Ghostface Killah Sued Over Uncleared Sample From "Supreme Clientele"

The composer of the theme music from the TV show "Iron Man" is now suing Pretty Toney over an uncleared sample from his 2000 LP.

Although Ghostface Killah's wallet has been long known to be bulletproof, it soon may prove to be less resiliant to the power of the law. The Wu-Tang Clan swordsman is now the latest victim of sampling laws for the unauthorized use of a sample on his 2000 album Supreme Clientele.

According to a recent article from AllHipHop, composer Jaques "Jack" Urbont is suing Ghostdini for the illegal use of a sample from his copyrighted theme music to the 1966 television cartoon “Iron Man.” The music, to which Urbont owns the exclusive rights, was sampled throughout Supreme Clientele without being cleared by the label or properly credited in the album’s liner notes.

"The defendants fraudulently concealed their use of the 'Iron Man Theme' on Supreme Clientele," the lawsuit says. "For instance, the liner notes of Supreme Clientele do not give any indication that Urbont's sound recording or compositions are contained on the album...Urbont is over 80 years old and would not normally encounter the defendants rap music in the ordinary course of his dealings in the music industry or otherwise."

The suit also claims that Ghostface’s use of the monikers Ironman and Tony Starks has helped him reap commercial benefits by associating him with the popular Marvel comic book character of the same name. Ghost first began using these nicknames on fellow Wu brethren Raekwon’s 1995 debut Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. He even appeared in a deleted scene from the 2008 film adaptation of Iron Man, starring Robert Downey, Jr.

The suit also names the RZA and the Wu’s former label Razor Sharp Records, claiming that the three parties profited from the use of sample. Urbont, who has composed a number of themes for TV shows like “That 70’s Show” and “The Hulk,” is seeking millions of dollars in damages.

Ghost is reportedly working on the sequel to Supreme Clientele, due out sometime next year.

A copy of the suit can be found at can be found at AllHipHop. DX will keep you updated on the matter as more information comes to light.

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  • bloody bastard

    Ghost has stated he made no money off Supreme Clientele due to the number of sample clearances required to make this album. He made this one for the love of the dusty breaks and for the Wu fans... I find it really hard to believe they would not clear this sample, when they went out of there way to clear many other less recognizable joints, going so far as to take an "L" commercially on this record. IRONMAN "Composer": You are 80 years old!! You deserve your $ I guess, but wish you would leave it be.

  • nath

    WTF!!! i think it was Ghostface who inspired the movie!!!!

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    A statute of limitation should apply here. If not, Ghostface is screwed.

  • cold 187

    They should be handing Ghostface those checks and thanking him personally. He actually bought this shit into the 21st century in a big way.

    • Anonymous

      So in actuality they have benefitted from what Ghostface has done with this little's arguments like these which must be referred to in court as a moral factor

  • Anonymous

    This is one great example of disney's now looming influence on Marvel comics.

  • Ha

    Ghost got caught....I guess mf doom is next for Operation Doomsday!! Count your pennies Doom, They're coming for you. Staten All day!!! 10301

    • dennis u lame

      is this a court of law?? ok nobodys snitchin then u hip hop nerd

    • Ha

      aint no one snitching faggot, u already know that composers know that thier shit is being sampled. Its all about waiting and watching. im sure this dude didnt just find out. MF doom is next cuz the composer has composer friends who were tipped off as well. As for snitching, get off that. If a nigga used my shit without permission im coming for compensation too. as a matter of fact...all of you would, because we all want that money. Yall should stop fronting now. if ghost jacked the beat for your wack ass demos (because despite what u think, they are not actual songs)you would be screaming and crying for compensation. Like I said Get Ready Doom!! Count ya coins!!

    • Dennis Ndiema Ndiech

      Why u snitchin,though?

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    "Tony Stark, makes you feel He's the cool exec With a heart of steel As Iron Man all jets a-blaze He's fighting and smiting with repulsor rays Amazing armor, it's Iron Man A blaze of power, It's Iron Man!" Now I gonna be sue.

  • Smartmediaman

    Fucking old-ass, greedy motherfucker looking to cop cream from the GOD 11 years after the damn CD came out. There "has" to be some sort of loop-hole here for GFK. Why in GODs name RZA and Ghost didn't clear the sample 1st is beyond me, RZA always cleared his kung-fu movie samples and paid the royalties for them 1st. WTF. This is lame as shit though 4 real. Old ass bamma has money and just hating on Ghost cuz he's young, and makes hip hop (and you know this bitch ass has never listened to any of it). Greedy ass bitches man. "Sucka think he's good, Sucka think he can whoop me! Eh boy...The nigga's whole style is chump!" SUUUUU!!! Greatest Hip Hop Group of All-Time!!! Hands down!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fuuuuuuckkk this shit. Its not even a proper track on the album./

  • IDK took them 11 years to finally noticed that GFK didnt clear the sample nor credited the theme music properly?? wtf was the composer of "Iron Man" doing between that time besides not watching out for any misuse of his copyrighted material??? smh

    • Well

      do cops bust a dealer for selling one rock on the corner right away... or do they wait and build up a case.. then run up on him with bricks in his trunk so they can give the man life?

    • Seriously

      Somebody probably tipped him off. Or he might have coincidentally heard the CD. Either way, I know of one more underground act that uses the hell out of old cartoon samples that hopefullly doesn't get caught...

  • ade

    Sound clips of an old cartoon, an idea which Ghostface and Rza seemed to have resurrected from the dead. And was able to produce a blockbuster because of it, fact is nobody was interested before this film came out

    • R.Pgh

      you don't really think the Ironman movie came out and was successful has anything to do with GFK, do you? After Hollywood was able to print money from the Spiderman / Batman / Xmen movies, all the old comic books started to get the green light. The IRONMAN album came out in 1996, the Ironman movie didn't come out until 12 years later.

  • Crystal

    "is seeking millions of dollars in damages" ... Fuck these bastards waiting 10 years to sue. Hope Tony Starks will get out of this.

    • naw son aint hearin it

      ^not really son hes got other shit to worry bout, thats not his responsibility, how many albums have u made, none, thats what i thought so u really dont know wtf ur talkin bout

    • its his fault

      ^ hey u are right its the record company's responsibility, but as the artist its his responsibility to know if that stuff is taken care of. Ghost wasnt on his job. again the people at Epic/Razor Sharp probably didnt think that homeboy was eventually gonna hear his work being used without permission. This was Ghost's best album and he ate big time off of its the old mans turn.

    • r u kidding??

      its not ghost's fault this is the record companys fuck up there suppose to clear samples its not up to ghost to call this old ass dude and be like "yo im fuck with this iron man shit ya dig aight peace 1, u wana turkey burger yea son yea"

    • are u kidding...

      Starks aint getting out of this. Blatant copyright infringement, BLATANT. He thought that dude was never gonna catch wind of this. Everything done in darkness eventually comes to light.

    • A.S.

      "Hope Tony Starks will get out of this." Don't know why, but when I read this it sounded really cinematic.

  • ghostdini

    it can't be helped.

  • Bernard Hyman

    yeah because the composer has money to take the artist to court now with said people it should be a statue of limitations

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