Beanie Sigel Defends Rick Ross' Correctional Officer Past

The Broad Street Bully sympathizes with the Bawse's previous line of work.

Despite the premium Hip Hop fans claim to place on the genuine, backlash against Rick Ross for lying about being a correctional officer has largely died down.

Still, Beanie Sigel, who has quite a rap sheet, defended the Miami rapper - with a caveat.

"I just don't think he should have lied about it," said Beans in an interview with Forbez DVD. "He should have just kept it real. He had a j-o-b. He was gigging," said Sigel, echoing sentiments Kool G. Rap conveyed to HipHopDX earlier this year.

"He probably took that job to be in a position where as though he had people in there that he could look out for. My mom was a correctional officer. When I went to jail, there was niggas who had the will. Life. Never coming home..."

Watch the interview below.

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