Beanie Sigel Says Jay-Z Prevented Him From Signing With G-Unit

The Broad Street Bully says Hov kept him from pursuing other opportunities.

The beef between Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z has become more clear, as Beans has revealed that Jay-Z refused to release him from Def Jam in 2005.

Speaking with MTV News, the Philadelphia emcee revealed that he asked for a release from the storied Hip Hop label after his release from prison. "When I first got out of jail, I had a meeting, a situation that was already lined up and set up where I could've had [a deal] over there," said Sigel of an opportunity with 50 Cent's G-Unit. "He wanted to give me a label, a whole label deal ... and a whole lot of money too."

Beans explained that, out of loyalty, he went to speak to Jay-Z first. "I told him I had to roll. 'If you can't make that situation happen for me, I gotta leave. I gotta go,' " he explained. "I asked him to just let me go — from Def Jam, not from Roc-A-Fella — because he was the president of Def Jam. 'I want to leave Def Jam, I'm out. You're the president, you can push that button. Let me get my release papers.' "

But according to Sigel, Jay had other ideas, and refused to release him. "He was like, 'Nah, let me see what I could do.' That 'see what I could do' turned into another two years."

Watch the interview below:

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  • magmatic123

    you dont know that man beanie segal aint no realer he just aint play the game as hard as jay so he get stepped on

  • Mohamed Illmatic Adem

    Beanie Sigel is a real nigga unlike Gay-Z

  • don mccaine

    a lot of these comments are nothing but foolish banter. this "rumor" was well known in NYC in 2k5. beans has every right to speak on his situation (it's HIS situation). What's so funny is if the shoe was on the other foot, many of y'all would be yelling for help. Like Waka was saying in the other thread, there's a lot of fake & grimy stuff going on in the music industry.

  • Clarence Rogers

    Beans just needs to stop bitchin, period...and I like his shit, mostly...

  • otto

    "I asked him to just let me go from Def Jam, not from Roc-A-Fella..."From this,it means that he was asking Jay after releasing him (assuming, but not admitting, that jay had the exclusive power to release artists from they contracts at def jam) to partner wit 50 as in State Prop/ROC/G-unit.That decision involved as many complications as the decision on his release from Def Jam. In other words,what he was asking jay to do was way more complex and involved way more business thought than he (Beans) thought (and still thinks) it was.

  • Cooch

    All these rappers need to quit bringing up the past and just focus on their future

  • Everett Da Amin Rucker

    J. Cole fucked up signing with Jay man that album ain't gonna come out lol

  • M.u. Tha Don


  • Anonymous

    Look how many Jay Z dickriders got on here to scrutinize sigel....he come from a very different world to yall. One where loyalty amonst brothers is a big thing, Philly infact

  • da1

    This dude has no life and no self-esteem. This guy wakes up with a 40 oz bottle next to him thats halfway drunked up. Bum ass nigga with bum ass dreams. He's no better then Memphis Bleek or Young Buck for that matter. Can't handle things on their own, so they need daddy to make things happen for them. I can't respect that.

  • Mohammad

    I'm with you Beans, do your thing bro. From one Muslim to another. Forget these Jay Z dickriders and clowns who think Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne are "tight" lol. Hip Hop died, but Philly niggaz keep it alive

    • Anonymous

      if hip hop died stop fucking listening to it. you fucking bitch. what are you doing to make it better. nothing? shut the fuck then. little complaining ass bitch. if you dont like it listen to something else. otherwise shut the fuck up.

    • Jermaine

      So just because Beanz is Muslim it's ok to blame Jay Z for every problem he has? Grow up dudey

  • Dilli

    Hahahah in the picture it looks like Beanie is hugging jay-z !

  • UM


    • ckaps lock gangsterrrr

      the detective haitian jack was working for and who eventually deported him wrote a biography on can read it for yourself its online somewhere

  • galaxyturds

    Jay z got cho vagina on LOCK boi!

  • digital truf

    i dont understand y ppl like that shit either..

  • digital truf

    dust is dust everyone was smokin that shit in the 90's from ny to la but for some reason its making a comeback now...

  • jae

    wat it comes down too is jay gave beans a chance and beans stayed in the hood and dident want to make his life better he kept getting in trouble an so on,

  • Espi

    Beans looks like a pathetic mess. Like dude said below, he is immature, reckless and does too many drugs. Hey if he is off of them now then cool, more power to you bully. But get over the hand out's homie...

  • Anonymous

    he's not literally talking about embalming fluid(even tho that doesn't make it any better). he's talking about getting "wet" or using sherm.

    • zombie ho

      sounds like a classy lady

    • Mu

      Niggas do be on that embalming fluid shit in Philly tho. They smoke either Newports or blunts that's been dipped in it, so he could've been literally smoking it. (side story: I was chillin with this female by a river a few years ago on a nice summer night. I pulled out a dutch and lit it up, so she thought it was ok to pull out a Newport dipped in the shit and smoke it. The broad was like a zombie for the rest of the night! I was gonna take her home to smash too, but I used my better judgement and took her the fuck home!) I'm from Philly and been following Beans since he came in the game, so I just hope he can put the past behind him and make some more FIRE!

  • Anonymous

    i cant take beans serious. he has done every drug known to man. he even admitted to messing w/ embalming fluid

  • Anonymous

    Cash money should this nigga

  • Sensaye252

    Beans is a wet head and anyone who's ever seen him in real life knows that. That nigga is dusted and disgusted all the time. He's a loose cannon. He's immature. He's basically a scumbag that can rap, and nowadays that's not really a rare commodity. Beans, you're not the first rapper in history that has lost your deal, but for this precious time that you still have a reputation as a nice MC, why don't you use that time to make music and make some moves independently instead of coughin' up Jay's name and trying to get niggas to feel sorry for you man. We're not gonna feel sorry for someone that was handed a career on a platinum platter. Get on your grizzly and sack up.

    • digital truf

      my bad he said dame dash owed him at least a million in an interview

    • Anonymous

      @digital where are you getting the information that jay owes him another mil. i'm curious. bcos anytime beans has spoken about his issues w/ hov i have not seen him say anything about jay owing him $$$.

    • digital truf

      if the person who put you on owed u a cool milli aside from wut they made off of putting u on u wouldnt be mad???

  • Anonymous

    pac hated these dudes on some street/personal shit. not because they did bad business. as genius as he was pac was young and angry. he dissed alot of people based on affiliation alone... dickriders need to stop acting like pac was this amazing judge of character. they were in a warzone and none of those cats were thinking straight. if pac was alive now im sure he woulda grown up and became good friends with jay. funny how you guys swear by every single thing pac said and did like he was a 50 year old christ. he was fucking 24.... and he was angry. justified or not... he was angry. If he was alive now he and jay would have a lot of respect for eachother.

    • Anonymous

      matter of fact go look up 2pac's 94 interview w/ the Source. that's when he made those comments

    • Anonymous

      @above go watch the tupac documentary thug angel and quincy jones' daughter rashida is on there talking about how she wrote an open letter to pac bcos he insulted her father bcos he was married to a white woman. he eventually apologized and later on then he became engaged to kidada. the sex thing w/ quincy i don't believe but its a FACT that he did insult him at one time

    • Anonymous

      funny how everybody on the internet is an expert.. yet they all get this alleged "info" FROM the internet. perfect example is this dumb shit about quincy asking pac to fuck him. just stupid ass shit that to this day nobody has ever confirmed or even provided any audio of pac talking about it. not to mention pac was engaged to quincy's daughter and was best friends with quincy's son. yet people still peddle this tabloid bullshit that makes no sense. ive NEVER heard an interview where pac even talks about quincy jones. All ive heard is this dumbass illuminati conspricist on youtube say he heard that someones mom said pac asked quincy to fuck him. people are so pathetic sometimes.

    • Anonymous

      @ the idiot talking about " pac would have never let jay remake me and my girlfriied" that was partly a fucking tribute. jay got permission from pac's people. how old are you? You should be happy that dudes are keeping pac's music alive. instead you still on that corny ass "riding" shit like you living in 1996. Grow up dude.

    • real talk

      what were they gunna do though????they're RAPPERS...haitian jack had some of the hardest street niggaz scared of him in is a hustler like jay or a manipulating dl homosexual like puffy gunna do to a dude like that except rat?? shouts to suge knight tho...hes still beefin with dude n dudes that make jack money like akon

    • Anonymous

      quincy jones did ask him to fuck him in the butt though...thats real fuckin wierd if he did get engaged to quincys daughter...n pac wasnt a real gangster he just lucked out when he shot those two cops

    • Sensaye252

      Trust me, you don't know what you're talking about. Pac's disdain for Jay came from the fact that Pac was ridin' on the dude(Haitian Jack) that was extorting and terrorizing Jay-Z(and several other rappers) and Jay didn't have the heart to ride with him. Pac felt betrayed by all these NY rappers whom he was a big fan of, because when he was trying to organize an uprising against the tyrant that was basically fucking all of them, they turned their back and let him ride alone. That's why he saw 'em all as cowards. I know what I know bruh, trust me.

    • Anonymous

      smh. y'all have no objectivity. if ANY other rapper took that gay as pic pac did in that bathtub, y'all niggaz would be going ham on him. Pac didn't know everything. this the same dude that dissed the fuck outta quincy jones and ended up apologizing and getting engaged to his daughter. y'all act like that man's word was gospel. same nigga who when in jail said he was done w/ thug life but as soon as he got on death row, was hollering that shit just as loud. i love that nigga too but we are not gonna learn from his death until we tell the whole truth about him. smh

    • sure sure

      And I am sure Pac would have let Jay Z do his own version of Me and my girlfriend with Beyonce. Pac knew Jay a fake. Even getting robbed and smacked around by Hatian Jack. If Pac was here he would be doing Beyonce almost daily.

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Get the fuck over it you fat, ugly baby. With G-Unit you'd brick anyways. You're whaaacccckkkkk

    • Anonymous

      its crazy how you guys act like you have proof that he dyed his hair after breezy. you got to be some arrogant ppl to think you know what somebody does something just off of speculation.

    • Angel Xavier De Peña

      What's crazy is I was doing the blonde thing before Breezy, and idc if niggas think I'm biting him. The number of bitches I've fucked with this hair outweighs any negative criticism you nerds can give me ;)

    • Anonymous

      @ jae dumb argument -- noone said chris brown is the first person... but you know damn well this dude did it ONLY BECAUSE he saw chris brown do it. You aint gotta be the first person to do something in order to be swagger jacked but some nobody who wants attention.

    • Anonymous

      Fucking come across the broad street bully, and end up with a big fat black fist in your gob...faggot!!!

    • jae

      chris brown wasent he first person to dye hes hair blonde, and wat do u care wat colar any mans hair is?? like i dont get it?? fuck are u a girl? smh

    • Janfranco

      chris brown dyed his hair blond... so you wanna dye your hair blond. Damn you must have no personality or talent.

    • Anonymous

      why do you have blond hair? you do realize everybody knows you're biting chris brown right? on some lame band wagon type shit? the funny thing about wannabes is they think people will like them more trying to be someone else... when its the opposite.

  • Lsn22s

    HA! I already said it before, Beans can't get ANY attention unless he talks about Jay, it's fucking sad as hell...what's even worse, is all you guys on here who somehow stick up for this bitch-made behavior. When the last Beans article came up about him taking back his supposed apology to Jay, yall said it was because the INTERVIEWER brought that shit up, beans even said he was DONE TALKING ABOUT IT...then he remembered no one cares about what's the excuse this time? Face facts, Beans can't make a headline without talking about Jay...why doesn't he put out some new music and TALK ABOUT THAT INSTEAD??? Honestly, it's been like 2 years, heads love to make excuses for this guy, but he has nothing to say worth listening to...when's the last time Jay mentioned Beans??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gunn Starr

    I like neither of these fellas brand of hip hop. Infac I find it laughable

  • Alejandro Sosa

    the pic on the home page looks like Jay just got done fucking Beans and lit a cigar while Beans is playing the bitch role cuddling him from behind lmao

  • Bobby

    lol @ comment below me. It's more like "A Faggot Prevented me, a Bigger Faggot, from becoming a Humongous Faggot"


    More like "A Faggot Prevented me from Becoming an even Bigger Faggot"

  • CLM83

    Beans aint made shit hot since The Truth

  • Anonymous

    let me ask y'all this and please be honest. do you all think 50 would let lloyd banks sign to jay-z if positions were reversed? i don't think he would and i think both of them would be right to not let it happen. 50 and jay are rivals AND businessmen

  • Anonymous

    Didn't jay get this man his own label, movies AND a clothing line? are you all serious? c'mon. niggaz always focus on what somebody didn't do for them as opposed to what they DID do

  • Anonymous

    hold on! Beans said Dame was the one stealing money from him. in all his past issues w/ jay, it NEVER had anything to do w/ $$$. so y'all need to stop acting like jay-z stole from him.

  • cash vow

    Jay Z, Simons and that jew Rick Ruben been robbing them Rocka Fella niggaz for years now. Everyone knows this. Rick Ruben like the East coast version of Jerrey Heller..

    • Sensaye252

      That's total speculative bullshit. Stop spittin' out false gossip like Wendy Williams or some shit. Rick Rueben is about the fairest most even keeled dude on Earth. He's nothing like Jerry Heller. Just 'cause he's jewish doesn't mean he's robbin' niggas.

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    I found sorta funny how niggaz up talking him bitching and what not,but NONE of you NEVER been signed...LOL...NONE of you have NO IDEA what you would DO or SAY his situation. EASIER SAID THEN DONE..........

    • Anonymous

      I think marcus has a point. I agree with anonymous but there is a difference between criticizing a rapper for his music and criticizing him for his business decisions. I always use that argument when people say stupid shit like "you cant rap so who are you to say this rapper is wack"... but from a business side it is fair to say as sports/music fans we have no real valid perspective on finances and interests... so just judge the music and not what deals dude make to feed their families.

    • C

      I agree with Marcus... Jay's silence is quite annoying, even if Sigel does'nt come off as perfect!

    • Anonymous

      so just because somebody isn't rapping, their opinion is not valid? flawed logic. i guess we cant criticize a politician bcos we're not? we can't criticize athletes cos we're not? I can't criticize a bad parent just bcos i haven't been one? gtfoh

  • Big Log

    Here we go again when will Nigga's learn, leave the Street Shhh and loyalty in the street man, and the true be told it doesnt work there either, Look niggas should know by now when it come to money and you talking about thousand and million and no loyalty fools, its about self and getting paid and staying paid Beans should have know that so dont hate the player Jay-Z hate the game and yourself Beans for being stupid. Jay-Z still rich 1 mill 2 mill 4 nigga were is yours

  • meyers

    I hope Beans stays true. Don"t sell your soul for money homie. Don"t be dissing Gay Z on this week and than kissing his hand on the next.

  • otto

    "I asked him to just let me go — from Def Jam, not from Roc-A-Fella..."From this,it means that he was not just asking Jay to "HELP" (cos Jay was just the President in name but not the sole shot-caller,there was still Russell Simmons,Kevin Liles et al) get him released but was asking Jay to partner wit 50 as in State Prop/ROC/G-unit.That decision also involved as many complications as the decision on his release from Def Jam.

    • AR NEMA

      When Jay was the president of Def Jam kevin Liles was over at Atlantic with Lyor Cohen. Andre Reid was the CEO and Chairman at Island/Def Jam. Russell Simmons has no say so in day to day matters @ Def Jam, although he is on the Board of Directors for Island/Def Jam. Rick Ruben left Def Jam more than a decade ago because he clashed with the way Lyor Cohen ran the company. Jay could have given Beans his release I can't say why he didn't.I have never heard of anyone extorting Jay, Puff, or anybody else not saying it did not happen but I believe if Jay was getting extorted at any point in his career it would have been common knowledge by a few in the industry and as many people that supposedly have a problem with Jay that would have come out a long time ago. I have no problem with a man speaking his piece on things that concern his ability to make a living. I'm going to point out one thing. Beans had an opportunity to be as big as he wanted. He had a label, State Property, that he could have turned into a multi hundred million company. He had two of the biggest hip hop labels in history behind him. Anybody on this site that has a chance to be in charge of a company that has name recognition, assets, decent talent signed regardless of your percentage do you believe you could not take it from say 5 hundred thousand to say at least a net worth of 3 mill? If you say no. You are an idiot. To the cat below me you think 50 helps cats out ask Bang'um Smurf. He stopped dealing with Smurf for the same reason Jay was pissed at Beans. He was still going to jail for being in the streets and you know the media will drag the biggest name into it to boost sales if they are there or not. Why are you in the streets doing reckless shit when you are worth millions of dollars. Ok Beans, Jay does not have anything to do with you and your business, why didn't 50 sign you a year ago? You have talent, man I say fuck talking about what another man did or did not do if you a hustler like you say you are, then you show what you could have done while Jay Z held you back. No one is holding you back now, what are going to do?

  • Cutty

    Jay always hated on niggas and steal songs from his artist. He hated on dipset and fuck over the niggas that showed loyalty. But his bullshit fan base will dog Beanie for speaking up. jay a devil ass nigga no loyalty. And 50 saw this so he trying to help beans out but, J hate 50 because he help niggas out. Niggas talk about buck nigga made 8 mill off of one album and owe 50 half of a mill and he said Fuck G-unit I'll let that pussy out his contract when he's 40 years old ungrateful Bitch. Beans didn't get close to that kind of money. Everbody who dealt with 50 as a artist got money.

    • Anonymous

      man fuck outta here with that pac shit. pac hated these dudes on some personal shit. not because they did bad business. as genius as he was pac was young and angry. he dissed alot of people based on affiliation alone... so stop acting like pac is this amazing judge of character. they were in a warzone. none of those cats were thinking straight. if pac was alive now im sure he woulda grown up and became good friends with jay.

    • jigga=hawaiian sophie

      Its like Kiss said "Now I understand why Pac aint like most of ya cowards". 2pac tried to warn about these people. He gave love to Nas because after a talk he saw Nas was not a sneaky punk. Puffy does the same thing. If both paid what they really owe to other people both would be broke.

  • c E e

    beanie sigel is done. he has talent. but this loser has been going place to place crying about jay-z like a fucking man baby bitch. drop a mixtape, you lazy fuck. do some features, you lazy fuck. form an album, you lazy fuck. work connections, you lazy fuck. freeway shows all these bitter ex ROC niggas how to work. grind, grind, grind. not, cry, cry, cry. free got fucked by jay just as bad, but free keeps it moving, and makes things right by dropping dope music for his fans. beans just keeps spinning the same "i'm a victim" bullshit, and it's tiring. i'm a huge beanie fan, and it makes me not wanna fuck with the nigga. how many intervies you gonna book to cry about jay-z, you bum? nigga waiting on a handout and a life raft. i'm a play freeway's stimulus package right now, free is the best dude to come out under the roc.

    • jig is up

      Jigga might have more money than Beans but only 400 million. That aint going to last forever. Whos going to respect you after you go broke if you do this kind of snake shyt. Jay Z even dissed his own mentor Jaz-O.

  • Christopher English

    The real problem is Beans never set himself to be more than a rapper. When the money was coming in why didn't you start a business. And fuck liquor and clothes which every rapper is trying to do.... I'm talking about real business. 50 made money off WATER. Instead of jewelry, cars & clothes... if he would have laid down his foundation for the future. He would have been straight regardless.

    • Los

      actually Jay didnt pay these niggas what they deserved... Chris n Neef had that Roc The Mic tour which was formed due to there hit... they got 1500 a show off that... thats they own words... google Freeway - Love is a Battlefield... Jay was eatin steak and they were eatin steak-ums

    • Christopher English

      @uuhm: I don't think that's ever been a problem with Jay. No one's ever complained to not being paid by Jay. @Anonymous: True story!

    • Anonymous

      These niggas don't got the business skills 50 has, it took him 5 years to do what others did in 15.

    • uuhm

      Maybe Jay never paid him enough. These dudes should have learned not to trust people like Jay and Puff after 90s. Beans should have signed to some other label instead. Its too late to cry now when Puff and Jigga took all your loot.

  • @reikithebeast

    Umm.. what happened to the Broad St. bully?

  • chunker

    shit is old news and i mean old. i heard this like 2 or 3 years ago. never really into beanz as a rapper though i no hes good. concentrate on now beanz fuck all that shit that happened years ago.

  • blood in blood out

    In other words Joe Camel was his pimp. And whata hell you naming yourself after a jewish gangster anyway you fake sucka azz niggah.

  • ctallday

    50 is basicly donig what he says Jay is doing to him to Buck

    • ctallday

      Blaq, It doesn't matter what is owed tax payment or records the bottom line is money that's why neither one of them will just be released from their contract. And how will Buck have a $250 k tax debt that early in the game that 50 would pay...I'm not sure about that.

    • Blaq

      WRONG! Buck owes 50 $250,000 for paying his tax debt. He has yet to pay 50 or the IRS back, so 50 won't release him until he pays what he owes! Both he and Beans fuqed they own careers by not being on top of their own BI. Suck it up and move on! stop hatin' on more successful people than you....

  • ctallday

    Sad. I still like Sigel as an Emcee but this dude is making himself look like ass! He has to know a little side of the business being in the game for so long. Hardly anyone is ever released from a contract. As mentioned in these posts Jay paid to get out of his deal and 50 is basicly donig what he says Jay is doing to him so why would he want to go there? Another thing, 50 knowing Sigel is in a deal already why would he offer him something? Only to cause problems I'm sure. Sigel could have been the "50" of State Property had he known how to operate.

  • Anonymous

    beans is tripping. jay-z wouldn't let him sign the same way 50 didn't let young buck go. its a business.

    • Anonymous

      didn't jay give this guy a record label AND a clothing line? he didn't do none of that for bleek..

    • Blaq

      Buck owes 50 $$$ that's why he's not getting released. Jay wouldn't release beans because he did not want beans to become more successful somewhere else...... It's a big difference!

  • jayzon

    Yep vanilla lights track by krayzie is refreshing

  • Anonymous

    I like vanilla lights by krayzie like that till my money right track to dude been coming with some heat ever since he went solo

  • Anonymous

    Vanilla lights by Krayzie bone best rap song out right now

  • big reef

    Fuck this story jamming that new Krayzie bone vanilla lights

  • The_truth

    C'mon Beans... Jay gave you a whole record label and clothing line...... Did Jay recoup on that? Nah.... but he should release you from a contract because you asked nicely... Do you know what a contract is? If Def Jam releases you without recouping that advance you got they make a loss. Even with your intelligence you know thats bad business. Jay payed 5 mill for Def Jam to annule his contract cos he understands business. If you had come up with whatever your advance was and said here is the money let me go... they would have let you go... If 50 wanted you so bad why he not buy your contract out? Dumb ass nigga...

    • C-MACK

      Co-sign 100%! Beans said he asked Jay to release him because he had another situation, but didn't tell Jay specifics or who it was with?? GTFOH! You know Jay or any label head for that matter would've definitely known where his current artist (under contract, might I add) was signing and charge them accordingly!

  • Big R

    sh*t beans can still spit, his verse on that Travis barker joint was straight fire!!!

  • LuckyToBeFeaturedOnAmericanGangster

    beans u like cancer nigga.forget jay z find some beats and fuckin rap. who the fuck on gunit made anything of themselves in the long run. no one. 50 only offered u that deal to make his own self look good, like he did mobb deep. u say he offered u alot of what 200-300k.cos lets be honest beans u ain't moving any units.u ain't worth shit.u just a street nigga makin street moves.u dont belong in the rap game.not now anyway. u lucky that jay gave u a name.

    • bigC I smell a HATER!!? LOL!

    • HHH

      Mobb Deep said out of their whole 2 decade career, they got the most money out of the 50 situation.. So "used" is very subjective, how can someone that gets his own label and staks on staks be "used"? Lol..

  • T.o. Kgamanyane

    Jay did 5o a favor Beans is a fuck up...

  • Anonymous

    stop living in the past..this isn't 2001 anymore

  • Anonymous

    move on..a new story every second week? c' sound heart-broken, like you got dumped by your first love or sure you got a fan-base, on that..stop dreamin bout Jay..let the past be.. and stop catchin feelings like a chick.. smh

  • Anonymous

    Man, Beans needs to forgive Jay and move on. So what you get a label, it's tough work to run a record label. Yes the money would be nice, yes waiting that long sucks. Fuck it, Beans was on Rakewon's new joint AND video. That's better.

  • Anonymous

    Then he did you a favor

  • anon

    little advice mothafucker, you keep talking about jay you're never gonna step out of that shadow.

  • Anonymous


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