Lil Wayne Enlists Nas, Shyne & Jadakiss For "Tha Carter IV” Posse Cut

Weezy has a standout track slated for inclusion on his upcoming LP.

Lil Wayne is pulling out all the stops for his upcoming album Tha Carter IV, dropping on August 29th. The Young Money star explains to XXL Magazine that he has a posse cut slated to make the final cut that includes Nas, Shyne and Jadakiss.

Additional guest stars for the project include Busta Rhymes, Bun B, Tech N9ne, Cee-Lo Green, John Legend and, while producers include Boi-1da, Polow Da Don, Swizz Beatz and Bangladesh.

In anticipation of the album’s release, Weezy will unleash his new mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait, which arrives this Wednesday.

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  • Anonymous

    who would have though suckin dick would get you so many record sells? ima take a different approach jbird gettin all up in that ass fuck lil wayne

  • Daniel Gregory

    Weezy should get the Lil dude Justin Bieber on a track. Give the kid a chance to lay down a few hot bars.

  • Demetris Thomas

    Not a fan of Wayne but I am looking forward to hearing this track. Especially Shyne!

  • SuperGucciRap

    Wow, Lil Wayne will easily murk these niggaz. Who the fuck believes that Shyne is a good rapper? He's just got big cuz he converted to Drake's religion who btw Drake sucks. Then Jadakiss is probably one of the most emotionless nigga I ever heard of. He has potential but put in emotion cuz no one feels that nigga. I do like his song with my nigga OJ Da Juiceman on Who's Real. Good song. Jada needs emotion but he's better than most rappers nowadays. Nas sucks period. People act like they listen to him all the time but they only bootleg his shit. All he talks about is his freemason beliefs on how the black man was god and the white man is the devil. Fuck that shit, that's the most satanic garbage I've heard since Immortal Technique claimed to be anti-illuminati when he praises communism. LOL. Also to the nigga who thinks Nas haters can't spell for shit, I'm sorry but you can't stereotype Nas haters as unintelligent. I know more about you and I know Nas sold his soul to the illuminati to be the poster boy of kids who can't talk to girls or can get jobs at only fast food chains for a living. Gucci Mane would murk all these niggaz though and so would my nigga Justin Bieber. It's Gucci Time!

    • Ken

      So she-male niggers (Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Gucci Mane, etc.) are better than rappers (Nas) with actual talent? Get the fuck out of here. You don't know shit.

    • Daniel Gregory

      Justin bieber is my dude.

    • Wow

      I've never seen you type a comment so long SuperGucciRap. Maybe your intelligence level isn't as low as I thought.

  • Anonymous

    Every article on this site has a bunch of hate comments. Hate comments that they think are funny but are actually pathetic just like their sad existence of a life. To go out of your way to comment on every kanye/Wayne/nas article saying "he a fag/he fake/that nigga shit" is truly a sad excuse for a life.

  • TheOne

    Damn! don't have music of Wayne, only some collabs... but a song with Shyne? Nas? Tech9? i want them asap

  • Obi Patrick

    It's gonna be fun listening to these niggas outshine that lame ass faggot on his own track...

    • jason

      LMAO @ Wayne haters. That shit is soooooo played out. It was cool back in 2007-08. 2011 and you bitches still doing the same shit? SMFH

    • TheOne

      I agree, just listen to Drop the world, Wayne is just a funny dude :D

    • Cage

      ^^^ Please get off that dudes nuts... you're the same dunce tht thinks he bodies everyone on everything, lookin like his #1 fan right now... Are you one of waynes baby mommas, jason?

    • John -Boy

      @Jason Wayne is like 5 feet tall. I'm sure that without his security around, nobody on this website would be afraid to call him a faggot to his face.

    • jason

      Obi Patrick must feel so big and tough calling Wayne a faggot over the Internet. Do you realize how much of a coward you are?

    • jason

      They've never done it before what makes you think this time will be any different?

    • Get Money

      Couldn't have said it better myself... but I hope you wore your Bullet proof vest my These lil wayne dick Riders is going to be after you.....

  • Daniel Gregory

    OMG... you guys are a bunch of HATERS!!! be happy and stop putting artists down.. SMH

    • Osiel Salas

      Judging from your screen name your probably an illegal alien with a stolen computer. If you want to insult me based on my profile picture than go ahead but upload a picture of yourself for the sake of argument you pansy.

    • illegal assfoo

      u look like an idiot talkin about someones picture, wen ur stupid has a picture of ur cellphone wit ur face barely squeezed in, no seas mamon, u speak spanish right salas, if u dont then dont put ur spanish name on there

    • Osiel Salas

      Hollycrap!!! I'm a Wayne fan but I can't even defend you dude. You look like Steve Urkles white cousin.

    • Shut up Daniel

      What you need to do is shave that Uni Brow nigga... lol SMH at this Cracka you must be that Tranny looking niggas biggest fan...Stay in your place nigga before I run my lawn mower across your face nigga...

    • hellrazor

      seriously...with a pic like that, dont say shit

  • Gregory Vicente

    LMAO!!! A standout track!? ok but wit shyne!!! Man he fell off wit that wack ass new style of his!!! Go back to the old Shyne!!! He just sounds like ass now!

  • Anonymous

    if you listen to my music a million times i will go find lil wayne and bitch slap him, pinky swear dis jbird bitch dis dat dudda doo

  • AudioAssassin Mcmillan

    It's good that wayne, jada, nas & shyne getting on a track together and yall shit on it damn

  • Duke

    huh? mabye his album will actually be good again finally.


    not buying this album . lil wayne is a pop diva sellout . he is garbage now

  • aarontodavis

    it shocks me how many ppl dislike Wayne. It's like u dnt gotta like him but to comment on every topic dat he's in and jus h8 on him is stupid..Wayne is in his prime right now and he's 1 of da best (right now)..Hate it or love it, he sells records, makes some good music and has a strong label. Get used to it already lol #Successfullythemosthated

    • Louis

      I agree everyone hates on Weezy but constantly click on every link that has his name in it just for the sake of hating! It's so stupid if you don't like Wayne don't click on his links. Deep down inside you all like something about otherwise you wouldn't be like little dogs chomping at every article that has LIL WAYNE in the title! So stupid!

  • ghyt

  • Mr Flamboyant

    And if the idiots didn't get that I broke down the 3 different artists separately in my post (Shyne, Nas, Jada)... tough break, common sense. Common sense ain't common...and critical thinking skills aren't for and had by everyone. Thank you. Management of real righteousness

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Well damn... I would be more enthused if this was the Shyne Po and not this horrible person going by the name of Shyne today. Please, Lord. Please return Jamal Barrow to the hip hop game as we knew 10 years ago. In Jesus' name. Amen. I hope it isn't on one of those wack Bangledesh beats. But it should be quite nice. They've worked before on the Distant Relatives album and it was a success cause Weezy actually held a subject and stuck to it. Wayne just needs to stop the dumbing down and doped up incoherent lyrics of the recent pre-jail days. He actually can bring some heat when he has his mind set and isn't focused on sales and silliness. And at least he can make an album unlike Jada. (looks at Jada's catalog post 1st album) (shakes head in disgust)

    • Anonymous

      man..if shyne doesnt go back to his regular voice and swag..hes never ever gonna make it back in the game..hell its been forever since hes got out, his buzz is trash. I STILL listen to his songs today in the car and at the gym..bumping bad boy track STILL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    they're featured on a song with Lil Wayne, its not a rap battle you fucking morons. You niggas always act like these niggas are battling each other on the songs lol.

    • The MG

      Of course they're not battling. In posse cuts, some verses are better than others, and sometimes, the guest features outshine the star performer.

  • boss14

    Shyne!!! really??? Shyne nigga are you tone deaf? lmao weezy your gonna regret that

  • John-Boy

    Shyne, Jada, and Nas? I guess Wayne likes getting murdered on his on shit.

  • illmatic88

    Good, now the real hip hop heads can sit back and wait to hear Jadakiss and Nas eat this bitch ass fag lil Wayne on his own track. Then what are all you Young Money dickriders going to say?

    • jason

      How was Jada better on Death Wish? Let's see, Wayne had the better lyrics, flow, delivery, charisma, presence/energy.

    • Anonymous

      death wish jadakiss all day sorry

    • Anonymous

      overly competitive faggots who cant enjoy music without starting a popularity contest. insecure ass bitches

    • mcmastermind

      IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM did Wayne beat JADA on deathwish. You are out of your fucking minds if you think that's the case. I admit, Wayne came harder than usual, but Jada was not beaten. I will admit when Wayne does better, but that was not the case.

    • brickcity2000

      @Jason and uhhh just letting you two dumbfucks know that Walmart has the "Back to school sale" discounts for backpacks,folders, notebooks, and pencils for your upcoming sophmore year in high school. Dont miss it bitches!

    • Anonymous

      are you for real? you get hip know who nas is?... come on,,luda?..really..overated..really..i still can't belive i just read this

    • uhhh....

      yeah...Wayne did embarrass Jada on Death Wish. That was the upset that Hip hop likes to try'n forget... and I haven't heard "My Generation" but I don't doubt Wayne murdered Nas on that; not since Luda fuckin' waxed his ass on the "Made You Look" remix and "Virgo." These New York rappers you all idolize are highly overrated.

    • jason

      First of all, there is no such thing as "real hip-hop" you elitist piece of shit. Second of all, Wayne already murdered Jadakiss on "Death Wish" and held his own with Nas on "My Generation" Think, then post. Dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      There gonna say Weeazy Killed it anyway They already seen him get killed by Eminem twice and didnt flinch, they aint gonna care bout this either, they'll just sit there and zone out till Weezy's part starts

  • Anonymous

    Wayne bit Missy Eliiots Style! Fucker sounds just like her!

  • Anonymous

    the dudes who hate on Wayne only heard his mainstream songs. They're lost when it comes to Wayne they don't know how to critique him.

    • Dust

      Amen. The dont know mixtape wayne. They dont know the drought wayne. They dont know dedication wayne. Mixtapes are waynes playground where he just goes off. He puts mainestream shit on his albums just for sales and throws in a couple bangers. But real wayne goes HAM on his mixtapes for us.

  • jack

    Even Nas acknowledges Wayne's ability. He has worked with him twice now. Eminem has worked with Wayne twice. Also Jay-Z. Your favorite rappers have rapped alongside the dude and praised his skills. You fucking idiots hate with no logical reasoning. Assholes.

  • Anonymous

    LOl Weezy gotta have the record for being Bodied on every track hes on! He cant hang with true MCs! He just a HIP POP rapper like eminem has become! but At least eminem has skills!

    • jason

      If you're admitting that Wayne has a sick flow then how is he garbage? Being able to flow and ride a beat is the foundation of rapping. Dumbass.

    • Joey Vazquez

      nigga weezy is garbage , get over it nas is lyrically one of the best ever. all weezy has is a nice flow and thats where lil bitch niggas think hes tight cause all people these days think a good rapper is a rapper that sounds tight on a beat and dont bother listening to their lyrics. and all weexy does is gibber jabber his shit. nas actually tries to get a point across while all weezy does is "ngjisbbhgfvs real gs move in silence lasagna hjgdbvjdgbf"

    • jason

      What the fuck are you talking about? Wayne bodied Jadakiss on "Death Wish". Wayne bodied Bun B on "Damn I'm Cold". Wayne bodied Snoop on "9mm". Wayne bodied Busta Rhymes on "Respect My Conglomerate". Wayne bodied Q-Tip and Raekwon on "The Renaissance remix". Wayne held his own with Andre 3000/Big Boi on "Hollywood Divorce". Wayne held his own with Nas on "My Generation". Wayne vs. Tech N9ne is debatable on "Fuck Food" Look at the facts before posting, retard. The only rapper who has really gotten Wayne is Eminem. That's it.

  • Anonymous

    Nas? C'mon Nas! don't work with faggot wayne.. he's wack!

    • Dust

      some people are just so dumb. They get on here and right shit and dont think. man read a book before your dumb, fake ass opens up your mouth. learn hip hop/ rap before you talk! gotdamn!

    • jason

      Ever listen to "My Generation" and "Ghetto Rich remix"? Nas has already worked with Wayne MULTIPLE times in the past...

  • Anonymous

    carter 4 gone be a great album

  • ANON

    Nas is gonna wreck Weezy...again. So is Tech, Busta and Jada. HAHAHA fuck Weezy.

    • jason

      "So is Tech, Busta and Jada. " What? Wayne held his own with Tech on "Fuck Food" Wayne destroyed Busta on "Respect My Conglomerate" AND "Like Me Now" Wayne destroyed Jadakiss on "Death Wish" Please explain?

    • Dope

      All Ya'll is pussy.

    • Anonymous

      what the fuck is your problem. You're acting they got a beef when its the exact opposite. Forcing your laughter like a little girl on sugar. if anything they laughing at you. shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      stop hating bitch

  • lol

    pssh with that many features this album looks more like a collabo than a solo album. these solo artist arent puttin in the work anymore. btw Boi-1da, Polow Da Don, Swizz Beatz and Banglades, yall better make sure this faggot pays you for your work!

  • Doug Nichols

    So basically we're going to see a battle between Nas/Jadakiss for the top and Weezy/Shyne for the worst?

    • Dust

      did your mom just get you a computer for christmas or did you just steal it? based on your knowledge level you probably got it for christmas. If you hate wayne so much why do you comment? why cant you just skip on over this article. no body wants to hear your damn faggit ass opinion.

  • dmize-one

    wayne got three of my favorite dudes on one track.. it better be some hot ish...

  • SpikeSpiegel

    Can't wait to hear this.

    • Dust

      you fucks are really dumb. You sit here and act like you know nas and you dont even know that he already got a song with wayne. Its called "My generation" now that i told you this go download. fake ass niggas. Just cause your sittin behind a computer screen dont mean i cant read you like a book. And by the way. Us YM fans dont act like we the best in the business, we know we the best. we got it all.

  • Jay

    Weezy is average but am impressed with the lineup. Nas will do it because it will give him more exposure to people who don't normally listen to him.

    • Kaan Özel

      Nope those teenagers make %99

    • jason

      those "teenage girls" make up the 1%. Idiot

    • illconcept

      ^^^^Jason, so you're saying all those teenage girls you go to school with really know who Nas is?

    • jason

      Are you a troll or just mentally challenged? 99% of Lil Wayne fans know exactly who Nas is. Retard.

    • illconcept

      yeah I agree, this will give those young kids who follow young money all of the time to finally hear Nas and give him credit. Watch all these teens come running out saying "Do you know that guy Nas on that Lil Wayne track..he's sick!" LOL dumb ass kids

  • Doubl Negative

    Don't do it Nas!

    • illmaticbrige

      @ Cage Yes, Nas is on a roll right now. If you look to the right side of your screen in the audio part of this website, you will find Nas's new song, Nasty, holding the #1spot for songs this month on the site. He's got the whole interne buzzin on his upcoming project Life is Good. SMH at you mocking the possibility of nas on a roll, idiot

    • Cage

      Yes, you wayne groupie on a roll.


      nas on a roll? ok

    • Cage

      ^^ Yeah, but still don't do it!! haha Nas on a roll right now, he doesnt need to be dumbin his lyrics down just yet

    • P

      They already did a song together on the distant relatives album.

  • jae

    i rember in 2001 funkmaster flex ask nas so wat u been doing hitting the clubs and ect. nas was like nah watchinh the history channel ..

    • Cage

      ^^ Indeed... and that joe cat is another one of those dummies... listened to too much waka i guess..

    • illconcept

      its hilarious to see the people who diss Nas, they are the most retarded people on the internet (can't spell, talk jibberish, can't read, can't comprehend an educated opinion and then immediately yell some retaliation shit like "Fuk u bitch, you aint got no money, get $$$, WEEZY F. BABY Niggaz!") Dumbasses just can't comprehend Nas' intelligence and visualization, that shit flies like a "Dead bird in a broken sky" ha

    • Cage

      yg may wanna loosen them skinnies... cutting the blood circulation to the brain

    • Robert ProfessorNumark Watts

      YG: STFU! I see u need 2 check out a couple of education channels, judging from your lack of spelling.....stupid MF.....LMAOOO!

    • yg

      dat just prove how cornyyy he rlly iz ya dig

  • Lil Wayne Kisses Baby Cakes

    "I broke into Shakespeare's tomb, stole his remains/ grinded his bones, smoked it then got in the game/" - NaS

    • Anonymous

      Canibus says something like that, it's whack. Nas does it and it's great. LMAO.

    • Kashif Ilyas

      which song is the line from?? that is a SICK line!

    • hellrazor

      @truthmanisback stupid motherfucker. you a wayne fan? i guess that explains alot. wayne fans really lack in the brain department and your comment reflects on that. it's a metaphor! alluding to skill! shakespeare's diction has played a part in the english language. nas used creativity (something foreign to wayne), wayne steals lyrics & ideas. nas is implying the absorption of skill and using it. wayne fans ride that nigga's scrotum like a drunk blonde on a mechanical bull.

    • truthmanisback

      that line is super wack. You nas fans are the fucking worst. if another rapper said that same corny shit you wouldn't even acknowledge it. I think some of you fools have a man crush on nas. i dont know how else to explain this stan shit.

    • mike

      freakin sick line. Nas = GOAT

  • Osiel Salas

    I'm only exited for the nas track and that's it

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