Beanie Sigel Defends Rick Ross' Correctional Officer Past

The Broad Street Bully sympathizes with the Bawse's previous line of work.

Despite the premium Hip Hop fans claim to place on the genuine, backlash against Rick Ross for lying about being a correctional officer has largely died down.

Still, Beanie Sigel, who has quite a rap sheet, defended the Miami rapper - with a caveat.

"I just don't think he should have lied about it," said Beans in an interview with Forbez DVD. "He should have just kept it real. He had a j-o-b. He was gigging," said Sigel, echoing sentiments Kool G. Rap conveyed to HipHopDX earlier this year.

"He probably took that job to be in a position where as though he had people in there that he could look out for. My mom was a correctional officer. When I went to jail, there was niggas who had the will. Life. Never coming home..."

Watch the interview below.

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  • Anonymous

    Saddest part of the story that Officer Ricky still selling, despite being absolutely fake. This shows how fake majority of hip-hop fans too nowadays, after such an incident (that turned out William was a CO) he should be irrelevant. Musically he is decent, I couldn't agree with people saying he's whack as hell, but not good either. Anyway, I'd rather spend my money to support some real hip-hop artists who have credibility and lyrical content than a CO-turned-wannabe-gangsta's newest fairy tales (aka the newest installment of Maybach Music featuring whoever hot now). If you take a look at his issues, thats typical too. Failed to playing child support, wearing fake LV glasses in the cover of XXL, feud with VladTV ... Plus seems like he would do anything for fame and hype (remember that "Freemasons" track?), this is who is Rick Ross really is. Honestly, how could he be your favourite rapper? Just by making mediocre but good-to-hear musis? After Jay and all that industry dudes won't fucking with him no more, I'm sure he'll fall as bad as Beanie did, to stay on topic. But at least Beanie can spit. Only person I feel sorry about in that situation is Wale, he deserved way more and better than Maybach Music Group ...

  • Ricky Rozay

    Hello People, I am Rick Ross. First, I want to thank my old friend Beanie Sigel. He is a good guy. Second, I am the Boss. Third, I was dealing and correcting at the same time. I know, I AM GOOD. Finally, I want to have a collabo with George Michael and Justin Bieber. Good Bye

  • bawse advocate

    mayn, i saw him dealing, he is real. he is the boss. that C.O. picture fake, he sold me 2 keys back in the day. MMG foreva

  • 7Cities

    FIRST: 90% of mainstream Hip-Hop artists LIE about their "Life". lil wayne becoming a blood after he was rich, jay-z moving/losing that much product, jeezy REALLY being bmf not just a posterboy, dr. dre being a gangsta, and on and on and on... SECOND: mainstream "Hip-Hop" is the only music genre where people LIE about who they are when the cameras are off and they out of the booth...Marilynn Manson doesn't always wear that gothic make-up, at home he's a regular dude...the corporations got people pretending that they really are their persona THIRD: if you like his music, buy it...if not shut the f*ck up and keep it moving...the ONLY people who should legitimately complaining are the purist who listen to: Jay Electronica, Elzhi, Immortal Technique, Canibus, and on and on and on...if you listen to any radio play HipHop, ALL those people are liars!

  • Jason Pennells

    Theres nothing wrong with being a correctional officer. EXCEPT when you make an entire career rapping about how gangsta you are. and then he lied about which just shows you the whole "bawse" persona is just a front

  • Anonymous

    beans one of the realest ever, but i dont give a fuck, i'll still never buy a MMG cd.

  • Powerphi

    It's sad that we can't refer to one another without using the n-word. We're quick to scream racism and oppression, but look how we oppress ourselves...and I don't want to hear any pitiful nonsense that the word has changed. WE have changed, and it's not for the better. Dignity is an element of progress.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao it almost makes me tear eyed watching all you douche bags defending joke ass rick ross. Fuck a fanatic. these dudes lied to you because it was part of a marketing scheme, and even after being useless victims of this ploy you sit here like battered women defending your favorite rapper whose lyrics ain't up to par. The music industry is a joke. It's fans are even funnier. that's why I stick to underground less gimmicks, marketing schemes, and micromanaged puppets/ "I'd rather listen to your instrumentals"

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Funny how all these hatin ass niggas get on here talkin shit bout Ross when they know if they had the chance they'd switch places wit Rozay in a sec. The nigga had a job, wasnt sittin around bitchin on the internet like all you hatin ass niggas and brought himself to the top of the game by keepin on that grind and makin hot ass music. Then when he got to the top niggas gon hate. Too many niggas hate when they see another nigga on top. Lets be honest yall niggas on here hatin on Rozay wouldnt be hatin so hard if he was just another ground rapper but cuz the nigga successful yall hate like motherfuckaz. Jay, Feminem, Ye, Wayne & Rozay, when u at the top you get all these hatin ass niggas. Rozay still at the top and he destroyed ur favorite rappers. Who lookin out for 50 or Jeezy. Exactly. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • slapyobitchass

      I don't care for Ross one way or the other but only a douchebag writes in all CAPS!

    • Anonymous


  • Cutty

    Beans sucking ass now. That nigga shawty Lo got his deal and now he know 50 not really fucking with him!!!! See if william can give any rapper a deal like that, william a fraud and he will do a song with anybody,and he don't wany no beef he ain't built like that.....

  • Camaro

    If Ross and the revelation that he had been a C.O. had come out back when Beanie was relevant Beanie would not have co-signed Ross. He would have dissed the fuck out of him. Sigel is a bum now, so he's on Ross' dick in hopes of a collabo or slot on the roster. Simple as that. Beanie, you had your chance, YOU fucked it up. Say bye-bye to the game.

  • ILL

    Ross had a great job that had great benefits shit I take a C.O position right now he only lied about it because he used to being in character some rappers dnt know how to separate the two but it ain't a big deal tho it's music he could have done a lot worst like kissing another man!

  • Cott

    Who gives a fuck if he was a C.O. He was feeding his family then and even more so now. At the end of the day when you listen to Ross rap, does the fact that he was a C.O. take away from the content? I thought not. Rap is only entertainment. As long as your trunk slappin and your head noddin everthing good.

    • The MG

      So if some suburban kid who was never from the hood came out and was talking about shooting people and selling drugs, you wouldn't be bothered by that? Probably not since "rap is only entertainment, as long as your trunk is slappin and your head is noddin" right? FOH.

    • Anonymous


  • Lee Hall IV

    that's cool of beanie to stick up for rick ross

  • Rakim

    Rick Ross is the new me.

  • Grow up

    Rick Ross do the damn thing and stay winning. He needs to lock some of you squares up so you can stay your dumb asses off the internet.

  • Grow up

    SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT RICK ROSS you fucking idiots! Wanna be hard bitch ass niggas in here. Ross can do whatever the fuck he wants to, including lying to your sensitive asses. Crying everyday about this stupid shit. Posting comments about some you "hate", really?

  • magmatic123

    i think beans is spilling the beans on this one... ross has massive production and corperate big wigs behind him... its more fictional entertainment music kind of like the wwe....we all know its fake and some dumb asses still watch in excitement

  • whaaaaa

    You people have no idea how to hold an argument. Its like you guys are okay with being lied to. I mean I can understand why you've been conditioned to accept the lies because of the government perpetrates them, what's another rapper? The sad part is that it's part of a marketing scheme to sell records, but instead of being disgusted by it you guys defend it; Only because you're afraid to go against the grain afraid to tell your friends,"fuck this fake shit" So you go along with it. No wonder wikileaks goes hard trying to showcase what's going on in the world and you guys ignore or even defend lies. Face it YOU ARE DEFENDING LIES! FUCK THAT, if the music is so 'infectious," I'd rather listen to yo instrumentals!

    • @drock067

      haha what has the government lied about?.... Well they deny issues until they become irrelevant then just a small stories surface of their admitted guilts: Corporate involvement in law making and corporate involvement in elections. Corporate involvement in Nazi Germany aka IBM, coca cola etc Cia activities in IRAN: funding counter revolutionaries to abolish a Democracy! Corporate/government involvement in central american countries as they wanted to nationalize their land. They literally funded contras to who killed innocent people. corporate news media in the full story of 911 propaganda on the War on Drugs as recent news tails US american involvement in funding Mexican Drug Cartels Ever hear about "agent orange?" Propaganda to gather and put Japanese Americans in holding during WW!! google Project Mkultra google cointelpro Tuskegee syphilis experiment Infecting guatemalans with syphillis Ps i got tired of typing Get educated kids///

    • DRock067

      what the government lie to you about?

  • Karen

    its ok for cube to have a degree. degrees are important. having a degree and being a snitch punk rat pork fuck cop are two completely different realms.

    • Anonymous

      lol. i was thinking the same thing. what do having a degree and never lying about it have to do w/ what ross did?

  • heatitup

    This dude is Vanilla Ice, man. Making up a whole back story to give you "cred?" Please. No way this fool gets a pass.

  • Anonymous


  • Swatung

    C0 or not,Ross still makes good music

  • Anonymous

    acid da savage , beans , young chris

  • Whoreson

    beans need to stop doing them dvds and hit a stu up forreal! The nigga is fire but if he keep worrying about jay and all these other niggas he gonna get to a point where he is irrelevant. Shit , he almost there now. and as farr as Ross, I fucks with him. True , he dont spit no lyrical shit. But what he does sounds good to the ear. and I know when he was a C.O. he was smuggling in that bitch. Not for nothing tho, how bad the job market is, I wish I had his old C.O. job. I know he was getting paid and had good bennies...

  • Fish

    This rick ross shit blows my mind. How can so many people be giving this lying piece of shit a pass?!?!?!? How can someone who spent time locking up real gangsters now be making money by pretending to BE one?!?!?! The fucker is even featured on the new Jay Rock album! people can give him a pass all they want but i never will. FUCK OFFICER RICKY!

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i agree too. its such a joke. i just picture this clown taking notes on how they talked and acted, while his fat squirrelly lumpy ass shuffled behind pushing them up and down the halls. feeding 'em meals and shit-HA!

    • TZA|BI

      I agree with every word!!!! Fuck that pig. all of us who grew up on old skool would never except him as part of the game. you don't believe me, just listen to PAC, Biggie, Rakim, Onyx, Wu-tang, Nas ect. Fuck officer Ricky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • freeway

    The rapper who calls himself Rick Ross is currently under investigation for identity fraud, it's believed it all started when he was working as a C.O in a Miami prison from 1995 - 1997. In 1996 Freeway Rick Ross a convicted drug trafficker was sentenced to life imprisonment. Fast Forward to 2011 and we now have 2 Rick Ross's, Both...Used to sell Cocaine, Both have a shaved head, Both have the same beard. Etc Etc. If you see this man, Please call your local Police Station. Working as a Prison Officer is not a normal job, As you'd expect, there is a lot of training to go through (eight-week training course)

  • freeway

    Rick Ross Hustling – Hustlin (2006) We never steal cars, but we deal hard Whip it real hard whip it whip it real hard I caught a charge, I caught a charge – – – - - - - - FIRST ARREST 2008 Whip it real hard, whip it whip it real hard I know Pablo, Noriega, the real Noriega He owe me a hundred favors What did you mean when you said “Noriega owes me favors”? “I don’t know Noriega personally, but I know n***as who have met Noriega.”

  • freeway

    I grew up in Carol City I went to the same Miami Carol City Senior High School as Rick Ross and Flo-Rida The perception which Ross has put forth is that Carol City is the hood full of projects liquor stores gangs Carol City has one little section of low income housing the Matchbox Projects But I say Carol City is not the hood

  • freeway

    He lied because he is a fake. William Leonard Roberts II born January 28 1976 better known by his stage name Rick Ross is a manufactured gangsta rapper He graduated high school went to college and spent a year at the historically black college Albany State University in Albany Georgia studying criminal justice Then trained and passed as a CO William worked as a CO for 18 months Had a clean record untill January 2008 Ross agreed to perform a wide range of correctional officer duties including shoot an inmate attempting to escape



  • Anonymous

    all those dudes defending him just do it because ross is the boss now. this would not have happened in the 80's or 90's then you had real rappers now only pussies.

  • Papa Don

    the more i hear beans speak the more i respect this nigga real talk i really wish the best for homie i mean is tough for real niggas in this business...

  • Anonymous

    I don't care about their personal life, I have nothing to do with it. As long as the music is dope, I don't care.

  • jigga

    F-ck rick ross hes a fat waste, music has nice beats but spits like a fraud that he light on this dude

  • Anonymous

    fakest dude in the game

  • asa

    Lmao it almost makes me tear eyed watching all you douche bags defending joke ass rick ross. Fuck a fanatic, these dude lied to you because it was part of a marketing scheme, and even after being useless victims of this ploy you sit here like battered women defend your favorite rapper whose lyrics ain't up to par. The music industry is a joke. It's fans are even funnier. that's why I stick to underground less gimmicks, marketing schemes, and micromanaged puppets/

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Beans is right, Rawse was workin a job, unlike a lot you hatin ass niggas on here. The officer Ricky jokes are old and stupid now, niggas need to realize the shit is played out. Ross is the hottest rapper out there right now. No nigga spittin or ridin bangin beats out there like Ross is. The CO shit is in the past, its the music that counts. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nsc

      ross isnt hot my dude ymcmb is hot so ross just doing his best wayne and 50 impression and remixing every hot song or jumping on everyones track. ross has nice producer but he doesnt tell stories and i cant remember any of his rap just the hooks he say or his adlips .

    • Stephan

      I agree with you that you shouldn't talk shit for his past job, but there is no way that that man is the best in the industry right now. Ross is meh, havent heard an intelligent verse from him

  • Dez

    So what Rick Ross was a CO, hes not now. Niggas getting their panties in a bunch because he had a job before his persona. Just because he was a CO doesnt mean he didnt do all that shit he said he did. I have a friend now who is an NYPD cop but is pushing bricks and got a couple of blocks out of State.

    • Anonymous

      lmao!! you said it yourself-persona. a persona is a social role or character played by an ACTOR!! therefore, he's a fake. lol

  • El Negro

    PAY ATTENTION AND LISTEN CLOSELY!!!!!911!!! Listen Rick Ross we ALL know by now should've told the truth about his past. But dude is like 30+ years old so just because he was a CO doesn't mean he never did his thing on the streets. I gotta homey in Chicago right now who a good dude but sells crack and weed to take care of his family. He wouldn't harm anybody who wasn't fucking with him.Selling weight doesn't mean you're a killer or a bad person. Good people do BAD THINGS. Life will throw you a curveball sometimes. Nowback to Rick Ross I don't like the shit he raps about cus it's pretty much poison and no substance but face it his music is infectious. He's living out a character. You think he really is selling dope of his Iphone? You know why MOST of the industry cats who claim to be authentic like Kool.G.Rap, Jay-Z, Raekwan, Eightball and MJG etc...fuck with him? It's because you can tell he's a good dude behind the smoke and mirrors. Rick Ross isn't scared to smile, he seems pretty cool and he shows love to alot of industry cats who ain't really poppin anymore to give them some light. You think he REALLY need to collab with Kool.G.Rap? Pfftt! I knoiw niggas in the hood who go to work everyday, got legal firearms, can fight, wear dress shirts and ties and will beat the shit outta most of these so-called dopeboys and goons. Nobody faults Joe Pesci for playing gangsters in the movies. We criticize Rick Ross for kicking fantasy but you really think Jay-Z lost "90 bricks" and still would be alive to tell his story? And finally AL CAPONE the BIGGEST GANGSTER EVER was an Accountant before he became a CRIME BOSS. Ross prolly was a CO go out starting moving a bit of weight and then started rapping used that money to buy more drugs and then finally got his fame when he made Hustlin! Either way it goes I liveon the Westside of Chicago one of the REALEST hoods in American History. Your hood may or may not be worse but if you come up here you will be like "OH SHIT" this is the HOOD. Now with that being said Rick Ross get's MAJOR PLAY in the hood up here and i'm certain he get's love in all the hoods across America. Biggie wasn't no playa/poppa before rap. His first baby mama is ugly as fuck. Pac was a soft-spoken, back-up dancer, who used to write poetry before he became the THUG LORD! Ice Cube has a college degree and he's one of the PIONEERS of gangster rap. So it's all entertainment.

    • Anonymous

      what you all are saying bout ross is the truth. but look at like this. even tho the girl that accused kobe of rape had lied in the past, was known to sleep around and the case dropped, ppl will still call him a raper. even tho tiger woods is not the 1st or last athlete to cheat on his wife ppl are still gonna act like he's a a piece of dirt. don't u all realize once you're in the limelight, your every mistake is magnified.

    • DV

      "Ice Cube has a college degree and he's one of the PIONEERS of gangster rap." Correction: Ice Cube is THE PIONEER of gangster rap. Cube started gangster rap. All gangster/street/trappin/thuggin rappers are Ice Cube's children. As a whole I totally agree with everything you said. For all anybody knows Ross probably got put on in the dope game working that C.O. job. How many C.O.'s youve heard getting busted and losing they job for doing dumb shit? Plenty, so its not far-fetched.

    • insanemacbeth

      i agree with EL NEGRO ^^^^^^^^^^^^ above on the JAY-Z line, from "NEVER CHANGE". there's noooooooooo way you can lose 92 bricks....and live to tell your story....UNLESS, you're 'protected'!

    • AR NEMA

      Thank you finally someone who seems to understand the difference between facts and entertainment. We all make decisions we might think is the best at the time, but in hindsight and after personal growth we see a better way to handle those situations, but that's when have to learn to live with regrets. I have a little problem with Sig saying he would not do anything different, that shows a lack of growth and maturity because there are things I have done 2 years ago that I would do differently, let alone through 40 years of life.

    • Anonymous

      fuck outta here with your so statement ! it's not bout being caught up in life's misery and having no other solution to survive than being a correctional officer which is being blamed to rick rock the real dilemma is some people are really living a street life and at the end of the tunnel they just died in cold blood hidden from a view in a dark alley in the streets, basically rick ross is takin this shit like a fuckin joke and make money about it. i mean if you have a little bit of loyalty and being supportive to your community you definitely dont side yourself with the system which lock your people behind bars and shit. and then you have the nerves to talk all over your albums bout your so called "criminal life" and how much you despised "fake people" i mean you only hide something when you feel guilty about it, cause you know as soon as some people find out, you're done ! if he really was what he meant in his music he would just have said it instead of hiding it ! so he must feel the fake-ism deep inside of him to hide it from everyone's judgement and keeping on lying bout it ! once again : FUCK OUTTA HERE

    • don mccaine

      real type...he LIED because he KNEW the people would automatically dismiss him...hood people despise law enforcement. CO's make BANK...9 to 5 people know this.

    • PLK

      Thats some real shit

  • Brandon Nixon

    hope this muthufucka dont make another garbage ass State Property...

  • M.u. Tha Don


  • Ryan

    If being a c.o wasn't a bad thing then rozay wouldn't have lied about it in the first place. What is beans doing with himself nowadays last i heard of him he was getting signed to g-unit

  • M.u. Tha Don


  • M.u. Tha Don


  • Anonymous

    rozay a real nigga in my eyes, i respect him too.

    • Anonymous

      and i can see you're one of those dudes who doesn't realize the world isn't fair and always thinks the truth is what ppl care about. lol.

  • Johnny

    This stupid people think Ross was a cop. This dude was a correctional officer, basically a security guard. You can't compare a cop to a correctional officer. He did what he had to survive and take care of his family. REAL LIFE SHIT! Besides, because he was a correctional doesn't mean he didn't do the shit he raps about. Lot of dirty, corrupt cops and CO's out there pushing mad weight. These dumb asses get into this rap shit way too much.

    • Anonymous

      and i can see you're one of those dudes who doesn't realize the world isn't fair and always thinks the facts are what ppl care about. lol

    • Anonymous

      LMFAO!!!! Alright dude, I see you are one of these cats who are too deep in this hip hop shit. SMDH

    • Anonymous

      did you not read what i said? i agreed w/ everything but don't you know when you're a celeb, your lies are magnified? most ppl probably don't realize there's a difference. all they care about is that he lied about what he used to do and that gives the perception that he has something to hide and that he's fake. fair or not, that's how it is.

    • Anonymous

      Ross fucked up. He said it. He should had told the truth. You lied about some bullshit before haven't you? The point is that the dude was not a cop. He was a correctional officer. He could not arrest anyone on the street. Ross probably didn't have a gun on him. These clowns are making seem like Ross was out there arresting folks and handcuffing them. Dumb asses.

    • Anonymous

      have to realize perception is reality and when you lie about that, you give ppl the impression there is something that you're ashamed of. he could've easily said everything you just did and it probably wouldn't have been as bad. you're right in what you're saying, but he has himself to blame

    • Johnny Shines

      Yeah, he should had told the truth. But he was not a COP. He was a CORRECTIONAL OFFICER. Two different occupations. Trying to compare a CO to a Cop is like comparing Rupaul to Beyonce.

    • Anonymous

      he made himself look guilty when he LIED about it. he should've told the truth when asked.

  • jae

    beanie can rap he was never wack ,but like he kept getting in trouble like big trouble u kno an it put him on the wrong path i dont like seeing him going bad i wanna se him doing music,it threw ppl off ppl listenin to music to feel good

  • Philly

    I dunno why everyone on this website just hates on everything and everyone. I just fuck wit hiphop if u nice then im gonna listen if u trash then I just dont fuck wit u. But I dont bitch on every article and just hate for no reason like most people on this site does

  • Philly

    Yall trippin beans is one of the last real niggas left in the rap game, beans is nice wit the mic. He is the closest thing we got to biggie he spits that real life hood shit and is nice wit the word play. Maybe not as famous cause people now a days wanna hear nursery ryhmes and sumin wit a hot beat and no lyrics or meaning to the song. But beans always killed shit. He was the best in the roc right behind hov. I mean he been away for a while and made stupid decisions but wit the right push he can make a come back.

    • Anonymous

      And you know beans aint fake...come on son the nigga been knee deep in some MUDD for most of his career and it's just a DAMN SHAME!!

    • Anonymous

      no doubt the man can rap but c'mon y'all know if someone like wayne or game tried to defend ross like this, ppl would be like this is proof of how these niggas fake or they just sayin this bcos they're all part of conspiracy.

    • bizzalls

      That's true man...Beanie is nice as hell on the mic. Always was, he deserves to be on top again. He need to get signed and do some shit again. If he's allowed to, he should sign to G-Unit now.

  • Nathan

    Fat Boy? Nigga look in the mirror!

  • guarantee

    this bitch ass fool will come back next week and say that what he said was taken out of context. You're not going to make a comeback beans, in order to have a comeback you would have had to be popular, pussy.

  • let's see here...

    couldn't do shit at the Roc, so he started sucking up to 50 who was having words with Jay, but still couldn't sign to G-Unit, now he's sucking up to Ross who always has ongoing words with 50...looks like someone wants a spot at MMG. Beanie you are such a bitch, no loyalty ass faggot.

  • Anonymous

    to all y'all who call anybody that defends jay-z "dickriders" what do you have to say now about Beans? let's see how u justify this

  • Anonymous

    He go hard at Jay for havin security but CO's is okay. CO's is really out here doin it. Beanie tryna suck errybody dick to get back in the game. man fuck that

  • jayzee

    ricky's a cop...and beanie's just desperate

  • Officer Ricky

    I got the badge as proof bitch niggas,

  • Anonymous

    let me hear what all those ppl who were saying this dude is so real and jay-z was a cheat have to say now!! lmao.

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