Damon Dash Talks Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt" On Its 15th Anniversary

The DD172 leader speaks on his relationship with Hov at the time of his debut's conception.

In the first installment of VH1’s new monthly series Album-Versaries, Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash reminisces about Jay-Z’s early career on the 15th anniversary of his debut, Reasonable Doubt

Dash, who has publicly feuded with Jay-Z in recent years, explained that he was one of the few people who supported the young Brooklyn rapper at the time. “I said he will be the greatest rapper of all-time at a time when everyone told me he was the worst rapper,” Dame explained. “You understand? I had been shopping him, and everyone told me ‘He raps too fast.’

“And because we believed in him so much, we couldn’t even tell him that it wasn’t going to the best album that was ever made and it’s funny because it became that,” Dame continued, explaining his relationship with Jay at the time. “So years later we would reflect and be like ‘you were so ignorant’ and everyone said you were an asshole because you were so arrogant.’ But I was right. I said it, you will be the greatest rapper of all time.”

Watch the rest of the interview below, and head over to VH1 to read more about the album's creation.

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  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry ... I'm confused ... was Dash speaking in English?

  • ILL

    Everybody knows that thier is no more rap beef between Nas and Jay right? So I dnt think you have to always diss one to make a point to support the other Im a huge fan of both of them so I only compare Blueprint and Stillmatic cause those came out when they both were going at it

  • Anonymous

    One of the best albums ever released.

  • ILL

    you cant compare Reasonable Doubt to Illmatic except when you are talking about great albums but as far as the content and age difference and the direction they were goin into they are completely two different albums but both are examples of great music!

  • First name Champagne, Last name WITCHOBITCHHH

    I never listened to this album. I did listen to Illmatic. All i gota say is, at the end of the day, there will NEVER be one nigga to be the GREATEST. Too many niggas done' brought somethin groundbreakin to the game, so many perfect, genius, extraordinary albums from all coasts for there to be ONE nigga declared the GREATEST. Jay z the greatest today, not forever

  • Devin Williams

    Illmatic is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!

    • parhliey

      illmatic was good ass hell, but jay had two songs on reasonabe doubt that coul've got left off, cashmere thoughts and ain't no nigga(which got him mainstream credibility, lol) But other than that his rhymes were long, intelligent,and just downright a beast!! When the last tyme u listen to reasonbale doubt. Illmatic had ten songs on the album. Jay had like 13 banging banging cuts.

  • Cutty

    These stupid ass niggas still talking about about j.and he don't give a fuck about nobody. Nigga fuck me like J did the whole roc.why even mention that shit. that nigga kept garbage ass, mem bleek why because he don't believe in him and bleek don't believe in himself!!!!!!

  • Papa Don

    is funny i was talking about reasonable doubt the other day it was and still is my favorite cd jay-z put out...

  • Suplex My Cock Bitch

    No Dame Dummy, Illmatic is the greatest album of all time, the kind of album Jay-Z wishes Reasonable Doubt was.

  • truth hurts

    Only reason why the album sold was because Big was in it and Pac dissed Joe Camel. Entire career based on hype and beef. If Biggie and Pac had ignored Jay Z he would have been a nobody.

    • polo

      Hmmm, only artist with 11 number 1 albums, guess big and pac wrote his rhymes for him too..oh i thought when niggaz dissed u ur career was supposed to spiral downhill like mobb deep or ja-rule or canibus...ya'll niggaz wish ya'll could rhyme like hov, can I live??? SAF!

    • Panik

      in the words of Keith Murray: If "ifs" were spliffs, we'd be all fucked up!

    • Up North

      You can speculate all day, that doesn't change the fact that Hov is one of the greatest. We can sit here and talk about "What if Big and Pac were alive", but at the end of the day it's all pointless. Hov is one of the GOATS, period

  • aarontodavis

    Jay's always been 1 of my favorites but to me, his best albulm was the Black albulm..maybe not living thru reasonable doubt (or classic) albulms in general is different but dats just my opinion

  • feedbak

    best album that was ever made? not really. great album though.

  • Big mike

    Thats a great point your made about em albums..but Nas still the greatest

    • Anonymous

      Jay is the better rapper.

    • TYLERR

      nas is one of the greastest lyricist , but dame dash was saying that jay is the best ever because on 'Reasonable doubt' he was rapping about real experience, in other words he's saying jay wasn't rapping about someone elses life or what he seen in movies , jay-z really lived the THUGLIFE...

    • ILL

      Nas is the best lyricist ever but not the greatest he is def one of the greats!

  • ILL

    RD is Classic!!!!!! The rhymes metaphors double entendres, concepts and the best flows not to mention more than a few timeless tracks. play the whole shit thru. Now can you think of any Em album that's like that?

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