that most niggas in the hood don't understand and try to pass yourself off as some kind of intellectual. You're not. You probably never will be. Or at least not a very respected one. Especially with your condescending tone, and juvenile suggestions of going to school and "studying masters." If youre lucky you'll get a job as an adjunct unless your rich white daddy hooks you up with a gig. People like you that philosophize about life while this guys lives his words, in places you'd never go to. PS. I'm not a fan of this guys music. But he puts up while people like you troll the comment section. #realtalk

    • spin1200s

      It's not hard to spot baseless rhetoric and lazy "intellectualism" - standing on the shoulders of midgets to flip Isaac Newton's famous line - if you've been formally educated in epistemology. I don't expect everyone to believe me over Tech because you're his fans and I'm just some dude in the comments section. For those who want the truth: go to school and read up on the masters of thought; it'll be much harder to idolize men for revolutionary talk, street stories and flow after that. Fuck your top five.

  • SutterKane

    I respect this dude, I just STRONGLY DISAGREE with every opinion he has regarding the government and the world in general Conspiracy Theory this, Blame America That I Hate Conservatives, but I really, really hate Liberals like this dude....... At least he uses his money for some good tho, if someones gonna preach bullshit they know nothing about they should at least use the money they make for some good

  • ...

    US didn't win the 2nd world war,.. - Russia did

  • still best rite now!!

    what a gimmick...smh

  • Anonymous

    its not cool to be smart and make music thats why lil wayne, soulja boy, most southern rappers and all music you hear now adays is fuckin retarded if you like immortal technique you might like my music i make fun of the way rap music is now but still keepin it lyrical J-Bird gettin all up in that ass BIOTCH

  • Educated

    Immortal Technique is intelligent? Really? "Obviously, if you're relying on money to define who you are, you don't think you're worth nothing. Think about that." If you DON'T think you're worth NOTHING, then you think you're worth SOMETHING. Seriously, it's hilarious to witness the arrogance of these so called intelligent rappers who cannot even construct a proper sentence.

    • what the fuck

      wtf kind of logic is that? lol you really shouldn't have dropped out.

    • wow

      shut the fuck up you fuckin nerd, the dude isn't trying to write a paper. "Construct a proper sentence"..what a nerd. Technique is a genius, man. It makes perfect sense, if you need money to give yourself value, you're saying you're worth nothing without it.

  • weird gay nigga

    I bet immortal technique sucks a mean dick

  • SuperGucciRap

    This guy is one of the worst piece of shit rapper I've ever heard. No one gives a fuck about this communist thinks about. Communism failed already. Why else you think even the Russians disbanded the Soviet Union? Then he says he's for the people and then claims to be a rapist in Dance With The Devil? Fuck that. He's garbage anyways. He's some dumb devil worshipper who pretends to be a hero when he can't do shit. Hopsin is the truth. Jedi Mind Tricks are the truth. Justin Bieber is the truth. Listen to real hip hop. Not fake ass rappers like Mortal Shitnique. Even Tyler the Creator knows he's a fraud and even Waka Flocka Flame makes better music than that dumbfuck. It's Gucci Time!

    • supergucci rap is a fucking fagget

      dude ur a fucking dumbass immortal tech is the smartest man fucking alives all of his raps are sick as hell you dumb ass nigger gucci time what the fuck is that u broke piece of shit thinking your all hard suck a dick

    • war22

      Brrr the fuck outta here...GUcci Time My ass..ITS SHADY RECORDS TIME BITCH !!!

    • bizzalls

      you're a fuckin moron, bottomline.

    • your death

      obviously you dont understand a word of any of his body of work, fucking twit. he didnt rape anyone in dance with the devil, he was giving an metaphoric example of how fucked up the hood is and the mental reality that goes parallel with that particular song. but your too fuckin stupid to understand that let alone come on message board talking shit your ass cant handle. get an education, hes not a communist. how many artist you know go out of their way to construct an orphanage in one of the most fucked up places in the world and turn around donate to Haiti. Gucci Mane obviously hasnt set the best example of that. Fuck your psuedo-capitalistic mentality and undermining demeanor when you talk about one of the most respected artist in the game.

  • Anonymous

    The thing is if you don't like Tech, you are very likely someone who doesnt like to read. If you can't stand his songs you probably do little to put any effort in your education And not even on a pretentious level because I've yet to meet a Tech hater that was actually educated.

    • sigh

      "As for the other commenter, there's a difference between a theory and a conspiracy theory. If the theory had any credibility it would be adopted by some people of notable repute; conspiracy theories are cobbled together from random data, ignoring information that runs against it. The simplicity of common sense and Occam's razor dispose quickly of these silly ideas. Also, you're mistaken about what a theory is and you should look up what the "argument from ignorance" fallacy is; something isn't true because it hasn't been disproven. The onus of proof is on the person with the theory; you should only believe things with suitable evidence. This is the type of faulty thinking that is difficult to fix without formally learning logic." this is where your post goes wrong, by saying ignorant things such as "If the theory had any credibility it would be adopted by some people of notable repute" also, by grouping all "conspiracy theories" into one category which has had its definition butchered to the point of having no credibility- its easy to point out the crazy ones and dismiss others at the same time. another thing is- one does not have to know what is right to know what is wrong. this is an easy way to disprove the real "conspiracy theory" of the 9-11 official story. its laughable to believe that wtc7 fell at free fall speed due to an office fire. also, about being adopted by people with "notable repute" and to anyone with some extra time for a good read (wrote and posted only a day or so after it happened)

    • spin1200s

      Anonymous: I don't have to out myself in the comments section of a website nor do I to someone who is anonymous. Perhaps if I'm able to foster a public profile you'll hear more from me directly but until then, deal with the handle. By the way, I haven't published a book, just some journal articles. My identity wouldn't interest you at all. Now, if you re-read what I posted, the subject of my entry changed when I used the word "everybody"; I wouldn't assume you weren't educated and didn't intend to come across that way. I was speaking in generalities to whomever may be reading after that point. If you're formally educated, personally well-read, informed or just hungry for knowledge you have my respect. Further, I thought I was getting my point across when I said I wasn't a Tech hater. Re-read what I said about him. I made one isolated criticism concerning his feeding the idiotic Illuminati and 9/11 truther "theories" which is enough to severely damage his credibility and call into question the veracity of many of his arguments. About the truth the man speaks, these are all facts that are widely available in the popular press; it's nothing you can't find in the New York Times. I'm well aware of CIA misinformation, covert operations and the like, in fact I was reading about the fake immunization clinic the CIA ran in Abbottabad to try and get Bin Laden's DNA just yesterday. You're right there's no way we can know everything but we can keep looking. No one has all the answers and if anyone claims to, stop listening to them immediately. I've made nothing but benign recommendations for people to improve themselves and it's surprising how terribly people handle it and the vitriol they reply with. As for the other commenter, there's a difference between a theory and a conspiracy theory. If the theory had any credibility it would be adopted by some people of notable repute; conspiracy theories are cobbled together from random data, ignoring information that runs against it. The simplicity of common sense and Occam's razor dispose quickly of these silly ideas. Also, you're mistaken about what a theory is and you should look up what the "argument from ignorance" fallacy is; something isn't true because it hasn't been disproven. The onus of proof is on the person with the theory; you should only believe things with suitable evidence. This is the type of faulty thinking that is difficult to fix without formally learning logic. Check out where believing conspiracy theories gets an intelligent rapper when he's hanging with intellectual heavyweights who are real revolutionaries. Oh, and read up on the Tuskegee Syphilus experiment if you want to know how real government evil is exposed. There's no media plot to suppress information nor is there any incentive to; a person could make their career and gain infamy by exposing any such scandal. As for your assumption: I don't own a TV anymore. I can download what I want off the internet. I loathe CSI, Law and Order and all that shit. Give me Real Time with Bill Maher and Breaking Bad and I'm good... I'm a reader in case you haven't noticed.

    • Anonymous

      spin, do you even look into what are conspiracy theories? As a pro-science guy you understand the definition if a theory? In science a theory is made through testing and/or observation. A theory is valid as long as no evidence to dispute exist, However many scientific discoveries aren't 100% certain and throughout the years there has been new scientific discoveries that have disproved or altered "accepted theories." Even with the evolution theory there still key elements like "the missing link" that does not prove this theory completely. in a conspiracy theories evidence is gathered from multiple sources of credibility. people with PHD's, masters, ex-government workers, scientists, in addition to people in general who play as witnesses to said theory have all contributed to the reasoning to the theories concerning corruption of governments. To say that these theories hold no water is a stretch. To assume that the reasons behind accusing governments/corporations of possible corruption is due to human behavior of skepticism is also a stretch because it discounts all other evidence. I think your problem is your assumptions in which you mix your supposed knowledge to make others believe that there is validity to your assumptions. You probably watch too much tv. i'm going to even assume(to give you a taste of your own medicine) that your favorite show is Law & Order:SVU> haha, but seriously stop assuming that whistleblowers of corrupt governments are crazy skeptical people who listen to youtube shows....

    • 1700 or Nuthin

      >spin1200s if someone believe 100% what the rapper says then thats nothing but the person's problem. real niggas wont get mislead even by the word of the most respected niggas. I mean, Immortal Tech often include some biased ideas on his songs, but so what? he tells truth too, which polices and government hide, and for that point you cant label him as "not as intelligent as everyone makes him out to be" while you're the same.

    • Anonymous

      @SPIN he definately recanted some of those allegations. You dont understand that the CIA spends a huge amount of its budget in counter information, to find the complete truth is almost impossible. BUt to say that there isn't proof does not automatically confirm nor deny that. Stop being so pretentious Who are you? What book did you publish. And if you are an author you would understand that there is a vast amount of authors WITH DEGREES that have written about the scams of the government and its huge corruption. and you seem more PRETENTIOUS to assume I am not college educated Even more pretentious to dismiss how human behavior is easily influenced and corrupted in positions of power.... You are nothing more than a pretentious prick which assumes that by showcasing your degree, your comment was somehow superior than others. Eat some humble pie. "get educated" as if to assume I already wasnt.

    • spin1200s

      Immortal Technique - Cause of Death "You think illuminati's just a fuckin conspiracy theory? That's why Conservative racists are all runnin' shit And your phone is tapped by the Federal Government" Immortal Technique - Bin Laden "This ain't no alien conspiracy theory, this shit is real Written on the dollar underneath the Masonic seal ... Bin Laden didn't blow up the projects It was you, nigga. Tell the truth, nigga Bush knocked down the towers" There is NO credible source supporting this view; it comes from movies like Zeitgeist and Loose Change (and to a certain extent, Farenheit 9/11) made by disingenuous people cobbling together various elements of truth while ignoring elements that counter their assertions or downright disprove them (Google confirmation bias). I'm not foolish enough to believe everything I'm told, but the crux of being skeptical is knowing what you can believe and what you can't. Online documentaries and websites about chemtrails are ridiculous. It's lazy pseudo-intellectualism to lean on these sources of misinformation when to be truly informed you need to incorporate a thirst for knowledge into your daily life. I understand why people are incredulous about the media and the government. You learn rather quickly that the police aren't "your friends" and so you need to balance what you hear with what you see. You also hear regularly of governmental corruption but the fact that you actually hear about it is a testament to the freedom of the press. You can believe a lot of what you hear (from the right places) but certainly not all of it.

    • sp1200

      spin1200's...come on man. Technique is much smarter than you're making him out to be. Do you really know where he has gotten his information, and what he believes and why? Do you REALLY know how much knowledge this man has or have any idea about him? you dont know him, you sound just as dumb to judge someone when you're only making assumptions.

    • Bleaks'

      Thank you spin1200s. I wish there were for informative and positive messages like yours on here instead of "_______'s A *negative comment*." Education is really the only way forward (:

    • spin1200s

      I wouldn't call myself an Immortal Technique hater but he's certainly not as intelligent as everyone makes him out to be. Don't get me wrong; he is well spoken, has a way with words, views the world critically and his moral compass is on point but he's got the same problem many other people who claim to be intelligent do: he has no ability to discern between dubious and credible sources of information. He believes and espouses a lot of nonsense (like conspiracy theories). Regardless of how many online documentaries or YouTube videos you watch or how many nutjob websites you read, you're still going to be misinformed. Everyone needs to understand that humans are pattern-seeking primates and familiarize themselves with the word "apophenia". View the world with a skeptical eye (this doesn't mean believing anything that goes against the establishment), rely on science and reason, educate yourself, pay attention to multiple media sources (NY Times, BBC, Al Jazeera, Washington Post, even Fox News) to understand the nature of bias and how issues are framed. Stay abreast of politics, know the law and understand human nature. No one's got your interests in mind like you do so be the best advocate for yourself possible. - A PhD candidate, published author, DJ and former street cat.

  • truthistruth

    jason's a cock sucker idiot who i bet never went to college and presently is dateless!!!

  • jason

    This dude is one of the worst rappers I've ever heard. Fuck anything he has to say. If you're a Immortal Crapnique fan, LOL @ you for liking such a garbage piece of shit

  • Anonymous

    "Heard one song heard them all" I like IT but unfortunately that applies to him.

  • Mike Meraz

    I'm waiting for another album Tech! Come on soN! Now's the time! Rev Vol2 one of the best albums eva..PeaCe

  • Malik

    Well the US hasn't been in any wars since World War II so it would be hard to have 'won' one all things considered. The US military hasn't really lost many major battles as they've been going through other countries, so yeah. He's probably referring to something like the Vietnam War which looking at Vietnam after we left I'm not sure the Vietnamese people there 'won' either. Looking at South Korea vs. North Korea, I'm pretty sure we all know which country we would like to be living in now. A better argument would be that none of the wars we've been in have been 'necessary' or 'beneficial' to us, but even that's a shaky ground. Because war being complicated and all.

    • 1700 or Nuthin

      >Malik hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i feel sorry for your mom!

    • nibs

      Fuck I had no idea people were so ignorant to the world. Well I knew people were dumb, but to blatantly boast their ignorant facts, that shit just baffles me.

    • asa

      What a fucking idiot! we haven't been at war since WW!!? i guess bombing other nations is just considered "bombing other nations and not war" how about: The korean war The vietnam war Persian Gulf war Bosnia Afganistan iraqjavascript:void(null) Lybia Sebia you dumb fucking cunt

    • Anonymous



      We're in 2 wars as we speak homie. get educated

    • Anonymous

      Iraq and Afganistan and now Libya where America has dropped hundreds of bombs killing innocent civilians for regime change within a limited time period without having to declare war for name sake

  • Anonymous

    As a rap artist money hardly means shit these days. If a million daft punks didn't buy Tech's album and brought your WTF does that get to a certain level, and the rest of the 70 percentage of your fan base are just on the bandwagon

  • Anonymous

    Those with economic and political strength have more money, and are able to excercise their will and power, and hold influence over those who unfortunately have less of it. Immortal Technique values his independence, and has decided, not to become a slave to falsehood and whorship money

  • G_MON

    Tech is a fuckin beast, all 3 of his albums stay in the ipod and never leave. One of the best flows i've ever heard. sickest song is "Revolutionary"

  • Anonymous

    When has he ever said he possesses absolute truth and fool proof political theories? Oh that's right he never did. It is his opinion, what political views do you have? I bet they wouldn't hold up to any scrutiny either...

    • 1700 or Nuthin

      u never know because U dont have anything u said by yourself. stop acting like "I'm intelligent" you deserve Lil B man go head say "I'm Gay"

  • Anonymous

    Knowledge is POWER!

  • Anonymous

    Hey when has Tech ever said he possesses absolute truth and fool proof political theories? Oh that's right he never did. It is his opinion, what political views do you have? I bet they wouldn't hold up to any scrutiny either...

  • HamptonFred

    Hey Assassin when has Tech ever said he possesses absolute truth and fool proof political theories? Oh that's right he never did. It is his opinion, what political views do you have? I bet they wouldn't hold up to any scrutiny either...

  • Assassin221

    Not much of a Tech fan but I never thought his shit was a gimmick, I'm sure he believes every word of it. I just can't stand dudes that act like they have all the answers when none of his political views would hold up under scrutiny.

    • 1700 or Nuthin

      u simpled minded self calling educated ass niggas are the one who makes zero merit & 100 demerit for the country.

    • Anonymous

      You "can't stand dudes that act like they have all the answers when..." listen he doesn't claim to hold answers simply points out the "what-fuck-ness" out the current political/socio-economic structure.

    • jules

      not a tech fan? sux for you...why post here then?

    • nibs

      haha and I can't stand idiots that think the current system is the only thing that works, even though it fucks millions of people over every day. and I can't stand dudes that will make an un-educated opposing opinion against someone that has spent years reading and researching. not to say hes right and youre wrong, but if you DON'T have anything to back up your negative statement, why just say it? why not look into it? retard

  • Anonymous

    This man is speaking the absolute truth.

  • nibs

    tech is the shit. I listen to albums when they come out for a couple weeks. but when there is nothing new to bang? 3rd world and rev vol 2 all day

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