Wu-Tang Clan's RZA's Chambers Headphone Line Releases To Retail

UPDATE: Bobby Digital's earpieces are now in stores.

Wu-Tang Clan producer/emcee RZA is the latest Hip Hop star to go into the electronics industry. Following in the footsteps of Dr. Dre, Diddy, Ludacris and 50 Cent, the Brooklyn, New York native has announced that he will soon be launching Chambers, a headphone line. The company will be a partnership with accessories company WeSC.

According to PrefixMag.com, the line could be at retail as early as next month. The model's sports LED lights that illuminate to the beat, and the designs include a model for deejay/producers, and another, "street," for avid listeners.

RZA is presently at work on Wu-Tang's Legendary Weapons compilation, which will release on July 28.

(July 10)

UPDATE: WeSC announced that RZA's Chambers are now in stores.


  • Coo-coo for crack

    Invest in the lady Gaga headphones!!!! There the best y'all!

  • anonymous

    Seriously? I guess we aren't in a capitalist system where entrepreneurship is encouraged. Yes we are in a capitalist system, the whole system is wrong, think about that for a minute. The music you listen to is all about how good the system is, these fake rappers are even bragging about how much money they getting. Wtf is wrong with them? They even say it in your face, 'I got more money than you, you just a poor faggit'. That is what it basically boils down to. You cite Nelly (LOL!), Jay-Z and other sell-out commercial niggus that don't give a fuck about reall niggas. Instead listen to some underground hip-hop (yes, hip-hop still exists, it just isn't in your narrowminded hip-pop collection) like Immortal Technique, Wise Intelligent and Public Enemy. Let me ask you something. Does posting to this website add to your life? At least I'm making people aware of how corrupt these niggus are and how fucked up the system is. Poor believers like you are hard to convince, but I'm an optimist. Does trying to make yourself look all big and bad add to your life? Does buying new clothes, and getting that new 360 game add anything to your life? I suggest you get some perspective on reality period before you question mine. It's people like you that really hold us back. It's people that conform to the system and never question anything that hold people back. No buying new clothes doesn't add anything to your life, you just sometimes new clothes, nothing wrong with that. Just know that your clothes are made in third world countries where people are exploited and have to work for less than 2 dollars a day to make your pretty clothes. Be aware of this and look at what you really need. You talk about reality, ain't that funny. You think because you yourself have no notion of reality and believe everything you hear on the news is true and every artist that makes another product is doing this for the common good? Hell no, it's a dog eat dog world and nobody is contributing.

    • Anonymous

      Wowwww. Jay-z and the people you're pigeon holing are actually involved in a decent amount of philanthropic work. Most artists and prominent businessmen are. Nobody is like the generalizing portrait you're painting. I don't know what fairy tale conspiracy theory world you live in but people are not that bad. They remember where they came from and try to help where they can. Even fucking Wacka Flocka and his ignorant ass has been known to talk about giving back. Like Cam'Ron said, he should not have that much influence over a young person. Parents should. That's a problem at home, not at his studio. RZA is not your father. He's a black producer that came into a negligible amount of wealth through hard work and good management. He is not responsible for how our kids grow up. We are. That being said, if he wants to make his own line of headphones , what's the big fucking deal? Maybe the first proceeds will go to charity. Maybe he's already donated to charity. You don't know what he's done or is doing with his life. You just assume he's another ignorant greedy nigga with money. Sounds like you got a little bit of prejudice in you boy. No, you don't blame everyone else. You blame yourself first and foremost. if an approach is not working, then you change what YOU'RE doing. Life will not change for you, you have to adapt. This is all basic stuff bro. I swear, you must be some socially inept hipster in high school with a bone to pick. You know what the poor used to do when they didn't like their situation? They'd start an uprising and over throw those at the top. But nope, according to you, we're just supposed to sit back and blame those damn white people and wait for musicians to give us their hard earned money. Come the fuck on son.

    • anonymous

      So how is he ruining anything? Because he keeps doing what other people are already doing. People with a celebrity status, especially RZA have a big influence on young people. Now it seems cool to be a businessman like RZA, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre, but why are they only focusing on more wealth? Is it cool to be greedy? Are those gentlemen here to supply our demands? Why dont they supply the hoods with food or give poor children in Africa a chance to go to school? If you have a big influence like they do, set an example, dont be an asshole and only look at your own crib and materialistic crap you dont need anyway. Now, if a guy in the ghetto wants to make headphones there's nothing stopping him. Its a little more sophisticated than you would like it to be. Not everyone has the same oppurtunities like the above. Of course everyone COULD make it, but we both know not everyone does. So must we blame them for not making it? Its the environment that is to blame. You grow up poor and stay poor if youre not extremely gifted, lucky or smart. Blaming others for problems is exactly what you should do. People need ro realize the situation isnt fair to begin with. How come you think its fair anyway? Because you grew up with all the luxuries of modern society? What if you grew up in a poor ghetto? The individual has the power, yes, but the powers that be are the individuals who keep the poor what they are, poor. What the fuck do you expect him to do Mr.Realistic? He should set an example. Dont join the other greedy bastards and actually do something for the poor. Educate people on topics like Immortal Technique does.

    • Anonymous

      Listen Kiddo. This is America. It's a capitalist country. I didn't say it wasn't corrupt. I stated how it was. Nice bias you got there though. When there are markets with a certain amount of demand, people supply. Some people really respect RZA and would love to have his merchandise. Not every one is a pessimist like you. Some people make money and want to spend it on things they desire. That's human nature. If you've got what I want, I'll get it from you by trading with something of equal value to you. So how is he ruining anything? It's not like the headphone market is over-saturated. The demand for portable listening equipment will always exist, especially if we as a culture continue to become more private and reclusive. Now, if a guy in the ghetto wants to make headphones there's nothing stopping him. That whole "The White Man's still holding us down" is bullshit. If you want to do something, do it. Blaming other people for your problems does nothing solving them. Racism is still alive obviously, but that doesn't have to stop you from goals. Don't be mistaken; the individual still has the power in this world. America is nothing without the people that make it up. What the fuck do you expect him to do Mr.Realistic? He's worked for everything he's got. He's earned his wealth through capitalizing on his success. He came from the same place you're so vehemently advocating. How do you think you become successful? You have to be greedy enough to want more than you have. Like I said, it's people like you that really hold us back.

    • anonymous

      By success you get further in life, true. But this has nothing to do with surviving, it's all greed and unnecessary stuff that has already been invented. Why would someone like RZA need to make headphones to survive? He's already filthy rich and is even hungrier to become richer. Having seven cars is not enough in America, you need at least ten. Succes has nothing to do with surviving, it's greed. Interesting that you say you have to do things like this to survive in America, well how about the poor neighbourhoods who don't have a chance to make them silly headphones? What about the ghettoboy's and children who grow up with nothing? There's plenty of resources for everyone, but assholes like this ruin it for everyone. They only care about their own succes, money and wealth. Don't you see how deeply sick this world is? Let's be honest; nothing matters, just buy them headphones. Wrong, the world is changing boy, people are protesting and see that the greed has to stop. It doesn't matter what clothes you have or what materialistic crap you buy, but a difference in your attitude can be made. Think about that and don't see these Hip-hop 'icons' as businessmen, because the real businessmen are still white and don't give a crap about these niggus. You heard about tokenism? Go ahead and read it, racism is still very much alive and a single black male who made it doesn't mean that it can be achieved by anybody. It all depends on your environment. The environment makes and shapes you and there's little you can do to become ultrasuccesful. But the 'american dream' you're talking about is nothing but a fake fairytale, it were only true if everybody DID have an equal chance to become succesful.

    • Anonymous

      Done contradicting yourself? I really appreciate you cherry picking what I said and twisting my argument too. I cited people that used their success to further it. That's how you get ahead in life bro. I didn't say they were making those products for the common good. They made them because they looked at a market with potential for profit and decided to jump into it. They saw potential demand and decided to supply. That's capitalism bro. It happens everyday. From the honest mom and pop to the late Steve Jobs. That's life. That's how you survive in America, that's the reality that matters to our society; not the one where we step on each other. Let's be honest, nothing really matters. Nothing; until we as humans start putting value into it. But I really don't think I could have a debate about something as subjective as the question of reality on a gossip site, especially not with you. I don't even know if I can argue with you, because if you're able to say no one contributes in a dog eat dog world (Every one has to contribute to it being like that otherwise it wouldn't be so) then there isn't much helping you. Did you know about Apple and Foxconn? Doubt it. You're just another hypocritical pessimist that doesn't know how bad he's talking out his ass. You don't know how much you're inadvertently conforming to it. By browsing this site you're apart of the problem. Until you stand up and march for something; don't tell me you know anything about activism.

  • Work N. Progress

    FUCK! I'ma start my own line of headphones. Haha.

  • Anonymous

    Really? This would be like getting mad at an artist for wanting his own line of paint, or a skater for wanting his own brand of shoes/skateboards. Niggas can't stay positive for one fucking second. No wonder we can't get any where.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously? I guess we aren't in a capitalist system where entrepreneurship is encouraged. Damn Jay-Z for making Rocawear. Fuck Nelly for co-creating Apple bottoms. Everyone knows blacks should just stay in poverty and not peruse in business ventures. Let me ask you something. Does posting to this website add to your life? Does trying to make yourself look all big and bad add to your life? Does buying new clothes, and getting that new 360 game add anything to your life? I suggest you get some perspective on reality period before you question mine. It's people like you that really hold us back.

    • anonymous

      Why should we be positive if another clown releases another product which we already have? People aren't negative, people are realistic. People are seeing the truth nowadays. Go ahead, buy that shit, after 3 weeks you're done with it cos it adds nothing extra to your life. You know the phrase 'keeping it real', well RZA always does the opposite, this fake ass clown needs to quit, commercial ass niggu.

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    Why playahate on this? Wu-Wear was worn by a lot of people worldwide. There is no money in recording albums when motherfuckers download the shit for free. Pimp on, Rza - bring out some Wu-Coffee and RZA-Razors too...

  • anonymous

    People buy this garbage because RZA, Dre and all those faggots put their name on it. It's stupid that it actually works, real Hip-Hop would never allow such a thing. The Streets aren't looking for products like this, the poor suckers are trying to survive. Fuck this trash man, another garbage product which we don't need and already have.

  • anonymous

    The Wu has been dead since the 90's. RZA is just another commercial nigga looking to get more profit. The greedy bastard just can't get enough of it. Bragging about funding the Clinton's, this nigga ain't the smartest type neither.

  • jack johnson

    man this is just dumb, at least dre was original

  • Johnny Blaze

    Until he makes yellow headphones with a black W on each piece, i'll stick with my red beats.

  • LOL @ these comments

    Y'all STAY showing you know NOTHING about this Hip Hop world! LL Cool J DID NOT start Troop Naughty By Nature was out before Wu-Wear LL Cool J DID NOT start FUBU Public Enemy started the t-shirt wave Run-DMC had the 1st successful endorsement deal

  • Anonymous

    Yea but what made rap clothing lines popular? Wu-Tang Who wrote a book before Jay Z or Fifty - RZA Who started popping off on Cristal before Jigga? Rae and Ghost They start a lot of shit.

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      Wu-Tang Clan aint nuttin ta fuck wit... Yep you're right though the Wu does start a lot of ish and you don't see them wanting to take credit for every last thing the way some of these artists who came out in the 2000's want credit for shit they never started. I always have been and always wiil be a Wu fan...

  • Dee

    For everybody stating it was Wu with the first clothing line, I think it was actually Naughty by Nature who set dat shit off.......smart dumb niggaz!!

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    And somewhere, Dr. Dre is pissed off

  • BiLL$

    Im getting them in 1 week. Classic

  • The Poor Audiophile

    Any of you suckers throwin out 3 bills for any of these garbage headphones have way too much money to blow on some trendy bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    can any rapper be creative and bring out something new that another rapper have done or doing, niggaz are biters

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, and why do Addidas release sporting goods? Biting off Nike...Same goes to Reebok and every other sports apparell producer. You see that kids? That reasoning is retarded. Just like the comment I'm replying to...It's a market, supply and demand, and there are COMPETITORS! Man, people don't know the first thing about the business world. I encourage you to get your GED...

  • beezlebud

    g'luck to RZA on his latest venture I wont be coppin a pair tho fuck that, ill stick with my insanely clear and loud Gummy headphones that cost less than 20 bucks fuck wastin money on celeb headphones where the price is marked up jus coz of their name

  • Crystal

    Fuck analog niggas, we going digital! Wu forever.

  • drPHIL

    Headphones is reasonable for rappers to make because it has something to do with music...next Jay-Z's makin iPods/MP3 Players

  • Anonymous

    i'm not buying the beats by dre just to buy rza's ones

  • IDK

    at first, i was thinking, "damn RZA, why you gotta hop on that headphones bandwagon smh." but right after, i thought Wu-Wear and how it was the first hip-hop clothing line in hip-hop history! i think at that time, it was also the first time in hip-hop history that a hip-hop act created products outside of the music industry! so nvm, let RZA do his thing on these phones! :D

    • Anonymous

      LMAO! beelzebud got schooled! You see what knowledge and research can yield? Half the idiots that comment would sound more intelligent if they have the knowledge and did the research...

    • NY

      Actually FUBU was founded by Daymond John (has nothing to do with hip hop) and LL Cool J was used in a marketing campaign he didn't actually own it.

    • beezlebud

      it wasnt LL Cool J and friends launched FUBU before Wu Wear in the 90s and LL Cool J launched TROOP which was a popular Hip Hop clothing brand throughout the 80s too also it wasnt close to the first time a Hip Hop act created products outside of music, LL Cool J, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, Kid n Play had all ventured outside music and made successful movies and tv shows theres others too

  • jae

    rza headphones!!! booby dig

  • Alexander Foes

    While everyone wasted their money on generic Dre Beats, finally someone is gonna release headphones. If its from Bobby Digital, then its a brand you can trust. Dre beats become obsolete after a year.

  • Gunn Starr

    All together now....bandwagon!!! How about innovating instead of regurgitating? Geez

  • readdy2die

    Gotta cop the Bobby Digi headphones.. Anything to keep the Wu-Tang Movement alive

  • NY

    I already have beats by dre but if the headphones are just as good then i'll have to get these and sell my beats by dre, have to support the RZA

  • Sheep Herder

    Monkey see monkey do...

  • ok..lets go

    there was a time when it was clothing lines..rocawear, willie esco, ruff ryders.. then sneaker lines..g-unit, derrty, sean carter rbk.. i guess we're in the headphones era..

  • Anonymous

    everyone is hopping on the head phone wagon trying to get that dre money cant these dudes come up with their own original business ideas? headphones been done

    • Anonymous

      but if you can make money off of what's hot now, even if you didn't originate it, why not...because anything you would think of, it was already done anyway stupid mu'fucka!

    • NY

      First off everyone copied Wu-Tang with clothing lines, Wu-Wear was the first clothing for anyone one in hip hop then rocawear & sean john & other clothing lines came out.


    Anything RZA = Good Shit

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