Drug Charges Against DMX Exaggerated, Says Prison Spokesman

UPDATE: According to prison officials, the Ruff Ryder tested positive for drugs and didn't smuggle any contraband into jail.

DMX will remain in Arizona's Yuma prison longer than anticipated after he was caught with drugs while behind bars.

The gruff rapper, who’s currently serving a yearlong bid for violating his probation, apparently violated prison rules including “drug possession, failing or refusing a drug test, smoking when he wasn’t supposed to, being disrespectful, disruptive and disorderly.”

X has seven disciplinary infractions in total. He was originally supposed to be released from prison tomorrow, but will remain in jail for at least a week or possibly even longer.

[July 12]

UPDATE: According to several sources, the drug charges that extended DMX's incarceration weren't as serious as initially reported. RumorFix spoke with Arizona Department of Corrections' spokesman Barrett Marson, who explained that he didn't smuggle drugs into prison but had drugs in his system.

"He did not smuggle drugs into prison," he said. "He failed a drug test, I don't know what drugs he took, but that's it. He was due to be released today but will now be released on July 19th."

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  • HaveNiceDAy

    Whoever says its the Illuminati needs to shut the fuck up for as long as possible shits getting annoying, everywhere i look motherfuckers are saying this stupid shit. I love Dmx, i lost my its dark and hell is hot cd so i went out to best buy just to buy it again thats how much i love that album, but seriously DMX doesnt give a fuck thats why he stays getting in too trouble, CUZ HE DONT GIVE A FUCK PERIOD, THATS IT NOTHING ELSE TO IT, no fucking bullshit conspiracy over here at work, just some plain old i keep getting knocked cuz i do stupid shit. Im all for conspiracy theorys cuz lets be honest shit is entertaining but don't forget THEORY, no one got proof and neither do you that "higher people" are at work, hell even what i just said that he doesnt give a fuck is my theory i dont know if he does or doesnt care i dont know his true feelings. Conspiracy theorys been the latest scapegoat and yall are sheep on the bang wagon, maybe ill change my mind if someone gives me proof till then "cocking my head back like ed lover, cmon son"

  • ILoveJB

    This foggot X needs to set himself straight and stop fucking up at the last minute. Niggas been waiting for his release but he just keeps disappointing. The fucking game needs X but he don't give a fuck I guess. I'm pretty sure he found a nigga in the jail cell that he fucks and which cooks his meals.

  • iwant911truth

    DMX is a changed man, his image is being destroyed intentionally. He doesn't have much longer on earth before they have him killed. Look up DMX interview in Arizona Jail on youtube.....he's a changed man. FREE X!!

  • Nico 3

    I wonder if X even knows the names of all of his kids.

  • Christopher Joseph

    you ppl are stupid dmx not supposed to be in jail in the first pl illuminati muthafuckas put him in there by setting him up they aint like the fact that he was speaking out against them so they trying to destroy his image.

  • A friend of x

    Some of yall act like yall happy to see a nigga in jail. For anyone to be happy to see anyone in jail must be a depressed sad sad sad individual!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Like i said from day one this x stayin in jail shit dont sound right. So how you negative ready to hate on somebody in second mutahfuckas feel now. X hurry up and get out so you can crush the game but this time please stay away from them secret society muthafuckas!!

  • Everett Da Amin Rucker

    "I'm slippin', I'm fallin', I can't get up" You Goddamn right you can't get up! Its only a matter of time before he goes back to jail AGAIN...

  • giantnyc

    Of course he did not smuggle drugs into the prison. He is already in there. Apart from that, it seems DMX should be kept away from society for a little longer. He is dangerous.

  • kennyken

    man x has an addiction. i don't think that he really believes it yet. until he does, he'll continue to do these things. god bless though.

  • Daniel Gregory

    DMX needs to get knocked out and put in a coma for the rest of his sentence so he doesn't keep f***ing up his chances of coming out already.

  • Anonymous

    come on D M X , get it together, you've been in and out of the system long enough to know how it works. Its time to grow up and think about your family,friends and the general public who want to see you and all the other black men behind bars start being MEN and stop acting like LITTLE BOYS.

  • Jason

    Keep ya head up dog!! im right there with ya. not sure where im headed soon. AZ is a cool place to get peace. Miss ya music and show these cats how to film the real Belly 2. that direct to video shit with the Game was a disgrace.

  • Anonymous

    It's always your own people.

  • vucen23

    Yo man this aint Shawshank redemption ...

  • papabearATL

    I think this man has a fear of freedom, when you get close to getting out you are avoiding anything that might look like you could get popped for something. Institutionalized, it's sad to say but, maybe locked up is where he belongs. He's got to many doubts, to many questions only he can answer from inside himself. It ain't always easy to be honest in the mirror, especially when the world is watching...

  • Daniel Gregory

    You haters don't know REAL HIP HOP. #BASED#RULE

  • Tarik Tannir

    You don't find it odd that he gets busted the day before he gets out? Possibly an external power keeping him in? Hmmmmm?.... #conspiracy

  • Big Dan

    Why y'all have to go post this story? Now I have to go digging through the comments from a story on D a few weeks ago because there were idiots who were pissed off that some of us suggested DMX was too old to be talking about his timbs and that he had no business talking greasy about Drake and Jay-Z. Those cats are living the life while you spend yours thinking, "damn, I can't wait to get out so I can hit that pipe." Obviously DMX still has a drug problem. Hopefully, he got the drugs from other inmates, b/c if a "friend" is sneaking it in to him, that is just FREAKING FOUL! Dear DMX: PLEASE bro. When you get out, head straight into rehab. I'm sure you still living in '97, telling yourself about how dope you are on the mic, but check it. You do one more bid, you will be too old when you get out and there is no way any major label is signing you. Matter of fact, I doubt any major label will sign you now because you are a risk. They give you an advance, you end up in jail again and oops, no album. You might as well take that deal from Ricky Ross at this point. Fix yourself bro. You've spent all this years in jail and you never even did anything that crazy. Real criminals doing serious crimes have gone in, done their time and you are still making yourself a guest of the system. You've wasted way too many years: Your kids have grown up without a father over some dumbness, you can't possibly have all that cash still, and the girl who was there when you were just a bum, who was willing to ride for you, you let get away. The street that you are trying to impress, they've either grown up, living productive lives and are no longer really checking for you or they are dead or in jail and can't support you, so please make it all about you now. Enough is enough. Go listen to that song you made about your grandmother, think about her looking down on you, shed some tears and wash away all the nonsense and start fresh bro. You are 40+, time to start making and saving retirement money since you probably pissed away the millions you made. There are lots of old fools in the hood with nothing, talking about how they used to be the man. Don't join that crowd. And move out of Arizona!

    • shane

      My dude they said he was smoking and he's only gonna be in for a week more. That means he had to be smoking be smoking bud so were do you get this drug problem idea from. or that friends or sneaking it in. If your as famous as dmx i dont think its to hard to get weed in prison lol. And i'm not saying he dosn't have some type of serious drug problem still just sayin that from this article he got caught smoking bud so thats not a big deal so people need to stop hyping it up. He'll probably be out by two weeks from now and in a studio with in a couple days time.

  • cano

    this dude is gonna be so damn institutionalized when he gets out that he wont even know how to function in the real world. i mean i would love for X to get his act together but damn how many times are we gonna here about this shit?

  • Big R

    Damn, wasn't this nigga talkin last week about how he gonna stay off drugs and he finally ready to change for the better and swore he'd never do anything to warrant getting arrested again?.... Nigga, you couldn't even get out b4 you got in trouble and was "arrested" again... Nigga was prob high as bat pussy when he said that shit....

  • Anthony Smith

    Fuck what people say about DMX hes only doin what rappers only talk about.

  • Nico 3

    All of his kids will be in orphanages by the time he gets out.

  • Anonymous

    *he don't take SHIT from NOBODY.

    • Big Dan

      Not even the sheriff that makes him were a pink jumpsuit? See this is where we get it twisted. You don't take "poop" from anybody, but the man can lock you up whenever he feels like it?

  • Anonymous

    Reason why X is acting up it's cuz he -unlike officer Ricky- DOES NOT RESPECT THE POLICE. He's his own man. Fuck what bullshit lies the media (even this site) tells you about the Dog, DMX ain't a pussy, he don't SHIT from NOBODY. He knows why they locked him up, one of the last rappers to mention and talk about GOD so openly in his songs. They're just hating on him cuz they know once they let the dog off the leash, THE DOG WILL BARK AND BITE!!!

    • giantnyc

      Do you think at all before writing? Yeah, they are so concerned with him talking about God. Please. Besides, if he is such a bad man, his "own man" that "don't SHIT from NOBODY" as you say, why did he allow the authorities he "does not respect" to apprehend him without incident?

  • Anonymous

    you can only blame the illuminati for so long until the real problem reveals itself. YOU.

  • truth_is

    DMX has officially been institutionalized...3 hots and a cot. M'fucka don't want to come home to have to deal with life. He is weak.

  • kennyken

    x, you are the problem now dog, ok? you are the problem. you almost had a damn exit! man don't blame anyone else ok? god bless

  • Anonymous

    fuck it im sayin it, they tryin to kill x next, you just dont sell over 30 million records and end up like this, x aint for all the faggot devil bullshit that runnin the game right now

  • Graffman

    I heard this nigga DMX likes to dig up his ass with his middle finger, flick people off, and then smell it.

  • Your boy

    I want DMX to eat his own asshole out on thanksgiving. I want him to bless his asshole like thanksgiving food and then eat. I want him to season that ass with Lawry's and ground pepper.

  • She.M.Sex

    Hey DMX, you should remove your own ribs and suck your own dick. I'm talking about suckin' the SHIT out that motha'fucka. I'm talkin about throwin' ya legs behind ya ears until BOTH ya ass cheeks are directly in front of you! *Fist Pumping* Suck it X, suck it! Suck it X, suck it! Suck it X, suck it! Suck it X, suckeeeeet!

    • Big Dan

      This is beyond fantasy. This is way too disturbing. Cats have sat down and actually calculated that if D removed some ribs, he could actually do whatever. How and why is that subject coming up? Another cat wants D to season his own a#$ with Lawry. What?!?! How do cats come up with this? Besides, D has enough problems, he doesn't need the sodium.

    • Anonymous

      You sick bastard.

    • Your Momma

      You have some real nasty sexual fantasies involving DMX you homo.

  • Moses Adekunle Esan

    Damn, this nigga cannot catch a break.


    Hey X keep ya head up,get focused and take it one day at a time.When you're ready to surrender you'll begin to win!!!Peace my brother Scorpio

  • biggthings

    Hey Nick Thomas your an idiot!!...white supremacy group?!...haha do you really believe that? I hope not..he is a crack head and has always been one( read his autobiography)...and he doing wat crackheads do!...

  • jae

    damm wel 1 more week hel be ight

  • Jake Bourey

    ruff till his dying day. the war on drugs is a joke.

  • Kitwana Robinson

    wow, white people are stupid racial talk about drug test huh ?

    • mitch

      @anonymous, i agree black or white X is still a bum/crackhead loser

    • Anonymous

      *black or white DMX is a loser*

    • Anonymous

      What are you reading? I havent read any racism here. But I did read a few youtube brainwashed paranoid black people blaming an illuminati for X's shortcomings. THEY'RE the ones making this shit racial. I think most people agree that black or white is a loser who has been given too many chances.



  • gvg

    Fuck that entire illuminati bs...i still can't believe this..ever since he started talking about how shady the industry is he became a hardcore drug addict out of the blue..and now a day before release, this?...even Jin got out of Ruff Ryders because of the "snakes"..dude went religious now...there's something we just don't know...shit even Waka is qutting rap now...smh

  • joe5286

    The War on Drugs is such UTTER GARBAGE. Do we really believe that by sending someone with a health problem to prison, he's going to get better? Ron Paul 2012 - free DMX, end the War on Drugs

    • Willy

      Wtf does Ron Paul have to do with the war on drugs? He's a republican candidate... Meaning the people that he's going to be catering to are the same people that pushed for the war on drugs...

  • Anonymous


  • Nike Champ 718

    Man, just give this ni99a life. Not because his crime warranted it, but because he's gonna be right back in that muhf*cka within a month for doing the same stupid sh*t. Why waste time on letting him out?

  • DL Dub

    Tomorrow nigga? TOMORROW? You was supposed to be getting out of jail TOMORROW and you couldnt wait 2 days to pull this shit. Earl, wake the fuck up dude. Is it that you like jail? Cuz if that's the case just go turn yourself in for an unsolved murder, they wont care and you can have all the jail time you want. This is the only nigga I know who needs rehab off rehab. And the reason I'm upset is that I just see all this fuckin talent wasted on another crackhead ass nigga who refuses to get his shit together. Next we'll be reading about how T.I. gets busted for bringing in warheads in jail "Sometimes you just gotta protect yaself shawty..." stupid mutha fuckas...

  • Lets Be Frank

    I guess the evil illuminati made him sneak drugs into the prison too right? How are you idiots going to deflect this one? This dude is going out of his own way to get in trouble. stop making excuses for him.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is being real? I dont even know what that means these days. It seems whenever X or someones gets in trouble with the law some fool comes along and says he's "real"? If by real you mean getting in trouble or dumb shit while pointing out everyone else's supposed flaws then fuck being real.

    • Big Dan

      Anonymous, change your thinking before you end up like X. I'm sure his kids who've spent more time with their mothers' boyfriends and have no father for all intended purposes, are not thinking "dad keeps it real." And as I posted above, there is a sheriff who has DMX wearing a pink jump suit and he can't do a thing about it. Don't know about you, but I call that taking eesh. DMX has thrown away his life by "keeping it real." If you can't see that, that's very sad. For you to say what you are saying, then you must be willing to trade places with DMX. There was one of those VHI specials on D and when he got to the point where he became an addict, you saw the real sadness in his face. So think about the whole picture b4 u speak.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you're too fucking lame and retarded to understand street lingo, or what the fuck 'BEING REAL' means. It means not bowing down to nobody whom you don't respect! Sure, this cost him a few days more in jail, but that's cuz HE AIN'T A BITCH, just like I'm sure YOU WOULD BE should your punkbitchass get thrown in jail. Fuck YOU and fuck the wasted brain you were given, God called and wants it BACK!

  • Anonymous

    Im not buying any of this shit!!!! Every time x is close to getting out or has made it out something like this happens!! One time ok maybe but every fuckin time!!! Like I said long ago there is someone out there who doesnt want x out on the streets. Take it how you wanna take it but thats just how i feel on the matter.

  • Anonymous

    this dudes a hypocrite stop preaching and start with YOU.

  • hellrazor

    i've always been a dmx fan, i still respect & have reverrence toward him but he kinda startin to look like rap's lindsay lohan. i seriously hope he can get his act together before it's too late.

  • 100

    SHUT UP about Government conspiracies you fools. DMX is NOT that important to the so called "illuminate". He was a crack head before he became famous and he still is, PERIOD! There a MILLIONS of black men doing right by the law and dealing with racism at the same time if you really want to go there. The working, father to his kids black man is the one being kept in the shadows of the media! DMX, like so many MUSICIANS (not just black) is on that shit and needs intervention, NOT a record deal.

  • Anonymous

    I meant his ACT together. Sorry for the typo.

  • Anonymous

    This shit is depressing. I'm not sure if dude is ever going to get his acf together.

  • Get Real

    Is he keeping it real now you clowns? Dude is burnt. That's why Jay don't fuck with you homie, you're an embarrassment to yourself.

  • Anonymous

    get off my nigga back already let em heat dem streets up

  • Nick Thomas

    Before y'all cornballs jump all over the god check the facts, I'm sure none of you even tried looking for this incident anywhere else on the web, which is said because it shows that too many people know and understand only half the story... The fact still remains he's a threat to society in terms of his ability uplift young & old ones minds out here, know that! Illuminati aka WHITE Supremacy is a muthafucka... They'll do ANYTHING to stop black progress. He's not wanted out on these streets and they'll throw any form of propaganda at you idiots so you'll stand back and point a finger. Which in all honesty when you point your finger there's always three pointing back at you!!! I say that to say it's not completely his fault look how's he been institutionalized by the same White Supremacist system pretty much his whole life. He's strugglin with this wicked ass beast daily, just like most people and we all know this system/country/corporation ain't logical...true JUSTICE because their genotype is recessive so they're only concerned about JUST US or JES SUS... So shut the fuck up about how ya gave up on him when if you had a real warrior spirit in you. You'd first ask what could you do to help instead of pointing your finger u bitch made ass maggot!!! Ooo can't stand y'all...

    • Anonymous

      @illegal ass foo: being stupid is being stupid.... i agree wit u.... dnt play the race card here.. if he did do it then he's stupid, but if he's being framed by the cops... all is well, he'l b out...eitha waay he shuld grow up, drugs ain't all that.

    • the_truth

      ** FACTS ** The Illuminati do exist. Do they have time to go after DMX? -- NO (they don't know who the guy is...) Do they need Jay-Z to sell their agenda? -- NO (when asked they reply "isn't this the guy who got shot?".... no thats 50 cent) The Illuminati's agenda is to further themselves on a global scale. They want to own MTV... they do not give a f*ck who is on MTV. They want to own McDonalds.... they do not care what is on the menu or who is the manager at your local Wisconsin branch. If the Illuminati had an agenda to stop DMX then they are not a powerful organisation at all as I could stop DMX myself.... tie a piece of crack to rope as bait, let him chase it then throw it in the grand canyon....

    • illegal ass foo

      exactly, nothin to do wit race, hes just a fukn addict, everytime i'm thinkn hes gonna come out raw, he ends up fukn up, just cuz he wants to smoke that crack, or tweak. this foo is stupid, get over urself wit that race shit, if there was no whites, who u gonna blame then, ur black brother next to u, get over that shit, its just a persons way of living and habits they have, hes not strong enough to just fukn quit his crack habit.

    • Anonymous

      DMX is not a threat to anybody but himself. The illuminat dont give a fuck about a burnt out rapper. You're smarter than this brother. YOU'RE the one that destroying your black community with your reverse ignorance and blind gullibility. Stop making excuses for X. The man's needs to take accountability. this the same dude who impersonated a police officer and stop a cop car or some shit. When will you stop blaming the illuminati for all your problems? That's why pac said 'Killuminati". because he was tired of black like you always blaming the illuminati for your own problems. deal within reality.

    • Anonymous

      just shut the fuck up it's always the same thing bout black people when yall cant succeed to something it's because of white people, but now you just switch this excuse with the illuminati thing yall bring up everytime something is going wrong in your community there is no illuminati involved in this case bitch, dmx aint that important ! it's only the story bout a dude addicted to drugs who cant fight his demons ! this dude needs help big time ! and as long as people like yourself bring this white on black thing or this illuminaty bullshit on every subject, people like X wont progress cause yall just escapin the reality with some shit which has nothin to do in this peculiar case !

  • Kashif Ilyas

    They are framing him man! Watch the vids in youtube about DMX being framed and you will know.

  • Lil Kid

    I wanna be like DMX when I grow up.

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    That nigga X is as REAL as they come. Dude has a addiction problem straight up. If you dont know anybody with one you cant relate. Now its to the point I feel bad for dude. At first I was like fuck him with that dumb nigga shit, but its clear he is an ADDICT out of control...smh...waste of talent. Soon if not now the industry is not going to care of give ANYMORE chances.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody wants to be addicted to drugs. I hope dude gets his act together man. Is it possible that he's being held back by the man? Of course it is. However, he has to take much of the blame as well. Dude had back to back platinum or gold albums didn't he? He was the man back in te day.

    • illegal ass foo

      this guy gets it, u got this other foo blaming it on race,

  • illconcept

    WOW I fucking give up! DMX is one of my favorite emcees and everyone was getting tired of his stupidity and being in and out of jail and I actually was patient thinking maybe, just maybe, this was the last time and he was going to come out of prison a new person ready tp drop some good music. WTF?? I can't take it no more, I give up on this fool. You got like a few weeks left in prison, you got Rick Ross trying to get you on MMG when you get out (Even though I dont like Rick Ross, it will still be a good move to get back in the spotlight), you got all these connections still riding with you (Swizz, Dame grease, Jada, Meth, etc), and you fucking spit in the face of opportunity by bringing drugs IN PRISON?? Damn, he's done! SMFH

  • Devin Williams

    Dam X again smfh

  • Jane Doe

    It's really sad that one of the most gifted & talented rapper in the game is still going through the same bullshit. What's sadder is he wont even admit he's a drug addict. X , you are so needed in the rap game right now. SMDH

  • ka-as

    the government is who is keeping this guy behind bars listen to his old interviews where he is talking about the illuminati and how corrupt the music industry is, well the really shut him the fuck up didnt they

    • Anonymous

      Don't blame others for the reason that thas guy has fucked up his life several times despite having new chances. Pathetic existence.

    • Anonymous

      Ka-as, Why is everyone ridin the Illuminati bullshit. GTFOH with that shit. If this is true, X ain't doing much to fight for his life or the lives of his children. Excuses, excuses

  • Anonymous

    this nigga talked recently bout redemption and how he was done with jail and he wanted to rehabilitate himself to the system so he can put his life back on track ... till he finally find hisself caught up again behind bars with drugs what a looser !

  • Anonymous

    this guy is a loser. he's had more than enough chances of rehabilitation. he talks about it but as time has shown he is just all talk. not a real bone in his body.

  • Anonymous

    SMH Just point to DMX next time people say they want Eminem or Wayne to go back on the drugs cause they like there music better If you dont clean up your life in time you turn into this train wreck of a human being. Drugs and partying and all that is good when your younger but there comes a time when you have to get your act together, otherwise you wind up like DMX

  • magmatic123

    this nigga cant get enough of jail..its like he his own worst enemy

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