Lil B Explains Why He Added "(I'm Happy)” to Album Title "I'm Gay”

The Based God says that it was all part of his master plan.

Lil B stirred up some controversy by naming his latest album I’m Gay, but came under the gun when he added “(I’m Happy),” thereby changing the title’s impact. Speaking with Brooklyn Martino, the Based God defended his decision to put an addendum on the title that resulted in death threats.

“Shout out to everyone who said I copped out by putting ‘I’m Happy’ under ‘I’m Gay,’ but that was my reasoning,” he said. “How can I cop out when in my head, I had a plan to do that? Like, I’m not literally a homosexual, but I’m happy.”

He explained that while he didn’t intend to imply that he was gay, the Bay Area native said he had ulterior motives.

“I did it to also embrace the homosexual community also, but some motherfuckers was like, I copped out, ‘Ah B, you should’ve stuck with the “I’m Gay” title.’ I’m not totally gay, but I am gay. Salute. Perez Hilton, Gaga.”

I’m Gay (I’m Happy) was quietly released to iTunes on June 30th, selling 1,700 copies its first week.

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  • Trouble (Tbsa)

    Fuck Lil B Im Hear Bitch!!

  • Anonymous

    how many albums have you guys sold lately... o.O

  • 1700 or Nuthin


  • smh

    Winning? This nigga isn't winning, he's fucking up the art of music to get money. You know damn well his music fucking sucks horribly, stop trying to back him up, with his "gay" ass. Knowing that people were going to say something about that, "I'm gay"? Really? When and where the fuck did anyone EVER use something like that word to imply they were happy? He's a dumb nigga fucking up the art of music to make money. Great combination.

  • 1700 or Nuthin

    1700? HAHA EPIC FAIL

    • 1700 or Nuthin

      >USTUPID haha for the rec, at least 1700 is EXTREMELY LOW. He is calling himself GAY, and it was TRUE!

    • lol

      he didnt make it for free until about a week later. Stop defending this wack ass nigga!


      He released it for free the same are not permitted to speak unless you speak with common sense.

  • Daniel Gregory


  • The MG

    He copped out, plain and simple. He just doesn't want to admit it.

  • LostyMC

    ps I hope another person interviewing him beats the fuck out of him and Solja boy, Guccie and Waka for being faggots who ruin hip hop

  • LostyMC

    His master plan is to suck cock

  • Jake

    I think Lil' Bisexual bought the 1700 copies himself.

  • Trill

    and his album is available for free download- so if this was all about album sales who gives you a free link to download the entire album? its too many haters. I dont like lady gaga or lil wayne- but u know what? when i see articles about them I dont even read it to comment on it- so some pART OF ALL YALL SAW lIL b AND WANTED TO KNOW MORE. SO YOU GAY AND (UNHAPPY)

  • Trill

    im from tha bay area too- oakland to be exaCT And TO LAPTOP- I respect if u dont like him, or dont fuxx wit him- but its plenty of us in the bay area rockin with him- go to one his shows see how many hundreds show up with spatulas and aprons to be dubbed masterchefs. u prolly just old.

    • Komp

      Naw nigga u gay too! When u have grandkids one day in the year 2067 or some shit, yo grandkids gone be like u went to a concert of a nigga who named his debut album "IM GAY" grandad? U GONE FEEL REAL FUCKIN STUPID! THINK ABOUT IT BITCH!

    • Marcel Armstead

      come to the bay u hoe as nigga and say that we the hardest anywhere we rock ur punk ass lol. u niggas couldnt last a hour in the bay u hoe. lil b all rite but i hate net bangers we got two of the most dangerous cities anywhere u pussy nigga come out here lose ur life bitch

    • The Bay is Gay

      The Bay is a JOKE!! Fuck The gay ass bay, that's not hood. That's where them skinny jean wearing posers hang. HAHAHAHA! The Bay is the pussiest area in all of the United States. REAL TALK.

  • laptop from the bay. ima tell u this, niggas dont fuck wit this nigga out here. this dude is a new ass young mark. I just watched this video he did in front of a church disrespecting the Lord and his son to the fullest. does he really think he will be blessed to have a career in entertainment. He souled his soul to sell 1,700 copies of some weak ass shit. he should be ashamed of himself. My name is LAPTOP and ima really clown this dude. Just watch my moves n wait up.

    • 1700 or Nuthin

      lil B dont represent bay area thats fo sho

    • bloody bastard

      Too Short, Quannum Crew(DJ SHADOW/BLACKALICIOUS), Heiro(DEL!/SOULS OF MISCHEIF), 2Pac, Jacka, FAB, Invisible Scratch Pickles(DJ QBERT?SHORTKUT?MIXMASTER MIKE), Digital Underground, Living Legends, and, unfortunately, Lil B! C>M>S>G>T>F>O>H>W>T>B>S> RealHeads know the Bay got heatrocks....just named a few artists off top in no particular order.....

    • Anonymous

      lol @ you thinking lil b is better than E 40

    • The Real

      well niggas better step up in the bay cause who you got E 40. Like what the fuck is that nigga saying, atleast lil b has some real tracks. Sky is the limit, end of the world, cold war. Those tracks are good, and on something positive. So if you dont back this dude up yall got nothing.

    • laptop

      my bad...I was so heated I started misspelling n shit. I meant to say HE SOLD HIS SOUL just to sell 1700 copies of some horrible music. The bay doesn't want his kind representing us at all. This internet shit is run by the devil there u have it.

  • Anonymous

    who the hell would become a gay lord just as a pubicity stunt?

  • war22

    he's a skinny jean faggot ...

  • Anonymous

    1,700 ignorant retards bought his album

  • Lady Gaga

    I'm proud of my protege Lil B. Together we will make hip-hop the most homosexual music genre ever.


    not a fan of dude but i think he bout to sign with YMCMB

  • SutterKane

    This dude is Annoying lol, when I was in High School we had Nelly and I thought that was bad enough, but the shit these kids listen to today??...... SMH

  • guerilla jones

    eh whatever he says makes NO sense,your "plan" can make all the sense in the world in your head and that doesn't mean ish to other people.It has to be coherent,but i dont think his stream of thought has ever been A to B to C.Too much drugs,not enough school...something. dude is barely above max b in the not worth mentioning category.

  • Anonymous

    was selling 1700 copies part of his master plan too? you would think with all the hype surrounding his album title he could atleast push 5000 copies but the dumbass gave his own album away for free a day after it went on sale

    • true

      actally the free version was released simultaneously with the itunes album- he sent the free one out in a twitter msg that said "download here cuz i still love you even if you dont have $10" better than these other rappers who say "Im not a rapper, i just want your money" but u call them gangster and spend $$ yall thugs are so gay

  • Anonymous

    He say he's not 100% gay he must be bisexual. Any body who supports lil b is wack.

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