Consequence On Ghostwriting, Says He's "One Of The Premier Songwriters" Of Last Decade

Cons says he is "one of the premiere songwriters in music over the last decade" and says he's contributed and written verses for Kanye West's "Paranoid," "RoboCop," "Amazing," and more.

After his beef with Q-Tip and Kanye West became known, Consequence has decided to further explain the details of his quarrel. The former G.O.O.D. Music affiliate recently spoke with Billboard to let them know that he feels he has not gotten the respect he feels he deserves. He also shared that he's written or contributed to several records by Kanye West and more. 

"I'm one of the premiere songwriters in music over the last decade and it hasn't fully been exploited out of loyalty and out of business structure," he said. "I wrote a plethora of records that people are familiar with... I wrote the verses to "Paranoid" with Kanye. It's a lot of people's favorite record from 808s and Heartbreak."

According to the article, Cons also said he contributed to "RoboCop," "Amazing," "Say You Will," Gone," "Spaceship" and more from Kanye's discography. 

When asked why he feels he has not gotten his due, he said that it was out of respect for Kanye. 

"It was just structure. It won't happen again. It's like when you're in somebody else's totem pole, so to speak, of course, the head is to receive the glory."

As for his second major label album, Cons shared that he felt it was due to Kanye West, who he says changed from the person he was on his debut album. 

"Once again, this is a matter of business structure. Look at it from my standpoint whereas Kanye is an executive producer of the project. I gave him the respect of being leader of G.O.O.D. Music. I didn't want to make a move per se without him knowing. It was a respect thing. Now, if I would have took the initiative to say, when the Taylor Swift incident happened, 'I'm done. I don't approve of that'… I didn't want to bust a young buck move and say, 'Hey you disrespected the woman, I'm gone.' And when he came back, he came back with a different dynamic. I definitely don't believe the same person who made The College Dropout is the same person who made My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy."

Still, he let fans know that they can expect the second album to drop.

"The second album will still be released, it's just a matter of just having changed business structure."

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  • mye13

    I agree! the 'college dropout' kanye is no more...consequence is cool though. he's only speaking the truth

  • Anonymous

    kanye doesn't use "ghostwriters"...Kweli even says..when Kanyes writing songs on paper or in his head or something, he'd be like "yo is this line nice" or "gimme a line to say after this"...ghostwriters write the verses and tracks - Cons is a BITCH

    • Anonymous

      ur a bitch. consequence was listed as a songwriter in all of those songs paranoid and robocop. bring ur head out from kanye's skirt.

  • what

    Funny how he contributed to tracks HE FEATURED ON. course that nigga got a songwriting credit on spaceship and gone, he had a verse! and let's be honest, regardless of his lyrics, Cons just doesn't have a great voice, and it's hard to make out what he's saying. That's why he's at the bottom of the totem pole. Also, Kanye killed Cons on his mixtape take em to the cleaners. He wanna say he gave Kanye those lyrics? I respect Cons and like him, but he needs to cut chattin' shit.

  • Chris B

    Why the fuck are some fools on here dissin Cons? This cat i lyrical like few others, got a natural talent, and was loved by the great J Dila! Yall motherfuckers are sleeping! Stop frontin motherfuckers! Recognize real you fuckin ROBOTS!

  • Anonymous


  • Mr Flamboyant

    Well give us an album worth a damn thing since you're doing all of this writing. I swear this dude is the worst. Man stop talking and start writing. And this is getting quite old with this nigga. Please HipHopDx...stop reporting this ish. Put out some quality material. Anything quality. Nigga ain't made a quality piece of work since February 31st. Now I'm not saying what he says about Kanye is a fallacy...but damn... Stop. Dudes act like if they contribute one hot line or a random thought in the studio that they write for them. Go pick up my turkey burger, you b.a.n. Damn.

  • Damista

    Truthfully, I read credits on albums. That's a lost art in hip-hop too. Because all of you motherfuckers download. He's contributed to a lot of the doper joints in Kanye's catalog. Dude's one of the rare dudes doing some real hip hop shit right now

    • Whoa

      Tell me there isn't one album in your catalog that isn't downloaded...SMH...All acting all saint and shit...STFU!


    damn, cons, cudi, common, GLC all left good music. kanye's doin the bad boy thing. to trade those guys for i dunno, big sean and mr cyhi said he aint under long as you see

    • Big Motherfuckin' Nas

      Yeah, but Common's his own man, he's an actor and a veteran who's older and could probably not give a damn if Kanye dropped him or whatever. He's not like other people who are relying on Kanye to walk them through it all. Cudi's been around a while, but he's a different personality altogether.

    • Hey

      Actually, Cudi and Common still on. What universe are you dwelling in?

  • Drect Moody

    Having listened to enough tracks from both artists, Consequence is way more lyrical. Like retardedly past Kanye. It's just Kanye's presence and the fact he makes beats.

    • Big Motherfuckin' Nas

      AND Consequence's grill isn't gettin' him any favors, I mean damn, can his teeth get any bigger. Always thought he was a funny looking dude, but now I see his down is bigger then when I'd first seen him down with Q-Tip and 'em

  • jack johnson

    aha so Kanye DOES use ghost writers, and to think kanye even had Rhymefest telling people Kanye writes all his own verses lol

  • mr hip hop

    ok cons u the premiere song righters of the decade, now lets hear what u got. since u such a dope song writer i expect your next album to be a classic then

  • Whiterthanmost`

    Alright Cons ... those contributions have put you neck in neck with Spliff Star in the weed carier division. "Happens to you again"?!... Shits been not happening for 15 years for you. Thought youd be used used to it cuz...

  • fuckouttahere

    This is the same as when gillie was saying he wrote all waynes shit.. HOW COME YOUR SONGS DONT SOUND AS GOOD? did you waste all the juice writing for someone else and now you suck? how about next time you write a song you pretend your doing it for someone else maybe then it'll sound good? idk w.e fuck this shit.

  • iller

    C' can't be a kanye fan and not know that ppl have been writing his shit since day 1. You can't tell how much he has fallen off lyrically since Con dipped?

  • nixnox

    Consequence you cry like a school girl who just dropped her ice cream and was shit on by a made the choice to write those tracks, no one forced you..suck it up.

  • NunKe

    Sound like another Gillie da kidd when he said he wrote for wayne on 500 Degreez and the carter 1 they probably put in a line or 2 and swear they wrote everything

  • iddle

    he's been writing for ye for a minute and its not a secret. when you write for someone you write as them not yourself, so of course they dont sound the same. Also, maybe ya'll haven;t heard of Cons cause he can go on the mic...

  • Icupekn17

    Ya'll boys are sleepin on dude.....This cat is retarded with the rhymes....Do ur homework and if u know what I know,I guarantee u have downloaded several songs he wrote.....

  • C. Dante

    Kanye's raps sound NOTHING like consequences, dude is stupid if he thinks people believe him

    • Hmm

      Kanye's shit before 808's sounds exactly like Consequence. Before I knew who Consequence was some years ago, I thought he was actually Kanye the first time I heard him. The flow, lyrical patterns and enunciation is all the same.

  • Dennis SeriSony

    YO Cons, for real man, you starting to sound like a woman scorned. I don't believe that Kanye isn't writing his own verses. He's just mad.


    only song i heard dude on was drive slow an i thought that was kanye

  • toppdogg908

    Kid Cudi wrote "Paranoid" not Consequence

  • Salaam

    So I guess he must not write for HIMSELF, seeing as his content is shit.

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