Yelawolf Unplugs From Twitter, Cuts "Gangster Of Love” From "Radioactive”

After his first single leaked to the web, Yela is saying lights out on his social networking page.

Yelawolf signed off from Twitter for good after the unsanctioned leak of “Gangster of Love,” the first single off his upcoming Shady Records debut Radioactive. Speaking with DJ Green Lantern, the Alabama boy explained that the incident has prompted him to pull the plug on his Twitter account and that the single will no longer be on his album.

“I don’t have Twitter drama anymore, I relieved myself of it. I’m done with it. It’s over for me. It’ll be run by management from now on,” he explained. “I find myself too personal with it. It’s my personality. It’s who I am as a person, and it’s one thing to get a leak, it’s another thing when the person who leaks it can sit there and cuss you out about it. You can’t touch him. I can’t reach through the motherfuckin’ Twitter and slap nobody. I just have to take it. So that was kind of the last straw for me.”

Though “Gangster of Love” was originally supposed to appear on Radioactive, he’s decided to let the track live on the Internet.

“Honestly, having a leak is a good thing, to be wanted. Especially in Hip Hop, it’s just really part of the culture for things to get leaked. I’m not mad at the actual act. I’m mad that it’s just thrown in my face. ‘Well fuck you, I got your shit. Now what you gonna do?’ And I’m sitting there,” he said. “It was my official single. That’s what was the most irritating thing about it.”

The song could potentially still end up on the LP, but not by Yela’s choice. “The album is finished, unless a miraculous record happens. Right now, it’s just really hard for a record to make the cut. I.E. ‘Gangster of Love.’ I thought I had one and jumped out there and was like, ‘This was it,’” he continued. “It wasn’t supposed to be. I guess since this asshole leaked it and it becomes a fan favorite, that might turn into a decision that the label has to make. But as far as we were concerned in our circle, nah, it wasn’t going to be on the album.”

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  • NinjaBoi

    I think people forget that a record doesn't come out of thin air, it takes hard work both on recording and editing the track for it 2 make the cut ...and then to have all that hard work just leaked without your consent and you aint getting no returns on your own single cause everybody can download it for free......IDC how people take it but That's really Fucked Up

  • Sashmango

    Too bad. It's a fuckin' dope song. He should keep it on the record and he he keeps it off he should put an equally good song to replace it. Such a shame to lose such a great song :(

  • Jamal

    Yelawolf keep it real. But you know who doesnt? This phony ass motherfucker Roamin. He bad for hip-hop, sellout junkie...

  • Anonymous

    I feel him, everybodies a tough guy on twitter, just leave them to it and sign off that shit

  • Tim Chandler

    I like yelawolf a lot. But I don't really care much for this song.

  • bmoc

    wasnt really a fan of this track so im not upset

    • Yelaflop

      This yelawolf dude is so fuckin whack. Can't wait till he gets kicked off shady records. Most annoying voice in the game fucking making your ears bleed and shit gotta skip all his fucking verses and they keep shoving his lame ass on the good tracks. Get this fuckboy out of here he's a damn gimmicky white boy. Hope they leak all his floppy songs out and the nigga quite rapping.

  • Anonymous

    Eh didn't real sound like that much of a first single... he needs to make a more mainstream/commercial first single now that he's on a major record label. (Not saying the whole album should be commercial, I'm actually against that.)

  • Anonymous

    track is weak anyway what is this man crying for, track is weak yela we dont want to hear that shit.

  • trevor

    Yelawolf's crying over a leaked track - what will he do when the entire album gets leaked?? Seems everyone but him saw a leaked track coming...Of course, he has a right to be upset, but he could've just kept it to dont see Kanye or Jay Z or hell, even Justin Bieber, crying over leaked songs! Yelawolf said it was always his dream to get signed by Shady and that's just what idk why all you goons are bashing Eminem.

  • Billy

    i'll fight yelawolf in a barn, and i'll fucking destroy his voice box. this guy threatened my buddy jamie on twitter, and i'm going to haunt him like a ghost at his next show. yela, come on down to texas. i'll split your travis barker wig in a blink. i'll leak this faggots entire album, and send yela the link on his website. yelawolf will never be a star, and jamie and i will never be fans! radioactive will be a commercial flop, and eminem will distance himself from this pro skater that raps much like he did cashis and bobby creekwater. both better rappers than yela BTW. also, yelawolf owes me 12 bucks for the 12 pack he stole from my truck at SXSW. coward!

  • Akay

    I swear these rap blogs are fucking lame; everyone gets sooo sensitive over one hate comment - it's fucking atrocious... Nevertheless, Yela's jammin, fo real, I'm lookin forward to Radioactive

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    what a little bitch

    • Anonymous

      Who your dick,seriously how would you feel if someone stole from you and gave it to the world for free

  • Anonymous

    pretty funny how one leaked single turns into this dude crying twitter, quitting twitter and then pulling the song from his album

    • SutterKane

      What else is he suppose to do?? If I were famous I wouldnt fuck with twitter either You get some 12 year old loser from Saudi Arabia who comes at you like "YEAH FAGGOT, I LEAKED YOUR SONG BITCH, WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT, IF I EVER SEE YOU I'M GONNA FUCK YOU UP HOE, YOU AINT SHIT, I'MA LEAK THE REST OF YOUR RECORDS BITCH, THE FUCK YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT??" And you aint got no choice but to sit there and eat it because your arguing with a lil kid in his momma basement who you cant find, I dont allow people to talk to me like that in real life so why should I subject myself to it on the internet?? Fuck quitting twitter, I would never have joined it, lol

  • Fan

    F#ck all your haters, I can't wait for Radioactive

  • Garrett Perkins

    I can listen to yelawolf, but eminem is okay but he always saying that crazy shit and he never really raps. Can't believe people listen to that. At least Yelawolf is straight up with his lyrics.

    • Anonymous

      garret, looks like you've been exposed to carbon monoxide fumes in your home. severe brain damage, i'm afraid. there's no coming back. i wish you luck in life, and i prey for your handlers. that smile, and box head combination, SCREAMS, special. diaper change, t-minus 5 minutes.

    • yo momma dropped you

      yo momma dropped you like a sack of bricks

    • Anonymous

      That was the dumbest comment I've read on the internet in a while, and that says alot LOL @ Eminem never raps, do you know anything about rhyming, or flows or anything like that?? Dumb fuck

  • Fuck Yelawolf

    then thats where yelawolf belongs

    • Hex

      People definitely took Yelawolf seriously before Eminem even thought to sign him. I don't think Eminem did shit in that respect except maybe broadcast Yelawolf to a wider mainstream audience. I mean, Yelawolf was on last year's Rock the Bells bill. If that doesn't equate to people taking him seriously, I don't know what does.

    • Anonymous

      @ Anonomous You mean Fag shit like Yelawolf's boss, the guy who paved the way for people to even take Yelawolf seiourly???

    • Anonymous

      fag haters go listen to pop gay shit like eminem

  • ANON

    Twitter is for faggots.

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