Details Emerge On Jay-Z & Kanye West's "Watch the Throne"

Hov hosted a listening session last night in New York City, New York where he previewed a handful of cuts from the record.

Last night, Jay-Z hosted a private listening session for his and Kanye West's highly anticipated Watch the Throne, supposedly releasing August 2nd. The event took place in the Mercer Hotel, where journalists crammed into a suite converted into a recording studio where Hov debuted cuts from the LP from his MacBook Pro and held an impromptu Q&A.

According to several track-by-track breakdowns, Watch the Throne features only two guest appearances: Beyonce on "Lift Off" (for which they're going to shoot a video) and Frank Ocean, who appears on a dubstep-inspired track and "No Church." The latter features lyrics (via from Jigga such as, "Is the pious loved by the gods because it is pious, or is it pious because it is loved by the gods?"

"Living So Italian" samples "Ave Maria," while "Otis Redding" opens with a Blade of Glory sample and back-and-forth lyrics between the two (via "Black on Black" focuses on intra-racial violence, while Hov expressed disappointment with "H.A.M." and said it wouldn't make the final cut of the album. "It's just so big and so much, you don't want that sh-- screaming in your house," he said. "If we don't make records that we like and represent the culture, we would be over."

Jay said that the version of the album he played was the "third iteration of the project" and that previous records were scrapped for "being too big and calculating." He also explained that he has already begun work on his next solo album, one of which features Frank Ocean - a connection made after he heard his Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape.

Jay-z said two songs already completed for his next solo album, and four concepts banked. Frank ocean appears on one already done. #WTTless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

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  • lupé

    fuck y'all leakers out there. i'm waiting for the album, 'cause i respect their work.

  • Anonymous

    people where rapping before jayz kanye eminem ever came on the scene their just the ones that are pigeon holding corperate spots.. there is better talent some artist wont even sign a artist better than im not a rapper/hater this is just reality

  • WTT leaker

    1st WTT leak, no bullshitting song w/frank ocean

  • Billy Bucks

    Here's the crazy part...I know some of these comments are coming from "aspiring" rappers...The bottom line is Jay, Kanye, Nas AND Eminem are legends in hip-hop like it or not. You can't argue against that. And if they''re garbage, what the fuck are you? You want to be a rapper BECAUSE OF THESE GUYS...and you diss. Every Jay, Kanye, Nas or Eminem hater in here would drop to their knees if you were ever face to face with any of them. Your envy is so transparent. You can hate me if you want, but watch who you call garbage you fuckin rookies. You're tweeting right now on your moms couch and you still will be years from now.

  • Crash2k11

    MANN FUCK jAY. Nas all day......True King of HipHop

  • Brandon Nixon

    So we should watch Consequence instead right? Fuck Kanye

  • Anonymous

    I love how Jay always bring up that sales arguement everywhere with their favorite quote ''Men lie, women lie, numbers don't''. But when they're talking about Eminem sales magically don't matter anymore.


    H.A.M. > Hell the Sequel...that shit was garbage truck juice...two dudes in their 40's talking all mad about chicks running game on them...shit was suspect yo

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    and NAS..dont let me get started on anotha somebody talked abt NAS SMASHIN EVERYBODY..when was this/..and how long ago..because DAMIEN marley ate dude up on that last album..Nas monotone ass couldnt even keep up..niggas just like losers

    • Anonymous

      Meet the parents is amazing, but you're right, he doesn't touch Nas when it comes to artistical integrity.

    • comachonvargas

      Dutch... scorecard for jay after blueprint is suspect for real... Black Album? Classic big deal.. BP2? WEAK double album wake the fuck up what is one true classic song off that album really... Kingdom Come? LOL pathetic no need to elaborate... American gangster? How many times does his fabricated past have to be exposed for you to realize that he ain't a drug dealer... Jay is 40+ he aint Frank Lucas... OH and NAS ROASTED HIS ASS ON SUCCESS... Blueprint 3? Pop rap bullshit pawned off as progressive to conceal the fact that Jay just doesn't have it like he used to Nas lost his position in the game? Nas in the gutter? Nas doesn't have to do a GOD DAMN THING and EVERY artist in the game would jump at the opportunity to collab... Jay? Jay hops on whatever is hot and is constantly outed by former associates [e.g. ROC fiasco]... And we still don't talk and debate NAS material? How many views/comments do Nasty and Ghetto Dreams have? FAIL ONE

    • Life Accordin' To Dutch

      ummm..NAs and consistency have never existed in the same sentence and after "ether"..jay has dropped how many albums..five..and two were certified classics..ur point is invalid dunny..Nas is the brick terrible double album..and how many mediocre ones..who shook?..Nas lost his position in the rapgame..a minute ago..we still talk and debate over new Jay u doin right now..leave Nas where he the gutter

    • comachonvargas

      Let me get you started on NAS Dutch... your boy Jay has been shook ever since he got HARD BODIED by Esco and since that Jay has never dissed anyone directly... straight subliminal bullshit... taking flak from Cam, Jim Jones, Game, Beans, DMX, Dame, Joe Budden etc and not saying shit... the old Jay would have stalled some careers but so much for that... and Kanye... well he himself said that Nas was the GOAT Nas gets the most props/respect because he is the MOST consistent, creative, risk-taking, lyrical, influential, and substantive emceee the game has to offer... Jay has been throwing up bricks like its a goddamn masons convention since Kingdom Come [Nastradamus tops that garbage] You see over time plenty of Hov fans have jumped ship and came to realize that Nas is just a BETTER ARTIST... and Nas getting outshone on DR? Its not even a comparison between him and Damien really is it? Damien is trump tight but he ain't flowing like godson no way point blank period

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    and when its cool to say u dont fuc with rappers who constantly elevate and change the game..but give praise to losers and has-beens..that dont make yo LAME ASS COOL..THAT MAKE U LOOK LIKE A LAME..BUT I GUESS THATS WHAT U WERE GOING FOR

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    I really should leave JAY AND KANYE arguments to amatuers but with the lack of sense currently on this site...i just cant help myself...Kanye just dropped a classic thats universally agreed upon in hiphop..five mics and everything..fuc yall been at..and if its not a more proven rapper than JAY-Z..U FOOLS IS LYIN TO YO'SELVES..that argument is DEAD..and that bad meets EVIL shit gets no play in CHICAGO AND PROLLY NOT IN DETROIT EITHER..we like music thats about shit..not nigz spittin rhymes about nothing...who r u nigz that bring EMINEM weak ass in every post..dude been washed up..i dont giv a fuc how many records he sells..he washed up...and in the same breath say JAY wack..dummies..nobody believes u...

    • Dutch's DAD

      Life Accordin' To Dutch Nigga Shut THE FUCK UP!! Quit watching titties on the PC and make me some purple kool-aid bitch!

    • Life according to Fuck YOU

      dutch shut your ho ass up. Eminem shits all over jay and always has. As for kanye, who actually like that pig headed nigga??? u serious? We all know Watch the throne keeps falling back cause they know it aint good enough to put out

  • EVIL

    Yeah, suck my motherfuckin dick!..Bad Meets Evil reigns supreme!!

  • BAD

    Fuck watch the throne, Bad Meets Evil bithce!!!

  • Corey

    H.A.M. may have been a bad song, but it could have been made better. For one, Kanye could have been more lyrically. For another, Lex Luger could have removed the fucking opera. But Jay-Z's verse was still pretty damn sick, it felt like a throw back to the 90's.

  • gun di liro

    Even Jay admitted that HAM was garbage. At least he's honest unlike some fans out there. Good to see Jay keeping things in check. It's definitely the type of song that Kanye would have kept on one of his solo albums.

  • WTT

    YO i really dont fuck wit jay or kanye, but i think they are going in on some real hard 90's style soulful type shit wit this one, alotta peeps is hatin on jay n kanye, so i think they both got somthin to prove wit this one, hopefully it sounds like the old jay z and when kanye first came out on that "selfish" joint wit slum village a few years back

  • rushhour3

    Living So Italian best track on the album watch

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    You know, Busta killed that H.A.M. beat, that's why H.A.M. don't make the final cut, is death

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Busta kills H.A.M.

  • Hip Hop 3 lyfe

    i hope this album lives up to my expectations. Its gonna be tough to top that bad meets evil Hell the Sequel

    • dockevoc

      not really. these guys like women and are successful, completely the opposite of royce "the mad rapper" 5'9

  • Mandy Sandy

    diz album'z gon b a classic. jay-z! and kanye r da top 2 in da game rite now. no 1 will take there spot. flake and lil gayne makin jokez bout them but even they no who da real kingz r. all u haterz eat a dick. RNGMB BITCH!

  • M.u. Tha Don


  • Anonymous

    Get j cole an big sean on tracks, for each protege. Also im happy ham isnt gonna be there, i think that song was very disappointing and pretty lame.

  • Anonymous

    So glad there's no Nikki Minaj on this. I didn't mind her on DF but only cuz she was on like two tracks. I pray there's no Bruno Mars on there. Now if only he could find a spot for Jay Electronica, What is he even doing these days?

  • Anonymous

    Frank Ocean and J.Cole can we get that track real quick

  • Anonymous

    Wtf is Jay talkin bout on No Church? pious? loved by the gods? this nigga is on some other shit. Jay you have officially been replaced in my current top 5. and i only follow like 7-8 people

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Jay is amazing when it comes to metaphors. Nigga Please like short sleeves I bare arms Even if they wont let me in heaven, I raise hell, till its heaven Now I'm +Pulp Fiction+, Colt four-fifth and Young niggaz that blast for me/blasphemy, no religion I Jack, I Rob, I sin Awww man, I'm Jackie Robinson Except when I run base, I dodge the pen

    • Other Shit, 2

      It kills me that a dude would actually kick a rapper out his top 5 for making a point. Niggas will complain that rappers don't say shit, misunderstand when rappers do say shit, and then blame the rapper for not understanding the line... fucking Dumbies

    • Other shit

      "Are the pious loved by the gods because it is pious, or is it pious because it is loved by the gods?" Translation: Most people in power ('the gods') pretend they believe in morals, but really only care about morals when it gives them control over others. Those 'others' tend to confuse a religious hustle with some eternal laws of good and evil BS. If you think I'm far-fetched, then read Nietzche's Genealogy of Morals. The book makes the same point...

    • Jay-Z

      NOOOOOOO!!! Some commenter on HHDX took me out of their top 5! I'm scrapping this album and starting over!

    • tez326

      ya cuz Jay-Z really cares that he's not in ur top 5... Dumbass.

  • when this nigga speaks

    everybody listens. even niggas who hate this dude click on every link with his name on it. shits crazy. post scriptum: personally i'm looking forward to hearing both records. i'll reserve judgement until i actually hear it. haters.

  • DetoxMonster

    Can someone tell me why people are Pushing this album like it's from God himself!??

  • Anonymous

    YES!! HAM is not on the album!

  • Anonymous

    There you have it, Jay predictable as always, working with the people that are having a buzz right now all the time.

    • Anonymous

      hahha who's having a buzz? his wife beyonce or frank ocean who isnt even a top3 guy in his group... eat urself alive hater

    • Anonymous

      That's exactly how a good artist reaches fans on an international level you jackass!


    hope it will be a good album i hope it dosent have that wack pop SOUTHERN sound

    • Rival X Jordan

      tell him mellow. Down south got some lyrical mcs. And I'm one of them.

    • yo

      im from the north but i got two names for you haters. big boi. andre 3k.

    • yall

      yo, fuck the south

    • Smine Nasdaq

      Hey, everybody got they own style, but down here niggas just wanna get crunk and smoke weed and be lazy. I got love for my southern brethren, niggas like Killa Mike, etc. But you can't come with no "up north" style down here when you 1st tryin to come up, niggas ain't buyin it!!

    • mellofellow

      say bruh watch yo muthafuckin mouth speakin on the south like dat. that shit u hear on the radio today don't represent real southern mc's... u dont know shit about real hip hop if u sayin fuck the south.

  • Sasquatch Jones

    Anybody got the torrent link yet?

    • Smine Nasdaq

      Sasquatch Jones: "Anybody got the torrent link yet?" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WORDS OF A MAGGOT!


    2011 is all about C4 nobody watching for this shit

  • I cant believe

    These niggas got Frank Ocean on this album? WHOTF is that nerd? Oh I heard that bullshit ass pop singing wanna be drake ass nigga (without the lyrics/with auto-tune). That nigga some slaw!!!!! WhatTF is Jay and Kanye doing??? Its like these niggas is trying to promote this faggotry going on nowadays. Its beginning to be a fuckin epidemic!!! Kanye selling SCARFS???? What a FAGGG!!! Jay-Z hooking up with Devil Worshipers and having lyrics that questions shit about false gods? If he is not part of some dark shit, he sure doesnt keep it from the public in his music, videos, clothes, etc. But if they asked the nigga about it. O o o I'm not on dat shit!! (would be his reply). Nigga stop rapping, promoting, and selling that shit then nigga. What we supposed do just sit back and deny what is blatantly in our face? Kanye gonna get married to a dude in the NY watch. Fuckin faggots. And what makes it so bad is that these queers are talented. I guess they give new meaning to a good mind is a terrible thing to waste. What have these niggas given back to their community? Every other fucking race, when they make it on top, they GIVE BACK!! these niggas are a joke!!!! Beyonce too with her garbage ass!!! She used to be good, now she some fuckin slaw!!! Yep I said it!!

    • Anonymous

      acid da savage ,frank ocean , dtp

    • Smine Nasdaq

      Nigga grow up and go buy a fuckin book to read then instead being on a HIP HOP website you dumb ass fool. You sittin up here calling folks gay who've fucked hoes EVERY NIGGA fuck is you hollin' bout bitch nigga. Tryna to bring out yo lil whack ass slang 'slaw' wtf is 'slaw', ain't nobody gone be using that shit but yo lame ass, you pussy pie!

    • Lol

      Frank Ocean has been working with artists for years. You're just mad that it's being documented. I guarantee if you had heard the song and not known he was on it, it'd be your ringtone. Stop complaining bitch.

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      you mad

  • kadeem mccord

    i already pre ordered my copy Jay + Ye = CLASSIC people saying they didn't like blueprint 3 are crazy people who didn't like my beautiful dark twisted fantasy must not like music this album gonna be epic people don't like change they want the same ol shit over and over again you gotta expand your mind like they do and let the music speak for itself but hating on something thats not out yet is corny and all this HOV and Nas talk is crazy too let that shit go Watch the Throne!!!

    • Mandy Sandy

      dat smiley face dude iz a faggot azz hater.

    • Smine Nasdaq

      This nigga sittin up here actin like he heard the shit!! Nigga just a pure ass hater bruh, mad at they success...

    • :-)

      wow jay-z should just stop and kanye he a cocky sum bitch lol they title that watch out for the throne cause they couldnt find it with 4 hands and a gps lol these bitches are garbage and dont get me wrong i love all of jigga blue print 3 and back and yeezy i liked some tacks from his last lp and some from his others but this shit just sucks its sad to watch decent artists piss there talent away but hey i guess when you have enough money you can fuck around and make shit like this! thats why rap is going down hill not too many people wanna put effort in their shit or take pride in it anymore

  • Anonymous

    what throne are they watching? obviously a less powerful one than what NaS sits on

    • @lil wayne is a bitch

      yo dawg u made me lmao when i read thru ur posts man,i means when i read dude talkin that dicridin on NaS,i was bout to go get him,than i read ur shit and am like...k it been taken care of...NAS is real bc of the followinf: 1-We all know a hit song can get u a Plat(watch SouljaBoy).But NaS will choose to give u dumb Knowledge,so U may know who are before becoming an American brain washed dummie. 2-NaS will kill Jay anytime or everytime he will ever try to get fry by the only God's Son 3-NaS get dough on other shit he never be bragging bout in song,cuz he is the Master Mind. 4-NaS made hit songs before and so he can choose to make yalll get his shit everytime it drops but he did an album with Damian just educate u fools and the proceeds will build schools in Africa. So learn how to watch the throne cus the true king is already sitting bitchesssss

    • Lil Waynes a Bitch

      ^^^^ahahaha saint you fag! You said no homophobia, so yeah you are str8 HOMO playa! As far as fronting on Nas and saying his fans are dickriders....fuck outta here! Typical Jay-Z dickriders are the worst, still can't admit that Nas killed Jay and they want to get on some business/personal shit saying "Jay won the war, he signed Nas" So what? Skills is what matters and Nas ate Jay no matter what you fags say. Nas' shit flies over your head all the time you dumbasses and then you turn around and say he's weak...why? cuz you're too stupid to decipher his shit. Fucking Dumbed-down audience!

    • ANon

      No Homophobia? Nigga you gay.

    • saint

      get the fuck outta here with that nas shit. I hate nas fans, some dickriding faggots. no homophobia

  • Anonymous

    soooo anyway we dat c4 dropping any new details, tracklist sumthin

  • doCCk

    this won't be a popular opinion, but i'm not even excited by this project. i thought the blueprint 3 sucked, and i didn't really like kanye's last album. i love jay-z, but i don't like the nigga that's been going by jay-z since 2005 or so. listening to joints like "never change", then listening to joints like "haters", BOTH these niggas changed for the worse, and sold the fuck out after already being super popular. bruno mars? every rapper gotta throw bruno on for those extra 15k sales. shit is disgusting. you're supposed to be setting trends, not following them. but that's jay-z for you. always playing to what's hot. i don't know man, WTT got a whole lot of hype, and all i've heard is that wack ass HAM, with another trend hopping feature, lex luger beat. the album cover, the talk surrounding it, all these exclusive listening events, sounds like smoke and mirrors to me. like the music ain't enough. i'm not the only one getting tired of euro jay, niggas have HAD IT with todays hov, he still got a lot of fans, but niggas are jumping ship. this could be it for hova.

    • illmatic88

      ^^^^Bwahahaha WTF is "Mandy Sandy" doing here? I didn't give you a lunch break! Get back out on that corner and make me my money you tramp! hahahaha

    • Mandy Sandy

      coCCk and gaymatic88, stop bein haterz. jay-z! and kanye change there stylez so they can keep up wit da timez. no 1 wantz 2 hear shitty undaground backpack beatz ova and ova. da people gaymatic listed r fuckin wack, except 4 just blaze. so eitha get used 2 da new jay! and kanye or leave and shut da fuck up.

    • illmatic88

      Agree, Jay-z is straight ass nowadays! Everybody just hugs this guys nuts like every mediocre verse he spits is golden. His verses are wack these days and not hard to decipher at all. But you did touch on the one thing that has been annoying me for years, Jay-Z and Kanye just collab with whoever has a buzz right now. Last year it was Drake, and now this year its Bruno Mars, Frank Ocean and oh yeah...gotta throw Beyonce on there because she's getting her hype back after dropping her new album. These guys are straight SELLOUTS!! They got Freeway, Nas, Dr Dre, Eminem, Just Blaze on fucking speed dial and the WHOLE hip hop universe is screaming for a NAS, Jay-Z, and Kanye collab and these dudes can't make that shit happen?? ridiculous what these guys do just to make an extra million $$$. And Jay, Im tired of waiting for another real hip hop album from you, you dissapoint me man!

    • Smine Nasdaq

      Bruno Mars nigga? smh nigga is a idiot...smh

  • comachonvargas

    Wait a sec... a song about intra-racial violence? Jay and ye trying to drop knowledge... I guess Jay eventually had to switch it up after rapping about selling coke, hoes, cash flows and bank rolls for 10+ albums... oh and also how he is the greatest... Jay ain't ESCO by a LONG SHOT so this could really backfire

  • Anonymous

    frank ocean featured twice? niceee

  • kennyken

    nas said it....jigga loves his style. and i can't blame jigga lol



  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    H.A.M. was garbage. I'm glad it isn't making the final cut.

  • Anonymous

    old heads and backpackers didn't like the HAM track ... or probably wannabe black wiggers. most likely all three. They those niggas at the front of the bus with their beat by dres bumpin they head to some outdated shit.

  • Guest

    HAM doesn't deserve to be on the album. HAM was just some Lex Luger beat with some wack ass lyrics by Kanye.

  • Jason

    So H.A.M. wont make the album? But that beat is sooo crazy!! That opera hook in the back ground so far has only been done on Xzibit's man vs machine album with Dre. I would keep that track on.

  • Guest

    Its funny how you'll comment about the album and haven't heard it yet..BE EASY and let the music come out before you judge #justsaying

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Yeah I like Frank Ocean's music. He is dope. I'm glad Hov and Ye decided to stick to the basics and stop trying to make these huge records like HAM. I can't listen to HAM with the top down in my car.

  • Anonymous

    album gonna suck bigtime. Jay isn't hungry since 2001 and kanye is just some popass justin bieber shit rapper

  • Paulie Gwap

    The H.A.M. Arrangement Should Have Been Like This:

  • Small Butt Power

    "Is the pious loved by the gods because it is pious, or is it pious because it is loved by the gods?" That line doesn't even make any fucking sense. Step it the fuck up Joe Camel.

    • Smine Nasdaq

      LAME ASS NIGGA< HIP HOP=KNOWLEDGE These crackers keepin up double standards all day, WE GROWN! WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW WILL KILL YOU!

    • yourmomsballs

      yea that line is actually a quote from Plato's Euthyphro, Socrates said it... go fucking read you herb

    • kadeem mccord

      read a fuckin BOOK!!! people are ignorant Jay just taught your dumb ass something he rap over a lot of peoples heads smh...get your shit together

    • Fuckinn Nerds

      you nerds shut the fuck up... givin definitions and shit on a fuckin hip hop website. grammar police faggots

    • Micah

      It's a line pulled from Plato's Euthyphro. If Jay-Z is reading Plato, I have a new respect for him.

    • OxyJon for those who don't know what pious means...pious means to express reverence for a diety (false god)..

    • Anonymous

      you right there thats why u need to smarten up

  • Lol

    HAM sucked monkey balls. Glad they left it out. Oh, and fuck you if you liked the track, I don't care-

  • Nico 3

    Ham wasn't a bad song. It just needed to be tweaked a little. Based on this article though, this album sounds like a fucking dud.

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