Pimp C's Widow Chinara Butler Speaks On Rap-A-Lot Records' Lawsuit Against Her

Chinara Butler says she's yet to receive any money from Rap-A-Lot Records, disapproves of them putting together an album with unreleased Pimp C music.

Houston’s Rap-A-Lot Records and Chinara Butler, the wife of the late rapper Chad “Pimp C” Butler, have found themselves in a seemingly never-ending battle over the rights to release Pimp C’s unreleased material.

The problems between Butler and Rap-A-Lot arose when Butler sent the record label a cease and desist letter demanding that they not use Pimp C’s music or name in an upcoming project. Rap-A-Lot fired back with a lawsuit of their own claiming that they own 10 of Pimp C’s master recordings and that Butler was wrongfully withholding them.  

Butler recently spoke with AllHipHop.com and explained why she sent the cease and desist letter in the first place. She revealed that her main reason was that she didn't approve of the label trying to do “something new” with Pimp C’s music.

"I want to make sure everyone understands that with those songs and my whole issue is that, I don’t feel like we should try to do something new with Chad’s music, if he didn’t do it," Butler explained to AllHipHop.com. "To me its not right and clearly I’m not feeling it. Just like the songs, I’m not feeling a lot of the singles."

Aside from disapproving of the music for Rap-A-Lot’s Pimp C project, Butler also shared that she’s yet to receive a single penny from the label.

"I’m being sued when you [Rap-A-Lot] are putting out a project and I haven’t even received any money or anything from? I will never amend anything," said Butler. "This is about him [Pimp C.] and all I can do is make him proud and make sure no one tarnishes his legacy, and what he built his whole life…I just think its sad."

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  • lima4u

    Chinara Butler is smart woman. You never give master recording away. This is why majority major recording folded.

  • Bawse


  • Anonymous

    poor boosie, he came in under those guys, thats why he facin murder, and he innocent, this is the devil at hi work,gucci, t.i., these niggas aint gettin locked up for nuthin, they playin wit these niggas livelihood, fuckin they minds up for real. fuck j prince, pimp c feat. drake??? gtfoh

  • Anonymous

    weak, j prince had that nigga done, bun b is scared for his life, he dont even want to do this rap shit no more, its all good being a mc, but who wants their left toe tagged??

  • UGK

    you say who's checking 4 pimp c? HIS FANS! get that hate out your heart sucker.... rip pimp c.

  • chronwell

    Since RAL is this bad,rich, black owned legendary hood legend label, how can they be not breakin bread with Pimp's widow? I hope this is a misunderstanding.

  • Anonymous

    you dont know who pimp c would do a song with.. people kill me thinking they know everything besides drake pimp had already did a song with everyone that was on that last album. you dont know if he would did a song with drake or not ..R.I.P pimp c

  • Not a hater

    Dont get me wrong..its RIP PIMP C all day and I respect him, but who's checkin for a new Pimp C album? lets keep it real

  • Anonymous

    Thats a REAL Texas wife keepin it trill. Fuck rap-a-lot! RIP Jack Tripper


    i feel that cause some of them dude CHAD would never do a song with...RIP PIMP C

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