Q-Tip Explains Beef With Michael Rapaport, Voices Support For ATCQ Documentary

The Abstract Poetic breaks down what happened during the making of "Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest."

Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammad stopped by Hot 97 to speak with Angie Martinez about the documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, in theaters tomorrow. Following public feuds with director Michael Rapaport, Tip explained that they are in support of the film and that they eventually got the creative control they sought.

“If we hadn’t been supportive of the film, it wouldn’t be out. When I said that I wasn’t in support of it on Twitter, the director needed to respect the subject’s few requests that they had about the film artistically, an editing thing,” he explained. “Like I said before on MTV, it was more like a flare to get his attention, like, ‘Hello?’ because we were trying to get his attention. So we did it and then two days later, they were on a plane and came and worked on the edit.”

He also touched on recent comments that Rapaport made regarding Tip in the New York Daily News, saying that he was “completely done” with trying to appease. Tip didn’t take too kindly to his behavior.

“It was weird and lowbrow. We kinda been dealing with a lot of that stuff from him. They weren’t trying to really honor us as producers and we had some issues behind the scenes, in terms of the contracts and all of that stuff. And then because things weren’t all the way solid, we didn’t go to the Sundance Festival, which was the first festival. And when we didn’t go there, then he started going in the press and saying stuff and it got a little adversarial, stuff like you saw like the love letter that’s in the Daily News. Stuff like that was kinda like prevalent, but what can you do?”

Despite all the back-and-forth, he doesn’t think Rapaport has ill intentions. “I think Mike is not a bad person at his core. It’s just he’s excited about it, it’s a passionate project, he’s a passionate dude. It’s his first outing as a director, so there’s some things. But it’s what it is right now. It’s definitely a certain story.”

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  • Anonymous

    q-tip is just a difficult person. like a lot of artists. his bitching about the movie was lame. at least he got a motion picture. tip acts like he's above the industry bullshit, but he was playing games in the business when he had leverage after tribe's success. i think rappaport had pure intentions, showcase tribe, and make some money. nothing wrong with that. tip just couldn't stand looking like an asshole, and wanted control over editing. in turn, it made him look like an even bigger asshole.

  • Malcolm Reborn

    Surprise, surprise. HipHopDX removed my post defending Q-Tip's point of view. I wonder why.

  • papabearATL

    Soooo, Q-Tip had a problem with 'editing' in a documentary? It's not a scripted film, it's a documentary, so what did Q-Tip say or do that he didn't want the world to witness? His actions make him more suspect than Rappaport in my opinion, somethings rotten in denmark...

  • Plots

    side with Rapaport*, absent minded typo

  • Plots

    Gotta side with Q-Tip on this one...it's Rapaport's movie, and it's a documentary. It's not like he made a biopic and took liberties, he filmed and interviewed you. If you said some dumb shit, it's on you.

  • bkjay

    what id Q-Tip talkin about? jus babblin,, he's obv the asshole in this whole thing..

  • Anonymous

    so he just forgot his racist comments he just dropped? sorry white dudes the only people who listen to real hiphop. im aa and a good 90% of the black dudes i kno love rick ross and plies. like the 3 white dudes i know pretty well all listen to real shit. i only know one other black dude that listens to real. so for tip to talk shit about his audience is straight bullshit. obviouslly no matter what hes gonna support the film hes fucking profitting of off it! these artists think people are straight retards swear to god..

  • Assassin221

    Damn, Tip stays opening his mouth about this shit and not really saying anything, acting like he hasn't been sounding all pissed off and bizarre about this the whole time. Still seeing the doc first chance I get.

  • Jacques Leach

    U on point TIP!!?

  • Truth

    lol, sure Q-Tip. You want to be a producer after the movie is already made. That's not a thing. If you don't produce a movie, from pre-production to post, you are not a producer. Also, Q-Tip, you want to have "creative control" of a documentary about yourself? Also not a thing. Do you know anything about documentaries, or movies in general, for the past century? Jesus Christ. Kamaal might want to stick to music, b/c his worldview on the film industry is hilarious. Here's the whole issue in a nutshell: Rappaport: "Can I form a documentary about you?" Q-Tip: "Yeah!" (Michael produces the documentary, shoots the documentary, edits the documentary.) Q-Tip: "Waaahhh! I don't like how I look in that scene! I wish I didn't say those things! Wahhh! Cut it out! I wanna be a producer! And I want ice cream! And I want, I want, I want a pony!"

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Yep. Agree with the first comment for the most part. Two wrongs don't make a right if that's the case. However, it does seem pretty consistent that everyone involved to a degree thought Tip was an asshole and being quite the shallow one. It was as if Tip wanted the entire shine for this. Just get to making quality music again and staying out of the press while doing it (nh). We don't care about all of this other riggamaro...

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    tip still acting like a whiny bitch and back tracking on his previous statements, trying to clean it up, after rappaport spoke out against him and let people know what he's really like.

  • nuc

    TIP,,, you dont need t be in headlines like this in 2011. if you support the doc, leave it at that. go behind the scenes with michael.

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