Max B Announces "Coke Wave” Album, Movie From Behind Bars

Bigavelli explains that instead of another mixtape, he's got an official album on the way.

Max B has announced the release of his upcoming Coke Wave LP, which will be accompanied by a mini-movie. During an interview with Mikey T the Movie Star from behind bars, Bigavelli revealed the details, explaining that he also wanted to get into reality television.

“We gon’ do even better. We’re gon’ do the Coke Wave album. We’re going to give it up, we’re going to do it officially. It’s going to be real wavy. Be on point for that,” he said. “And the Coke Wave mini-movie. We gon’ give it to ‘em real. We got a lotta big plans. I wanna do a reality TV show, I wanna do my own shit. It’s going to be a big thing.”

The Dipset affiliate is currently serving a 75-year sentence stemming from a 2009 conviction from a 2006 attempted robbery in New Jersey that ended in a homicide.

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