Young Guru Talks Mixing & Production Before The MP3 Era

Jay-Z's right-hand man discusses how the industry has changed in terms of making music.

Roc Nation producer and engineer Young Guru gives fans a glimpse back at his beginnings in a new video clip, where he also addresses the way technology has affected mixing.

“Now, because the music is so readily accessible you could sit down and start,” he explained. “Before you went digging for breaks and nobody told you what it was - you gotta find out what it is, so you gotta spend hour and hours in the record store going through joints.”

“So now kids can sit on the internet and what took me 20 years to compile, and I’ve got it all nice and neat on my computer, they sit down and DL every break I got in two seconds,” he continued. “The process is so much faster now, you don’t have to do as much work, so the older cats feel like these dudes ain’t really worthy. But that’s wrong! It’s just what the time is. So now they’re supposed to be freaking it better than what we did.”

Young Guru recently revealed that he’s involved in the production of Jay Electronica’s upcoming debut album, since he is officially a Roc Nation signee.

Watch the full clip below.

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  • Xavion Bond

    You know its the truth when he said K-Slay may be waiting to steal your paint...I remember watching K-Slay's interview and he was talking about how he used to rob other people for they paint

  • daddy01

    Its funny how people on this site complain about the "lack of Hip Hop" on this site but barely any one reads/comment on the articles that pertain to Hip-Hop. smh

  • Niyemortal

    You can never go wrong with a Young Guru interview. The insight this man has is mind boggling.

  • insanemacbeth

    YOUNG GURU is a don; read his interview, in SOUND-ON-SOUND magazine.

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