DJ Khaled Talks Young Jeezy-Rick Ross Beef, His Role In Music

DJ Khaled says Jeezy and the Bawse have no beef and explains what he actually does.

With DJ Khaled's upcoming Cash Money Records debut, We the Best Forever, rapidly approaching release, the Hip Hop personality sat down with Bootleg Kev in an interview to discuss apparent beef between two artists that appear on his album: Rick Ross and Young Jeezy.

"First of all, I don't condone problems. I represent that love and making good music," explained Khaled.

"Them two guys, they don't have problems. ...They don't have problems. People just try to make things into a problem."

Additionally, Khaled took time to explain what many in the Hip Hop community are curious about: what he actually does. "I'm like the Hip Hop Barry Gordy. I'm like the Hip Hop Quincy Jones," boasted Khaled. "I put these amazing events together. They just don't happen."

"It's getting in the studio, coming up with ideas, actually having relationships with certain artists." Khaled added a laundry list of responsibilities, clarifying once and for all his importance to the creative process: "I'm a producer, I'm a boss, I'm a mogul, I'm an artist, I do it all!"

Watch the interview below:

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  • Jermaine

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  • Anonymous

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  • Osiel Salas

    Dj Drama, Dj Premier >>> Dj Khaled IMO

  • Anonymous

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  • Nabeel Qazi

    Arrogant Fuck. No wonder his family despises him. He's an uneducatetd piece of shit who has no respect. I tuned his fat ass out in under 3 minutes. It took me 3 minutes to pause it and say "Fuck Him"

  • Anonymous

    i can say im the best as loud as i can can i have a record deal?

  • Anonymous

    ...and all he still does is scream his name and the same 3 words on every song. he didnt clarify shit.

  • Anonymous

    Why he dont produce his own hits then?


    I honestly I don't really care and it aint that big of a deal but I just think he lame for thinking hes an artist/rapper/painter/etc... dude IS on his grind tho and I respect that...just wish he would shut the hell up LOL... WEEEE DAAA BEEESSST IN DAAA HOOOOD!!!!!!! LOL


    This dude is straight up full of shit...does he mix down tacks? Make beats? Rap? "He makes money" ...IDAF so do I... Dude knows rappers, dude knows producers. He puts the two together and makes an album with his name on it...That's business NOT art. He's a business man and that's it.


    "I do it all" is another way of saying you do nothing...

  • hellrazor

    he dont do nothing.

  • Anonymous

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  • word?

    NO! your not a producer, you dont make beats you fat cunt your not an artist, you dont make songs you fat cunt and you aint the boss of nothing. go hit the treadmill fat shit

    • Mr.Cappuccino

      dude you dont know shit... YES, he IS a producer and he DO make tracks. you need to go check credits of Fat joe and rick ross albums, YES he is an artist cus he is signed to Terror squad as an artist. annnnd YES he is a Boss, cus he is the President of the radio station he works at, he is the President of Defjam South, He has his Own lable on We The Best/Cash Money/Universal he co manages Rick Ross with Diddy, he manages 3 teams of producers and Ace hood which are signed to his label.. lol u should read up before you speak up son...

  • Listen

    What he does is VERY smart. You kids should pay attention and stop acting like you know everything.


    We the Best Forever? Note: The Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for 171,476 words. DJ Khaleed...your welcome.

  • Andre Cooper

    Seeing all this hate just let's me know that khaled dick stays in the haterz mouth!!!! All i kno is that he makes money and your favorite artist fucks wit him. Nuff said

    • illegal ass foo

      ur obviously on his nuts. so that means u like everything thats on the radio, u like to follow trends, which is all wack, he makes money, cool, no hate there, but come on if u say hes a producer and really produces no beats, aint really an artist, cant officially say, "i put artists together, and find the right beats" he could say that, muthafucker just went around all that shit, and couldnt really explain wut he does, hes less than a quarter of all those things he says he is, the real boss r the people hes gettin that choose to b on his shit. favorite artist, i bet u get all offended wen u talk shit on lil b and people call u the hater, wen shit sounds stupid dont defend it, wut do u think it makes u, " ur favorite artists fuk wit him"? big l passed away so, i sont know who u would call favorite.

  • Gregor Scott

    Khaled still puts out the compilation albums, mixtapes, events. Sure, he's deluded as to how important he is but he has certainly made an impact.

  • Anonymous

    he doesnt do shit.

  • DL Dub

    Kahled is a hype man, and hype man only. Less skill than flavor flav, yet somehow louder and more annoying. He does NOTHING and everybody knows it, yet for some reason, he's necessary? I guess because he gets all the hot artists together on a compilation album and has an expensive finders fee. Wish I could make money off callin up the homies and yelling in the foreground

  • Mu

    After reading this, I STILL have no idea what Khaled does in terms of the actual creative process of making music. BUT, it seems like he has the kind of personality, hustle and enthusiasm to get some of the biggest names in hip-hop to collaborate to make hot music, which I think is pretty significant. Think about it, the songs he puts out with mostly popular southern rappers would be like if Jay-Z, Nas and 50 would've been putting out songs together when they were all in their prime. It's actually one of the reasons why the south has had the game on lock... eastcoast niggas had too much pride and ego to collaborate


    Khaled bin Abdul Khaled is a arab. He is not black, white, spanish, mexican. He is a arab who exploites black people and the culture.

  • Flashin' My Furious Five

    BTW... it's Berry Gordy, not Barry.

  • Patric Bernier

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  • SupaDupa

    WOOOOOOOOOOW... He just compared himself to Quincy lol. Quincy composed entire orchestras but Khaled... That muthafucka yells for a living

    • 1

      Dre ain't the man. He don't do shit either. Just like Khaled. Young niggas in da hood workin for these cats.

    • insanemacbeth

      l.m.a.o. the closest to QUINCY JONES, is DR. DRE. DRE is the man....and QUINCY JONES is a don, too!

  • Louis Fdda Guthrie

    they got beef who is khaled to defend anything

  • Abi Sanmugam

    dj khaled is an idiot, so is the fake boss, and jeezy is sorta havin a breakdown in his career. frikin khaled is the president of def jam. why the fuck is he releasing the album under cash money?

    • spin1200s

      President of Def Jam South.

    • Mu

      Khaled is the president of Def Jam?? Somehow I don't believe this to be true. Can somebody give us a fact check please?

  • Brandon The187Worm

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  • Anonymous

    he so scary that he couldnt even come arount to say he had beef with anybody..and he does look like the type that rape starving artist of their music to call it his own... that shit right there is pathetic

  • Whooliano

    Thank you for answering our question Khaled! Even though you didn't say anything at all actually...

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Of course they dont got problems, the nigga Rozay destroyed Jeezy's career. Jeezy is finished. where the fuck is tm103. Aint no nigga waitin for that shit. Jeezy shoulda stayed in his lane and never went at the Boss. Him and 50 career finished by the Bawse. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Trey

      You one of them fake negroes who on a dude dick cuz he got money. Rick Ross fake. He killed Jeezy career thats some industry shit. cuz Jeezy and 50 exposed ross for the fake he is. Everybody on the street waiting for TM 103. He shut down every where he go.

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    Grammy family Oh,Oh,Oh la la la...

    • Cage

      Grammy Family was the hottest shit he's been associated with... Nowadays i wouldnt mind cuban links bum ass chasing him around a car again.... The Don, my nigga... the don!!

  • FanofthatgoodMusic!

    STFU u fuckin haters dj khaled make that shit happen without him we would not have alle them great hits!!! WE THE BESSSSSST!!!!!!! 19/7!!!!!!!

    • oscar

      without him we would have an industry with a couple of less fake fucks, that is officer ricky, ace hood, CCC, e.t.c unfortunately the list goes on

  • JoeM

    Lmfao @ this guy.. Dj Khaled.. Dj faggot more like it.. kill yo self. And I'm born n raised in Dade bitch, no love for officer ricky and dj faggot

    • Most

      I knew Khaled since he lived in Avalon, and DJ'ed at The Beat. The cat is a bomb DJ, quiet as it's kept. But I can't fuck with "Rick Ross". That fat pig is a phony piece of shit. One time for Brisco, Piccolo, and Kase 1- the realest Dade County niggas who never got their shine...

  • Alexander Foes

    WTF? Khaled is just a fucking DJ. Not a good one either. "I'm a producer, I'm a boss, I'm a mogul, I'm an artist, I do it all!" Producer? This cat steals beats from young kids tryna promote their music. I'm a boss? Who the fucks boss are you? Definitely not Weezy, Ross, or Jeezy's. Mogul? Nah. Event organizer okay, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Artist? LAUGHING.

    • oscar

      Fuck these niggas supporting Khaled and officer ricky, WHAT $$? them fake fucks flop harder than some old tits! check out ace hood units' sales, CCC, all of Khaleds garbage none of it did over 100k first week. Hahahahahah!

    • Andrew Bradford

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  • Radny

    And quincy produced.what songs has khaled produced? If you get a grammy exacly what are you getting a grammy for? What was your role in the song? And how does it compare to everyone else's roles?

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Devil's Advocate - but quincy jones and barry gordy never put his name all up in the song title and screamed over the beat. That's what people have a problem with. Your name being all over the songs. Its like false advertizing. Album Credits aren;t enough I guess.

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    I genuinely can't stand this man. "We The Best Forever," really? If he was white, he'd be no different than the multitude of exploiters in the music industry since African Americans were allowed to even record. This man is a clown, nothing more.

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